Keys to Model Test (
  4) ) Band Four Part II. Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)
  1. Y (在文章开头第一句即可找到答案)
  2. Y (文中第二段谈到了这一点)
  3. N (在 SETTING THE SYSTEM 的2中可知这与原文相悖)
  4. Y. (在 SETTING THE SYSTEM 部分末尾可以可作出判断)
  5. Y. (在 WHEN THE SYSTEM IS SET 的第一部分可作出判断)
  6. N (在 INDICATOR LIGHT 部分可知此句与文章不符)
  7. NG.
  8. a preparation time (在 SETTING THE SYSTEM 部分)
  9. activating or canceling the system (在 SETTING THE SYSTEM 部分)
  10. Toyota dealer (文章最后一句) Part III. Listening Comprehension 11-18 CABA BDCC 19-22 BBAC 23-25 CDA 26-28 BAB 29-31 CAD 32-35 ACAD 36 best-selling 37 reliable source 38 druggist 39 substituted 40 officially 41 advertised 42 extension and promotions 43 sales representatives 44 While attempting to sell Coca-Cola fountain 45 Not only did the product do a lot, so did its advertising 46 numerous other items from calendars to baseball cards Part IV. Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth) Section A 47-56: B)capital(n. 资本); M)inputs(n. 输入,投入); E)varies(v. 变化, 不 同 vary from…to… 是 固 定 搭 配 ) ; J)economic ( a. 经 济 的 ) ; H)transformation (n. 转变) ;A)offer(v. 提供); L)internal(a. 内部 的,内在的); F)differently(ad. 不同地); K)reducing(v-ing. 降低, 减少); O)information(n. 信息) . (此短文主要讲述了投入和产出之间的关系.根据这一中心,结合做题的基 本技巧??词性判断,句中成分,语意推断??填入恰当的词语,并注意排 除干扰选项. ) 解析:
  47.此空应该填名词,备选项中 A,B,C,G,H,M,O 都在词性上合适,但
通过意思分析,能够以建筑物,装备,商品等形式存在的只能是钱财,即资 本.所以选 B.
  48.这一空仍然须填名词,根据后面括号中的内容土地,装备,劳动力, 可以推出这里应为"投入" ,即 M.
  49.通过语法判断可以确定此处须填谓语动词,而主语是单数,所以动词形 式须为第三人称单数,符合这一条件的只有 E.
  50.该词作为定语修饰 phenomenon,从语意考虑,应为经济现象.
  51.观察发现空格后面是介词 of,可确定填写名词,再后面又出现 into 结 构,这样可以排除不少选项,只有 H 合乎题意.
  52.这句话缺少谓语动词,所以备选项只有 A 和 D,而再通过意思判断可 确定 A 为正确答案.
  53.分析整句话可以看出这里要选的词与 external 对立,故选择 L.
  54.通过语法检测,发现本句话不缺少必要的成分,根据空格的位置可以判 断它是副词,修饰前面的动词 affect,故选 F.
  55.这里是动名词作主语,在形式及意义上只有 reducing 合适.
  56.空格后面紧跟名词 linkages,说明需要添加定语,通过排除最终可以确 定选项 O 为最佳答案. Section B 57-66 CCDBB DADBC Passage 1
  57.答案 C. 文章第一段提到了孩子学习时间存在问题,原因是孩子不戴 手表,以及父母不知道如何教孩子时间.因此可以确定 C 正确.A,B,D 与文意相悖.
  58.答案 C. 选项 A,B,D 都可在第一,二段中找到出处,只有 C 错误. 因为文中最后一句说 it is one thing for kids to tell time; it's quite another for them to be on time,说明即便孩子学会看时间,守不守时是另一回事.
  59.答案 D. 根据前文所述得知 handicap 的意思是不足,不利条件.A 表 示不快乐;B 是挫折,气馁;C 表示失望.
  60.答案 B.第二段第三行开始谈到 Flik Flak 代表着什么,从 it merely "captures their imagination" by presenting the "hour" hand as a beautiful red girl named Flak and the "minute" as a tall blue boy named Flik 可以判断 B 为正解.
