大学英语三级模拟试题( ) 大学英语三级模拟试题(
Class Name Part I Listening Comprehension
Section A

  1. A. To a concert. B. To the bank. C. To see movies D. To meet her friends.
  2. A. Go to see a movie. B. Go to Chicago. C. Meet her aunt at the station. D. Fix a party.
  3. A. Play the piano. B. Sing along with her. C. Teach her to sing and play. D. Accompany her to a play.
  4. A. Frank's car was accidentally lost. B. Frank was killed in a car accident. C. Frank fell out of a car. D. Frank survived a car accident.
  5. A. She will type it next week. B. She would rather work on it than do nothing. C. It took her an entire week to type it. D. She still isn't quite finished with it.
  6. A. Marge has gone home. B. Marge feels at home there. C. He's known Marge for a long time. D. He just met Marge.
  7. A. Shelley knows someone there. B. Shelley didn't tell him. C. He doesn't know who Shelley is. D. He wonders which way Shelley went.
  8. A. Mr. Black and the woman. B. Mr. Black. C. The man. D. Mr. Smith.
  9. A. $
  10.00 B. $
  5.00 C. $
  3.00 D. $
  10. A. She goes home for lunch. B. She spends her time shopping. C. She gets interested in what she is reading. D. She doesn't wake up in time. Section B Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  11. A. Rain. B. Storm. C. Winds. D. Thunder.
  12. A. At sea. B. At the sea. C. In a small bay. D. Near the shore.
  13. A. In 19
  32. B. In 19
  31. C. In 18
  33. D. In 19
  33. Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  14. A. Music. B. Grammar. C. Maths. D. Sports.
  15. A. He's afraid of the woman. B. He'll make mistakes. C. He knows no languages. D. He only talks about maths.
  16. A. She encourages it. B. It makes her cry. C. It makes her angry. D. She thinks it's silly. Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  17. A. On business. B. To visit some of their relatives. C. For a meeting. D. For their holiday.
  18. A. Because they were not fond of him any more. B. Because they did not want to take him with them. C. Because the dog refused to go with them. D. Because they were not allowed to take him abroad.
  19. A. Their plane was late. B. They were too tired. C. It was too late. D. That place might not still be open at that late hour.
  20. A. The dog wanted to eat something. B. The dog was happy to be with his masters again. C. The dog was angry because they were not his masters. D. The dog would rather stay longer at that place. Part II Vocabulary
  21. However hard he tried, he didn’t to get in touch with his comrades. A. succeed B. manage C. afford D. intend
  22. The footsteps his return. A. announced B. called C. expressed D. told

  23. Though the weather was unfavorable, they came for the meeting. A. especially; especially B. specially; specially C. especially; specially D. specially; especially
  24. He knows little of maths, of chemistry. A. and still more B. no more than C. no less than D. and still less
  25. We are to go there in a hurry. A. urged B. hoped C. admitted D. encouraged
  26. Have you any that you were not there at 9 o'clock last night? A. statement B. cause C. proof D. words
  27. Seeing the sun on the sea, we a shout of joy. A. raising; raised B. rising; raised C. rose; rose D. raised; rose
  28. “The hen has just two eggs. I them on the table just now.” “Where are they? Oh, you are .” A. lied; lay; lying B. laid; laid; lying C. laid; lay; lying D. lain; lied; laying
  29. He gain the knowledge of world history . A. step by step B. more and more C. from time to time D. side by side
  30. They at first the room me, and when they found me they began to me. A. searched for; for; search for B. searched for; after; search through C. searched; for; search for D. searched; for; search
  31. The medicine was sugar and water. A. almost B. most C. mostly D. nearly
  32. He gave his listeners a vivid of four horses. A. account B. story C. explanation D. subject
  33. After closing the envelope, the secretary the stamp firmly on it. A. rubbed B. struck C. sucked D. stuck
  34. Michael is very good at each subject, and it is that he will be admitted by the university in which he has been longing to study. A. no problem B. no doubt C. out of the question D. out of question
  35. The airplane arrived one hour behind . A. timetable B. schedule C. plan D. date
  36. Television keeps us informed about events and the latest developments in science and politics. A. current B. fashionable C. brand-new D. previous
  37. Rain does not bring down the temperature. A. certainly B. undoubtedly C. necessarily D. completely
  38. Only guests of the hotel enjoy the of using the private beach. A. favour B. advantage C. privilege D. possibility
  39. “We’ll do what we can to get the goods on time.” Said the manager of the company. A. reached B. delivered C. returned D. come
  40. He often goes to school by bike it rains. A. besides B. except C. except that D. except when
Part III

