G rade 4 U nit 1 TTFFTFTFFTFFTTTTFTTT The London : strictly castle trading conquered authorized votes refusals admitted Permission eventually American pilots : intends routine assault involving aimed waters launched civilian substantial precisely "Give a hungry : ADCAB Scattered around : BCADB Social change : DBADB Few creations : DCCCD
  61. Man should learn to live in harmony with nature instead of seeking a complete of it. A. occupation B. control C. conquest D. rule 参考答案 :conquest
  62. It is not advisable to make money one's conscience or health. A. in the loss of B. at the pay of C. in the place of D. at the cost of 参考答案 :at the cost of
  63. In the election , the candidates have to make a lot of inspiring speeches to win votes from all kinds of people. A. competition B. fight C. battle D. campaign 参考答案 :campaign
  64. More than half of the committee being , the meeting had to be cancelled. A. abstract B. absurd C. affirmative D. absent 参考答案 :absent
  65. All of our players will spare no effort to every possible medal at the Olympic Games. A. compete B. contest C. fight D. contend 参考答案 :contest
  66. and impartial assessment of the employees' performance at work is essential to the development of the company. A. Abundant B. Objective C. Capable D. Sufficient 参考答案 :Objective
  67. The partnership might have for years more if Tom had not decided on a clean break. A. dragged in B. dragged off C. dragged out D. dragged on 参考答案 :dragged on
  68. If he told you that he had a luxurious car, he was just . He had only a secondhand bicycle. A. exaggerating B. boasting C. cheating D. deceiving 参考答案 :boasting
  69. If you want to prove yourself to be a grownup, you have to be for what you say and do. A. respectable B. reproachful C. responsible D. respectful 参考答案 :responsible

  70. The judge agreed that the defendant had been depressed and was not fully for the accident. A. radical B. external C. inherent D. responsible 参考答案 :responsible
  71. When the Allied forces launched the counterattack, the Germans were caught off . A. sight B. surprise C. sense D. guard 参考答案 :guard
  72. The number of in the air crash was estimated to be thirty-five by Washington Post. A. occupation B. casualties C. registration D. representatives 参考答案 :casualties
  73. Switzerland prides itself on being a neutral country which does not belong to any military . A. allowance B. offence C. alliance D. defense 参考答案 :alliance
  74. With the exchange rate soaring, their to double the profit in export seems impossible. A. offensive B. objection C. obligation D. objective 参考答案 :objective
  75. The government was urged to take measures to stop violence and bring the country to peace again. A. impressive B. decisive C. exclusive D. offensive 参考答案 :decisive
  76. During Franco's dictatorship in Spain, Juan Carlos I, who later became the King of Spain, had to live in . A. expel B. exile C. exit D. excess 参考答案 :exile
  77. Lisa is rather about her mother's condition, for she has just had an operation on her heart. A. related B. considered C. concerned D. contented 参考答案 :concerned
  78. Thanks to the heavy rain, the enemy's cannons were almost useless. A. rendered B. weakened C. offended D. surrendered 参考答案 :rendered
  79. Despite all the favorable conditions, risk factors must also be with in the project. A. considered B. thought C. reckoned D. expected 参考答案 :reckoned
  80. Having won the first round in the election, the candidate for more than his original demand. A. held out B. held up C. held in D. held on 参考答案 :held out
  81. I'm afraid such an invalid as Mrs. White would not be able to such a heavy blow. A. withdraw B. withstand C. withhold D. resist 参考答案 :withstand

  82. The lawyer of the plaintiff launched a series of questions in the court, which clearly caught the defendant . A. in guard B. on guard C. to guard D. off guard 参考答案 :off guard
  83. A good teacher won't his own views in the class; instead, he will exchange views with the students. A. press on B. take in C. stand out D. break off 参考答案 :press on
  84. Hundreds of people were homeless due to the severe earthquake in the western part of the country. A. obliged B. launched C. pressed D. rendered 参考答案 :rendered
  85. The company is facing a challenge in the next round of competition in the world market. A. flexible B. consistent C. firm D. stiff 参考答案 :stiff
  86. They didn't with an enormous cost involved when they decided to buy a house in that area. A. consider B. reckon C. declare D. presume 参考答案 :reckon
  87. The judge apologized for his words in the court, but the accused wouldn't forgive him. A. consistent B. intimate C. confidential D. offensive 参考答案 :offensive
  88. The pursuit was when it was clear that the goal had been attained. A. called in B. called on C. called off D. called up 参考答案 :called off
  89. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the military operations were just on the eve of the originally scheduled attack. A. called off B. taken out C. paid off D. called out 参考答案 :called off
  90. The manager was expecting a reply to his counter-offer for the imported products. A. favorable B. prominent C. fundamental D. primary 参考答案 :favorable
  91. Jack lacks sales experience, which has become a major in his career. A. function B. obstacle C. aptitude D. concept 参考答案 :obstacle
  92. by the mass of housework, she complained bitterly to her husband. A. Broken up B. Bogged down C. Held up D. Brought down 参考答案 :Bogged down
  93. Improved investor's confidence is to the recovery of the bull's market in stock trading.A. internal B. crucial C. additional D. casual 参考答案 :crucial

