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  6) 英语三级模拟试题
Class Name Part II Vocabulary
  21. The writer was so in her work that she didn’t notice him enter the room A) absorbed B) adopted C) adapted D) appealed
  22. Her handbag her dressing perfectly. A) goes into B) goes with C) goes after D) goes by
  23. The news has just that the master will appear at the concert. A) come down B) come up C) come out D) come about
  24. In this area, rice is so abundant that it is never of great A) fare B) payment C) worth D) expense
  25. The police found some suspicious fingerprints at the crime . A) stage B) scene C) location D) occasion
  26. We should our efforts on doing the most important work right now. A) make B) focus C) insist D) display
  27. Some research workers completely all those facts as if they never existed. A) ignore B) leave C) refuse D) miss
  28. We suspected he stole the wallet, and this to be the case. A) proved B) seemed C) appeared D) turned
  29. The company is trying every means to the wholesale price of its products A) pull down B) come down C) set down D) bring down
  30. He buys whatever he wants, the price. A) no matter B) despite of C) not noticing D) regardless of
  31. A 200-year-old building is very old American history. A) in terms of B) in regard to C) in relation to D) in the course of
  32. To be a good leader, you must others to follow by the pulling power of your personality instead of applying pressure. A) motivate B) encourage C) influence D) expect
  33. For professional athletes, to the Olympics means that they have a chance to enter the history books. A) appeal B) approach C) access D) accent
  34. Noise is quite unpleasant, when you are trying to sleep. A) obviously B) nearly C) eventually D) especially
  35. It was the driver’s carelessness that the accident. A) brought in B) resulted in C) came about D) put forward
  36. Your performance in the driving test didn't reach the required standard, you failed. A) in the end B) after all C) in other words D) in all
  37. If you want to see a doctor, you fix a date with him ahead of time. That is a common in the USA. A) sense B) practice C) rule D) reality
  38. Children under six are not to school except those of extraordinary intelligence. A) permitted B) admitted C) accepted D) received
  39. Your neighbors may you with playing your radio too loudly at night A) accuse B) charge C) blame D) complain
  40. Johnny is a great dancer; he above the rest for his perfect performance. A) stands by B) stands for C) stands out D) makes for
Part III Structure
  41. Since I won the big prize, my telephone hasn’t stopped ringing. People to ask how I am going to spend the money. A) had phoned B) will phone C) were phoning D) are phoning
  42. It is better to ask someone for advice rather than something. A) risk doing B) risk to do C) to risk doing D) to risk to do
  43. Was it in front of the market the road accident happened yesterday? A) where B) that C) which D) why
  44. your essay carefully before you hand it in, and you can avoid some mistakes. A) Having checked B) Check C) As long as you check D) While checking
  45. the old folk stories, he discovered the history of his nation and people. A) Collected B) Collecting C) By collecting D) When collected
  46. I saw some trees, the leaves of were black with diseases. A) it B) that C) whose D) which
  47. Paper produced every year is the world’s production of vehicles. A) the three times weight of B) three times the weight of C) as three times heavy as D) three times as heavier as
  48. Our teacher is in poor health, made difficult for her to go on with her work. A) which; that B) it; it C) that; this D) which; it
  49. Without your help, we . Please accept our gift of gratitude. A) couldn't succeed B) couldn't have succeeded C) hadn't succeeded D) can't succeed
  50. We visited Haier Group last Sunday, products sell well at home and abroad. A) when B) whose C) its D) on which
  51. I the time, otherwise I would have paid him a visit. A) had had B) haven't had C) don't have D) didn't have
  52. The thief had run away the policeman could catch him. A) after B) when C) as D) before
  53.With him the way, we had little trouble finding the school. A) leading B) led C) to lead D) lead
  54. knowledge comes from practice is known to all. A) What B) Where C) If D) That
  55. If tap water were as dangerous as some people think, would be getting sick. A) a lot of more us. B) more a lot of us C) a lot of us more D) a lot more of us
  56.Hardly asleep when a knock at the door awakened her. A) she had fallen B) had she fallen C) did she fall D) did she have fallen
  57. The teacher as well as the students the boy’s handwriting. A) think highly of B) thinks highly of C) sing high praise for D) speak high praise for
  58. , he is still as modest as before, which always moves all the people who know him. A) As he is a scientist B) A scientist as he is C) Scientist as he is D) As is he a scientist
  59. Her money__ __ , the lazy middle-aged woman began to steal others' money at crowded places, such as bus stops, stations, airports and ports. A) had run out B) running out C) having been run out D) having run out
  60. Many people believe we are heading for environmental disaster _ __ we radically change the way we live. A) but B) although C) unless D) lest
Part IV Reading Comprehension Going back to school usually means less time for video games ? unless you can make your mum and dad believe that scoring a great goal in "FIFA 2006" is a good way to study geometry (几何) and Newton's laws of physics. But there are always stolen moments of the school day between classes, when you can relax with friends over a good game. The introduction of more portable consoles like the Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and Sony PlayStation Portable has made this possible. The Nintendo DS has changed the ways gamers interact by adding in wireless features. One of the new DS games, "Nintendogs" (《任天狗》), is designed to bring together gamers from all over the world. Each gamer brings up his or her own dog. But in order to feed and train the dog better, gamers have to get online to meet others and exchange things that each dog needs. "Nintendogs" is believed to be the next "Pokemon" (《宠物小精灵》) for Nintendo. The puppy simulator (模拟器) strikes a cord with young hearts. The bark mode, which fires up when two dog owners are within 20 feet of each other, sets up play parties where puppies interact. More than 600,000 people are playing this game in Japan, the US and Europe. The PSP hit the shelves this summer and could be described as a status symbol (身份象征). The sleek curves of the machine will really draw attention in a crowd. Lots of teens have cell phones now, and lower priced phones are able to play pretty good mobile games. However, 3-D cell phone gaming is on the rise. It may not be long before the bus ride home is occupied by exciting games that you now play on your home computer. But if Mum and Dad say no, tell them about the best bit: some games, such as those on the Nintendo DS, can encourage new friendships and teach the fine art of sharing. After all, those are lessons certainly not contained in a history lesson.
