恩波英语模考答案-Part ⅠWriting My View on DUI Offences Every year, thousands upon thousands of people are killed or injured in road accidents. A large proportion of these are alcohol related. Studies show that the use of alcohol results in decreased driving ability and increased risk of car crashes. People who drive under the influence of alcohol are nicknamed “highway killers”. Unfortunately, DUI remains a serious problem in China today in spite of some progress. Why is it so difficult to stop “highway killing”? What makes the DUI offenders reckless of the risk? I think the first reason may be the drivers failure to recognize the consequence. When they drink before driving, they think “just one drink won t hurt,” turning a blind eye to the danger. The second but more important reason is the drivers disregard for the law. They totally ignore their responsibility for road safety and are not deterred by the legal punishment because it is not severer enough. It is Irish time to take critical steps to prevent DUI offences. Apart from an education campaign to call for responsible driving and raise public awareness, there is an urgent need for more effective supervision, such as more frequent random breath testing to spot DUI offenders and stiffer
penalties including revocation of driving licenses, heavy fines and even jail sentences. Only with these measures taken, can we prevent more tragedies from happening. Part ⅡReading Comprehension(Skimming and Scanning)
  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. D
  7. C
  8. neglected
  9. set limits
  10. the temptation of technology Part ⅢListening Comprehension
11-15 DCDAC 16-20 DABBD 21-25 ABAAD
26-30 DCCAB3135CADDC 36 considerable 37 assessment 38 unbearable 39 structure 40 define 41 perform 42 effectiveness 43 physical 44 At university, you are concerned about the importance of your results in relation to the career you want to follow 45 Of course, too, it goes without saying that preparations for examinations can place a terrible strain on students 46 Sometimes there may be problems locating or having access to the resources one needs Part ⅣReading Comprehension(Reading in Depth) 47-51 KDMAG 52-56 ICNOE
57-6 1CDBAC 62-66 CDABC Part ⅤCloze 67-76 BACBDADCCB 77-86 DDAABDBBCA Part Ⅵ Translation 87 learn how to get along with each other 88 but that he has been addicted to the Net for a long time 89 compared with other forms of energy such as oil
  90. he regretted having made such a hasty decision
  91. No sooner had he gone to sleep 听力原文
  11. M: I know that short hair is fashionable these days, but you looked so much nicer with long hair. W: Long hair may look nice, but during the summer it s so uncomfortable. Even after I bought an air conditioner my hair still bothered me. Q: Why does the woman have her hair cut?
  12. W: Is the rescue crew still looking for survivors of the plane crash? M: Yes, they have been searching the area for hours, but they haven t found anybody else. They ll keep searching until night falls. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  13. M: How about going to the movies tonight, Helen? W: I d love to. But my mother is going to New Zealand to visit my brother, and I have to drive her to the airport. How about some other time, Henry? Q: What will Helen do tonight?
  14. M: I m really exhausted, but I don t want to miss that feature film that comes on at midnight. W: If I were you, I d skip it. We both have to get up early tomorrow morning and anyway I ve heard it s not that exciting. Q: What does the woman think the man should do?
  15. M: While you re having your hair done, I might as well do the shopping. W: Good, it will take at least a week to get to Denmark. Buy some stamps while you are there, and some airmail envelopes, will you? Q: What is the man planning to do now?
  16. M: I have to type my term paper for history until late into the night, but I m afraid my roommate won t be able to go to sleep. W: That certainly is true. Why don t you try the typing room in the basement? It is soundproof. Q: What does the woman suggest the man do?
  17. M: I could really use a small calculator like that one for my statistics homework!
W: Why don t you go in and see what they cost here. It looks like they re having a sale. Q: What does the woman think the man should do?
  18. M: I have such a bad ear infection that I won t be able to come to the final exam this afternoon. W: Only your instructor can tell you what to do in this situation. Q: What does the woman mean? Conversation One M: You re my campaign manager, Julie. (
  19) (
  20)How do I convince members of the Student Union that I m the best for school president? W: That won t be easy. M: Thanks a lot. W: I m just kidding, Bob. Actually I think once we show everyone how well you did as a junior class treasurer, you will win easily. M: How do we do that? Meet with all three thousand people who are members of the Student Union? W: Come on. What I m thinking of first is hanging campaign posters in all the hallways, where most of the students are sure to see them. M: That sounds good. But everyone puts up posters. What can we do to make that different? W: (
  21)The campus radio station is willing to let you have five minutes tomorrow morning at seven o clock to outline your plans for the year.
Lots of students will be listening, then. M: That s a great idea! W: I ve also arranged for you to give a speech during dinner tomorrow. At least five hundred of the students will be there. You ll answer questions after you ve finished speaking. M: (
  22)That means I d better come up with the speech pretty quickly. How about if I write it tonight and show it to you after chemistry class tomorrow? W: Fine. I ll see you after class. M: Thanks for all your help!
