1. W: How do you go to school? M: Well, the school is near my home. It's only 20 minutes' walk. Q: How did the man go to school?

  2. W: Where does Sally work? M: Sally works in the department from 9:00 to 3:00 twice a week. Q: How often does Sally work?

  3. W: Good afternoon. Can I help you? M: I'd like a single room with bath. Q: Where does the above conversation most probably take place?

  4. M: The plane is supposed to land at half past seven. W: I believe so, but it's almost eight. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  5. W: Don't worry , I'm sure you can get the job. M: I just can't relax. I'm so anxious about the interview. Q: What is the man going to do?

  6. M: It's really cold tonight. W: Sure it is. My hands are cold. How about lighting the heater? Q: What did the woman ask the man to do?

  7. M: If any of you can work with me this evening, I could finish this job by ten o'clock. W: I would like to, but I have to go to a lecture. Q: What would the woman do this evening?

  8. W: The room is filled with smoke, I can hardly breathe. M: I agree, smoking should not be permitted in this room. Q: What can we conclude from this conversation?

  9. W: What is that noise? M: That is Mr. Smith sawing his broken tree in his backyard. Q: Where is Mr. Smith?

  10. W: Is this the English class or physics class? M: No, it's the chemistry and physics laboratory? Q: Which class is the man looking for?
Section B
Passage 1
Black people were first brought to America from Africa as slaves. They declared free in 1863, but slavery was not finally done away with until after the American Civil War. Now their descendants make up nearly 12 percent of the population of the states. In the mid-western city of Chicago, for example, there are almost two million black people living there. New York State has the largest black population ? 2,402,000, an increase of close to one million in 20 years.

  11. What's the topic of the passage?
  12. When did they declare free?
  13. What is the black population in New York State?
Passage 2
Basketball is a sport enjoyed by millions of people. It's one of the best-known sports in the world. It all began in 18
  91. Dr James, the father of basketball, found that all the most popular games use a ball so he decided a ball would be part of his new game. But kicking the ball or hitting it would be too rough fro indoors. So he put two baskets up on poles. The players had to try to throw a ball into them. Then he made thirteen rules for the game. Twelve of them are still in use today.

  14. Why did James decide to use a ball as part of his new game?
  15. How many rules were first made?
  1. W: I want a single room with a shower. What's the rate? M: It's 9 dollars a day. Q: How much does the woman have to pay if she stays for 3 days?

  2. M: I don't know how you'll get through your teaching practice. W: Oh, I'll manage, I always do. I've planned all my lessons. Q: What's the woman do you think?

  3. W: Have you been waiting for me for a long time? M: I've been waiting for an hour. Q: How long has the man been waiting for her?

  4. W: You'd better take the umbrella with you. It looks like it's going to rain. M: You may be right. Q: How is the weather now?

  5. W: The flight for Guangzhou left 15 minutes ago. M: That's right. It's already 12:
  05. Q: When did the plane leave?

  6. W: I was late three times this month. M: I was late twice that often and John was late eight times. Q: How often was the woman late?

  7. W: You've been late for class the third time this week, Ted. M: It won't happen again, Mrs. White, I assure you. Q: What's the possible relation between the two speakers?

  8. W: Did Henry paint the house himself? M: He has it paint because he doesn't like to climb a ladder. Q: Who painted the house?

  9. M: Hello, may I speak to Mr. White, please? W: Sorry, wrong number. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  10. W: Excuse me, do you know where Main Street is? M: Go straight forward and after three blocks you'll find it. Q: How many blocks must the woman go by?
Section B
Passage 1
Children's education is changing very rapidly today. In the past, teachers made children sit still for hours. They made them memorize all sorts of things. In other words, the children had to go on repeating things until they knew them "by heart". Today, many teachers wonder if it is possible to make children learn at all. They say you must let children learn and discover things themselves.
But for some children, school is a kind of prison. They are there only because their parents make them go. They get out of the classroom as soon as the teacher lets them leave. many of them want to find jobs but the law will not let them work until they reach a certain age. And so, they have to stay in school. Often they do not learn anything at all and hate every moment.

  11. What used to happened in the past?
  12. What do these teachers wonder?
  13. Why can't some of the children find jobs?
Passage 2
I once called early on an English friend and the maid who came to the door said: "He's not up yet. Come back in half an hour." When I went again for him, she said: "He's not down yet." I said, "If he is not up and he's not down, where is he?" She said: "He's still in bed. When I said he's not up, I mean he has not yet get up so he has hot yet come down stairs."

  14. What did the maid mean when she said, "He's not up yet"?
  15. What did she mean by saying: "He's not down yet"?



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