大学英语四级考试 CETCET-4
第一部分 听力理解 一. 短对话 (一) 送分题
  1. 计算 a. 日期 b. 时刻 c. 基本数字 d. 价格

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) a. hotel b. restaurant c. post office d. shop / store e. book store f. library g. school h. bank i. airport and customs

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) j. railway station and bus station k. court l. hospital m. drugstore n. filling station and garage o. recreational and leisure activities p. countries and states q. directions

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) a. hotel front desk; reception; room service; register; reservation; to book a room; to check in; to check out; porter; single room; double room; suit; bathroom… b. restaurant cafeteria; bar; waiter; waitress; order; reserve; menu; bill; tip; go Dutch; my treat; taste; pie; dessert; have a sweet tooth; main dish; drink; hot dog; toast; sandwich; pizza; whisky; wine; beer; alcohol; soft drink…

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) c. post office postage; postcard; parcel; package; express; regular mail; registered mail; special delivery; air-mail; zip code; envelope; mail; yellow page airto dial; extension; long distance call; stamp; collected call; to install a phone… d. shop department; supermarket; groceries; size; style; fashion; brand; price; cost; cash; color; expensive; cheap; bargain; in stock; on sale; out of stock…

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) e. book store buy; return; edition; periodicals; hardback; paperback; regular price; on sale; out of print; order… f. library latest issue; up-to-date information; overdue; up-tobe due; to renew; borrow; return; circulation; to pay fines; author catalogue; call number; subject catalogue; card catalogue; bookshelf; indicator number; alphabetical order; card; reference book; …

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) g. school registration; graduate; enroll; quit school; term; semester; academic year; quiz; exam; experiment; doctor’s degree; master’s degree; bachelor’s degree; tuition; dormitory; clinic; scholarship; credit; campus; canteen; science; Students’ Union; Students’ Center; freshman; sophomore; junior; senior; undergraduate; graduate student; lecture; compulsory course; optional course; assignment; paper; seminar; subject; topic; presentation; liberal arts; gym...

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) h. bank open an account; a savings account; balance; a checking account; cash a check; bank clerk; interest; interest rate; fixed deposit; exchange; current account… i. airport and customs air-line; air-host / hostess; depart from Gate 2; airairarrive at Gate 3; flight 101; luggage; take off; departure; arrival; smoking section; seat belt; nonnon-smoking section; boarding pass; declare; baggage claim tag; an aisle seat; duty free;

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) i. airport and customs fill in the form; pay duty on; flight attendant… j. railway station and bus station platform; carriage; conductor; passenger; taxi driver; pull in; pull out; sleeping car; emergency brake… k. court jury; judge; counselor; lawyer; case; sue; appeal; accuse sb of sth; charge sb with sth; trial; sentence; service…

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) l. hospital doctor; surgeon; dentist; nurse; patient; burn; general ward; private ward; isolation war; cold; observation ward; consulting room; feel sick; emergency room; out-patient department; flu; outin-patient department; ambulance; insomnia; inbruise / wound; dizzy; fever; infection; pain; vomit; chill; cough; itch; lose one’s appetite; a sore throat; high / low blood pressure; stomachache; diarrhea; prescription; Open your mouth, and say “Ah … after me”…

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) m. drugstore pharmacy; make up a prescription; pills; dose; tablet; powder; capsule; mixture; antibiotics; digestive; sleeping pills… n. filling station and garage grease the car; fill up the tank; brake; battery; emergency brake; steering wheel; a flat tire; windscreen; super; two gallons of super; three gallons of regular…

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) o. creational and leisure activities theater; cinema; exhibition; go to the movies; dancing hall; fashion show; watering flowers; kitchen; barber’s; haircut; concert; Karaoke; garden; amusement park; party; Disney Land; teahouse; journey; travel; barbecue… p. countries and states America; the States of California; New York; Alaska; Chicago; Washington; Los Angles; Hawaii; Atlanta; Boston; Britain; England; London; Canada; France; Paris; Italy; Rome…

