5) 大学英语四级模拟试题
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  1. A) Take her to the airport. B) Take the report to a typist. C) Repair the typewriter. D) Type for a few minutes.
  2. A) The man will probably go to Canada for his vacation. B) The man will probably stay home for his vacation. C) The man will probably not go to Canada for his vacation. D) The man will probably wait until summer to go to Mexico.
  3. A) 9:
  10. B)
  20. C) 8:
  40. D) 9:
  4. A) Stay home and do her own exercise. B) Rest and take care of herself. C) Catch up with her reading. D) Take a walk with her friends.
  5. A) At school. B) At the office. C) At home. D) At the telephone.
  6. A) In a restaurant. B) In a museum. B) At a concert. D) At a flower shop.
  7. A) Traveling a lot. B) Getting a lot of exercise. C) Working too hard. D) Waiting for the train.
  8. A) ??3
  00. B) ??1
  12. C) ??1
  50. D) ??2
  9. A) Doctor and patient. B) Boss and employee. C) Father and daughter. D) Teacher and student.
  10. A) Something happened to her car. B) The highway was too crowded. C) She did some shopping on her way to the office. D) She got up too late to catch the bus. Passage 1 Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  11. A) Because the speaker was an artist. B) Because she was always hard-working. C) Because she liked the artist's paintings. D) Because the subject was important.
  12. A) 7:
  30. B) 9:
  00. C) 8:
  30. D) 9:
  13. A) She did not know how to set an alarm clock. B) She had difficulty getting up early. C) She often missed her classes. D) She did not like her brother-in-law. Passage 2Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  14. A) potatoes. B) Happiness. C) Physical attraction. D) Love.
  15. A) Wedding is not essential to marriage. B) Wedding is necessary for a good marriage. C) Love is not essential to marriage. D) Love is harmful to a good marriage.
  16. A) Cultures. B) Love and Marriage. C) Marriage--A Traditional Practice. D) Marriage and Wedding. Passage 3Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  17. A) It came from gods. B) It came from thunder. C) It was a natural phenomenon. D) It was a weapon.
  18. A) The first metal wires. B) The first lightning rod. C) Metal fences. D) Electricity.
  19. A) About one person per day dies from lightning in the U.S. B) About 365 persons per year die from lightning in the U.S. C) About one person per hour dies from lightning in the U.S. D) About 30 persons per month die from lightning in the U.S.
  20. A) At open doorways. B) Under a tree. C) On the high ground. D) In a closed car.
  21. Those are very pleasant rooms? How much do you them? A) want B) ask C) demand D) ask for
  22. I have so much work to do that a holiday for me this year is . A) in question B) out of question C) out of the question D) at random
  23. His parents no longer worry about him. He has a good job and can live now. A) at his own. B) by his own C) on his own D) with his own
  24. Her face when she told a lie. A) gave her off B) gave her out C) gave her away D) gave her up
  25. John's youngest son is architecture. A) making up for B) putting up for C) going in for D) standing up for
  26. On my present salary, I just can't a car which costs over ??3,0
  00. A) adapt B) adopt C) afford D) elect
  27. It was four hours before she after the operation on her heart. A) came round B) carried through C) got across D) restored
  28. The purpose of the research had a more different meaning for them than . A) ours B) it did for us C) that of ours D) it did from us
  29. by an exercise of self-control he allowed himself to raise his eyes as they came in. A) It was only / that B) Only / that C) It was only / when D) It was only / had
