Unit 1 How to be a Successful Language Learner Text A Learning to Think All Over Again
1 substituted 2 analogy 3 represented 4 associated 5 challenge 6 converted 7 concept 8 reduced 9 image 10 bundles 11 choose 12 pointed 13 instead 14 various 1 get away from 2 put together 3 getting into 4 broken into 5 a great deal 6 Over and over again 7 depend on 1 took 2 go 3 take 4 go 5 go 1 what caused the fire 2 what site of shoe your father wears 3 what looked like a ball 4 what our family and friends do for us 5 what she had bought for his birthday

Translation 翻译
  1.What the boy likes to do most is putting together building blocks.
  2.In terms of previous working experience, John is the best choice for this position.
  3.My physics teacher often uses analogy to explain some difficult concepts.
  4.With the help of his family and friends, Tom build up his publishing business bit by bit.
  5.Linda was not able to go to that famous college, but she planned to start all over again rather than give up the challenge.
  6.This company has a very good public image. People always associate its product with high quality and good service. Text B Learning Grammar by "Feel" 1 recognized 2 later on 3 fall back on 4 slightest 5 alternative 6 figure out 7 conviced 8 complicated 9 struck terror into 10 oral 11 sound 12 Follow 13 doubts 14 master 1 然而,对于一个正在学习母语的三岁孩子来说,语法一点儿也不可怕,因为他能在不知不觉中掌握它。 2 虽然我的同事们并不信服(这种新方法的效果),但还是同意让我尝试一下,因为他们知道万一我的方 法失败了,过后他们总有机会再去教那些规则。3 但是另一组学生只能依赖规则,所以就得用心去琢磨每 一个句子。4 这使他们相信,至少对一些学生来说,除了讲解语法之外,口头练习也是一种不错的选择。
Unit 2 Parents Text A A Father, a Son and an Answer
1 back and forth 2 destination 3 terminals 4 distinction 5 are not supposed to 6 bet 7 rotten 8 racial 9 board 10 inexpensive 11 delight 12 ride 13 pretended 14 increasing 15 valuable 1 come up with 2 turned out 3 hold on to 4 take over 5 picked up speed 6 head for 1 reboarded 2 invaluable 3 inarguably 4 interracial 5 unlikely
Text B Father and Biscuits 1 oversleeping 2 disappointed 3 grades 4 parental 5 figure 6 fuss 7 have it in for 8 sack 9 attitude 10 come by 11 changed 1 有趣的是,当我们的年龄渐长的时候,我们对父母的看法会改变。 2 他们逼着我们吃蔬菜,我们还不想睡就逼着我们上床,对我们的成绩大惊小怪,教训我们…这一切都是 因为他们真的爱我们。 3 当我转弯要开过他的房子时,我看到一个身影站在寒天的雨中,手里拿着一个袋子。 4 是表达感激之情的时候了。感谢父母的爱,感谢这世界上最纯真的爱。
Unit 3 Children's Education Text A We're All Here to Learn
1 mechanic 2 confused 3 qualified 4 interview 5 scarce 6 outstanding 7 severe 8 license 9 elementary 10 transferred 11 praise 12 arrive 13 is settled 14 officially 15 roll 1 close down 2 mop up 3 get by 4 out of the question 5 talk … over 6 get in the way 1 traveling around the globe by air 2 eating more apples and vegetables 3 Going to work on foot 4 Saving energy 5 Learning to rid the bicycle Text B A Teacher's Story 1 clumsily 2 exclaimed 3 took delight in 4 slumped 5 spray 6 bold 7 took pains 8 has affected 9 wrap 10 withdrawn 11 noticed 12 required 13 ashamed 14 was missing 1 实际上,汤普森夫人常常用一支粗粗的红笔来批改他的试卷,划上大大的叉,在试卷上端写下大大的 “F”(不及格),并以此为乐。 2 按照汤普森夫人所在学校的规定,她必须查阅每个孩子的档案记录。 3 学生给她带来了圣诞礼物,这些礼物都用鲜艳的纸包着,还扎上美丽的丝带,只有泰迪的除外。这时她 感到更难受了。4 她看到是一个手链,上面的一些宝石已经脱落了,还有一瓶香水,里面的香水只剩下四 分之一。一些孩子见此情形开始大笑起来。
Unit 4 The Generation Gap Text A My Daughter, My Friend
1 apology 2 responded 3 relationship 4 abilities 5 argument 6 spilled 7 mood 8 tradition 9 tremendous 10 rudely 11 touched 12 fail 1 figure out 2 pull … through 3 bring out 4 added to 5 light up 6 at least 7 a touch of Text B Dear Daughter 1 sparkled 2 temptation 3 harm 4 robbed … of 5 hidden 6 familiar 7 alcohol 8 wisdom 9 drug 10 humor 11 excited 12 sharing 13 choices 1 当你为某事兴奋不已并希望和我分享这事的时候,你的眼睛里就闪烁着喜悦的光芒,我会怀念你这样的 表情。 2 在汽车撞上墙壁的那个夜晚,一切都戛然而止。