  61.答案 B.最后一段中说到 Kid -- proof: if it gets dirty you can throw the whole watch in the washing machine,说明其质量好,孩子不容易损坏它.选 项 A,B 虽然文章中也谈到一些,但并非 Kid ? proof 的解释;选项 D 未提 及. Passage 2
  62.答案 D.从第一段可以看出 A 正确,第二段开始就说到东京的拥挤, 故 B 也正确,从第二段第三行 Tokyo is not different from London, Paris and New York in that. 这说明东京和伦敦,巴黎,纽约有着相似的地方.这样排
除 C.只有 D 过于绝对.
  63.答案 A.第二段倒数第三行 The worst time to be in the street is at 11:30 at night. That is when the nightclubs are closing and everybody wants to go home. 可以确定 A 为正确答案.
  64.答案 D.此题出自最后一段,A 选项未提及;B 选项似是而非;C 选项 与 D 选项意思相背. 根据 They always leave and arrive on time 可以断定 D 正 确.
  65.答案 B.从 In Tokyo trains everybody in a seat seems to be asleep, whether his journey is long or short 可以判断 B 为正确选项.
  66.答案 C.选项 A,B 都没有提到;C 和 D 意思截然相反,根据"I stood outside the station for five minutes. Three fire-engines raced past on the way to one of the many fires that Tokyo has everyday."可以判断 C 正确. Part V. Cloze 67-86 BACDD BACBA BBCAB DBDBC
  67.答案 B. confusing. 因为紧连的是 frustrating,只有 B 与它表意相近. A 表示受益,C 是有利润的,D 表示迷人的.
  68.答案 A. illustrating. 后面的宾语是 the talk,手段为使用幻灯,A 选项 语意最贴切.B 是不及物动词,与 with 搭配使用.C 指表演;D 是延伸.
  69.答案 C. distributing. 通过上下文和常识可判断这里应该是分发阅读材 料.
  70.答案 D. assignments. 选项 A,B,C 都在意思上与文意不符.
  71.答案 D. continuously.选项 A 表示一贯的,B 是少有地,罕见地,C 为 逐渐地,D 表示连续不断地.
  72.答案 B. with 表示伴随.
  73.答案 A. teachers. 根据前文 even for…推断"即便是做讲座的老师也无 法理解" .
  74.答案 C. assist. 根据搭配和语句含义判断 C 为最佳选项,意思是帮助 学生们培养技能.
  75.答案 B. efficient. 高效的,有效率的.A 指有法律效力的,C 表示有 效果的,D 指充足的.这里要修饰听众和记笔记的人,故选 B.
  76.答案 A. unavailable. 不可得到的,不可利用的.B 指不可接受的,C 是喜爱的,D 表示不可建议的.前面的主语是培训课程,所以 A 是最佳答 案.
  77.答案 B. enable. 根据搭配排除 A 选项,再通过意思可以确定选项 B.
  78.答案 B. independently.选项 A 为模糊地,C 是各自地,D 为分开地, 只有 B 独立地较合题意.
  79.答案 C. cases. 情形,情况. A 是状况,条件,B 为环境;D 表示周 围的环境.
  80.答案 A. tackle 对付.B 和 C 都是不及物动词,与 with 搭配,含义是对
付,应对;D 是评估,语意不符.
  81.答案 B. acknowledge 承认.其余各项分别是怀疑,声称,忽视,均不 合题意.
  82.答案 D. overcoming 克服,与 these difficulties 搭配.A 是防止,B 表示 抵抗,经得起,C 指维持.
  83.答案 B. attend 参加. 干扰项是 D,后接抽象名词.
  84.答案 D. academic 此处意思是学年.A,B,C 分别表示平均的,普通的, 正常的.只有 D 和学生的身份相符.
  85.答案 B. strategy 策略.A 是陈述,C 是形势,D 是建议,都不符合题意.
