1. Translate the following sentences into English, using the words or expressions given in brackets
  1. The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy.
  2. In only twenty years the country was transformed into an advanced industrial power.
  3. This company has evolved into one of the major chemical manufacturing bases in this region.
  4. Given the current financial situation, it is inevitable that the US dollar will be further devalued.
  5. The government's call for suggestions about the control of water pollution produced very little response from the citizens.
  6. The weather showed no signs of getting better so the government called upon us to get prepared for floods.
  7. At one time scientists thought that there was nothing smaller than an atom but now most people know that an atom consists of even smaller particles.
  8. The students were all very much concerned about the World Cup, spending at least two hours every day watching the live matches on TV.
  9. The department store lost out because loans were very hard to come by and it could not start business on time.
  10. We can't go there for a walk because there is a navy base there, which is off limits to tourists Theme-related writing Write an essay of no less than 150 words on the topic "My Understanding of Environmental Protection". Your writing should cover the following points:
  1) the relationship between man and the environment
  2) the urgency of environmental protection
  3) ways to protect the environment. My Understanding of Environmental Protection Man and the environment are closely related. Man relies on the environment for water, food and shelter. A harmonious relationship
between man and the environment is essential for human survival on the earth. However, man and the environment have never been on such bad terms as they are now. As society develops, man’s transformation of nature has severely polluted his living environment. Deforestation leads to changes in rainfall patterns, causing devastating floods, droughts and sandstorms. The discharge of chemical pollutants endangers our health and the lives of other beings. And mass production has resulted in the shortage of irreplaceable natural resources such as coal and oil. If we take no immediate and effective steps to protect our environment, human beings may be the next species to become extinct. We should do our best to protect our environment by planting more trees, taking care of wildlife, reducing industrial wastes, using renewable energy, and imposing heavy fines on environmentally-unfriendly activities, so as to preserve the environment for future generations.
  1. Most people strongly believe that the court will no doubt punish the bank robbers severely.
  2. The medical workers overcame one difficulty after another in their long-term quest for a cure for the disease.
  3. Acting on the information they received, the police closed off the streets and caught the bank robbers.
  4. We were amazed at learning that the newly-built TV factory can produce 500,000 TV sets in the first year.
  5. The government is looking into the causes of so many layoffs and is trying to help the laid-off workers to be re-employed.
  6. To expand the sales of its product, the company has taken up various measures to open up new markets and to improve its services.
  7. He has neglected his studies to such an extent that I am afraid it is impossible for him to catch up with the other students in a month.
  8. The fireworks factory was closed last month for failing to comply with the government safety regulations.
  9. It remains to be seen whether our football team can beat its opponent.
  10. Mr. Smith predicted that the recent oil discoveries, together with the use / employment of new technologies, would lead to a decline in the price of crude oil. 段落翻译 We all know that knowledge is power but we are seldom aware of how difficult knowledge transfer is. According to Victoria Griffith, there are many barriers to knowledge transfer and lack of trust is one of the major ones. It seems to her that people are only willing to absorb
knowledge readily from those they know and trust. For example, in the early 17th century, Galileo argued that the earth and other planets move around the sun, but this knowledge was rejected by the general population at that time because the Italians over three hundred years ago trusted the Roman Catholic Church more than they trusted science. What was worse, Galileo had to spend the rest of his life under house arrest for his ideas. Victoria Griffith reminds us that knowledge transfer is still a tough problem although we are living in the "knowledge era". 作文 Write an essay of no less than 150 words on the topic "Barriers to Knowledge Transfer". Knowledge transfer is a human phenomenon and plays a very important role in the process of human evolution. With the knowledge accumulated over generations, human beings can now build and transform societies with unprecedented knowledge resources. However, there are many barriers to knowledge transfer. For example, lack of trust and resistance to change undermine the transfer of knowledge. People are less likely to acquire knowledge from those whom they don't trust or to adopt new theories and practices they are not familiar with. Cultural and language barriers also hamper the transfer of knowledge between nations or ethnic groups. It would be almost impossible for people who speak different languages or dialects with different cultural backgrounds to communicate effectively, not to mention exchanging knowledge. An underdeveloped economy is another barrier to knowledge transfer. The lack of socio-economic and techno-environmental cooperation, as well as poor communications infrastructure, can greatly hinder the flow of knowledge within and between nations. To remove these barriers, people should change their attitude towards knowledge transfer and the learning of foreign languages and cultures. At the same time, efforts should be made to develop a better world economy.
Unit 4
  1. As more and more details of her private life were disclosed by the media, she was compelled to resign her post as general manager (or: resign as general manager / resign from the post of general manager) of the company.
  2. She is very satisfied with her new job as it coincides with her interests.

