2008 年 6 月英语三级考试 A 级真题及答案
Part I Listening Comprehension Directions: This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections. Section A Now the test will begin.
  1. A) Clean the bedroom. B) Park up the travelling C) Water flowers. D) Cook the meal.
  2. A) She doesn’t live far away. B) She won’t buy a car this year. C) She hasn’t made up her mind. D) She doesn’t like to drive.
  3. A) Travel on business. B) Fly to New York. C) Prepare some documents. D) Have a holiday.
  4. A) She was making a phone call. B) She was working in the office. C) She was going to the airport. D) She was having a meeting.
  5. A) She is busy at the moment. B) She is Diana’s friend. C) She has an appointment with Diana. D) She wants Diana to do her hair. Section B Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short conversations. There are 2 recorded conversations in it. After each conversation, there are some recorded questions. Both the conversations andquestions will be spoken two times. When you hear a question, you should decide on the correct answer from the 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D) given in your test paper. Then you should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Conversation 1
  6. A) To the hospital. B) To the beach. C) To his university. D) To his hometown.
  7. A) She visited her middle school. B) She was busy working. C) She was ill and had to stay at home. D) She was back to her hometown. Conversation 2
  8. A) Sofas. B) Tables. C) Beds. D) Bookshelves.

  9. A) On Main Road. B) In front of the Central Park. C) Near the terminal of Bus No.
  6. D) Next to the discount stroe
  10. A) 10%. B) 20%. C) 30%. D) 40%. Section C Directions: This section is to test your ability to comprehend short passages. You will hear a recorded passage. After that you will hear five questions. Both the passage and the questions will be read two times. When you hear a question, you should complete the answer to it with a word or a short phrase (in no more than 3 words). The questions and incomplete answers are printed in your test paper. You should write your answers on the Answer Sheet correspondingly. Now listen to the passage.
  11. At what time of day did the fire start? In the early .
  12. Which floor of the building did the fire destroy? The of the building.
  13. Who lived in the building at the time of the fire? Only a few .
  14. When built? In the year of .
  15. What was the probable cause of the fire? Most likely a burning . 答案: 答案: 1-5:ABCCD 6-10:DCAAB
  12.third floor
  13.elderly people
  15.cigarette 来源 :考试大-Part II Vocabulary & Structure Directions: This part is to test your ability to construct grammatically correct sentences. It consists of 2 sections. Section A Directions: In this section, there are 10 incomplete sentences. You are required to complete each one by deciding on the most appropriate word or words from the 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then you should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  16. Most of the retired people are happy their quiet life in the country- side. A) to B) of C) with D) on
  17. My brother reference books, but of them was of any use for my report. A) neither B) none C) either D) all
  18. I don’t regret her what I thought about her proposal, even if it upset her. A) tell B) to tell
C) told D) telling
  19. that I wasn’t going to get much chance for promotion, I soon became bored with my work. A) To realize B) Realizing C) Being realized D) Realized
  20. Please note that Boston next week, you want to call me and discuss things. A) in case B) unless C) until D) so that
  21. I tried to get out of the business I found impossible to carry on. A) why B) which C) what D) where
  22. Jack would rather spend time complaining than the problem by himself. A) solve B) solved C) solves D) to solve
  23. They will not start the project until the board chairman back from South Africa. A) will come B) is coming C) came D) comes
  24. Scientists should be kept of the latest developments in their research areas. A) inform B) informing C) informed D) to inform
  25. Only when we had finished all the work that it was too late to take a bus home. A) did we realize B will we realize C) we did realize D) we will realize Section B Directions: There are 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.
  26. Obviously, nuclear power can never be the only (solve) to energy crisis.
  27. It was in his childhood that he read most of the books (write) by Mark Twain.
  28. Nobody at the meeting would (belief) that the new proposal could be carried out smoothly.
  29.If the rent is as much as $750 a month, water, gas and electricity should (include) .

  30. The lecture was so (bore) that many classroom fell asleep.
  31. Mr. Smith considered (sell) his car and his house before moving to Beijing.
  32. My mother (enjoy) a better health since we came to live in this beautiful seaside city.
  33. The government is trying to find a way to deal with the problem of pollution (effective) .
  34. The young man did not have enough money; otherwise he (buy) a more expensive watch.
  35. With the help of the police, the woman finally found her (lose) child after a sleepless night. 答案: 答案:16-20:CBDBA 21-25:BADCA

