四川省大学英语三级练习一 试卷一
Part II: Vocabulary and Structure (20%) (20 minutes) Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You must choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  13. This heavy traffic is for this time of the day. A) actual B) natural C)formal D) normal
  14. he began to feel hungrey since the previous evening. A) not having eaten B) not have eaten C) not eating D) having not eaten
  15. The teacher recommended that each student a plan for the summer vacation. A) would make B) made C) make D) makes
  16. He is very popular with his schoolmates and feels to win the election. A) confusing B) confident C) convincing D) conscious
  17. Nowhere else in this area such a beautiful scene. A) is it B) is there C) it is D) there is
  18. These children are quick learning, we’ll have them trained in new methods. A) from B)for C) at D) on
  19. His health , Tom had to leave the army in 19
  90. A) failing B) failed C) did fail D) had failed
  20. Since they aren’t answering my telephone, they . A) should have left B) need have left C) would have left D) must have left
  21. The flight was supposed to take off at ten o’clock, but we had to wait until eleven o’clock. A) in vain B) in advance C) in case D) in effect
  22. There was a knock at the door again, and it was the second time someone me that evening. A) has interrupted B) had interrupted C) would have interrupted D) should have interrupted
  23. Surprisingly, the accident did very little to either car. A) harm B) damage C) danger D) injury
  24. I feel like to the landlord of the house to complain about the broken window. A) writing B) write C) to write D) to have written
  25. After going to several interviews, she eventually to get a job. A) managed B) attained C) succeeded D) achieved
  26. When you make a public speech, try your best to make yourself clearly . A) understand B) understanding C) understood D) to understand
  27. If the pressure is not immediately, there may be an explosion. A) revealed B) released C) resolved D) relieved
  28. Every means tried, but we still cannot solve this problem. A) is B) have been C) are D) bas been
  29. I’d like to come with you but that’s not a promise, don’t it. A) count on B) call on C) live on D) wait on
  30. They have invited me to dinner is very kind of them. A) as B) which C) it D) that
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  31. I can leave this note to is in charge of foreign affairs of the university. A) who B) whom C) whoever D) whomever
  32. Which do you think is , health or wealth? A) the best B) the better C) best D) better
Part III: Reading Comprehension (40%)
(35 minutes)
Directions: There are four passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. For each question, there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should choose the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Passage One Questions 33 to 37 are based on the following passage. Want to see a good film ? without leaving the house? Well, just switch on the television. That’s fine for most of us, but people couldn’t do so 20 or 30 years age. A visit to the cinema was “an evening out,” a film was something special. Young people still go to the cinema often. Children watch a lot of television. Films and film stars are a strong force in our lives. So it is surprising how little film education there is in schools. Why don’t more children learn how films are made, and why they are made? The best film education is when children make a film of their own. This is not too difficult. Three things are important ? the cost, the idea of the film, and organization. A 4-minute film can cost as little as よ
  10. Schools can hire the necessary equipment. They can also borrow films that other children have made. This helps them to see what is possible in a short film. Children will be making the film, so the main ideas for the film must come form them. When these have been agreed, the organization begins. Someone must Write the film and plan the filming. Some children will be actors, others camera men, lighting men, technicians and so on. They all have to practice a lot before the film itself is made. They learn a great deal about the technical problems of films, and about themselves.
  33. A film was once something special because . A) people had to go to the cinema B) television was not so popular as now C) people didn’t have to leave the house D) there weren’t many films 20 or 30 years ago
  34. The word “This” (Line 1, Paragraph
  2) refers to . A) getting the idea of a film B) learning how to make films C) organizing filming activities D) making a film by children themselves
  35. It is good for children to make their own films at school because A) they can learn a lot about filming C) they can entertain themselves B) they like films and film stars D) they want to become film stars
  36. The author writes this passage mainly to tell us . A) the low cost of making films B) the important things in making films C) why and how to make films in schools D) whether to offer children film education
  37. We can conclude from the passage that . A) children can benefit a lot from making films B) it is necessary for children to go to the cinema C) children spend too much time watching TV D) it is difficult for children to make films of their own
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Passage Two Questions 38 to 42 are based on the following passage. What is happening in our weather? Of course we have never been able to predict exactly what the weather will be like, but now strange weather patterns are seriously affecting many parts of the world. For example, droughts (旱灾) in Mexico and Brazil have recently caused great crop losses and in the United States they have even had to make their own snow for the Winter Olympics! Scientists have found that the cause of this strange weather is that the air circulation pattern has changed and is now more variable than earlier in the twentieth century. This means that different regions of the world get long spells (持续时间) of the same type of weather, whether hot , cold, wet or windy. However, weather experts have different views about why this has happened. One theory is that the temperature of the sea has increased. Another is that man’s activities on earth have disturbed the balance of nature. Whatever the cause, the economics of many countries in the world depend upon the weather. And until we know exactly what effect man’s activities are having on the weather, we cannot make changes which might help. So for the moment the only answer is …wait and see !