  2. 地点题(人物、职业、身份) 地点题(人物、职业、身份) q. directions right; left; in front of; next to; close; beside; by northwest; southwest; northeast; above; southeast; bottom; over; beneath; underneath; across the street; at / in / on the corner; top; down the street…

  3. 细节题
a. 物品名称 b. 时间列举 c. 地点位置 d. 人物列举 e.数字列举 e.数字列举 f. 兴趣爱好
  1. 强调
  2. 建议/请求 建议/
  3. 因果
  4. 否定
  5. 反问
  6. 虚拟
  7. 比较
  8. 推断
  9. 释意
强调 The best; the most important; the first; obviously; not only … but also…; the only; nothing but; truly; nothing could be stronger / faster / better / less / more terrible; cant’ agree more; theoretically; above all; understandably; as a matter of fact; literally; surely; actually; factually; virtually; in particular; predictably; particularly; practically; undoubtedly;
建议 You might as…; If I were you…; Maybe you should…; Shall we…?; Perhaps we should…; Why not…?; Let’s …; You’ve got to…; You’d better…; You’ve to…; How about…? 请求 I wonder if …? Would / Will you please …? Would you mind …? Could / Can you …? How about …? Could you do me a favor? 提议 Shall I …? Can I …? Would you like …? Do you want me to …? How about…?
接受/ 接受/同意 Thank you; OK, please; I’d love/like to, thanks; Great idea; Yes; Sure; No problem; Of course; It’s very nice of you doing so; Out of question; By all means; That’s a good idea; It’s up to you; I wouldn’t have missed it for anything; I can’t agree with you more; 拒绝 No way; No, I don’t think it’s necessary; Sorry; Please don’t; No, it’s not really; I can’t …; I’m sure not; it’s so kind of you, but…; I’d grateful, but…; I am afraid not; Thank you all the same
因果 because; as; for; since; that; hence; therefore; consequently; reason in consequence; due to; owing to; thanks to; because of; on account of; as a result; result from; result in; give rise to; be attributable to; contribute to; attribute to; not that; lead to; so … that; such…that; in order to; bring about; be responsible to; occur from;
否定 never; scarcely; seldom; rarely; hardly; resist; unable; impossible; incapable; unnecessary; unbelievable; little; ill-minded; no one; out of; illnobody; none; nothing; neither; nor; dislike; ignore; fail; refuse; hate; stop … from; miss; deny; overlook; keep … from; anything but; far from; without; instead of; short of; beyond; too … to; rather than; prefer … to; no way; out of the question; not at all; doubt; exclude; escape; lack; reject; decline; against; past; unwilling; reluctant; let alone; the last;
否定 not the least of; should better than to do; be more than; had expected to; at a loss; I’d love to, but …; is yet to be decided; in vain; should have done; I meant to do; unlikely; avoid …
反问 M: Do you enjoy learning English? W: Enjoy? … Q: … M: Didn’t you find the book you want? W: Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.
M: Wouldn’t you get bored with the same routine year after year teaching the same things to children? W: I don’t think I would be as boring as working in the office. Teaching is most stimulating. Q: What does the woman think about office work? A) It’s awfully dull. B) It’s really exciting. C) It’s very exhausting. D) It’s quite challenging.
If 现 在 过 去 将 来 were; did had been / done should do / were to be were; did 主句 would / should / could / might be / do would / should / could / might have been / done would / should / could / might be / do
倒装 Had we set out half hour earlier, we would have avoided the traffic jam. 含蓄虚拟 but for; except for; without; with; otherwise e.g. But for my brother’s help, I couldn’t have finished the project. 固定句式 wish; as if / though; if only; it is (high / about ) time that…; …would rather that…; in case; for fear that; lest
比较 more than; not as…as; not so…as; prefer…to; would rather…than; instead of; superior to; inferior to; unlike; no more than; no less than; nothing compares to; parallel; match; equal; dwarf; overshadow; the same as; twice as much as; like; similar; resemble; than any other; different from
  1. 语音\ 语调 语音\
  2. 虚拟语气
  3. 第二说话人往往是答案
