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交通场景 A. 机场场景 . 送别: 送别: airway, airport, sad place, keep in touch, see sb. off. 询问: 询问: flight, fly; direct flight, transfer; arrival, departure, destination; one-way ticket, return ticket, one-week return ticket; first class, business class, economy class, regular
class; airline, airway, airport, air lounge, waiting room; book, be booked up, get ticket changed, switch; on time, delayed, postponed, put off, behind schedule, cancelled. 登机: backpack; check-in, board, boarding pass, air ticket, the Customs. 机上: 机上: take off, land; fasten, seat belt, safety belt, life belt; blanket, drink. 故障: bad weather, mechanical problems 故障: luggage, baggage, suitcase, briefcase, bag,
B. 事故场景 . 交通堵塞: 交通堵塞:be held in traffic, be stuck in traffic, break down; rush hours, traffic jam, peak season; 事 故 后 果 : consequence, crash, minor injury, slightly injured.
C. 交通工具 . 工 具 : car, van, truck, lorry, jeep, bus, coach, trailer, limousine;
工具的一部分: wheel, tyre(tire), flat tyre(tire), steering wheel, 工具的一部分: headlight, windscreen, brake, pedal, compartment.
家庭生活 A. 写信: write home, hear from, receive a letter from, mail, . 写信: email. B. 电话: phone, call, ring, contact, hello, mobile phone, . 电话: pay phone, hand phone, rate, cost, cheap, operator, dial, wrong number, not in, nobody by that name. C. 过节 . 节日: 节日:Christmas, Thanksgiving; 出游: travel, tour, visit, quite an experience. 出游: D. 送礼: . 送礼: 礼物: 礼物: gift, present; 场合: 场合 birthday, Christmas; 赠送: 赠送 give, buy…for, get…for, send, present.
健康场景 健康场景 A. 受伤: twist, strain, injure, hurt; 受伤: B. 外伤部位: shoulder, ankle, knee, wrist; 外伤部位: C. 内伤部位: stomach, liver, lung, heart; 内伤部位: D. 检查措施: make an appointment, check, x-ray, operation, 检查措施
treat, cure, diagnose; E. 症状描述: tired, sneeze, running nose, have ringing in the 症状描述 ears, feel under the weather, catch a cold, cough; F. 建议处方: 建议处方: ward, take two days off, more vegetables, less fried(fast) food, quit(give up) smoking. G. 相关人员: doctor, nurse, dentist, surgeon, physician; 相关人员: H. 医疗相关:radio doctor, car doctor, repairman, mechanic, 医疗相关: engineer; I. 诊断行为: 诊断行为: fix, mend, repair, stop working, go wrong.
娱乐场景 A. 陶冶情操 票务: 票务:ticket, fare; 观赏活动: 观赏活动:film, movie, theatre, concert, play, show, TV,art , gallery; 相 关 词 汇 : channel, part, actor, actress, scene, act, oil painting, romance, love story, horror, action, documentary, commentary, science, news, sports, comedy, soap opera, quiz show, sit-com(situation comedy), thriller; 参与活动: 参与活动: dance, disco, sing, karaoke.
B.户外活动 .
出 游 : camping, picnicking, boating, skating, swimming, visiting, historical sites, natural beauty, scenery, tourist attraction, sightseeing; 球赛: 球赛:game, match, score, season, superstar.
用餐场景: 用餐场景: A. 预定: a table for four, reserve a table, reservation, corner . 预定: table; B. 等待 hungry, starving, order, menu, waiting line, queue; . 等待: C. 用餐: 用餐: try something Italian, appetite, appetizer, dessert;
D. 埋单: treat, my turn, on me, go Dutch; 埋单:
学习场景 A. 选课: course, day course, evening course, optional
course, literature, curriculum, extra curriculum; B. 作业: 作业: report, essay, assignment, presentation, paper, due, credit, rewrite; C. D. E. 考试: 考试: mark, score, exam, fail, pass, go over, review; 教授: 教授: lecture, topic, briefing, mission, take notes, follow; 学生: 学生: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduation, graduate, undergraduate.
买卖场景 A. 买卖租赁: on sale, for sale, for rent, let; 买卖租赁: B. 廉价购买: bargain, Sunday market, flea market, garage 廉价购买: sale; C. 买书: 买书: book, paperback, hardcover, edition, bestseller, copy, volume, magazine, issue, periodic; D. 买房: furniture, three-bedroom house, waiting room, living 买房: room, balcony, bathroom, kitchen; E. 其他: straw hat, TV set, model; 其他: F. 广告: advertise, advertisement, quote rate; 广告:
工作场景 A.找工作 . 申请: 申请: apply, application letter, resume; 寻觅: 寻觅: job-hunting, job opportunity, job vacancy; 面试: 面试: interview, interviewer, interviewee; 跳槽: job hopping. 跳槽:
B. 办公室 工作 : forward email, typing, type writer, typist, typing errors, Xerox copy, arrange appointment(files), confirm arrangement;
出差: 出差: business trip, on behalf of, vacation; 雇佣关系: employment, employee, employment, director, 雇佣关系 : boss, secretary, be with + 单 位 ( be with the local newspaper). )
公共生活 A. 银行:account, loan, interest, interest rate, cash, cheque, 银行: deposit, withdraw, overdraft, exchange; B. 填表:surname, last name, family name, first name, given 填表: name, sex, gender, address, occupation, marital status, print, sign, signature; C. 邮局:deliver, send, mail, parcel, postage, registered mail, 邮局: express mail, priority mail; D. 租房:book, reserve, rent, let, full up, booked up; 租房: E. 交通标示: sign, one-way street, drunk driving, traffic rules, 交通标示: regulation.
天气场景 snow, rain, storm, shower, rain cats and dogs, cold, windy, sunny, warm up, forecast.
A. 集会活动 : appointment, date, meeting, conference, party, 集会活动: assembly, lecture, seminar; B. 图书馆: library, librarian, overdue, fine; 图书馆: C. 购 物 场 所 : department store, supermarket, gas station, convenience store, chain store, seven eleven, grocer’s, grocery.
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经营品种:性感睡衣、小内裤、奥地利水晶饰品、韩版美鞋、原单品 经营品种:性感睡衣、小内裤、奥地利水晶饰品、韩版美鞋、 牌服装等~~ 牌服装等 掌柜名: 掌柜名:蟹粉爱豆腐 暗号:我从百度文库来滴,给我打折丫 暗号:我从百度文库来滴,给我打折丫~ 店铺促销: 、 店铺促销:
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