大学英语试卷 20
  06~2007 学年度第一学期 广东金融学院函授专科 2006 级统一考试 《英语》试题(A 卷) (闭卷 120 分钟) Department Class
Part I. For each sentence there are 4 choices, choose the correct one. (1’ each)
  1. It was not until very recently that Joyce to study in Ireland. A) is not allowed B) is allowed C) was not allowed D) was allowed
  2. Science assures that highly evolved beings exist on the stars and planets around us, if life is common in the universe. A) should B) must C) would D) could
  3. New medicines are usually tested on animals before on human beings. A) are tried B) to try C) trying D) being tried
  4. It was simply for some special reason I didn’t tell you the truth at that time. A) why B) which C) that D) so
  5. The train starts at 8:00, so you’d better at the station by 7:
  50. A) to be B) to have been C) be D) been
  6. no objection is raised, we shall hold the meeting here. A) Unless B) Although C) Until D) Provided
  7. The project costs a lot at present; but if we delay it until next year it will cost . A) as much as twice B) twice as much C) as much twice D) much as twice
  8. I drew a map for her she couldn’t find our house. A) provided that B) in case C) as long as D) unless
  9. , there are universal party manners that stand one in good stead. A) No matter where you are B) No matter you are where C) Wherever no matter you are D) No matter you are wherever
  10. It’s only a walk to get to the nearest post office. A) five-minute B) five-minutes C) five minute’s D) five minutes’ Part II. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. (1’ each) bake pretend fetch announce duty false shy leak communicate peak pour population install eventually ruin
  1. Lucy was and quiet while her brother was sure and noisy.
  2. The city has a of ten million.
  3. The roofs and the walls are damp.
  4. We could do nothing but wait as the meeting would be the next day.
  5. He stood there, watching the rain down the windows.
  6. We by letter in these days.
  7. A smell of newly bread comes from the kitchen!

  8. I don’t think we are expected to take up more after a hard day in the shop.
  9. The machine is difficult to , but easy to operate.
  10. If so, our sense of the true and the is too easily cheated or deceived.
  11. After three days’ bitter argument, they reached an agreement.
  12. When I was ill, my roommate went to a doctor.
  13. She would to be busy with her homework whenever her father came into her room.
  14. Even at the of excitement, Charles knew how to control himself before his friends.
  15. Her marriage was in but here in this place she found peace. Part III. Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb. (1’ each)
  1. I sat at the front part of the car, next the driver.
  2. She stood up and stared me, her eyes wide with disbelief.
  3. He will arrive China tomorrow and we are going to meet him at the airport.
  4. She smiled at him as she poured boiling water his cup.
  5. Everyone is surprised the fact that the human population is growing so rapidly.
  6. That was the very story that my father was fond repeating over the years.
  7. He’d lie his bed at three or four in the morning just wondering about what to do next.
  8. I will have to take responsibility what has gone wrong in this month’s business.
  9. Success comes good knowledge, firm determination and hard work.
  10. Many people say that a college education should be regarded everyone’s birthright.
  11. When she was walking alone in the dark streets, she would keep looking her, making sure that she was safe.
  12. Thank you the notes and letters that were waiting for me when I arrived home.
  13. Nothing, all, could be stranger; these students are trying to learn the whole dictionary by heart.
  14. After I put some stones into my pocket, my weight climbed up 60 kilos.
  15. True independence has to be achieved stages; it cannot be achieved overnight. Part IV. Reading Comprehension. (2’ each) There are three kinds of goals; short-term, medium-range and long-term goals. Short-term goals are those that usually deal with current activities, which we can apply on a daily basis. Such goals can be achieved in a week or less, or two weeks, or possibly months. It should be remembered that just as a building is not stronger than its foundation, our long-term goals cannot amount to very much without the achievement of the short-term goals. Upon completing our short-term goals, we should date the occasion and then add new short-term that will build on those that have been completed. The intermediate goals build on the foundation of the short-term goals. They might deal with just one term of school or the entire school year or they could even extend for several years. Any time you move a step at a time, you should never allow yourself to become discouraged or overwhelmed. As you complete each step, you will enforce the belief in your ability to grow and
succeed. And as your list of completion dates grow, your motivation and desire will increase. Long-term goals may be related to our dreams of the future. They might cover five years or more. Life is not a static thing. We should never allow a long-term goal to limit us or our course of action.