  38. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the first paragraph? A) We have never predicted the weather B) Man is now able to control the weather C) Strange weather has appeared only in some North American countries D) It has always been impossible for man to predict the weather accurately.
  39. The strange weather patterns on the earth can he best described as . A) steady and balanced C) likely to cause serous disasters B) changeable but predictable D) unpredictable but favorable to man
  40. The word “affecting” in Paragraph 1 can be replaced by . A) yielding good crops in C) causing few losses in B) having harmful effects on D) producing desired effects on
  41. We can learn from Paragraph 2 that . A) weather patterns are similar in different regions of the world B) the air circulation pattern remains unchanged in the last century C) our weather depends on the changes in the air circulation pattern D) it is possible to predict weather patterns over a long period of time
  42. It can be learned from this passage that . A) scientists have similar opinions about the changing weather B) no one is sure about the cause of the changing weather C) cutting down forests has affected the climate D) the weather will become worse in the future Passage Three Questions 43 to 47 are based on the following passage. The World Bank is one of the largest suppliers of development assistance. Its main goal is to improve living conditions for poor people throughout the world. Last year, it provided more than seventeen-thousand-million dollars in loans to developing countries to help end poverty. The money went to efforts like debt reduction for some of the poorest countries in the world. That program was designed to increase debt assistance and provide it faster than in the past. As a result, twenty-three countries received debt assistance last year as compared to seven countries the year before. The World Bank does more than just provide loans, however. It believes that continued poverty reduction comes from investing in the people of a country ? especially through education and health programs. The World Bank employs engineers, economists, public policy experts and social scientists to create these kinds of programs. These professionals also provide developing countries with the necessary technical help to carry out the programs.
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The Bank has helped to make great progress in developing nations, where life expectancy (寿命) has increased and baby and child deaths have decreased, and more adults now can read than in the past. However, protesters have held large demonstrations at recent World Band meetings. Opponents say Bank programs make industrial nations richer and developing nations poorer. Others say the organization’s activities result in environmental damage.
  43. The World Bank aims mainly at . A) helping poor countries better their living conditions B) becoming the largest supplier of development assistance C) paying debts for some of the poorest countries in the world D) providing loans for developing countries in order to make profits
  44. Last year the World Bank offered debt assistance to . A) fewer poor countries C) more rich countries B) fewer rich countries D) more poor countries
  45. Which of the following is probably NOT the way that the World Bank helps a country? A) Creating health programs. C) Educating the people B) Providing technical help D) Making profits in the country.
  46. According to the passage, opponents criticize the World Band because . A) it has helped the rich countries a great deal B) it has cared too much about the poor countries C) it has widened the economic gaps between rich and poor countries D) it has caused most of the world environmental pollution
  47. This passage is manly about . A) the management of the World Band B) the assistance programs of the World Band C) the achievements of the World Bank D) the organization activities of the World Bank Passage Four Question 48 to 52 are based on the following passage. He is a good observe, accurate, patient and objective and applies persistent and logical thought to the observations he makes. He utilizes the facts he observes to the fullest extent. For example, trained observes obtain a very large amount of information about a star (e.g. distance, mass, size, rate of movement etc.) mainly from the accurate analysis of the simple lines that appear in a spectrum (光谱). He is skeptical (怀疑的) 0 he does not accept statements which are not based on the most complete evidence available ? and therefore rejects authority as the sole basis for truth. Scientists always check statements and make experiments carefully and objectively to prove them. Furthermore, he is not only critical of the work of others, but also of his own, since he knows that man is the least reliable of scientific instruments and that a number of factors tend to disturb objective investigation. Lastly, he is highly imaginative since he often has to look for relationships in data which are not only complex but also frequently incomplete. Furthermore, he needs imagination if he wants to make hypotheses(假 设)of how processes work and how events take place. These seem to be some of the ways in which a successful scientist thinks and acts.
  48. What quality of a good observer is NOT mentioned in Paragraph 1? A) Intelligence B) Patience. C) Persistence. D) Objectivity.
  49. We can learn from Paragraph 2 that a scientist believes that . A) no statements can be proved true B) all statements may be misleading C) authority is the sole basis for truth D) authority does not necessarily mean truth
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  50. The word “them” (Line 4, Paragraph 2 ) refers to . A) statements B) experiments C) scientists D) authorities
  51. A scientist is critical of his own work because he knows that he is . A) aware of his own findings C) liable to be wrong B) likely to be criticized D) capable of being entirely objective
  52. The word “imaginative” (Line 1, Paragraph 4 ) most probably means . A) accurate and objective C) curious and serious C) creative and inventive D



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