  29.be included
  32.has enjoyed
  34.would buy
  35.lost 来源:考试
Part III Reading Comprehension Directions: This part is to test your reading ability. There are 5 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read the reading materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed. Task 1 Directions: After reading the following passage, you will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, numbered 36 to
  40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should make the correct choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. It is the vision (设想) of the Public Transit Police Department to achieve a transit system free from crime and disorder. are designed to enhance safety, increase riders and preserve the quality of our system’s structure. Transit has its own police force committed to the safety of its customers and drivers, serving seven counties and 85 cities in the region. There are 23 full-time officers, 146 part-time officers and five administrative (行政的) staff, devoted to one thing: public safety. You’ve probably seen Transit Police officers patrolling(巡逻)bus routes in cars or on foot. During visits with drivers, Transit Police either ride along or they step on board to greet drivers and passengers. Sometimes officers patrol out of uniform ? one could be on your next bus. The fare inspectors on Hiawatha light-rail trains areTransit Police officers. Every new Public Transit bus has an onboard security camera. Videotapes from these cameras help Transit Police identify and charge criminals. Downtown patrols built up in early 2002 have improved the quality of life for downtown residents and transit customers. Ten full-time police officers are assigned to the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown areas, to ensure public security. Downtown arrests have gone from 490 in April-September 2001 to 941 during the same period in 20
  36. The responsibility of the police force of Public Transit is to . A) enhance public security B) build a free transit system C) control the number of riders D) ensure a convenient transit system
  37. Sometimes patrolling officers on because . A) they look like fare inspectors B) they don’t wear uniform C) they are polite to passengers D) they often take a back seat
  38. The purpose of installing a camera inside the new buses is to . A) keep a close watch over the road ahead B) take pictures of the passengers on board C) increase the efficiency of the transit system D) help the transit police detect criminals

  39. Two figures are mentioned in the last paragraph to indicate . A) the Public Transit system’s efficiency B) the success of Transit Police program C) the police’s emphasis on security of downtown areas D) the worsening security condition of the area
  40. The best title for the passage might be . A) Police and Security B) New Security Measures C) Transit Police Security Program D) Crime-free Public Transit System Task 2 Directions: This task is the same as Task
  1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 to
  45. The White House is the most visited residence in the world. Tours may be scheduled through our Washington DC office. Due to security and scheduling procedures, there are a few things you should know before requesting a tour: ? Only groups of 10 or more may request a tour. ? Requests must be submitted with a minimum of one month’s advance notice from the date of the tour. Notice of whether your application is accepted will be given 10 days prior to the date requested. All tours, even after they have been confirmed, are subject to cancellation due to security interests. ? Tours are only conducted Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 11:30 am. To process your request for a tour, please contact our Washington office at (2
  02) 224-5521 and provide the following information: ? Date(s) requesting. ? Security information for each person in your party, including: name as it appears on I.D. (I.D. required for ages 14 and up), date of birth, social security number, country of origin, and citizenship (公民的身份). ? A home address and daytime and evening phone numbers for the designated (指派的) leader of the group. ? A contact number while in DC for the designated leader of the group. After your request is , our office will contact you with further instructions.
  41. This notice is to provide information about . A) scheduling of Washington DC tours B) the security system of the White House C) application for a tour of the White House D) duties of a tour group leader
  42. The White House is open to the public . A) on weekdays only B) five days a week C) every other day D) on weekends only
  43. Application for a group tour of the White House must be submitted . A) exactly on the date of application B) at least 30 days in advance C) any day between Tuesday and Saturday D) 10 days before the date of the tour
  44. After your tour request has been confirmed, . A) it is still possible that your tour may be cancelled
B) you are still allowed to change your visiting date C) you can surely visit the White House that day D) it is necessary for you to start your tour immediately
  45. It can be inferred from the passage that . A) teenagers under 14 are not allowed to visit the White House B) foreigners are less likely to be permitted to tour the White House C) separate tours can also be scheduled for individual visitors D) security is the chief concern in scheduling White House tours 答案: 答案:36-
  40:DBDBC 41-
Task 3 Directions: The following is a letter of application. After reading it, you are required to complete the outline below it (No.46 to No.
  50). You should write your answers briefly (in no more than three words) on the Answer Sheet correspondingly. Dear Mr. Williams: Your advertisement in for manager of public relations appeals to me. I found the wording of your advertisement quite attractive with emphasis on leadership, initiative, and flexibility. And my experience and qualifications indicate that I am the person you are seeking. The enclosed résumé indicates my experience in the area of public relations and management communications. I am quite familiar with the kinds of issues and problems that you have to deal with. I’d like to draw your attention to page 2 of my résumé, on which I describe my concept of public relations. And I am most eager to put this concept into practice to prove it to you. Although I have been very happy with my present employer and colleagues, I am more willing to join your company where I can assume even broader responsibility. I am free to travel and open to relocation. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and to further discuss how I may benefit your organization. Please call me at 0411-89726374 to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience. Sincerely yours, Stephen Smith An Application Letter Applicant: -46Position applied for: the manager of -47Requirements emphasized in the ad:
  1. leadership
  2. initiative
  3. -48Expectation of the applicant: to assume -49Contact telephone number: 0411-89726374 Purpose of the letter: asking for -50答案:
  46.Stephen Smith
  47.public relations
  49.broader responsibility
  50.an interview Task 4 Directions: The following is a list of terms related to parcel delivery service. After reading it, you are required to find the items equivalent to (与…等同) those given in Chinese in the table below. Then you should put the correspond



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