大学英语四级考试 语法难点总评
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  1. 时态
意义 与现在事实相 反 条件从句 主句 动 词 一 般 过 Should (would, could, might) +do 去式did 与 过 去 事 实 相 过 去 完 成 时 Should had done (would)+have+done 反 与 将 来 事 实 相
  1.Were+不 Should/would+do 反 定式 (were+to do)
  2.Should+ 动词原形

要求 ask require demand insist desire maintain
例如: It has been decided that the general meeting be postponed till next week.
要求 propose suggest urge advise recommend move
要求 command order demand
要求 arrange decide

  3. 在形式主语的结构中

  1) 在有特殊形容词的句套里 It is necessary that… It is imperative that… It is essential that… It is important that… It is strange that… It is natural that… It is desirable that… It is incredible that… It is advisable that…

  2) 在有特殊名词的句套里 It is a pity that… It is a shame that… It is no wonder that…

suggestion, proposal, order, request, plan, idea, recommendation, motion

  5. expect, believe, think, suspect 动词在否定或疑问形式重。
例如: I never thought that she should be such a worldly girl.

  6. If only, would (that), ’d rather (would rather, had rather) as if
例如: If only I had not cheated at the exam. Would (that) I were young again.

  7. It is time 从句
It is high time… It is about time you got up.
half of the the rest of the enough of the lots of heaps of loads of a portion of a series of a group of 单数名词 复数名词 不可数名 词 复数可数 名词 复数可数 名词 单数动词 复数动词 单数动词 复数动词 单数动词
(a) part of
单数名词 复数名词
单数动词 复数动词 单数动词
a kind (sort)of 分数、百分数+of
单数名词 单数动词 复数名词 复数动词 One of the +复数名词+who (that/which) +复数动词
  1.Half of the laboratory was damaged in the explosion.
  2.Half of the buildings in the neighborhood were destroyed in the earthquake.
  3. Loads of milk was given to them free.
  4. A series of debates between the major candidates was scheduled for the Labor Day weekend.

  5. A part of the land is devoted to agriculture.
  6. Three-fourths of the earths surface is sea.
  7. Over 40 percent of the teachers are against the plan.
  8. She is one of the few girls who are acquainted with the old poet.

  2. the +形容词(分词形容词) 形容词( 形容词 分词形容词) +复数动词 复数动词
The sick have been cured and the lost have been found.

  3. 并列主语在意义上指同一事 物、人等
The secretary and account of the company was absent at the meeting. 2 ) Whisky and soda is always my favorite drink.
  3) There is a knife and fork on the table.


  4. every …and… every …and every each.. and … each.. and each… 后都跟单数名词 Every flower and tree is to be cut down in the land.

  5. the +形容词 形容词and the +形容词 形容词 形容词 +单数名词 单数名词===复数名词 单数名词 复数名词
The red and the white rose are withering in the cold.

  6. or, either…or, neither…nor, not only, but also 是就近原则
  1) Neither he nor you are wrong.
  2) Not only the switches but also the old wiring has been replaced.

  7. none of +单数名词 单数动 单数名词==单数动 单数名词 词 none of +复数名词 复数动 复数名词==复数动 复数名词 词

  8. 主语 . 主语+as well as ( as much as/rather than/more than/no less than) 词组:看主语是单数 词组: 或复数 Some of the workers , as well as the manager, were working during the holiday.

  9. 单 数 主 语 +with(along with/together with/except) 用 单 数动词 Kate, together with her sisters, goes to work by subway every day.

  10. there be 句型用就近原则
There is my wife and family to consider. There are many books computer on the table. and a



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