  19. What are the two speakers talking about?
  20. What post will the man run for?
  21. When is the radio broadcast scheduled?
  22. What will the man do tonight? Conversation Two W: I saw a really interesting program on TV last night. It talked about the type of things that record companies have to be careful with when they come out with new CDs. M: What do you mean? W: Well, (
  23)they have to be very careful not to offend people?especially parents with young kids who might buy a CD that contained violent content or used strong language.
M: How can that be avoided? W: Well, don t you remember when that woman?some senator s wife, I think, made a fuss over this issue? It s not really a law, (
  24)but music companies are now encouraged to put a warning label on albums that describe violence or use strong language. M: I don t understand. Doesn t that reduce the musician s freedom of speech? W: Not really. (
  25)Musicians still have a right to free speech, but the message on the label says, “Buyer, be careful:if you get upset by violence and ugly language, don t buy this album. ” You agree with that, don t you? M:I don t know. I still think the whole thing is funny and unreasonable. Musicians should have the right to say what they want to say without having to have a warning label put on their music, I mean, who gets to decide what is considered offensive and what isn t, we don t need a sticker to tell us what to do!
  23. What was the topic of the program that the woman saw last night?
  24. What is the result of that senator s wife making a fuss over the issue?
  25. What is the man’s opinion about the warning label on the music? Passage One Spaceships travel around the earth, go to the moon, and return home safely.
The astronauts carry important supplies with them on the spaceship?food, water, and air. Sometimes there are problems on the spaceship, and the astronauts have to understand how the spaceship works in order to repair the problems. In a way, all of us are really on a spaceship, the planet Earth. (
  27)We move around the sun at 18 miles per second and never stop. On our spaceship we have four billion people and a limited supply of air, water, and land. These supplies, just like the limited supplies on the astronauts spaceship, have to be used carefully because we can t buy new air, water, or land from anywhere else. Everyone needs air, water, and land to live? this is our environment. The environment on our planet is a closed system; nothing new is ever added. Nature recycles its resources. Water, for example, evaporates and rises to form clouds. This same water returns to the earth as rain or snow. The rain that falls today is actually the same water that fell on the dinosaurs 70 million years ago. Over the years, people have changed the environment. We have poured back into the land, air, and water more wastes than nature can clean. So we have pollution today. To continue to survive, we must learn how to use the Earth s resources wisely without destroying them. To save the spaceship Earth, we must cooperate with nature and learn better ways to use, not abuse, our
  26. What is the best title for this passage?
  27. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
  28. What can we conclude from the passage? Passage Two (
  29)There are three types of noise that can block communication. The first, external noise includes those obvious things that make it difficult to hear, as well as many other kinds of distractions. For instance, too much cigarette smoke in a crowded room might make it hard for you to pay attention to another person, and sitting in the rear of an auditorium might make a speaker s remarks unclear. External noise can interrupt communication almost anywhere in our model?in the sender, channel, message, or receiver. The second type of noise is physiological. (
  30)A hearing disorder is probably the most obvious type of physiological barrier, although many more exist. Consider, for instance, the difficulty you experience as a listener when you are suffering from a cold or are very tired. In the same way you might speak less when you have a sore throat or a headache. (
  31)Psychological noise refers to forces within the sender or receiver that make these people less able to express or understand the message clearly. For instance, a fisherman might exaggerate the size and number of fish in order to convince himself and others of his talents. In the same way, a
student might become so upset upon learning that she failed a test that she would be unable to clearly understand where she went wrong.
  29. What is the passage mainly about?
  30. What does a hearing disorder belong to?
  31. What does psychological noise mean? Passage Three The New York Public Library is a very special place. Even though it is in the busiest part of the city, it has grass and trees around it, and benches for people to sit on. Even more unusual in crowded New York, (
  32)its rooms are very large. The roof of the main reading room is 51 feet high. Here a reader can sit and think, and work and comfort. The library has 30 million books and paintings. (
  33)It owns one of the first copies of a Shakespeare play, a Bible printed in the 15th century, and a letter written by Columbus in which he tells of the finding of the New World. Every New Yorker can see and use the library s riches free, but the cost of running the library has risen rapidly in recent years. (
  34)And the library does not have enough money to continue its work. (
  35)In the past it was open every evening, and also on Saturdays and Sundays. Now it is closed at those times to save money. The library is trying in every possible way to raise more money to meet its increasing costs. Well known New York writers and artists are trying to help, so are the universities whose students use the library, and the governments of New York City and New York State. But the problems
remain serious. Yet ways must be found to save the public library. Because as one writer said, the public library is one of the most important buildings in New York City, it contains all our knowledge.
  32. According to the passage, what is the most unusual feature of the New York Public Library?
  33. Which of the following is collected in the library?
  34. What is the main problem of the New York Public Library?
  35. When is the library open?



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