Why he would reject such a good offer remained unknown all these years. 
  Whether we can succeed or not depends upon our efforts. 
  What you have done for us will be in our memory forever. 
  It is common knowledge that honesty is the best policy. 
  It is well-known that… 
  It is self-evident that… 
  It goes without saying that… 
  It is universally acknowledged that…
  They believe that the central government’s decision to develop the western part of the country and the success of Beijing’s bid to host the 2008 Olympics will open up further opportunities for the country’s development.  
  We cannot understand why he was so cruel to his roommates. 
  Experience from foreign countries suggests that no aircraft manufacturers can survive depending only on their domestic market. 
  This is where she lived when she was young. 
  Quality is what counts most. 
  The problem is not who will go, but who will stay. 
  What we want to know is whether the government may take measures to tackle this problem. 
  The question is which one you may choose.
  As is shown/demonstrated/illustrated/depicted/described…in the cartoon/ picture/ graph/ table…,  
  There are many reasons why I want to study in your university. 
  It is estimated that tens of billions of yuan is spent on cigarettes every year in our country, which is a huge waste. 
  The food supply will not increase nearly enough to match this, which means that we are heading into a crisis in the matter of producing and marketing food. 
  When the man is enjoying the cigarette, the smoke becomes a monster (怪物) which will devour him. 
  Whatever the reason, there are still some problems with student use of computers. 
  Although we focus on the needs of exceptional children, we find ourselves describing their environment as well. 
  Prof. Kang came to our university, giving us a lecture on how to acquire English better. 
  Coupled with the growing quantity of information is the development of technologies which enable the storage and delivery of more information with greater speed to more locations than has ever been possible before. 
  It was him who gave us much hope for the future. 

  Only through these measures can we hope to solve the problem. 
  Scattered around the globe are more than 100 small regions of isolated volcanic activity known to geologists as hot spots. 
  If so, we have to give it up. 
  If necessary… 
  Whatever the reason…
  We totally agree with what you have just said.  
  Do you still remember the boy who cried wolf for several times so no one would trust him?  
  12) 被动句 
  Some measures should be taken to deal with the problem.  
  He is said to have accomplished a lot of great deeds.  
  Many people believe that…(It is believed that…)  The government and the public should pay enough attention to…(Enough attention should be paid to…from both the government and the public.)  
  1.The above mentioned issue results from the following factors./ Many factors are responsible for the problem. To begin with, . What’s more, . Last but not the least, .  
  2.There is no doubt that.… 
  No one can deny that.… It goes without saying that.…  
  3. When it comes to the issue, different people have different opinions. 
  4.Just as any coin has two sides. I believe there is some truth to both. If I am allowed to make a decision, I prefer to because . 
  5.sth. is an indispensable part of sth. 
  6.People can not imagine the world without./ People can not imagine what the world would be like without.
  7.In my view, we have to think carefully before we make the decision to . Question1 ? Question2 ? These questions need to be answered before we make the final decision.
  8.in all walks of life 
  9.As an old saying goes, 
  10.Instead of doing sth, we should.…rather than 
  11.It is true that…, but… eg. It is true that we can’t do anything without money, but money is not everything. 
  12.attach great importance to sth. 
  13.… is a hot issue 
  14. satisfy/meet one’s needs and desires 
  15.sth. benefit sb.= sth. do good to sb.  
  sb. benefit from sth. sb. receive benefit from/by sth.  
  sth/it. is beneficial to sth./sb. 
  16.try every means to do sth./strive to do sth. 
  17.sb. do sth., while sb. others do sth. else 
  18. it is supposed to do sth.



   一、“闪光点”     1)主语从句   Why he would reject such a good offer remained unknown all these years.    Whether we can succeed or not depends upon our efforts.    What you have done for us will be in our memory forever.    It is common knowledge that h ...


   [英语作文常用句型 英语作文常用句型] 英语作文常用句型 一、开头句型 我们常说,良好的开端等于成功的一半。做事如此,作文也是如此。 我们常说,良好的开端等于成功的一半。做事如此,作文也是如此。所以我们颇有必要在 作文的开头花一番心思。 作文的开头花一番心思。 在写议论文时,你通常以什么样的方式开头呢?最简单也最常用的可能就是开门见山法。 在写议论文时,你通常以什么样的方式开头呢?最简单也最常用的可能就是开门见山法。 也就是说???直截了当地提出你对这个问题的观点,点出文章的中心思想。 ?? ...