  3. I bought this shirt because the price was reduced from 300 yuan to 80 yuan.
  4. To bring her children up, the mother really went through all kinds of hardships.
  5. The police have ruled out murder in the case of the old lady's death.
  6. The municipality (municipal government) promised to take effective steps as soon as possible to solve the problems of air pollution.
  7. I did not go in for the Campus Tennis Championships held last month because of my injured leg.
  8. If you can get the support of the majority of the girls, you stand a good chance of winning the election and becoming Chairman of the Students Union.
  9. Not all the books he wrote were as successful as this one so I recommend that you borrow it from the library and read it.
  10. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Liu Xiang won the championship of the men's 110-meter hurdle and broke the world record, which had been previously held by an American athlete. My Career Choice When it comes to the choice of career, different people consider the matter from different perspectives. Personally I prefer to be a teacher. I have three reasons for my decision. The first reason is that the profession of teaching is in agreement with my personality. Being an outgoing, patient and understanding person, I think I am able to communicate with my students and understand their feelings easily, which constitutes an important factor in ensuring success in teaching. The second reason is that I am interested in the job. It would always give me great joy and satisfaction to see the happy faces of my students, to share my knowledge and life experience with them and to participate in their process of growing up. The third reason is related to my occupational attitude. I always believe that school teachers all over the world are respected for their profound knowledge and higher social status. I have always held my teachers in respect and I hope I would be respected as a teacher, too, in the future. I think teaching is an ideal career for me. Being a university student now, I will work hard to realize my dream.

  1. The ambassador to the U.N. was invested with full authority to deal with all the foreign affairs concerning his country on behalf of his government.

  2. All the way on the train I had been preoccupied with the result of the term examination until the conductor reminded me of the arrival of my destination.
  3. Although her husband's name did not appear on the list of the people who got killed in the traffic accident, she kept walking to and fro, anxious to see him back home sooner.
  4. I was setting out to translate the contract into English when it dawned upon me that both parties involved were Chinese companies.
  5. At the party, people sang and danced with abandon, totally forgetting the troubles in their lives.
  6. With the great aspirations to become an astronaut, Jackson committed himself to the 2-year strenuous constitution training.
  7. His paintings, drawing on timeless fairy stories, exemplified the Europeans' taste of that period.
  8. The bus driver didn't want to take any responsibility for the accident and so he took every means to put the blame on the passengers on board.
  9. He not only risked his own life to save the old man from the burning house but made some room in his own house for him to settle down.
  10. From childhood, she tried to live by the teachings of her parents and gradually accumulated a set of standards of conduct. 作文范文 Attitudes Towards Life People hold different attitudes towards life. Some take a positive attitude and they always appreciate the beauty of life with zeal and gratitude. Some take a negative attitude towards life and any slight trouble in life may seem like the end of the world to them. A positive attitude ensures a happy, successful and healthy life. With a positive attitude, people find it easy to accept challenges and overcome obstacles while maintaining peace of mind. Besides, a positive attitude boosts their self-esteem, lifts their morale and helps them fulfill their commitments both in their career and in their everyday life. Moreover, medical research shows that positive thinking can improve the immune system and strengthen the body's resistance to diseases. There are several ways to develop a positive attitude towards life. One needs to think positively, read uplifting stories, hang around with optimistic people, give up jealousy, and participate in meaningful activities. By building a positive attitude towards life, one can enjoy a happy, successful and healthy life.
  1. Fearing that she couldn't stand the blow, the police broke to the old woman as gently as possible the news of her son's death in the air crash.
  2. Investigations revealed that the road accident was caused solely by the driver who drove against traffic regulations.

