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预测作文( 预测作文(一)
My View on Double BA Degree
  1. 现在大学生读双学位的现象很常见
  2. 我对这一现象的看法 【范文】 范文】 Recently it has become a common phenomenon for college students to have two majors at the same time. In this way, they can get double BA degrees when they graduate from the university several years later. Although it may bring unfavorable consequences, we can be sure to conclude that this practice is favorable on the whole. To begin with, most students will become more hardworking and efficient in order to finish the learning tasks satisfactorily. Moreover, with two degrees at hand after graduation, they will stand a better chance in the job market full of fierce competition. In the third place, as for today's university students, tuition and fees are becoming more and more expensive. If they can make achievements in study at school and find a satisfactory job afterwards, it will not be a big problem. Weighing the pros and cons of such a new trend, we can naturally arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial and rewarding. This system not only compels students to work hard, but also prepares them for the coming competition. 【点评】 点评】 首段直接点题, 说明现象; 第二段分述三个优点, 其中首句为让步状语从句, 意思是 “虽 然可能带来负面的后果,但总体上是有益的”;第三段呼应第二段,得出结论。 范文首段提出大学生读双学位这一普遍现象;第二段分三点进行论述,其中前两点是优 点,即学生会更加勤奋,并且有利于他们在激烈的求职市场中找到工作,最后一点是解释可 能带来的学费问题并不严重;第三段下结论,呼应第二段。 第二段第三句中的 stand a better chance(of)表示“大有希望”;第三段末句中的 compel sb.to do sth.表示“迫使某人做某事”。
预测作文( 预测作文(二)

  2. Opening Psychological Courses 许多人建议大学开设心理课程 我对这一问题的看法
【范文】 范文】 Recently more and more educator and common citizens suggest that universities colleges open more courses which are helpful for students' psychological health. Personally, I fully agree with their proposal for the following reasons. On the one hand, the ever-increasing pressure of study at the moment and job-hunting in the future may lead to many psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and even despair,
and the psychological courses open a door for communication and relaxation. On the other hand, such courses can teach students how to regulate feelings and emotions under different situations, which is a good preparation for the future life in the complex social network. Finally, these courses also introduce good habits which are conducive to mental and psychological health. To be mature and qualified citizens in the society, students have to do more than study hard. In a word, I warmly welcome the establishment of psychological courses in universities. In my mind, they are good for students' psychological development. 【点评】 点评】 首段提出主题,其中第二句为过渡句,引出下文;第二段提出三点同意的理由;最后 一段得出结论,与第一段首句呼应,其中第二句是解释型的补充说明句。 范文首段提出许多人建议大学开设心理课程。作者同意这一建议,并分三点在第二段 中叙述理由。首先,目前的学习以及将来的就业压力需要开设心理课程。其次,教会学生如 何调整在不同环境下的情绪。最后,给学生介绍有利于其身心健康的好习惯。第三段总结呼 应首段内容。 第二段第一点中的 ever-increasing 表示“一直在增加的”,修饰两个名词词组,对比鲜 明,at the moment 表示“现在”,in the future 表示“将来”,open a door for…表示“开启 了……之门”;第二点中的 regulate 表示“调节,控制”;第三点中的 conducive 表示“有 益于……的”,后接介词 to。
预测作文( 预测作文(三)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Dictionary
  1. 电子辞典的优点
  2. 电子辞典的缺点
  3. 我的结论 【范文】 范文】 The discussion about electronic dictionaries has never stopped in the past few years. Let's have a look at its advantages and disadvantages before drawing the final conclusion. The biggest advantage of an electronic dictionary is its convenience. Whenever you meet new words or expressions, you can know the meaning quickly. What's more, with the development of science and technology, electronic dictionaries are becoming more and more advanced: they can pronounce the words clearly, provide sample sentences to illustrate word usage and store difficult words for special memorization. Last but by no means the least, electronic dictionaries are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and more and more students can afford them. However, the negative effects are also obvious. To begin with, some students rely too much on the electronic dictionary?they never put their heart into learning new words and expressions. In the second place, some explanations are neither complete nor accurate, which are quite misleading. Finally, new technical inventions do not necessarily lead to progress in learning. Diligence is always the decisive factor, because "there is no royal road to learning".