  41. He is neither European, nor American. He is from Australia. A. a; a; / B. a; an; the C. a; an; / D. an; an; /
  42. He had to jump over the wall to fetch the ball. A. six-foot-high B. six-feet-high C. six feet high D. six foots high
  43. All things , the planned trip had to be called off. A. having considered B. be considered C. considering D. considered
  44. She was born in . A. early sixties B. the early sixties C. the early sixty D. early sixty
  45. The Yangtze River is much longer than in China.
A. any rivers B. any of others C. any river D. any other rivers
  46. The sentence wants once more. A. to explain B. being explained C. explaining D. explained
  47. He insisted that he no help. A. needed B. needs C. need D. would need
  48. More than one answer to the question. A. have been given B. has been given C. were given D. had given
  49. , Mary had to ask for leave to tend her. A. Being ill B. Her mother being ill C. Her mother to be ill D. Her mother was ill
  50. “What is John like?” He . A. isn’t very well B. doesn’t like coffee C. likes to play football D. isn’t very handsome
  51. as he is, he knows medicine no better than I. A. A doctor B. The doctor C. One doctor D. Doctor
  52. “This cloth well and long.” “OK, I’ll take it.” A. washes; is lasted B. is washed; lasted C. washes; lasts D. is washing; lasting
  53. the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing is quite clear to the people all over the world. A. That B. Whether C. When D. If
  54. the desert can be called a sea, the camels are the ships in the sea. A. If; then B. If; so C. When; then D. When; so
  55. At last the girl received the letter she for so long a time. A. has been expecting B. had been expecting C. was expecting D. had expected
  56. The boy was severely criticized his homework the day before. A. for not having finished B. for him not to have finished C. for not finishing D. for him not to finish
  57. “He failed in the experiment, but his efforts are worthy .” “However, I think, it is worthwhile the cause of this failure.” A. praising; to discuss B. to be praised; to discuss C. of being praised; a discussion of D. praising; discussing
  58. So absorbed the work that she often forgot to take her meals. A. she had been in B. had she been in C. she was in D. was she in
  59. for her help, we would not have been able to solve the problem. A. If it was not B. Were it not C. But D. Had it not
  60. , you must show your ticket to go into the cinema. A. No matter whoever you are B. Whomever you are C. Whoever you are D. No matter who are you Part IV Reading Comprehension Questions 61 to 65 are based on the following passage: The little boy who changed the public image of gorillas faced the cameras today for the first time since his accident and declared “I still like zoos, but not gorillas. I like monkeys.” Leaven Merritt, five, fell into the gorilla pit at Jersey Zoo on the first day of a family holiday last month and his parents held their breath as the seven-foot tall 115-kilometer Jambo went up to him. The gentle giant bent over and touched the little boy nicely and set his clothing to keep him warm. Leaven was flown to Southampton Hospital with a fractured skull (粉碎性头骨), a black eye and a broken arm. His father, Steve, a thirty-four-year-old heating engineer, said, “We want to take him back to the zoo so that he doesn’t lose his love for animals.” His mother, Pauline, twenty-eight, said, “He
has no more had dreams about the gorilla standing over him. He has told the doctors he fell in with the monkeys and he thinks he remembers a bit about, but does not talk about it.” Leaven, who has a cat called Kitkins and a hamster(老鼠) called Tommy, said, “I don’t remember falling or going to the zoo. The gorilla’s name is Jambo, but I am not going to visit him again.” And he shook his head when asked if he knew the gorilla had been nice to him. Leaven, surrounded by good-will cards and presents, said, “I’m better now. Thank you.”
  61. The article is most probably taken from a . A. newspaper B. textbook C. newsreel D. story-book
  62. When the gorilla went near Leaven, his parents . A. waited with worry B. watched him carefully C. stopped breathing for a moment D. were frightened to death
  63. To whom did Leaven make his declaration that he still likes zoos, but not gorillas, he likes monkeys? A. To his parents. B. To the people who came to visit him. C. To his doctors. D. To some reporters who came to interview him.
  64.The gorilla had been nice enough to Leaven because . A. it didn’t kill him although it injured him B. it moved his clothes a little C. it touched the little boy nicely D. it stood over him and injured him
  65. After the accident, Leaven . A. was afraid of animals B. still likes animals and preferred monkeys C. hated animals especially gorilla D. still likes some small animals like cat and hamster but not big ones Questions 66 to 70 are based on the following passage: Suppose you work in a big company and find English very important to your job because you often deal with foreign businessmen. Now you are looking for a place where you can improve your English, especially your oral English. Here are some advertisements about English language training from newspapers. You may find the information you need. I.) Global English Center *General English in all 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. *3-month (700 yuan), 6-month (1,200 yuan) and one-year (2,000 yuan) courses. *Choice of morning or evening classes, 3 hours each day, Mon.?Fri. *Experienced college English teachers. *Close to the city center and bus stops. *Tel:67605272 Add:105 Zhongshan Road, 100082 II.) Modern Language School *Special courses in English for business, travel, banking, hotel management and office skills. *Small classes (12-16 students) on Sat. & Sun. from 2:00-5:00 PM. *Native English teachers from Canada and USA. *Language lab and computers supplied. *3-month courses:1,050 yuan. 6-month courses:1,850 yuan. *Write or phone: Modern Language School 675 Park Road, 100056 Tel:67353019 III.) The 21st Century English Training Center *We specialize in effective teaching at all levels. *We offer morning or afternoon classes, both of which last 3 months at a cost of 800 yuan. *We also have a 6-week TOEFL preparation class during winter and summer holidays. *Entrance exams: June 1st and Dec. 1st. *Only 15-minute walk from the city center.
*Call 67801642 for more information. IV.) The International House of English *3/6-month English courses for students of all levels at very low cost: 60 yuan for 12 hours each week; convenient class hours: 9:00-12:00AM and 2:00-5:00 PM. *A 4-month evening programme for developing speaking skills (same cost as day classes). *Well-trained Chinese and foreign teachers experienced in teaching English as a second/foreign language. *Free sightseeing and social activities. *Very close to the Central Park. *Call 67432308 for further information.
  66. If you work from 9:00AM to 4:00PM every day. Which school will you choose? A. Modern Language School and the 21st Century English Training Center B. Global English Center and the International House of English C. Global English Center and Modern Language School D. The International House of English and the 21st Century English Training Center
  67. The 21st Century English Training Center is different from the other 3 schools in that . A. its teaching quality is better B. it is the nearest to the city center C. its courses are better D. it requires an entrance examination
  68. You’ll probably prefer to go to Modern Language School because it . A. has a special course in spoken English B. costs less than the other schools C. has native English teachers D. offers free sightseeing and social activities
  69. If you take the evening programme at the International House of English, you’ll pay about . A. 60 yuan B. 240 y



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