  3. He is as mean as Shylock. When it comes to money, all the promises he's made to his friends count for nothing.
  4. Since last year, the company has been unable to sell its products, but it was the recent unsuccessful foreign trade deal that hastened its bankruptcy.
  5. He booked his ticket half a month in advance to assure himself of going back home on time to spend the Spring Festival with his family.
  6. At first, she had some worries about telling the truth. However, at length, she spoke out the secret that she had kept in her heart for several years.
  7. Helen tried to control her mood, but her trembling hands betrayed her nervousness.
  8. Annie was awarded a scholarship at school. When she told her parents the good news, she could not conceal her eagerness for praise from them though she claimed that it was nothing special at all.
  9. The leader of the rescue team told me under his breath that he had little hope of finding more survivors from the mine accident.
  10. In the early days of World War II, the German submarines ran riot in the Atlantic Ocean. However, when radar was invented in Britain, the Germans began to suffer heavy losses.
My Understanding of Honesty and Success Different people have different opinions about the relationship between honesty and success. Some people believe that honesty and success are mutually exclusive. They regard honesty as a wasteful and costly investment that will only hinder success and prevent people from quick wins. Money-making tricks such as low-quality and fake products, or practices like plagiarism and bribery are seen as short-cuts to immediate success. However, many people hold that honesty and success are mutually supportive. They believe that honesty is the only means to an end. Being honest will definitely earn a person not only a good reputation but also more opportunities to develop his or her career and ability. Honesty also helps cultivate an upright and healthy personality and brings people true pride and deep joy. I agree with the latter viewpoint. Honesty is a virtue that every one of us should value. It can bring out the best in a person and will give him or her the best reward in return. Those who are honest may suffer temporary losses sometimes, but they will benefit in the



   UNIIT1 汉译英 1 等我们终于找到 8 号房间时 妈妈已经涨红了脸 累的上气不接下气 我打开门锁 我们都 走了进去 2 她给我留下了深刻的印象 我觉得我自己太无知了 甚至不陪跟她呼吸同样的空气 3 我不知道为什么我非得了解文学 可是招生办公式的那位女士说 虽然我读过读陀思妥耶 夫斯基罪与罚, 梅尔维尔的小说 虽然一个没上过高中的人能读这些书的确令人钦佩 但这门 课是必修课 4 我乐的漂漂然了 第一件事就是去买所需要的课本 然后用纽约大学自白相间的呼风把他 们套起来 这样死铁力的乘客就会 ...


   21世纪大学实用英语综合教程(第一册)课后答案及课文翻译 Text A 佚名 作为一名一年级新生初进大学时,我害怕自己在学业上搞不好。我害怕独自一人 在外,因为我是第一次远离家人。这里周围都是我不认识的人,而他们也不认识我。 我得和他们交朋友,或许还得在我要学的课程上跟他们在分数上进行竞争。他们比我 更聪明吗?我跟得上他们吗?他们会接受我吗? 我很快就认识到,我的生活现在就取决于我自己了。如果我要在学业上取得成功, 我就必须制定一份学习计划。我必须调整花在学习上的时间和花在社交上的时间。我 ...


   大学体验英语综合教程课文翻译 1-4册 1 第一册1A学无止境 故事发生在一所东部大学里。那是终考的最后一天。一幢教学楼的台阶上围着一群大四的工科生,都在谈论即刻就要 开始的考试。他们脸上都带着自信。这是毕业前的最后一场考试了,考完后,即是毕业典礼。然后他们将各奔前程。 话题转到了工作上,有的谈起了找好的工作,有的则谈论着要找的工作。4 年的大学学习给了他们自信,使他们觉得 自己足以征服世界。 眼前这场考试,不过是一碟小菜罢了。老师已经说过可以携带所需的任何书本或笔记,只要不在考试时交头接耳 ...


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大学英语综合教程 课后习题和听力答案

   1 1.她似乎与新同学相处不好。(get along with) She doesn't seem to get along with her new classmates. 2.我与玛丽失去联系多年,但昨天我与她在电话里联系上了。(out of touch, get in touch) I'd been out of touch with Mary for years, but I managed to get in touch by phone yesterday. 3.那老兵喜欢 ...


   Unit 1 Enhance Your Language Awareness Words in Action (pp20-24) Working with Words and Expressions 1. 1) bound 2) appropriate 3) possessing 4) permanent 5) appointed 6) parted 7) had corresponded 8) gazed 9) notion 10) keen 11) preserve 12) graspe ...