  4. 英\美文化背景知识 W: Look here, darling. The paper says people tend to feel unwell if they sleep less than six hours a day. M: That may be true for you, but it certainly isn’t true for me. Q: What can we conclude from the man’s answer?
M: Think it over carefully, you must have left it somewhere. W: But the problem is that I have to have it now. I need it to use my car, and when I get home, to open the door. Q: What has happened to the woman? M: Let’s see if the basketball game has started yet. W: Started? It must be clear who is winning by now. Q: What does the woman mean?
释意 above all; after all; access to; account for; at home; a good case in point; anything but; at a loss; at ease with; as to; ahead of schedule; back up; before long; be no exception; be bound to; behind schedule; on schedule; by chance; beyond compare / hope / description / endurance / comprehension / words / control; by no means; by the day; call off; call for; catch sight of; be caught in; come across; contribute to; cope with; count on; crash into; cut short;
释意 date back on; day in and day out; depend on; die out ; do away with; do sb a favor; do one’s best; drop by / in on; drop out; due to end up; enjoy oneself; essential to; except for; fall behind; fed up with; figure out; find fault with; focus on; face to face; fall asleep; fall sick; fall back on; for the time being; free of charge; full up; get along with; get nowhere; get over; generally speaking; get rid of; get used to; give sb a lift; give birth to; give rise to; go about; go to extremes; go off duty; on guard against;
释意 hand up; hold on; have an impact on; hold one’s breath; hold up; heart and soul; hang about; head for; learn by heart; lose heart; in spite of; in bad taste; in case in detail; in general; in harmony with; in honor of; in one’s favor; in question; in terms of ; in the long run; join in; interfere with; involved in ; in turn; keep secret; keen on; kill time; keep in touch with; keep an eye on; keep body and soul together;
释意 last but not the least; lead to; lay off; look forward to; look into; look down on; look out; lose face; lose heart; lose weight; make a fuss; make living; make a reservation; make ends meet; make for; matters of concern; mind your own business; mistake sb for sb else; more or less; make fun of; no matter how; no more than; not more…than; off the top of one’s head; on purpose; on one’s own; now and then; now that; nothing; serious;
释意 on behalf; on and off; on sale; on the contrary; out of date; out of the question; out of question; owing to; owe…to; on the tip of one’s tongue; pass on to; pay a fine; pick up; rack one’s brain; rain cats and dogs; rather than; regardless of; read between the lines; resign one’s post; resort to; result in; result from; round the corner; safe and sound; serve as; serve sb right; set aside; show one’s cards; shut up; sleep like a log; sold out; sooner or later; so what;
释意 stand a chance; stand by; stand for; be supposed to; stand in one’s way; stand on one’s own feet; stay up late; stick to; sum up; take great pains; take one’s time; thank goodness; take the trouble doing sth; take turns; talk back; tired of; turn up; turn down; turn off; take apart; tell the difference between; there’s nothing like…; …the least … that… under arrest; under obligation to do sth; under the weather; up to date; up to the point; upside down; be used to; used to; use up
释意 walk dog; walk of life; want ad; what’s the point of; wellwell-balanced; well off; what is more; wear out; when it comes to…; on the spot; in step; out of step; keep one’s word; at the cost of; at all event; at intervals; adhere to; all but; turn one’s back on; white elephant; why not; without any trace; wipe out; work out; wishful thinking; with regard to; year round; go wrong with; You bet! Thanks to; turn down; turn to; take shelte



   大学英语四级听力 辽宁工程技术大学 马志辉 2010年3月 年 月 1 大学英语四级听力 大纲要求 考试目标 组成部分 七检四基 应试准备 2 大学英语四级听力 岸照国家教育部颁发的《大学英语教学大纲》 修 岸照国家教育部颁发的《大学英语教学大纲》(修 订本)的要求 学生在修完基础阶段大学英语1-4册 的要求, 订本 的要求,学生在修完基础阶段大学英语 册 后应具有一定的听的能力. 后应具有一定的听的能力.大纲所要求的听的能力 指的是,对题材熟悉,句子结构不太复杂, 指的是,对题材熟悉,句子 ...


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