  94. The package is protected with specially designed material which is strong enough to rough handling in transportation. A. derive B. modify C. tribute D. withstand 参考答案 :withstand
  95. Politicians know they cannot create a lawful society simply at the of a pen. A. stroke B. strike C. stride D. strip 参考答案 :stroke
  96. Public for the safety of the missing passengers of the crashed airplane is all the more growing. A. irritation B. fraction C. reward D. concern 参考答案 :concern
  97. The troops were heavily outnumbered and were forced to thirty miles backward. A. release B. retreat C. invade D. intrude 参考答案 :retreat
  98. The manager decided to a sales campaign of the products in order to regain the market share. A. relieve B. instruct C. possess D. launch 参考答案 :launch
  99. The Spanish pair was their last in the Tennis Competition in 2004 Olympic Games. A. conquest B. invasion C. oppression D. casualty 参考答案 :conquest 1
  00. A control over the population is to the sustainable development of China. A. decisive B. crucial C. efficient D. offensive 参考答案 :crucial 1
  01. The pioneer troops were designed to pin down the enemy the final counterattack. A. due to B. senior to C. prior to D. superior to 参考答案 :prior to 1
  02. By a of luck, he won the lottery and got ten thousand dollars. A. strike B. stress C. thread D. stroke 参考答案 :stroke 1
  03. The only to their marriage is her parents' strong opposition because of her fianc é 's humble origin. A. objection B. obstacle C. oppression D. complication 参考答案 :obstacle 1
  04. If any arises when you go through the formalities of applying for an import license, please let me know. A. estimation B. complication C. devotion D. passion 参考答案 :complication 1
  05. We had our luggage inspected by customs officers when we crossed the . A. fringe B. border C. edge D. rim 参考答案 :border 1
  06. The general the troops to retreat to the south and bided their time for a counterattack.
A. instructed B. indicated C. engaged D. reckoned 参考答案 :instructed 1
  07. If you are sending a parcel abroad, you must fill in a customs . A. announcement B. declaration C. invasion D. exploration 参考答案 :declaration 1
  08. Rather annoyed at his remarks, she left the party without saying goodbye to the hostess. A. offensive B. sensitive C. instructive D. positive 参考答案 :offensive 1
  09. To avoid more casualties, the Red Army took a to cross the raging river. A. stake B. halt C. gamble D. bet 参考答案 :gamble 1
  10. John was late for class because of the traffic jam. But Tom, he overslept. A. in case of B. as the case of C. in the case of D. as case of 参考答案 :in the case of 1
  11. Faced with unambiguous evidence, the suspect had to confess to his landlady. A. have killed B. kill C. be killing D. having killed 参考答案 :having killed 1
  12. Only by increasing its exports drastically from the present awkward situation of trade imbalance. A. can the country emerge B. has the country emerged C. that the country might emerge D. might emerge the country 参考答案 :can the country emerge 1
  13. , he does not want her to be spoiled. A. Although much he loves his little girl B. As he loves his little girl much C. Much as he loves his little girl D. Much although he loves his little girl 参考答案 :Much as he loves his little girl 1
  14. You'd better find somebody else to see to it, for by five o'clock this afternoon, I on my trip to Australia. A. would have gone B. will have gone C. had gone D. has gone 参考答案 :will have gone 1
  15. We were struck the whole village was damaged by the severe storm. A. to the extent by which B. to which by the extent C. by the extent to which D. by which to the extent 参考答案 :by the extent to which 1
  16. they reached the town called Edmonton, they stopped the car and explored the area around. A. Before a mile or so when B. Further than a mile or so as C. For a mile or so after D. A mile or so before 参考答案 :A mile or so before 1
  17. Talking about the stock exchange, I don't mean usually thought of when theterm is used. A. what is B. that we C. as you D. all is
参考答案 :what is 1
  18. The desire to makes him excited and energetic, but it also puts him under extreme pressure. A. win B. winning C. be won D. having won 参考答案 :win 1
  19. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, in other European countries. A. as is often the case B. like often the case is C. what is often the case D. often the case is that 参考答案 :as is often the case 1
  20. , the assault craft had to change its direction and landed in a new sector. A. The current to be stiff B. Were the current stiff C. The current being stiff D. To be stiff to the current 参考答案 :The current being stiff U nit 2 FTTTFFTFTTFTFFTTTFTT In what now : relieving dramatic reluctant pressed Obviously internal feeling continue warning substitute Inland waters : boundary springs current flowing environmental general tropical shallow distinguish chemical Insurance is : CBBAA A rapid : ACDAB Agriculture : BDCAB You must : DCBDB
  61. The employees wanted to the number of working hours and increase pay. A. decrease B. delete C. diminish D. shorten 参考答案 :decrease
  62. Suggestions from the survey have been in the final design of the Olympic stadium in Beijing. A. stipulated B. dedicated C. incorporated D. eliminated 参考答案 :incorporated
  63. People's idea as they read more and more books and experience more themselves . A. matures B. grows C. ripens D. increases 参考答案 :matures
  64. There are that fuel consumption and pollution might be reduced by smoothing traffic flow. A. implications B. dedications C. applications D. obligations 参考答案 :implications
  65. The use of solar energy will probably the lives of coming generations. A. modernize B. innovate C. renew D. revolutionize 参考答案 :revolutionize
  66. The of the company has resulted in a lack of cash flow. A. expansion B. invasion C. expedition D. application 参考答案 :expansion

