Unit 1

  1. A window in the kitchen was ; there was rubbish everywhere, and the curtains and carpets had been stolen. A scattered B scraped C smashed D scratched
  2. Although Asian countries are generally more in social customs than Western countries, there have been several notable examples of women leader in both China and India. A conservative B confidential C comprehensive D consistent
  3. The Space Age in October 1957 when the first artificial satellite was launched by the Soviet Union. A initiated B originated C embarked D commenced
  4. As a actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musical instruments. A flexible B versatile C sophisticated D productive
  5. Circus tiger, although they have been tamed, can attack their trainer. A unexpectedly B deliberately C consequently D subsequently
  6. The schoolmaster the girl’s bravery in his opening speech. A applauded B enhanced C elevated D clapped
  7. The doctors don’t that he will live much longer. A manifest B articulate C anticipate D monitor
  8. Having finished their morning work, the clerks stood up behind their desks, themselves. A stretching B extending C prolonging D expanding
  9. The court considers a financial to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A option B duty C obligation D penalty
  10. Population experts predict that if world population continues to grow at the present rate, mankind will soon face a severe challenge to itself in prosperity and peace. A retain B maintain C sustain D obtain
  11. The United States is perhaps the country where the spirit is most cultivated and admired. A competent B compatible C comparable D competitive
  12. China will continue to to control population growth and improve the status of women. A stride B strike C stripe D strive
  13. Some people do not show much in their choice of books. A discrimination B recognition C accumulation D hesitation
  14. Workers chose to their dissatisfaction in a series of strikes. A manifest B release C relieve D emphasize
  15. The plain occupies the west, south and central parts of the continent, though considerable variations are to be found over so an area. A expensive B expansive C extensive D intensive
  16. Both sister and brother were injured in a car accident. It took them courage and
to learn to live with a handicap. A endurance B tolerance C insistence D existence
  17. By moving the radar beam around slowly in circles, we can the surroundings. A explore B expose C exploit D expand
  18. The code was to anyone who didn’t have the key. A unintelligible B unintelligent C intelligible D unintentional
  19. My sister is quite and plans to get an M.A. degree within one year. A aggressive B enthusiastic C ambitious D considerate
  20. For years now, the people of that faraway country have been cruelly by a dictator. A depressed B immersed C oppressed D cursed
  21. In this poor country, survival is still the leading industry; all else is . A luxury B accommodation C entertainment D refreshment
  22. As you have seen, the value of a nation’s currency is a of its economy. A response B revelation C reaction D reflection
  23. They the project to the board for approval. A emitted B admitted C committed D submitted
  24. I let my children make their own decision now they’re older; I wouldn’t to interfere. A assume B consume C resume D presume
  25. His appearance that day gave all of us a shock, his hair with oil and his face flushing. A glittering B glistening C glaring D glowing Answers: : 1-5 CADBA 6-10 ACADC
11-15 DDAAC
16-20 AAACC 21-25 ADDDB

  1. Parents have a legal to ensure that their children are provided with efficient education suitable to their age. A. impulse B. influence C. obligation D. sympathy
  2. I missed the train and was late for school. A. finally B. eventually C. subsequently D. consequently
  3. Crime is increasing worldwide, and there is every reason to believe the will continue into the next decade. A. emergency B. trend C. pace D. schedule
  4. The of men to women in the union have changed a lot since 19
  80. A. portion B. proportion C. rate D. ratio
  5. The remains of things people made and used long ago give the archaeologists __ to know how once people lived. glue B. thread C. clue D. hint
  6. The branches could hardly the weight. retain B. sustain C. maintain D. remain
  7. Many people lost their jobs during the business.
A. desperation B. decrease C. despair D. depression
  8. Poverty and slums were outside the rich boy’s . A. globe B. orbit C. reach D. sphere
  9. Sally is looking for a job in which she will be able to herself. A. achieve B. deceive C. fulfill D. install
  10. Many researchers are for a greater understanding of the processes which occur inside stars. A. reviving B. striving C. carving D. reserving
  11. We the family’s decision to remain silent over the issue. A. contend B. convene C. appeal D. applaud
  12. Such a large investment inevitably some risk. A. curtail B. entail C. fulfill D. retail
  13. Good teachers know that children need and enjoy firm . A. discipline B. doctrine C. equality D. equivalent
  14. Her whole attitude to life as a result of the awful experience. A. mourned B. merited C. soured D. spoiled
  15. These remote islands are only by birds and animals. A. flourished B. resided C. occupied D. inhabited
  16. From what she said I thought the was that they were splitting up. A. application B. dedication C. implication D. justification
  17. Thirty workers were because they were on strike over the staff cuts. A. packed B. sacked C. hacked D. tracked
  18. Some people think it is wrong to spend money on space. A. restoring B. imploring C. exploring D. deploring
  19. He always becomes to everyone when he’s drunk. A. objective B. initiative C. distinctive D. abusive
  20. The President is clearly in a over how to tackle the crisis. A. hardship B. hazard C. dialect D. dilemma
  21. I’d like to how important it is for people to learn foreign languages. A. minimize B. fertilize C. emphasize D. characterize
  22. Our church a project to send relief aid overseas. A. indicated B. initiated C. allocated D. alleviated
  23. I tend to be rather in such matters and a bit suspicious about these supposed advances. A. assertive B. distinctive C. conservative D. instructive
  24. Before I answer your question, could you your terms a little more? A. define B. deplore C. decline D. depict
  25. They have attempted to take the in dealing with the problem. A. action B. caption C. initiative D. intuitive
Keys : 1-5 : CDBBC CBCAC
6-10 : BDDCB
11-15 : DBACD
16-20 : CBCDD 21-25 :



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