3 我们美丽的宝贝如今只剩下一个失去了灵魂的躯壳。 4 智慧就是学会面对这些诱惑,想想上帝和父母会让你怎样做,然后说“不”。
Unit 9
Text A Vocabulary 1 crippled 2 bare 3 porter 4 ignored 5 rubbed 6 coaching 7 treatment 8 retire 9 discipline 10 senior 11 encouraged/had encouraged 12 is supported 13 suffered 1 retire from 2 died of 3 lives on 4 qualified for 5 learned about 6 looked up to Text B 1 private 2 resigned 3 is researching 4 injured 5 established 6 disaster 7 comfort 8 due to 9 following 10 has served/served 11 equal, equal 12 insist 13 has provided/provides 1 她医治受伤的宠物,又照顾从谷仓顶上摔下来而受伤的弟弟。 2 他们想少付她工资,因为她是女性,但她坚持要他们付给她与男性职员相同 的工资。 3 她请求人们捐钱资助,并开始用床单和毛巾做成绷带给伤员使用。 4 克拉拉.巴顿这一位妇女的奉献及慷慨施助产生了深远的影响。 Unit 10 1 vision 2 advantage 3 symptom 4 barely 5 contrast 6 exception 7 formative 8 despair / despairing 9 quit 10 origin 11 promise 12 medicine 13 ordinary 14 are/were/have been hired 1 turned down 2 feel like 3 far from 4 fired with 5 care for 6 mix up Text B
1 risk 2 willpower 3 creative 4 consequences 5 leading to 6 have accepted 7 assessed 8 craft 9 explored 10 ambition 11 introduce 12 has combined 1 激情是一种能激发有创造力的人的东西。 2 我知道的成功人士,都能够评估并承担风险,并且接受由此而引发的后果, 不管是成功还是失败。 3 坚持需要自律。自律就是去做你知道应该做的事情,即使你不想做它。 4 这个工具还可以用来探索人生,在你灵魂深处寻求你活在这个世上的理由。 Unit 11 Vocabulary 1 intensive 2 leisurely 3 occasion 4 landed 5 stacks 6 Reluctant 7 swaying 8 took in 9 pulled into 1o unloading 11 beats/beat 12 beside 1 stay put 2 go easy on 3 made a point to 4 pulled away from/pulled into 5 put...on 6 pay...off 7 do... a favor Usage 1 are to complete the task 2 is to be built close to Shanghai 3 are not to tell him 4 are to be taken twice a day 5 is to meet in January Text B 1 necessity 2 Polls 3 putting aside 4 Fill out 5 recommend 6 expense 7 applications 8 stability 9 expectations 10 employed 11 labor 1 夏天已经正式来临。对大多数青少年来说这意味着他们不用上学,并有很多 空余时间??用来打工。
2 我从每次收到的工资支票中取出 10-50%,把这钱存起来,以后上大学用。 3 研究表明,如果青少年有早期工作经验的话,他们就会得到较高的工资和较 为稳定的工作。 4 这些窍门包括:了解可能雇佣你的雇主的期望、获得较好的学习成绩以及学 会填写求职申请表。 Unit 12 Vocabulary 1 briefly 2 circumstances 3 violently 4 recruits 5 enquiries 6 qualifications 7 magnificent 8 reacted 9 brutal 10 Otherwise 11 entire 12 supply 1 blown up 2 face up to 3 get over 4 sent for 5 make sure 6 in recognition of Text B 1 detailed 2 response 3 amazing 4 apart 5 clean out 6 lived through 7 passed...on 8 tough 9 correspondence 10 guess 11 distance 1 母亲海伦.维西斯科拉会给当兵的儿子们回信,姐妹们也会给他们回信。 2 这是一个因战争而分离的家庭建立的传递消息与情感的网络。 3 因时间而发黄变旧的信笺和笔记本纸上详细地叙述了这几个兄弟的日常生 活。 4 “我不知道她怎么熬过来的。她能熬过来真令人惊讶,我想是那些信件使她 坚持了下来,”拉尔夫说道。
Unit 1
Word Building X. a heated discussion 热烈的讨论 colored flags 彩旗 a pigtailed girl 大辫子姑娘 a gifted musician 有天赋的音乐家 a bearded old man 长了胡子的老人 a pointed roof 尖屋顶 an experienced teacher 有经验的老师 an aged woman 上了年纪的老妇人 a skilled worker 熟练工人 a diseased plant 生病的植物
Structure XI. During the time that, As long as, Although, as long as, Whereas, Although, Whereas, Although
Cloze Part A host, heated, argument, impulse, tone, shortly, emerged, slam, crawled, crisis Part B corner, attention noticed, shining, directed, There, bed, snake, its, feet, from, however, do, as, forward, neither, still, if through, floor, pulling, under, cried, out, to, where, made, eyes
  1. 她砰地关上门,一声不吭地走了,他们间那场争执就此结束。
Their argument ended when she slammed the door and left without a word.