   大学英语四级作文讲座 单位:外语教研室 单位: 教员: 教员:胡 继 岳 大学英语四级作文评分标准 2分:条理不清, 思路紊乱,语言支离破 碎或大部分句子均有错误,且多为 严重错误. 5分:基本切题.表达思想不清楚,连贯 性差.有较多的严重的语言错误. 8分: 基本切题.有些地方表达思想不够 清楚,文字勉强连贯;语言错误相 多,其中有一些是严重错误. 大学英语四级作文评分标准 11分:切题.表达思想清楚,文字连贯 但有少量语言错误. 14分:切题.表达思想清楚,文字通顺, 连贯性较好.基本上 ...


   大学英语四级作文模版( ) 大学英语四级作文模版(1) 现象解释型模板一 1.recently,. 2.what amaze us most is. 3.it is true that. 4.there are many reasons explaining. 5.the main reason is. 6.what is more. 7.thirdly,. 8.as a result. 9.considering all these,. 10.for one thing,. 11.for ...


   unit 1 听了一个有趣的故事会发笑、很开心,古今中外都一样。这一现象或许同语言本身一样悠久。 那么,到底是什么东西会使一个故事或笑话让人感到滑稽可笑的呢? 我是第一次辨识出幽默便喜欢上它的人,因此我曾试图跟学生议论和探讨幽默。这些学生文化差异很大,有来自拉丁美洲的,也有来自中国的。 我还认真地思考过一些滑稽有趣的故事。这么做完全是出于自己的喜好。 为什么听我讲完一个笑话后,班上有些学生会笑得前仰后合,而其他学生看上去就像刚听我读了天气预报一样呢? 显然,有些人对幽默比别人更敏感。 而且,我 ...


   装配线历险 此前我已经参观过不少汽车厂,从身体的感觉看,这家厂没有什么不一样。就是说,厂 子是对感官的一种刺激:一个四面围住、没有一扇窗的所在,只有刺眼的人造灯光,硬邦邦 的水泥地面,不停地响着工业生产发出的尖锐刺耳的嘈杂声。金属与金属哐当碰击。冲压机 叮当作响,电动工具发出呜呜声,滑轮咯吱作响,升降机铿锵的碰撞,电焊机U?抻猩? 花噼噼啪啪,激光器嘟嘟嘟叫,压缩空气嘶嘶嘶响,螺栓砰地一声到位,手推车隆隆的推过 走道,与此同时,传送带传送着处在不同生产阶段的汽车,从只装了金属车架的到车身全部 ...



   Unit 4 【目标呈现】 目标呈现】 呈现 知识目标 知识目标: How do you get to school ? Section A 词汇:get to, how far, bicycle, subway, car, train, minute, kilometer, mile, transportation, 词汇 hundred 短语: 短语 get to school, get home, how about=what about, take the subway, ride ...


   英语交友自我介绍_点击打开,免费提供: 英语交友自我介绍_点击打开,免费提供: 2011-4-28 17:20:27 于是,费云帆走了过来,坐在我身边,他用胳膊紧紧迷晕女粉丝还不负责任的大港台男 星(图) ,迷晕女粉丝还不负责任的大港台男星(图) 最新发布器拥住了我,他迷晕女粉 丝还不负责任的大港台男星(图) ,迷晕女粉丝还不负责任的大港台男星(图) 最新发布 器声音温存、细 腻、而歉疚迷晕女粉丝还不负责任的大港台男星(图) ,迷晕女粉丝还不负责任的大港台男 星(图) 最新发布器在我耳边响起 ...

小学英语第八册(新标准一起)Module 2测试题

   小学英语第八册(新标准一起) 小学英语第八册(新标准一起)Module 2 测试题 姓名: 班级: 座号: 得分: . 一、听句子,选出正确的价钱(10 分) 1、This TV costs (2,100 / 3,400)yuan. 2、This TV costs (800 / 1,000)yuan. 3、This TV costs (9,100 / 9,400)yuan. 4、This TV costs (100 / 1,000)yuan. 5、This TV costs (4,500 / ...


   英语电话交流用语 Answering the phone Hello? (informal) Thank you for calling Boyz Autobody. Jody speaking. How can I help you? Doctor's office. Introducing yourself Hey George. It's Lisa calling. (informal) Hello, this is Julie Madison calling. Hi, it's Ge ...


   Please write a piece of unified and coherent essay about the novel selected in the text book according to your own choice. Dead line: Nov. 4 Format: A4; 800-1,000 words; both handwriting and typewriting are welcome Your prewriting notes can have two ...