Up until now, we can see it clearly that an electronic dictionary is not beneficial or harmful in itself. The key lies in the user?so long as we can make proper use of it, it can be most helpful to us in many respects. 【点评】 点评】 首段提出一个长时间争论的话题;第二段中指出该事物的优点;第三段阐述缺点;第 四段首句下结论,表明此事物本身无对错,第二句指出关键在于使用者,即如果合理使用, 就会从中受益。 范文首段指出,有关电子辞典的讨论从来没有停止过;第二段阐述优点,即电子辞典 便于查询,而且随着技术的发展,电子辞典功能也越来越多,另外价钱也越来越低;第三段 提出缺点,电子辞典让学生产生依赖心理,而且有些解释不准确,另外技术的进步不一定带 来学习上的进步;最后一段总结,电子辞典本身无对错,关键在于正确使用以便为我们服 务。 第二段第三句中的 illustrate 表示“用图或例子来说明”;第三点中的 afford 表示“买得 起” 第三段第一点中的 rely too much on 表示 。 “过分依赖” put one's heart into doing sth. ; 表 示“专心致志于某事”;第二点中的 accurate 表示“精确的”,misleading 表示“使人误解 的”;第三点第二句中的 decisive factor 表示“决定因素”。
预测作文( 预测作文(四)
Teenagers' Studying Abroad
  1. 现在有很多青少年出国留学
  2. 有些人认为这种做法是有益的
  3. 我认为这种观点是不对的 【范文】 范文】 Recently it seems that among the students who choose to study abroad, there are more and more-teenagers who study in high schools or even elementary schools. Many people, especially the parents, think it will certainly do good to their chidren because the independent life will make them learn confidence and perseverance. Moreover, the quality of overseas education is often higher, thus the child stands a better chance of entering a better university and getting a better job in the future. After careful consideration, I have to say the above view is more than biased. On the one hand, early independent life is not necessarily good, if the child cannot receive proper guidance and tender care from both teachers and parents. On the other hand, the educational quality is also a question?too many foreign schools aim at earning money. When the children come back, who can guarantee that they can adapt to the fierce competition here? We can see clearly that although teenagers' studying abroad may bring favorable results, there are still a lot to worry about. It seems necessary for young students to make a careful investigation before going abroad. 【点评】 点评】
第一段指出当前某种普遍的做法,之后分两点阐述人们支持这种做法的原因;第二段 首句鲜明地指出自己反驳的意见,然后分两点来阐述理由;最后一段进行总结,并请当事人 在做出决定前多加斟酌。 范文首句点题,指出青少年留学这一现象,并给出支持者的理由,即独立的生活会教 会他们自信和坚持不懈,而且国外的教学水平会让学生进入更好的大学、找到更好的工作。 第二段给出反对理由。首先,早期独立不一定是件好事。另外,太多的国外学校的目标是挣 钱,所以它们的教学质量是令人质疑的。末段总结说青少年留学可能会带来好处,但令人担 忧的问题也很多。 第一段第三句中的 stand a better chance of 表示“有更好的机会做某事”。第二段首句中 的 biased 表示“偏激的,存有偏见的”;第三句中的 aim at 表示“目的在于”;第四句中的 guarantee 表示“保证”,adapt to 表示“适应”,fierce 表示“激烈的”,修饰 competition(竞 争)。
预测作文( 预测作文(五)
How to Eliminate Cheating on Campus
  1. 当前校园中存在许多作弊现象
  2. 解决这一问题的办法是…… 【范文】 Nowadays. instead of listening attentively in class and working hard after class, a number of students adopt all kinds of dishonest methods to get high scores in examinations. It has become such a serious problem that it has aroused the concern from the whole society. To put an end to such a serious problem, in my mind., it calls for the efforts from all sides. First of all, the university authority should make it clear that any cheating behaviors in the examinations, from whispering and copying, receiving answers via mobile phones to asking ringers for help, will be severely punished with no exception. Moreover, teachers of all subjects should go all the way to restore honesty by setting an example for the youth through speaking sincerely and behaving truthfully. Last but not least, young students, the future of our nation, should view integrity as the prerequisite to an upright and responsible citizen so as to learn to despise and fight dishonest behaviors throughout the society. How can anybody expect to lead a meaningful life until he is far from any kind of cheating behaviors? Only when all of us join in the efforts of eliminating cheating at all levels can we expect to have a cleaner society and a more beautiful future. 【点评】 点评】 首段描述一个引起全社会关注的社会现象或问题,并在第二段中给出三个解决办法; 末段使用反问句和 only 引导的倒装句回应主题,效果强烈。 范文首先指出,当前校园中存在的严重的作弊问题已经引起全社会的广泛关注;第二 段阐述解决办法。 首先, 大学应明确任何形式的作弊都会受到惩罚。 其次, 老师要以身作则, 为学生树立榜样。另外,学生应该把诚实作为当一个好公民的必要条件。末段指出,只有同 心协力,才能解决校园作弊问题。 第二段第一句中的 put an end to 表示“结束,终止”,call for 表示“要求,需要”;第 一点中 via 指“通过”,with no exception 指“没有例外”。第二点中的 go all the way to 表
示 “全力以赴” restore 在文中指 , “重塑” set an example for 表示 , “为……做榜样” speaking , sincerely and behaving truthfully 表示“说话真诚,行为诚实”。第三点中的 integrity 指“诚 实,诚信”,prerequisite 指“先决条件”,后接介词 for 或 to;despise 表示“蔑视”。



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