   大学英语四级听力 60 个必考习语详解 1,across 1,表方位. Let's go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat. 让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的. 2,表动作,穿越. You must go across the bridge and then turn right. 你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐. 2,age 1,年龄.最一般的表达.在此不赘述. 2,衰老. the aging people = ...


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   1. It 作先行主语和先行宾语的一些句型 She had said what it was necessary to say. 2. 强调句型 It is not who rules us that is important, but how he rules us. 3. "All+抽象名词"或"抽象名词+itself"(very+形容词) He was all gentleness to her. 4. 利用词汇重复表示强调 A crime is ...


   大学英语四级考试 CETCET-4 第一部分 听力理解 一. 短对话 (一) 送分题 1. 计算 a. 日期 b. 时刻 c. 基本数字 d. 价格 2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) a. hotel b. restaurant c. post office d. shop / store e. book store f. library g. school h. bank i. airport and customs 2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人 ...


   级大一的同学们, 可亲可爱的 09 级大一的同学们,你们是否还在抱怨这个刚刚到来的大学生涯的第一个寒假 真的很让人空虚呢?其实在写这篇日志之前我也是觉得长假漫漫,无事可做。。但是 真的很让人空虚呢?其实在写这篇日志之前我也是觉得长假漫漫,无事可做。。但是,但 。 但是, 是现在终于有了一件能够唤醒我们的事了??英语四级机考!!经过 ??英语四级机考 ! 是现在终于有了一件能够唤醒我们的事了??英语四级机考!!经过 2009 年 12 月在全国 180 所高校进行机考试点之后,2010 年四级 ...


   大学英语四级词汇讲解 大学英语四级词汇讲解 四级词汇 该讲的都在六级的帖子里说了,这里就只提一点,我继续开始做四级词汇, 一是为了方便大家学习,二是让自己重新复习一遍四级词汇,我不希望我的考 试只是为了一张纸,我要么真正掌握英语,要么撒手不做。 因为四级词汇较多,我一次录入量为三十个,根据你的情况对单词进行主 次归类,然后背诵,而对于考六级的同学,反复吃透这些常用词汇才是真正之 要义。 Have a good trip! 第一天 abandon vt. 抛弃,离弃 The cruel man ...


   1.经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy   2.人民生活水平的显著提高/ 稳步增长the remarkable improvement/ steady growth of people’s living standard   3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology   4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities and challenges   5.人们普遍认 ...



   1) 表示动作中状态的词叫做动词。 2) 根据其在句中的功能,动词可分为四类,分别是:实义动词(Notional Verb) 、系动词(Link Verb) 、助动词(Auxiliary Verb) 、情态动词(Modal Verb) 。 说明:有些情况下,有些动词是兼类词,例如: We are having a meeting. He has gone to New York. (has 是助动词。 ) 3) 动词根据其后是否带有宾语,可分为两类,分别是:及物动词(Transitive V ...


   A: Agent 经纪人。 Air ball:投出的球什么都没碰到,三不沾。 All-Defensive Team :最佳防守阵容。 Alley-oop:空中接力。一个运动员把球抛向空中,另一个队员在空中接住球把球扣入篮筐。 All-NBA Team:NBA 最佳阵容。 All-Rookie Team:最佳新秀阵容。 All -Star:全明星。 APG:平均每场助攻。 Arena:比赛场;竞技场。比如 Seattle 的主场名叫 Key Arena。 arc:三分线。 Assist:助攻( ...


   北京高考门户网站 www.beijinggaokao.com 电话:010-62754468 第十二节 状语从句 第一部分 近年高考题荟萃 2010 年高考题 1. (10 湖南 32) Tim is in good shape physically he doesn't get much exercise. A. if B. even though C. unless D. as long as 答案:B 答案 考点:考查状语从句。 考点 解析:句意为: “尽管 Tim 不经常锻炼,但他身 ...


     大学英语四六级作文模板大全          综合运用篇     Along with the advance of the society more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is that....     随着社会的不断发展,出现了越来越多的问题,其中之一便是。     As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people ta ...


   最后三十天的高考英语复习策略 各地市都进行了一模和二模的高考模拟测试,随着五月来临,离高考的日子越来 越近,作为高三师生对最后阶段冲刺高考复习,有的运用自己的经验进行应对, 有的却茫然不知所措。由于今年的高考是全新的题型,与往年的高考备考策略应 有所不同,笔者根据对新高考考纲,新课程下的教材适用原则和新题型的出现提 出自己的一些看法以及自己平时的一些做法。仅供大家参考。 听力测试备考的应对策略 1)继续强化常用词汇的拼写练习和训练,教室可根据不同话题,每天适量 地布置一些与此话题有关的词汇, ...