  86.答案 C. exchange 交换,交流.因为与学习搭档进行的动作应是相互的, 故 C 是是最佳答案. Part VI. Translation
  87. as fluently as he speaks English
  88. Whether Tony will come or not
  89. more than I can describe in words / beyond words
  90. benefit greatly from
  91. relevant to the case Sample Writing: Pressure In our modern society marked by competition, people are faced with various kinds of pressure, the pressure from work, from family, from study and even from your heart. And a lot of people are afraid of the pressure. They keep complaining about everything and appear very anxious. However, a certain measure of pressure is not necessarily bad. Just imagine how a high school student can pass the entrance examination to a university without pressure. And the fear of losing one's job keeps a worker working hard. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say the pressure runs the world around. Of course, too much pressure is harmful to our life. He who can not handle the pressure might collapse someday if it is too much to endure. There are already too many examples of this. Thus the question is we must learn how to relieve ourselves of the burden of work and study and at the same time, keep up the stimulus to drive us to make efforts. Scripts: Section A: Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversations and the questions will be
spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. Short conversations:
  11. M: It's a lovely day today. Want to go climb the mountain? W: I'd like to, but today I'm working on a paper. Q: What does the woman mean?
  12. W: How did you like the movie? I found it really fantastic. M: I prefer action movies to love stories. Q: What does the man mean?
  13. M: I fixed the door, painted the bookshelf, and put away all the toys and the newspaper. W: Been busy, haven't you? Q: What does the woman imply about the man?
  14. M: Nancy is always complaining about her job. W: Maybe if you tried waiting on tables, you'd see what it's like. Q: What does the woman mean?
  15. M: Would you like to own your own computer? W: I wouldn't mind a bit. Q: What does the woman mean?
  16. W: Let's get a snack when we finish watching the movie. M: When we finish watching the movie? I am dying of hunger now. Q: What does the man mean?
  17. M: The cafeteria is short handed so we'll have to wait in line. W: I know they asked me to work today. Q: Why is there a line?
  18. W: Why are you late again? I've been waiting for an hour or so. M: My bicycle had a flat tire and I had to walk. Q: Why was the man delayed? Now you will hear two long conversations. Conversation one: W: Bob, can we really afford a holiday? We're paying for this house and the furniture is on HP and … M: Now listen, Peggy. You work hard and I work hard. We're not talking about whether we can have a holiday. We're talking about where and when. W: Shall we go to Sweden? M: Sweden's colder than Sheffield. I'd rather not go to Sweden.
W: What about Florida? Florida's warmer than Sheffield. M: Yes, but it's a long way. How long does it take to get from here to Florida? W: All right. Let's go to Hawaii. M: You must be joking. How much would it cost for the two of us? W: But the brochure says the problem of money will disappear. Bob, where do you really want to go? M: I'm thinking of Wales or Scotland. Do you know why? W: Yes. 'They're right on our doorstep and so close to home.' Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  19. What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?
  20. What are the two speakers discussing?
  21. Why does Bob not want to go to Florida?
  22. Where does Bob want to go for the holiday? Conversation two: M: What are you going to do after you return from Washington? W: I'm going to stay in the city. M: What will you do all day? W: I'm going to work with my father at the store. In the evening, I'll read books. On weekends, I'll go to the beach with my family. M: Have you ever worked? W: No, but I can learn. What are you going to do this summer? M: I'm going to camp. I've gone to camp for four summers. W: I've never gone to camp. What do you do there? M: We do many things. In the morning, we go swimming and boating. In the afternoon, we play basketball or tennis. We sit around a campfire at night. We sing or tell stories. W: That sounds wonderful. M: It is wonderful. What's John going to do this summer? W: I think he's going to the mountains with his parents. M: Well, so long, Mary. Have fun. W: You too, Peter. Give my regards to John. I'll see you in September. Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  23. What is the girl going to do during the day time?
  24. What is John going to do this summer?
  25. What are the two speakers most probably talking about?
Section B Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. Passage One: John liked chocolate very much, but his mother never gave him any, because it was bad for his teeth, she thought. But John had a very nice grand father. The old man loved his grandson very much, and sometimes he brought John chocolate when he came to visit him. Then his mother let him eat it, because she wanted to make the old man happy. One evening, a few days before John's seventh birthday, he was saying his prayers in his bedroom before he went to bed. "Please, God," he shouted, " make them give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday on Saturday." His mother was in the kitchen, but she heard the small boy shouting and went into his bedroom quickly. "Why are you shouting, John?" she asked her son. "God can hear you when you talk quietly." "I know," answered the clever



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