  67. We made a(n) deal with the American company on the imported products at the price contracted. A. dominant B. applicable C. drastic D. lucrative 参考答案 :lucrative
  68. He had studied Spanish before he left Mexico and had grown up in New York City -- the most culturally place in America. A. adverse B. reverse C. diverse D. converse 参考答案 :diverse
  69. This project is only if we implement it in cooperation with a big company. A. realistic B. feasible C. appropriate D. reasonable 参考答案 :feasible
  70. The accident is a grim reminder of dangers in South Sea oil production and we must keep alert. A. intentional B. additional C. proportional D. potential 参考答案 :potential
  71. Mary felt betrayed, but with less consequence when Mr. Jones transferred his topic to the baseball tournamen



   G rade 4 U nit 1 TTFFTFTFFTFFTTTTFTTT The London : strictly castle trading conquered authorized votes refusals admitted Permission eventually American pilots : intends routine assault involving aimed waters launched civilian substantial precisely & ...

Grade 4英语学习大厅答案

   Grade 4 Unit 1 TTFFTFTFFT FFTTTTFTTT The London : strictly castle trading conquered authorized votes refusals admitted Permission eventually American pilots : intends routine assault involving aimed waters launched civilian substantial precisely &q ...


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   韦博国际英语背景 韦博国际英语于 1998 年秉承“为中国人提供更好、更快捷学 习英语方法”的宗旨来到中国,独创的“三阶段多元学习法” , 结合全球知名的英语学习系统开发者和领导者??来自美国 硅谷的先进教学软件历经 20 年在全球 70 多个国家成功的实践 经验, 并在中国经济最活跃的上海、沈阳、广州、大连、重 庆、杭州、宁波、无锡、南京、乌鲁木齐、苏州、常州、温州、 厦门…… 等地开办了 85 所英语培训中心。 韦博教学理念 韦博英语培训学校,独特的多元化的教学模式:先进的多媒体 +外教 ...


   学英语,练听力,上听力课堂! 学英语,练听力,上听力课堂!到能飞英语 www.langfly.com 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 一、名词词组和固定搭配 1.介词+名词 by accident 偶然 on account of 因为,由于,为了……的缘故 in addition to 另外,加之 in addition 除…之外(还) in the air 流传中 on (the/an) average 按平均值,通常 on the basis ...

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   Part Bhttp://user.qzone.qq.com/745416816 Text 1 Exercise 1: 1. c 2. a 3.b Exercise 2: 1. She suggested that her husband spend more time with his mother. She said to her husband, "Life is too short, but you need to spend time with the people yo ...


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   英语测试卷 2011/4/30 一、选择题。20% 选择题。 ( ) 1 I am some photos. A send B sends C sending D sent ( ) 2 He can basketball very well. A play B played C plays D playing ( ) 3 Come and us. A to help B helped C helping D help ( ) 4 Can you help me? A Sorry, I can ...


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   阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 高一英语学习资料 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn 高一英语阅读理解专讲专练含答案及解析六 扩大视幅: 扩大视幅: 扩大视幅是高效阅读的一种技巧,它是指在阅读过程中,我们要扩大眼睛在 阅读材料上每停留一次所能感知的文字的广度.阅读的过程,实际上是一个积极 思维,迅速将文字符号转换为词义的过程.一般说来,我们的视幅总长度可达到 4-5 厘米. 所以我们在阅读过程中, 要尽可能扩大视线在文章每一 ...


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   常用g?用??英???^S/之一 American Accounting Association 美Wg?STg American Institute of CPAs 美W?;Q?g?^+STg Audit [? Balance sheet ??"??P当 Bookkeepking 簿? Cash flow prospects s鹆髁?n, Certificate in Internal Auditing Qg部[??IfCertificate in Management Accountin ...