  30. A table made of steel costs more than made of wood. A) that B) which C) one D) it is
  31. Are the students about the examination?
A) talking B) discussing C) saying D) telling
  32. It has always me why you believe the Earth is flat. A) worried B) wondered C) puzzled D) confused
  33. Since you are to catch the early train tomorrow morning, we now. A) had better to leave B) must have left C) might as well leave D) should have to leave
  34. It was very cold they still went swimming. A) but B) in spite that C) however D) though
  35. By the end of 1908, most scientists began to accept the aeroplane . A) a reality B) to be a reality C) as a reality D) being a reality
  36. By the time John reached the plateau he was . A) exhaustive B) exhaustible C) exhausted D) exhausting
  37. The car was repaired but not quite to the owner's . A) pleasure B) satisfaction C) joy D) attraction
  38. Since the light is out in their room, they . A) may have slept B) must have gone to bed C) might go to bed D) can have gone to bed
  39. I could tell he was surprised from the on his face. A) appearance B) shock C) sight D) expression
  40. I never a chance of improving my English if I can help it. A) miss B) lose C) avoid D) waste
  41. Although I spoke to him many times, he never took any of what I said. A) notice B) attention C) consideration D) warning
  42. They don't students run in the corridors. A) allow B) permit C) approve D) let

  43. His fear of flying was he always traveled by boat. A) so that B) such as C) such that D) so far as
  44. The large vase in which he kept his umbrella for many years to be a valuable piece of Chinese pottery. A) came round B) turned up C) turned out D) figured out
  45. we are aware, there were no problems during the first six months. A) As far as B) Much more than C) So much D) Except that
  46. Only recently to realize the dangers caffeine might bring to our health. A) have scientists begun B) scientists have begun C) that scientists began D) that did scientists begin
  47. The photo happy memories of my early childhood. A) refreshes B) brings to mind C) recalls D) reminds myself
  48. His energetic efforts met with only success. A) partial B) slight C) entire D) complete
  49. She was standing so close to the electric heater that her night-dress fire. A) took B) caught C) set D) became
  50."Does your family call you very often?" "Yes, my mother calls about once a week and ." A) so my brother does B) so does my brother C) my brother does so D) does so my brother
CLOZE New York is one of the last American cities to have some of its policemen on horseback. The New York police have 170 __51__ that they use
  51. A) stations B) horses C) policemen D) men in certain parts of the __52__. The
  52. A) city B) area horses are expensive to feed, but C) state
D) neighbourhood __53__ is even more expensive to
  53. A) there B) that C) what D) it take care of them. __54__ the horses
  54. A) When B) If must walk on the streets, they need C) Although D) Because special horseshoes. In __55__, they
  55. A) short B) conclusion need more than 8,000 of them each C) fact D) practice year. __56__ police horse in New York
  56. A) One B) No C) The D) Every __57__ new shoes every month. Keeping
  57. A) gets B) accepts C) wants D) makes these shoes __58__ good repair is the
  58. A) for B) with job of six blacksmiths. There are only C) in D) by about thirty-five of these blacksmiths in the __59__ United States.