  1. Our long-term goals mean a lot if we . A) complete our short-term goals B) cannot reach solid short-term goals C) write down the dates D) put forward some plants
  2. New short-term goals are built upon . A) two years B) long-term goals C) current activities D) the goals that have been completed
  3. When we complete each step of our goals, . A) we will win final success B) we are overwhelmed C) we should build up confidence of success D) we have strong desire for setting new goals
  4. Once our goals are drawn up, . A) we should stick to them until we complete them B) we may change our goals as we have new ideas and opportunities C) we’d better wait for the exciting news of success D) we have made great decisions
  5. It is implied but not stated in the passage that . A) those who have long-term goals will succeed B) writing down the dates may discourage you C) the goal is only a guide for us to reach our destination Every artist knows in his heart that he is saying something to the public. Not only does he want to say it well but he wants it to be something which has not been said before. He hopes the public will listen and understand what he wants to teach them, and he wants them to learn from him. What visual artists like painters want to teach is easy to make out but difficult to explain, because painters translate their experiences into shapes and colors, not words. They seem to feel that a certain selection of shapes and colors is exceptionally interesting for them and worth showing to us. Without their work we should never have noticed these particular shapes and colors. Most artists take their shapes and colors from the world of nature and from human bodies in motion and repose. Their choices indicate that these aspects of the world are worth looking at, that they contain beautiful sights. Contemporary artists might say that they merely choose subjects that provide an interesting pattern, that there is nothing more in it. If one painter chooses to paint a gangrenous leg and another a lake in moonlight, each of them is directing our attention to a certain aspect of the world. Each painter is telling us something,
showing us something, emphasizing something, all of which means that, consciously or unconsciously, he is trying to teach us.
  6. An artist hopes that the public will . A) understand him and learn from him B) notice only shapes and colors in his work C) teach him something D) believe what he says in his work
  7. It’s hard to explain what a painter is saying, because . A) most painters do not express themselves well B) a painter uses unusual words and phrases C) a painter uses shapes and colors instead of words D) many painters do not say anything
  8. A painter chooses certain shapes and colors because he feels that they . A) have been used frequently in the past B) are easy to work with C) are worth showing to the public D) will be most attractive to the public
  9. The writer says that contemporary artists might say their choice of subject . A) carries a message to the public B) only provides interesting patterns C) has no pattern or form D) teaches the public important truths
  10. Implied but not stated: . A) A painting is more easily understood than a symphony. B) Art is merely the arranging of shape and color. C) Every artist tries to say something to the public. D) One must look beyond shape and color to find what the artist is saying. Part V. Translate the following sentences into English. (4’ each) 住房成为当今的流行话题,这是不难理解的。 popular subject) (a
  2. 我们钦佩伟人,因为他们的所作所为值得我们敬佩。 (admire)
有些父母选购神童故事给孩子看,希望孩子将来有一天会出人头地。 (remarkable)
他对工作采取积极的态度(attitude) ,无论做什么总是全力以赴。 (pour one’s energy into)
那天拂晓发生的地震摧毁了一座 20 世纪的城市所拥有的一切奇迹。 (all the wonders of)
Part VI.
Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (4’ each)
I went home and told my mother about it. She gave me all kinds of instructions on how to do this and that.
  2. He nodded, started the motor, and then apologized, “I’m sorry, but I was reading a letter.” Meanwhile her father has been saving money, because it’s the duty of the bride’s family to provide a home for the new couple. Now, at least in part because the public seems to have a great hunger for famous people’s privacy, reporters sometimes cover these parts of famous people’s lives more than any other.
  5. Perhaps it’s not surprising that a judge is more likely to give an attractive criminal a shorter sentence.



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