1.This watch is by hand, not by machine, so it is very expensive.
A.flat B.coined C.bored D.manufactured

  2.These two horses look so much alike that we can not one from the other.
A.differ B.detail C.distinguish D.defeat

  3.The president of that company was very calm during the political .
A.failure B.fashion C.proceed D.crisis

  4. is usually the chief enemy of the camera lens.
A.Oxxasion B.vain C.Moisture D.Deck

  5.The left the ship after sixty hours of hard struggle.
A.dash B.cell C.crew D.gay

  6.On our way to Beijing, we visited Xi’an, a city of two million , and stayed there for two days.
A. insects B.human C.inhabitants D.flights

  7.One of the main reasons for air pollution is that many cars smoke into the atmosphere.
A.gather B.hire C.discharge D.escape

  8.Don’t forget to to let us know you arrived safely.
A.cable B.cage C.border D.bay

  9.She gave him a that she could not come to his party.
A.mistress B.shoot C.neck D.hint

  10.When the temperature is below zero, water will .
A.freeze B.virtue C.sink D.seek

  11.1,3,5,7 and 9 are numbers and 2,4,6 and 8 are not.
A.odd B.even C.extra D.nut

  12.He always to everything and never agrees with anybody.
A.projects B.gives C.folds D.objects

  13.I was born in Japan, but I have Chinese citizenship.
A.retained B.represented C.reported D.required

  14.He made a rough of the first floor of that building, showing us where his office was located.
A.painting B.illustration C.drawing D.sketch

  15.He is deeply in the trouble of his company.
A. involved B.occurred C.packed D.represented

  16.He always leaves for all the words he does not know in his translation.
A.blankets B.blind C.black D.blanks

  17.Smoking and drinking are regarded as in some countries because they do no good to health.
A.vices B.habits C.customs D.copies

  18.The news has not yet been officially by the government.
A.struck B.confirmed C.founded D.pointed

  19.These are two issures, but people often take them as one.
A.ruin B.nest C.distinct D.castle

  20.What did you watch on television last night?
A.wave B.frequency C.channel D.tunnel

  21.The Bushmen are hunters even though their weapons are primitive.
A.favourite B.original C.sufficient D.expert

  22.Before he left the White House, the president made a speech.
A.quaarel B.symbol C.automobile D.farewell

  23.The local government has begun a in this city to cut down the traffic accidents.
A.protest B.punishment C.protection D.project

  24.It is highly that he come here tomorrow to join us.
A.desirable B.doubtful C.good D.wanted

  25.A new idea began to from his mind when he was on his way back home.
A.emerge B.output C.starve D.tend

  26.If you just stay in this city for few days, we can give you a library card and you can still make use of the books in the city library.
A.terminal B.temporary C.regular D.chamber

  27.When you buy anything expensive, never forget to ask for the from the shop.
A.render B.trust C.receipt D.tale

  28.These programs are designed for those young people who want to higher education but do not have enough time to go to university.
A. insure B.purse C.purchase D.pursue

  29.In order to write his paper, he borrowed a lot of books from the school library.
A. implication B.reference C.sample D.saucer

  30.When he opened the door, he used too much force and the key.
A.trailed B.varied C.twisted D.wicked

  31.When heated, water changes into .
A.solid B.vapour C.liquid D.air

  32.What she achieved in her research might what she had been expecting.
A.exceed B.exclaim C.excess D.extend

  33.It is to anyone here that the department chairman has refused to support the new project.
A.factor B.false C.evident D.elastic

  34.He his father in appearance but not in height.
A.repeats B.looks C.resembles D.likes

  35.Both O.J.Simpson and Jim Brown have been as the greatest players in the history of football.
A.ranked B.recorded C.stocked D.stripped

  36.The airplane took off soon. It was like being on an old train from side to side and going faster and faster.
A.surrounding B.foregoing C.swaying D.frowning

  37.This is a poem about life in the American West.
A.bay B.chamber C.frank D.dozen

  39.What they produced has no any value. But it is very useful to their research.
A.filter B.fold C.partial D.commercial

  40.When talking about Chinese culture, people often its origin with the Yellow River.
A.worship B.vain C.reveal D.associate

  41.As a chairman for nearly ten years, Professor Smith has never to anything dishonest.
A.beard B.attached C.granted D.kept

  43.The between Chinese and Japanese is not so obvious so that it is not easy to distinguish between people from the two countries.
A.distinction B.equivalent C.index D.murder

  44.When he caught a of his girl-friend in the rain, Jack asked the taxi driver to stop to pick her up.
A.harbour B.kettle C.glimpse D.scale

  45.He’ll always be to you for what you’ve done.
A.peaceful B.secure C.grateful D.companion

  46.In Nearly any country, there always exists a gap between the old and the young.
A.generation B.helicopter C.noticeable D.ounce

  47.Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me what number I should dial to get the .
A.throat B.verse C.conductor D.operator

  48.Without the materials imported from abroad, Japan can hardly produce anything.
A.storey B.valuable C.spare D.raw

  49.We may be able to you in some way if you can not finish your work on time.
A.resist B.insist C.assist D.disease

  50.She always dreamed of an job even when she was ten years old.
A. ideal B.indirect C.absolute D.aid




   大学英语四级考试短文听力的训练办法 一般说来,短文听力备考训练必须抓住竖听和横听两点结合来进行。 所谓竖听,是指一套题目从头听到尾,从第一题听到最后一题。所谓 横听,是指把相同题材和体裁的文章放在一块对照比较着听,从而迅 速抓住同类型文章的规律,真正做到以不变应万变。例如,有关人物 传记的文章在近几年的考题中共出现过两篇, 1999 年 1 月的 passage1 和 1996 年 1 月的 passage1,把这两篇文章放在一起听,可以发现这 类型文章都以介绍式写法开头,将记叙人物的姓名、 ...