The guest at the dinner party were slightly surprised at the commanding tone of the American.

Johnny has outgrown the fear of staying at home alone.

当全部乘客都向出口处走去时,他却独自留在座位上,好象不愿意离开这架飞机似的 。
While all the other passengers made for the exit, he alone remained in his seat as if unwilling to leave the plane.

The letter is to be handed to Dr. Wilson himself.

While she felt like joining in the argument, Nancy was too shy to open her mouth.

你觉得什么时候最有可能在家里找到他 。
What do you think is the likeliest time to find him at home?

猎人一看见有只狐狸从树丛中出现并向他设下的陷阱方向跑去,脸上顿时闪出了兴奋的表情 。
The hunter’s face (was) lit up with excitement as soon as he saw a fox emerge from among the bushes and run in the direction of/ make for the trap he had laid.
Reading Activity Exercise C
  1.那是 9 月初的一天,天气凉爽晴朗,很适合赛跑,我在
  10.5 英里赛跑的途中,才跑了最初几英里。 整个赛程要穿越陡峭的、令人精疲力竭的座座山丘。
  2.因为速度适宜,于是我决定保持现在的位置,既然对于我来说,她是那么好的领跑者,我为什么还要 担心速度呢?
Unit 2
Word Building X. a wait-and-see attitude 等着瞧的态度 a life-and-death stuggle 生死搏斗 a down-to-earth spirit 求实精神 an out-and-out lie 彻头彻尾的谎言
an out-of-the-way mountain village 偏僻的山村 a face-to-face talk 面对面谈话 a divide-and-rule policy 分而治之的政策 up-to-date machine 最新式机器 word-for-word translation 逐字翻译 a never-to-be-forgotten night 永远不会忘记的夜晚 XI. self-conscious 害羞的,不自然的 self-sufficient 自给自足的,傲慢的 self-educated 自学的 self-respecting 自尊,自重 self-supporting 自立的 self-made 自己做的,个人奋斗的
Cloze Part A action, personal, source, obtain, educated, origin, agreement, go, conflict, constantly, acted on, left behind Part B
before, aged, following, Now, lying, for, that, as, in, that, might, life, away, saved, was, given, does, the, done, more, in, and
  1. 会上有人建议任命一个十一人委员会来制定新章程。
It was suggested at the meeting that a committee of 11 be appointed to make a new constitution.

