综合演练十五 Part Ⅰ Writing Directions: For this part, you are required to write a short passage about How to Be Likable in Social Life in several paragraphs. The composition should be about 120-150 words. 你的作文应包含如下要点: (
  1)在社交生活中人人都渴望被人喜欢。 (
  2)要想叫人喜欢,你必须具备什么素质? Part Ⅱ Cloze Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. In its various forms from fiction to documentary, the motion picture has become a significant element of contemporary culture. It is an art form which (
  1) millions of people from all social classes. Movies have influenced current standards of beauty and have set dress fashions. They have (
  2) national myths. The American Western (
  3) in films, for example, is not really the frontier of historical fact. Movies have shown viewers other countries and broadened their (
  4) of different life-styles. But movies have also kept (
  5) stereotypes and prejudices. Some critics have (
  6) recent films of encouraging violence in American society. Others suggest that (
  7) violence in films helps antisocial viewers to safely rid themselves of aggressive feelings. Interest (
  8) the relationship of films to American culture is as old as the interest in film (
  9) But interest in other (
  10) of film scholarship is more recent. During the 1960s, there was an (
  11) growth in the number and types of film classes offered in American colleges and universities. In other schools, students concentrate on learning (
  12) to make films. In many other schools, classes (
  13) with the history of film as an art form and (
  14) the study, of film theory, and criticism. Film is (
  15) studied in more general courses in the humanities. Scholars now analyze the work of important directors. They examine the structures and conventions which create film groups or genres (流派) (
  16) the western and gangster (匪徒) films. Film study has become a (
  17) academic discipline. Competing (
  18) television since the early 1950s, the American film industry has changed dramatically. So have films themselves. But whatever changes are brought (
  19) , motion pictures will always (
  20) an important American art form and a significant cultural force.
  1. A) arrives B) reaches C) arouses D) researches
  2. A) invented B) discovered C) created D) detected
  3. A) fashion B) gangster C) director D) frontier
  4. A) awareness B) association C) confidence D) conscience
  5. A) vivid B) living C) alive D) live
  6. A) charged B) complained C) accused D) criticized
  7. A) seeing B) watching C) staring D) gazing
  8. A) of B) on C) in D) for
  9. A) themselves B) itself C) oneself D) herself
  10. A) areas B) regions C) districts D) aspects
  11. A) enormous B) vast C) enlarged D) huge
  12. A) what B) when C) how D) where
  13. A) deal B) dispose C) discard D) disagree
  14. A) like B) with C) of D) as
  15. A) less B) more C) also D) either
  16. A) as B) like C) or D) and

  17. A) respectful B) respective C) respecting D) respected
  18. A) With B) for C) about D) against
  19. A) up B) out C) about D) down
  20. A) remain B) retain C) contain D) attain Part Ⅲ Translation Directions: Complete the sentences on Answer Sheet 2 by translating into English the Chinese given in brackets.
  21. The more confident a student is, (考试越不可能作弊)。
  22. They haven't (确定日期) for their wedding yet, but it will be this fall.
  23. Father (确保) that much of my spare time is profitably occupied.
  24. With both his assistants gone, he had to do everything (自己一个人).
  25. After days of negotiation, the labor union (逐渐占了上风). 综合演练十五 Part Ⅰ Writing How to Be Likable in Social Life Whether you are climbing the career ladder or just endeavoring to get through collegiate courses, I bet you desire to be likable in social life. To achieve this, however, you need to develop the qualities that the likable people share with one another. First of all, you need to make a strong connection to your "best self". The stronger connection you have to your best self now, the greater attraction you will hold to others. Secondly, you need to find in yourself as much grace and virtue in common with others as possible. Thirdly, you need to be optimistic. The quality of being optimistic enables you to seek opportunity for those stuck in straits. Last, certainly not the least, you need to cultivate the ability to make others comfortable. To sum up, the qualities of being at your best, sharing common ground with others, being optimistic, and keeping others comfortable, as mentioned above, will place you on the way to being the kind of person others enjoy being around. Part Ⅱ Cloze
  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C
  6. C
  7. B
  8. C
  9. B
  10. A
  11. A
  12. C
  13. A
  14. B
  15. C
  16. B
  17. D
  18. A
  19. C
  20. A Part Ⅲ Translation
  21. the less likely he is to cheat in an examination
  22. fixed a date
  23. sees to it/makes sure
  24. all by himself
  25. gradually had the upper hand



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