   网络课堂--本节课总结 大学英语四级考试:词汇与结构 (1)同义词,近义词辨析 1. Children who are over-protected by their parents may become . A) hurt C) spoiled B) damaged D) harmed 2. There were some flowers on the table. A) artificial C) false B) unnatural D) unreal 3. Many people c ...


   Source: 2008-01-21 我要投稿 恒星英语学习论坛 Favorite V vacant a.空的;未被占用的 vacation n.假期,休假 vacuum n.真空;真空吸尘器 vague a.模糊的,含糊的 vain a.徒劳的;自负的 valid a.有效的;正当的 valley n.(山)谷,溪谷;流域 valuable a.值钱的;有价值的 value n.价值;价格 vt.评价 van n.大篷车,运货车 vanish vi.突然不见,消失 vanity n.虚 ...


   青年人大学英语四级考试网 http://www.qnr.cn/waiyu/cet4/ http://www.qnr.cn/waiyu/cet4/ 整理,QQ 交流群:116847664 整理, 交流群: 大学英语四级考试流程 8:509:00 试音时间 9:009:10 播放考场指令,发放作文考卷 9:10 取下耳机,开始作文考试 9:35 发放含有快速阅读的试题册(但 9:40 才允许开始做) 9:409:55 做快速阅读 9:5510:00 收答题卡一(即作文和快速阅读) 9:5510: ...


   2008 年 12 月大学英语四级考试真题 Part I Writing (30 minutes) ) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Limiting the Use of Disposable Plastic Bag. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given be ...


   2011 年大学英语四级考试口试大纲 编辑提醒 2011 年上半年大学英语四级考试将在 6 月 18 日 09:00~11:20 举行,下半年将在 12 月 17 日 09:00~11:20 举行,为了帮助大家有效的报考复习,考试大外语站点编辑收集整理了 相关信息供大家参考,希望对大家有所帮助,考试大祝大家顺利通过考试! 考试介绍 考试中心 考试时间 计分规则 报名条件 考试培训 考试大纲 成绩查询 机考解析 证书样张 口试大纲 口语考试成绩合格者由教育部高等教育司发给证书,证书分为 A、 ...


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英语四级--大学英语四级词汇训练1200题 Test 5--教育人生网

   英语四级--大学英语四级词汇训练1200题 Test 5--教育人生网 外语计算机考研资格认证高复自考工商管理金融财会职业技能艺术体育 首 页教育培训教育新闻免费资料考试指南远程教育北斗论坛沪上名校亚丁商城 ?四级名师精华班 ?昂立教育报关员 ?全能新概念英语 ?昂立美国口语 ?国际货代课程 ?交大管院Mini-MBA ...


   A a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 able a.有能力的;出色的 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 about prep.关于;在…周围 above prep.在…上面;高于 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对 ...


   大学英语四级考试 语法难点总评 周雪 2004.11.25 一.虚拟语气 1. 时态 意义 与现在事实相 反 条件从句 主句 动 词 一 般 过 Should (would, could, might) +do 去式did 与 过 去 事 实 相 过 去 完 成 时 Should had done (would)+have+done 反 与 将 来 事 实 相 1.Were+不 Should/would+do 反 定式 (were+to do) 2.Should+ 动词原形 2.固定的动词 ...


初二英语 单词默写

   初二英语 Chapter 1 1.all in= 2.idle= 3.someone you write to= tired lazy pen friend 4.something you like to do= hobby 5 . come out of mother body/come to the be bron world= 6.a person who plans buildings= an architest 7.really like,be interested= be kee ...


   大学英语四级写作简介 一.写作的目的及要求 二、评分原则 三、四级短文写作 一.写作的目的及要求 目的:测试学生用英语书面表达思想的能 力,能够直接有效地测出考生综合 运用语言的能力,较准确地反映考 生的英语水平。 要求: 大学英语作文测试要求考生能够运用 学到的语言知识,按规矩的题目要 求,在30分钟内写出一篇120个词左右 的短文,语义连贯,表达正确,无重 大语法错误。题目的内容包括科技, 社会,文化,或日常生活等方面的一 般常识。题目形式多种多样,有提纲 作文,段首句作文,关键词作文, ...

三河口镇教育服务中心英语导学案Module10 unit2-2

   昌乐二中初一英语导学案 编制: 宋京京 审核:田爱丽 审批: 2009-5-13 Module 10 Language points 学习目标: 1.掌握 4 个单词和 4 个短语的用法 No. 46 2.灵活运用所学语言点。 3.积极参与、阳光展示、大胆质疑 Step 1.复习检查,写出下列不规则动词的过去式 复习检查, 不规则动词的过去式: 复习检查 写出下列不规则动词的过去式 1.become2.begin3.blow4.break5.build 6.buy 7.catch 8. ch ...

高频四级英语词汇---亲自整理 更方便打印

   1.alter v. 改变,改动,变更 2.burst vi.,n. 突然发生,爆裂 3.dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) 4.blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸,炸掉 5.consume v. 消耗,耗尽 6.split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的 7.spit v. 吐(唾液等) ;唾弃 8.spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出 9.slip v. 滑动,滑落;忽略 10.slide v. 滑动,滑落 n. 滑动;滑面;幻灯片 11.bacteria n ...


   http://www.4juan.com 专门收集历年试卷 全国 2007 年 1 月高等教育自学考试 旅游英语选读试题 课程代码:00837 Ⅰ.Multiple Choice (0.5×20=10) × Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A. B.C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence ...