大学英语听力教程(上册) 大学英语听力教程(上册)参考答案
Unit 1
1-5 ABAAB 6-10 BAABA Dialogue 1
  1) BCACB
  2) TFFFF Dialogue 2
  1) AACDB
  2) would have guessed; indirectly affected; almost; sweetheart; were supposed; the wedding; instead; forgave Dialogue 3
  1) ABACC
  2) FFTFF Part 3 Passage 1
  1) CBBAC
  2) ①almost every part of the world; hundreds of different kinds of ②several hundred types of apples ③pears, apples, grapes, plums and berries ④acids, salts, and vitamins ⑤Nutrition Passage 2
  1) CCDBD
  2) FTFFT Passage 3
  1) BCCCD
  2) FTFFF Part 4
  1) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  2) There is a time and a place for everything.
  3) The best go first.
  4) Look before you leap.
  5) Never speak ill of the dead.
  6) Give credit where credit is due.
  7) Old soldiers never die; they simply fade away.
  8) Nothing succeeds like success.
  9) Man cannot live by bread alone.
  10) Every man has his price.
  1) stubborn; inflexible
  2) study/ work all night or until very, very late at night
  3) very tired; exhausted
  4) barely succeed in doing something
  5) stop work for the day
  6) can’t understand something at all; find something confusing and illogical
  7) attract one’s attention/ interest
  8) sleep for a while; take a nap
  9) cowardly
  10) eat Part 5
  1. 1-5 BABCD 6-10 ABCCA Passage 1 ADBAC Passage 2 ABCBD Passage 3
  1) In the south of the Philippines.
  2) Because of the thick jungles and mountains.
  3) Wild plants.
  4) They have learned to trap animals.
  5) They lived like those of the Old Stone Age. Part 1 Part 2
Unit 2
Part 1 1-5 ABABB 6-10 AABBA Part 2 Dialogue 1 ADCAA have a look; simple; used to; long gone; early this year; take in Dialogue 2 DCBDC on reserve; course; make use of; semester; take it out of Dialogue 3 DACAD FFFTF Part 3 Passage 1 ACABC
  1) a fisherman; go fishing
  2) reaching; laid down
  3) the hooks; come out of; the hooks; holding the links of
  4) With money; with an engine
  5) so greedy; what was happening Passage 2 CBCBD
  1) agricultural researcher; in the future
  2) survive; above freezing
  3) regular rainfall
  4) the leaves; vegetable
  5) short and fat; long and thin; hard; soft Passage 3 CBABD FFTFT Part 4
  1) Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.
  2) A man is known by the company he keeps.
  3) Faith will move mountains.
  4) No man is indispensable.
  5) There is safety in numbers.
  6) All good things must come to an end.
  7) Honesty is the best policy.
  8) One good turn deserves another.
  9) Spare the rod and spoil the child.
  10) Curiosity killed the cat.
  1) neat, special, wonderful
  2) calm down
  3) someone who spends too much time watching TV
  4) try to learn as much as possible in a very short time
  5) short course designed to give a lot of knowledge/ information in a very short time
  6) stop doing something (that’s annoying)
  7) skip class/ play hooky
  8) do a very good job; do very well in something
  9) write to someone
  10) delay; take longer than necessary to do something Part 5
  1. 1-5 ABDCC 6-10 DABCB Passage 1 ADBBC Passage 2
  1) They expect its population to become a little bigger.
  2) American and Russian scientists.
  3) Siberian crane is white and stands one and half meters tall. The spread of its wings can be as much as two and half meters.
  4) In summer these birds live in remote areas of Siberia in northeastern Russia. In winter they fly south to China and southwest to India, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.
  5) Because people in Iran hunt and kill them. Passage 3 FFTFT
Unit 3
1-5 ABBAA 6-10 AAAAA Dialogue1 ACBAA NNNYN Dialogue2 BBABC standing and barking outside; belonged to; no longer in service; put ads in newspaper; owner Dialogue 3 CABAB TFFTF Part 3 Passage 1 CBBCB
  1) the importance of telling the differences between right and wrong
  2) some young boys standing around a small cat
  3) what was happening
  4) a contest; who tells the biggest one will get to keep the cat
  5) teach the boys a lesson; I’ve never told any lie in my life Passage 2 BBBAB
  1) He was in poor physical condition.
  2) He eats a lot and exercises a lot.
  3) His keepers don’t want people to watch him.
  4) Because his keepers want him to be fit for the ocean.
  5) To inform his readers of the current situation of the whale. Passage 3 CDCDB FFFTT Part 4
  1) Do not wear out your welcome.
  2) Something is better than nothing.
  3) Rats desert a sinking ship.
  4) Never too late to repent.
  5) The more you get, the more you want.
  6) United we stand, divided we fall.
  7) There’s no fool like an old fool.
  8) Marriages are made in heaven.
  9) Christmas comes but once a year.
  10) There are two sides to every question.
  1) It should have happened earlier than it actually happened.
  2) die
  3) do something that is not very useful to keep yourself busy while you are waiting for something to happen
  4) tell someone some information
  5) feel very happy; look very attractive
  6) not seem reasonable or correct
  7) cannot remember something such as a word or the name of a person although you think you know it
  8) rarely; almost never
  9) suddenly and unexpectedly
  10) make the situation worse Part 5 1-5 CBDBC 6-10 AACAC Passage 1 CAACB Passage 2
  1) He lives with a dog.
  2) He played tennis and came back.
  3) The dog refused to get into the same car with George.
  4) Because he was in a wrong car.
  5) Sometimes a dog has a keener sense than a human. Passage 3
  1) infection; inside
  2) another medical checkup
  3) set him free
  4) by himself
  5) Gangs of; attack Part 1 Part 2
Unit 4
1-5 AABBA 6-10 BAABA Dialogue 1 I. CBACB II. the best season; neither hot nor cold; wind; breeze; hardly noticeable; not severe; cold weather; lovely white snow; skating Dialogue 2 I. DBABC II. FTFTF Dialogue 3 I. BCBDA II. NNYNN Part 3 Passage 1 I. CDBDA II.
  1) messages; one another; just three words
  2) over a weekend; these words
  3) unless; in any circumstances
  4) “Maybe you’re right”; go out of business
  5) from experience; disarming; argument Passage 2 I. ADACD II.
  1) useful and faithful animal in the world
  2) wouldn’t eat what was caught without permission
  3) protect themselves against attacks from animals
  4) protect; robbery
  5) their real children have grown up Passage 3 I. DDDCB II.
  1) They can be made to work in nuclear power center, deep under the oceans and in outer space.
  2) John Marrit, a psychologist in Williamsburg Massachusetts.
  3) He will be given the feeling of being in the same place as the machine.
  4) By using an electronic control.
  5) Because people are expected to do many dangerous jobs without staying in dangerous places in the future. Part 4 I.
  1) A creaking gate hangs long.
  2) The devil takes the hindmost.
  3) Circumstances alter cases.
  4) Cowards die many times before their deaths.
  5) A constant guest is never welcome.
  6) Call no man happy till he is dead.
  7) Dying is as natural as living.
  8) Distance lends enchantment to the view.
  9) Do not halloo till you are out of the woods.
  10) The darkest hour is that before the dawn. II.
  1) a person who is always willing to volunteer or do extra work
  2) a very intelligent person
  3) hard work; effort
  4) difficult to accept; difficult to believe
  5) feel sad and depressed
  6) dismiss someone from a job because of poor performance
  7) feel unwell or ill
  8) automobile accident
  9) leave
  10) understand something (often negative) Part 5 I. 1-5 BBABB 6-10 CBBCA II. Passage 1 DCABA Passage 2 BCADD Passage 3
  1) They desired to fly into the air.
  2) They were ready to show how their balloon worked.
  3) They had constructed a bag some thirty feet in diameter for the occasion.
  4) Gradually the bag filled out until eight men were needed to hold it to the ground. Then the ropes were cut, and it sailed up into the air.
  5) Because there was little wind. Part 1 Part 2
Unit 5
1-5 ABAAB 6-10 BABAA Dialogue 1 I. CDBAD II. FFTTF Dialogue 2 I. BDACB II. under a lot of pressure; can’t follow the professor; compare notes with; turn the candle at both ends; the fresh air and sunshine; do a world of good Dialogue 3 I. DBBAC II. NYYNY Part 3 Passage 1 I. ABCAD II.
  1) Before you leave home for a feast, have a small, low-fat snack.
  2) Begin with clear soup and fruit or vegetables.
  3) Drink a large glass of water before you eat.
  4) Better not have high-fat foods.
  5) Don’t let exercise take a break during the holidays. Passage 2 I. BDCDC II.
  1) He must ask his neighbor’s permission.
  2) The emperor penguins are perhaps the best parents in the world.
  3) The female penguins go away for two months.
  4) The males hold them on their feet inside a fold of skin.
  5) Sometimes the wind blows at 150 kilometers an hour. Passage 3 I. DDAAD II. a long period of time; four great glaciers; cover almost all the upper half of North America; melted away; a thick sheet of ice and snow; from a center near; the cool summers were too short to melt much of the ice and snow; to a thickness of two miles at its center Part 4 I.
  1) Discontent is the first step in progress.
  2) Dog does not eat dog.
  3) East or west, home is best.
  4) Everything comes to him who waits.
  5) Experience is the teacher of fools.
  6) Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.
  7) Don’t meet trouble half way.
  8) Don’t make yourself a mouse, or the cat will eat you.