  59. A) whole B) most A blacksmith's job is not an easy C) all D) large __60__ . He must be __61__ to shape
  60. A) matter B) thing C) problem D) one
  61. A) sure B) able C) ready D) possible a shoe from a __62__ of plain metal
  62. A) piece B) bit C) lot D) type and then fit it __63__ the horse's
  63. A) with B) into C) on D) to hoof. The blacksmith must bend __64__
  64. A) down B) on C) over D) above all the time he is fitting the __65__
  65. A) horse B) shoe C) metal D) hoof and must hold the __66__ of the
  66. A) back B) position horse's leg while he works. Clearly, C) end D) weight a blacksmith must be very __67__ .
  67. A) hard B) quick C) strong D) important But even more __68__ , he must be able
  68. A) important B) wonderful C) serious D) clear to deal __69__ horses -- for before
  69. A) about B) with C) at D) for the blacksmith can __70__ his work,
  70. A) learn B) finish he has to get the horse to lift its C) begin D) find leg. READING COMPREHENSION Questions 71 to 75 are based on the following passage:
British Columbia is the third largest Canadian province, both in areaand population. It is nearly
  1.5 times as large as Texas, and extends 800miles (1,280 km) north from the United States border. It includes Canada'sentire west coast and the islands just off the coast. Most of British Columbia is mountainous, with long, rugged ranges runningnorth and south. Even the coastal islands are the remains of a mountain rangethat existed thousands of years ago. During the last Ice Age, this range wasscoured by glaciers until most of it was beneath the sea. Its peaks now showas islands scattered along the coast. The southwestern coastal region has a humid mild marine climate. Seawinds that blow inland from the west are warmed by a current of warm waterthat flows through the Pacific Ocean. As a result, winter temperaturesaverage above freezing and summers are mild. These warm western winds alsocarry moisture from the ocean. Inland from the coast, the winds from the Pacific meet the mountainbarriers of the coastal ranges and the Rocky Mountains. As they rise tocross the mountains, the winds are cooled, and their moisture begins tofall as rain. On some of the western slopes almost 200 inches (500 cm)of rain fall each year.
More than half of British Columbia is heavily forested. On mountainslopes that receive plentiful rainfall, huge Douglas firs rise in toweringcolumns. These forest giants often grow to be as much as 300 feet (90 m)tall, with diameters up to 10 feet (3 m). More lumber is produced fromthese trees than from any other kind of tree in North America. Hemlock,red cedar, and balsam fir are among the other trees found in BritishColumbia.
  71. With which aspect of British Columbia is the passage primarily concerned? A) Its climate. B) Its culture. C) Its geography. D) Its history.
  72. In which part of British Columbia can a mild climate be found? A) In the southwest. B) Inland from the coast. C) In the north. D) On the entire west coast.
  73. In Paragraph 5, the word"heavily"could best be replaced by which of the following? A) widely. B) densely. C) chiefly. D) largely.
  74. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a tree found in British Columbia? A) Hemlock. B) Cedar. C) Fir. D) Pine.
  75. What effect do the mountains have on winds?
A) Make them dry. B) Make them wet. C) Make them cool. D) Make them weak. Questions 76 to 80 are based on the following passage: When they advise your kids to"get an education"if you want to raise yourincome, they tell you only half the truth. What they really mean is to getjust enough education to provide manpower for your society, but not too muchthat you prove an embarrassment to your society. Get a high school diploma,at least. Without that, you are occupationally dead, unless your name happensto be George Bernard Shaw or Thomas Alva Edison and you can successfully drop out in grade school. Get a college degree, if possible. With a B.A., you are on the launchingpad (??è?¨|?§|??§???ì). But now you have to start to put on the brakes. If you go for amaster's degree, make sure it is an M. B. A., and only from a first-rateuniversity. Beyond this, the famous law of diminishing returns (?¨¤??ì3?§o|¨?Y????§|)begins to take effect. Do you know, for instance, that long-haul truck drivers earn more a yearthan full professors? Yes, the average 1977 salary for those truckers was??24,000, while the full professors managed to average just ??23,9
  30. A Ph.D. is the highest degree you can get, but except in a few specializedfields such as physics or chemistry, where the degree can quickly be turned toindustrial or commercial purposes, you are facing a dim future. There are morePh.D.s unemployed or underemployed in this country than in any other partof the world by far. If you become a doctor of philosophy in English or history or anthropologyor political science or languages or - worst of all - in philosophy, you runthe risk of becoming overeducated for our national demands. Not for our needs,mind you, but for our demands. Thousands of Ph.D.s are selling shoes, driving cabs, waiting on tables andfilling out fruitless applications month after month. And then maybe taking ajob in some high school or backwater college that pays much less than thejanitor (??????§?§?) earns. You can equate the level of income with the level of education only sofar. Far enough, that is, to make you useful to the gross national product,but not so far that nobody can turn much of a profit on you.
  76. According to the writer, what the society expects of education is to turn out people who . A) will not be a shame to the society B) will become skilled workers C) can take care of themselves D) can meet the demands as a source of manpower

  77. If you are as gifted as Bernard Shaw or Edison, . A) you can get a high school diploma without difficulty B) you will be successful in a grade school C) you can be professionally successful without a diploma D) the least you should do is to get a diploma
  78. Ph.D.s are most



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