College English Practical Writing CET4

  1. 要求:考生在写作方面能做笔 要求: 写提纲, 记,写提纲,能就一定的话题或提 纲在30分钟内写出不低于 词的短 分钟内写出不低于120词的短 纲在 分钟内写出不低于 另外,考生能够写短信和便条。 文,另外,考生能够写短信和便条。 并且,写出的文章要内容切题, 并且,写出的文章要内容切题,文 字通顺,表达正确,语义连贯, 字通顺,表达正确,语义连贯,无 重大语言错误。 重大语言错误。

  2. CET-4作文题采用总体评分 作文题采用总体评分(Global 作文题采用总体评分 Scoring)方法。阅卷人员就总的印象给 方法。 方法 出奖励分(Award Scores),而不是按语 出奖励分 , 言点的错误数目扣分。 言点的错误数目扣分。

  1.命题范围 .

  1)学习与校园生活 ) (
  2)社会发展变化 ) (
  3)常识、格言 )常识、 (4) 社会热点

  2. 命题体裁

  1)论说文 )
  2) (
  2)记叙文 (
  3)图表作文 ) (
  4)应用文 )

  3. 作文类型模块化

  1)对立观点型 )

  2)问题解决型 ) (
  3)说明利弊型 )
  4) (
  4)阐述主题型 (
  5)图表八股型 ) (
  6)应用直白型 ) (
  7)夹叙夹议型 )

  1.审题 .
  2.构思 .
  3.选择合适框架 .
  4.下笔 .
  5.检查修改 .
四.高分要诀闪光点的凸现 高分要诀 闪光点的凸现
句型的使用 连贯性的处理 遣词 干涩、 干涩、枯燥文句的处理 语法规范的文句

  1. 以there开始的句型 开始的句型
  2. 以数词和量词开始的句型
  3. 以介词开始的句型
  4. 以副词和副词短语开始的句型

  5. 以although, if, when, while, now that, since 及as引导的句型 引导的句型
  6. it做形式主语和做形式宾语 做形式主语和做形式宾语
  7. 反问句
  8. 非谓语做状语
  9. 倒装

  10. The more…, the more…
  11. 虚拟语气
  12. 插入
  13. 并列
  14. 强调
  15. 各种修辞手段
举例 as an illustration; to illustrate; namely; as a proof; incidentally; a good case in point; specifically; for instance; for example; such as
次序 first(ly); first of all; first and foremost; first of all; in the first place; in the beginning; to start with; to begin with; presently; currently; at present; temporarily; immediately; comparatively eventually; last but not the least; lately
原因 for; as; since; now that; on account of; given that; owing to; due to; thanks to; because; because of; in that…; considering that…; seeing that…
强调 above all; understandably; obviously; as a matter of fact; literally; surely; actually; factually; virtually; truly; theoretically; particularly; in particular; predictably; practically; undoubtedly;
增补 besides; equally important; in addition; furthermore; what’s more; moreover; additionally; in other words; likewise; to put it another way; to repeat;
对比或对照 by contrast; in contrast; conversely; yet; on the other hand; otherwise; whereas; not only…, but also…; by comparison; in the same way; in the same manner; while; meanwhile; at the same time; instead; on the contrary; similarly; likewise; unlike;
转折或让步 after all; although…; but for; though; clearly; in spite of; nevertheless; however; still; except for; on the contrary; or else; in a sense; otherwise; yet; at any rate; in any case; It is true that…, but…; True that…, but…
结论或结果 accordingly; as a result; consequently; in consequence; therefore; in this way; hence; for this(these) reason(s); in short; as has been mentioned/noted/stated above; eventually; in the end; in a word; all in all;
结论或结果 in brief; in conclusion; to conclude; on the whole; at length; personally; in sum; to sum up; in summary; briefly; in general; generally; generally speaking;
因为 关于 经常 很;非常 非常 越来越… 越来越 应该 当前;现在 当前 现在 许许多多 大部分 一些 …… on account of; owing to; in that; seeing that… concerning; surrounding; regarding… frequently; commonly; normally… exceptionally; significantly; extremely… increasingly; an increasing number of… be supposed / expected / obliged / to do… currently; presently; at present… a great many; many a…; a large number of … A vast / An overwhelming majority of… A number of…; quite a few…; …
argue; maintain; insist; harbor the idea that…; hold to the belief / view that…; take the attitude 认为 that…; claim; declare; feel; decide approximately; in the neighborhood of… 大约 achievement; accomplishment; feat; exploit 成就 immense; enormous; tremendous; giant; vast 巨大 give rise to; result in; trigger; contribute to 造成 obtain; acquire; attain 得到 well-known; distinguished, celebrated; renowned 著名的 remark; state; narrate; address; utter 说 增加; 增加;扩大 add; enlarge; magnify; amplify; expand; extend good-looking; pretty; handsome; lovely; gorgeous 好看
干涩、 干涩、枯燥文句的处理

  1.句型延伸 句型延伸 He is a student.
  2. 添加副词与形容词 We should take measures against pollution. We are obliged to immediately take effective and efficient measures against serious / water pollution.
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   大学英语四级写作基本要求 基础阶段学生写作能力的基本要求为:能在阅读难度与课文相仿的书面材料时作笔记、 回答问题、写提纲,能就一定的话题或提纲在半小时内写出 120 ~150 个词的短文,能写短 信和便条,表达意思清楚、无重大语言错误。 写作能力测试部分比例为 15%,体裁包括议论文、说明文、应用文等。 分析:四级作文范文档的要求是:切题。表达思想清楚、文字通顺,连贯性较好。基本 无语言错误,仅有个别小错。该要求蕴涵着大学英语写作的四个基本考点: 1、 切题??所谓切题是指在形式上诸如段落、 ...


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