  9) Everything must have a beginning.
  10) A golden key opens every door. II.
  1) find something amusing
  2) go away
  3) irritate someone; make someone upset
  4) hurry
  5) become out of control; become hardly managed
  6) energy
  7) help someone
  8) I was very embarrassed
  9) a (very) ambitious, hard-working person
  10) take things as they come Part 5 I. 1-5 CACDA 6-10 BDBBB II. Passage 1 AACDC Passage 2 TFFFF Passage 3 DBCCA Part 1 Part 2
Unit 6
Part 1 Part 2 1-5 ABAAB 6-10 BAABA Dialogue 1 I. ABCCB II. FFTFF Dialogue 2 I. AABCB II. FFFTF Dialogue 3 I. AABBC II. leaving for; keep an eye on; to lock all the doors, to shut all the windows, to cancel the milk and the paper; she is away; give them a ring; anything suspicious Passage 1 I. BCDAC II.
  1) The state of California; produce enough electricity
  2) the increase in the cost of electricity; put their names
  3) only part
  4) stop paying so much money; pay even more money later
  5) the electric companies Passage 2 I. CDDBA II.
  1) The Freemen group.
  2) They protected themselves with guns and would shoot anyone who came near.
  3) No. They did not want anyone killed or hurt.
  4) 81 days.
  5) No one. Passage 3 I. DBCAB II. FFFTT I.
  1) All is fair in love and war.
  2) Diligence is the mother of good fortune.
  3) Victory lies in desperate position.
  4) Truth will prevail.
  5) There is no smoke without fire.
  6) The used key is always bright.
  7) Slight negligence may lead to great disaster.
  8) Pride goes before, and shame follows after.
  9) Ring out the old, ring in the new.
  10) There is no rose without thorns. II.
  1) very much in love
  2) face something difficult with courage
  3) It is easy to suggest, but hard to do
  4) to put yourself in a isolated situation
  5) be in trouble
  6) be very expensive
  7) be extremely busy
  8) without a lot of thought or planning, spontaneously
  9) a good, easy situation in life
  10) a difficult or unhappy situation Part 5 I. 1-5 BACAA 6-10 DDADC II. Passage 1 ADDBD Passage 2
  1) A little girl ended up missing.
  2) In the swimming pool.
  3) Police officers.
  4) The girl did not drown but was murdered.
  5) Police didn’t say much to the public because they need to find out more about what happened on the day of the party. Passage 3
  1) a presentation
  2) a social activity
  3) for health and mind; damage to our minds and bodies
  4) a glass of water; stop a hang-over
  5) take responsibility for; drink responsibly
Part 3
Part 4
Unit 7
Part 1 Part 2 1-5 AABAB 6-10 BAAAA Dialogue 1 I. CBCAC II. NNNYY Dialogue 2 I. CBCAA II. TFTTF Dialogue 3 I. CCBCB II. rock stars; their fans; famous; a lot of money; their concerts; their records; the same kind of clothes; walked out; interview; behave better; imitate Passage 1 I. BACCC II.
  1) pushed
  2) are stored in my closet
  3) I am addicted to buying; as soon as I can
  4) tear myself away
  5) be more concerned about; correcting my behavior Passage 2 I. DBDAB II.
  1) In the USA.
  2) Yes. It’s the best-known supplier of recorded background music.
  3) Over one hundred.
  4) It can create a pleasant atmosphere and improve productivity.
  5) It will result in undesirable situation. Passage 3 I. CADCD II. TFTFF I.
  1) Opportunity seldom knocks twice.
  2) You can’t win them all.
  3) Lightening never strikes twice in the same place.
  4) Walls have ears.
  5) You cannot have your cake and eat it.
  6) Strike while the iron is hot.
  7) Necessity is the mother of invention.
  8) Where there is no trust there is no love.
  9) It is best to be on the safe side.
  10) The first step is the hardest. II.
  1) become very angry
  2) get and eat food quickly
  3) three wins, successes or accomplishments especially in sport
  4) study very hard
  5) become extremely angry
  6) say exactly a right thing
  7) wait
  8) an expression of surprise
  9) be in a difficult situation
  10) be in the same situation or have the same problem Part 5 I. 1-5 CADCC 6-10 DBBCC II. Passage 1 BCACB Passage 2 CACDB Passage 3
  1) if they would hire him
  2) he had a disease called A.L.S.
  3) his legs and his hands; he could no longer play his guitar in a band
  4) his music; any sound he wanted
  5) what he wants to make for the rest of his life
Part 3
Part 4
Unit 8
1-5 AAABB 6-10 AAAAA Dialogue 1 I. CBABA II. NNNYN Dialogue 2 I. CCAAB II. TTTTF Dialogue 3 I. CCBDB II. told the shopkeeper; something really valuable; minded her own bus



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