这些青年科学家通过现场观察,获得了研究工作所需的第一手资料 。
By making on-the-spot observation, the young scientist obtained first-hand information they needed in their research work.

他很可能会因视力不好而被拒收入伍 。
It is very likely that he will be rejected by the army because of his bad eyesight.

The committee members have conflicting opinions as to the best location of the new airport.

  5. 亨利创作的艺术品在许多方面比他兄弟的要好。 Henry’s works of art are superior in many respects to those of his brother’s.

  6. 我们产品质量的稳步提高在很大程度上是由于设备有所改进。 The steady rise in the quality of our products owes much to the improvement of our equipment.

  7. 吉姆本想按照自己的判断行事,但他没有这样做,因为作为军人他得服从命令 。 Jim would have preferred to act on hi



   汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 Tom ( was ) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Young’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye. 2. 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以用语言表达的爱和骄傲。 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以 ...

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   1. 他们对业余剧社的介绍给索菲留下了深刻的印象,于是她就报了名。(Amateur Dramatics; sign up for) Suggested answer: Their introduction of Amateur Dramatics impressed Sophie so much that she signed up for it. 2. 网络教育为全职人员提供了利用业余时间接受继续教育的机会。(work full time) Suggested answer: Online ...


   Unit 1 1。 无论你是多么富有经验的演说家,无论你做了多么充分的准备,你都很难再这样嘈杂的招待会上发表演讲(no matter how) No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception. 2. 就像吉米妹妹的朋友都关心吉米一样 ...


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   Unit4 IX Translation Chinese to English 1. For most parents, the decision to send children abroad for study is made after careful thinking. They will try to have everything worked out before their children leave. 2. Jack has only been working for t ...


   Part Bhttp://user.qzone.qq.com/745416816 Text 1 Exercise 1: 1. c 2. a 3.b Exercise 2: 1. She suggested that her husband spend more time with his mother. She said to her husband, "Life is too short, but you need to spend time with the people yo ...


   Unit1 一种真正的市场型理模式很快成为可能。 在信息空间, 我们将能够检验并完善所需要的管理 制度知识产权制度、服务内容与使用权的控制制度、个人隐私权与自由言论制度等。有 些群体允许任何人加入, 而有些则只允许符合这样或那样条件的人加入。 能够自持的群体会 兴旺发展(或许也会因为志趣与身份日趋特殊,而发展成为几个分支) 。有些群体或因为成 员失去兴趣,或因为成员被吓跑而不能幸存下来,他们将渐渐委琐消亡。 Unit2 一旦问题得到理解, 情况自然有所改善。 那些通常因丈夫不倾听或不谈论每天 ...


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   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 2004 年全国卷Ⅰ 全国卷Ⅰ 假设你是李华,你在报上看到北京电视台今年七月将举办外国人“学中文, 唱中文歌”才艺 大赛。你的美国朋友 Peter 正在北京一所大学学中文,你觉得他应去试一试。请按以下要点给 他写信告知此事,并表示可以提供帮助。 比赛时间:7 月 18 日 报名时间:截止到 6 月 30 日 报名地点:北京电视台 注意: 1.词数:100 左右 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 3.参考词汇:才艺大赛?talent show ...


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