  61. A good excuse to play cell phone computer games is that . A. some games help study geometry and physics B. some games serve as a way to make new friends C. most games contain information about history D. playing them gets you promoted
  62. What does the underlined phrase "strikes a cord with young hearts" mean? A. to be favored by young people B. to be sold in large quantities C. to bear heart-shaped decorations D. to be equipped with advanced functions
  63. According to the passage, 3-D games . A. can be played only on home computers B. can be played on all mobile phones nowadays C. will be played on more and more cell phones D. can be played on all kinds of cell phones
  64. "Nintendogs" players have to get online because . A. they want to share their experience with each other B. they have to buy everything that their dogs need online C. they want to feed and train their dogs better D. they want their dogs to fight with each other
  65. What is the unique feature that means Nintendo DS is very popular among young people? A.It is very interesting and exciting. B.It can connect to other players without using wires. C. It indicates that you've got lots of money. D. It is easy to carry around. I'm Gwen Outen with the VOA Special English Development Report.
A United Nations report says the number of people in the world is expected to reach 6,500 million this July. By the middle of the century, the population could reach more than 9,000 million. That would be an increase of forty percent. These numbers are fresh estimates for a report on world population change from 1950 to 20
  50. Hania Zlotnik is director of the U.N. Population Division. She says the world has added nearly 500 million people in the last six years. But, in her words, "the good news is that new estimates show that it will take a little longer" to add the next 500 million. Ms Zlotnik says this will probably happen by 20
  30. The U.N. report says most population growth by 2050 will take place in less developed countries. Their population is expected to increase from
  5,000 million today to almost
  8,000 million. The population of more developed nations is expected to stay about the same, at just over 1,000 million. The report says nine countries will be responsible for about half the world population increase by 20
  50. These include Bangladesh, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and India. The others are Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda and the United States. Twelve countries are expected to have populations at least three times the size now. These include Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and East Timor. The others are Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger and Uganda. The report says birth rates remain low in 44 developed countries. Today, worldwide, there is an average of
  2.6 children per woman. This number is expected to fall to just over 2 children per woman in 20
  50. But U.N. population experts note that they cannot be sure which way birth rates will go in the future. The U.N. report also notes that AIDS has increased death rates and slowed population growth in sixty countries. The area most affected by the disease is Southern Africa. There, how long people live has fallen from an average of sixty-two years in 1995 to forty-eight now. Researchers believe life expectancy will fall to forty-three years by 2050, then begin a slow recovery. This VOA Special English Development Report was written by Nancy Steinbach.
  66. Where do you think this passage is taken from? A. From a movie. B. From a TV programme. C. From a radio programme. D. From a government report.
  67. What’s the good news that Ms Zlotnik says? A. The world has added nearly 500 million people in the last six years. B. By 2050, the population could reach more than 9,000 million. C. The population in the world will increase much slower and it will take a longer time to reach another 500 million people than before. D. The population in less developed countries is expected to increase from 5,000 million today to almost 8,000 million.
  68. Which countries are expected to have populations at least three times the size now? A. Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Japan. B. Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda. C. the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia. D. the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and the United States.
  69. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The population of less developed nations is expected to stay about the same, at just over 1,000 million. B. AIDS has increased death rates and slowed population growth in developed countries. C. U.N. population experts note that they are sure that birth rates will go down in the future.
D. Researchers believe lifespan will be five years shorter in 2050 than it is now.
  70. It can be inferred from the passage that. A. Another 500 million will happen in 20
  30. B. Birth rates remain low in most developed countries. C. People will live shorter and shorter in the future. D. People will live a longer life thanks to the good living conditions in the future. The name "cowboy" conjures up many different images from movies, songs and TV. These imagined cowboys range from white-hat-wearing heroes to gun-shooting hooligans (流氓). But, cowboys are actually real people from US history. When the US Civil War ended, many soldiers had no place to call home. So, they began to drift to the country's rural West. Ranchers (农场主) hired these men to take care of the cattle and work around the ranch. When the ranch owner wanted to sell the cattle, the cowboys would round up the herd from the open prairie (牧场) and drive the cattle miles to the market. With the invention of barbed wire (铁丝网), the cowboy era (1865-18
  90) began to come to an end. But people in the East had always been curious about their lifestyle. Many country/western songs during this time tried to



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