大学英语写作范文 Writing
Directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the given topic. You should write at least 120 words according to the situation given either in Chinese or in English:
  1. A Letter of Complaints 你发现上月电话帐单上的费用比平时高出许多, 写信给电信局要求对方核对 帐单费用。 A Letter of Complaint August 7, 2006 Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter in the hope that you may check my telephone bill of last month for me. I received my telephone bill of last month the day before yesterday, and I could not believe that the supposed payment is unexpectedly higher than ever. First of all, some payments are added to the bill for several special services, such as the service of international call and informative call, which I have not applied for or registered. Besides, I never connect my computer with the Internet at home, therefore, there should not have been the payment for “Digital Communication”. So would you please check the telephone bill recording system for me?Please let me know if there is problem with it. I’m looking forward to your reply soon. Yours Truly, Wang Cheng
  2. A Letter of Rejection 你公司决定拒绝一位女士(Ms. Green)的求职,因为她缺乏所需知识和经 验。经理让你(Albert Smith)写一封回绝信,说明公司的决定并表达一定的同 情。 A Letter of Rejection June 28,2006 Dear Ms. Green, Thank you for your application last week and we’ve read your resume carefully and have a good idea of your qualification. In this job, however, experience counts for more than paper qualification. We are regretful to inform you that we cannot offer you the job of clerk-typist for the moment because we need someone with more office experience for this particular position. You have impressed us, however, with your desire to learn and your ability to work hard. We hope that you would apply for a position with our company sometime in the future. We would like to see you again after you have gained on-the-job experience. Thank you for your considering our company again. Please contact us if there are further questions.
Yours Sincerely, Albert Smith
  3. A Letter of Asking for Recommendation Directions: You are asked to write a letter about 120 words to your professor, Mr.Black, asking him to recommend you for a position of marketing clerk. Please express your reason clearly. You do not need to write the address. Dear Mr. Black, I am writing this letter to ask for your help with my recommendation since I am seeking the position of marketing clerk of a large company. The manager of that company is satisfied with my presentation at the interview and requires recommendation to be attached to my academic performance in the college. As my teacher, you know me well enough during my four years’ study in this university. That is the first reason I’d like you to recommend me for the position. What’s more, I think I am well qualified for the position I seek. I always rank among the top students in my grade, have passed CET-6 and obtained a certificate of intermediate computer skills. I believe I can be a good candidate worthy of your recommendation. Thank you. Yours Respectfully, Peter
  4. A Letter in Reply to a Friend 你的朋友要参加大学英语四级口语考试, 给你的朋友写一封信就如何提高英 语口语写一下自己的学习心得。 Dear Li Ming, I am glad to hear from you since we haven’t seen each other for a long time. In your letter you told me you were going to take the oral exam next week. I passed the exam last year and it is my pleasure to tell you something about how to improve oral English. To be self-confident is an essential factor for doing anything, so it is with improving your spoken English. If you are afraid to make mistakes you may prefer to say nothing rather than speak English incorrectly, then you lose a lot of opportunities to improve it. It will also be very helpful if you could find someone to study together with. A good partner of conversation will greatly stimulate your interests in talking in English. Last but not least, as an old saying goes “practice makes perfect”, the more you practice the better your spoken English would be. All the best with you. Especially, I’ll cross my fingers for you when you take exam. Yours, XXX
  5. Notice of a Lecture Directions:
  1. 学生会举办讲座的原因
  2. 讲座的内容、时间、地点

  3. 参加讲座的意义 This time of year most students are focused on meeting new friends, joining new activities and upcoming classes. Thoughts of the past easily drift away while future exploits receive the most attention. But as you busy yourself with the new semester, pause a moment to remember the famous writer, Lu Xun, who would have celebrated his 124th birthday today. In commemoration of this great man’s life, the Book Club has organized a guest speaker from Peking University to come speak to students about some of Lu Xun’s unpublished memoirs. The lecture will be in Classroom 204 in the main building, starting at 7:00 pm. Such an academic lecture might not seem like the most appealing way to spend a Friday evening, but it promises to be an evening that will both entertain and inform even the most seasoned students of Chinese history.
  6. A Letter of Application Directions:
  1. 你自身的条件
  2. 你对自己想得到的工作的描述 Dear Sir/Madam, I’m a college graduate seeking opportunities to work for your company. I have obtained a bachelor’s degree in management science / international trade, proficient at English, both written and spoken. My academic achievement ranks among top ten of one hundred graduate students in my university. I have been working for our student union for over three years. As a boy, I love playing football and basketball, organizing such matches both in spring and autumn, very popular with my fellow students. Moreover, I have kept doing a part-time job in a medium-sized company in Beijing for years, working in sales department. I would accept a job in either marketing or human resources management, for I not only have specialized in these two fields but also have interest in them. My wages are expected to range from 2000 to 4,500 yuan each month, excluding the Social Security. Of course, it is desirable that your company provide me with a small room. I hope you will give preference to my application and give me a chance to prove that I am worth more than you pay me. Sincerely yours Peter Chen
  7.Travel-mate Wanted 假期即将到来,你打算做一次为期三周的旅行,希望找个外国朋友作为游伴 (Travel-mate) 。拟一个寻游伴的启示,交代清楚日程安排、费用分担情况、对对 方的要求,说明对方和你一起出游的好处。 Travel-mate Wanted I'm a 19-year-old female sophomore named Fu Ping. I hereby earnestly invite a foreign young lady?college student preferred?to make a three C week touring trip
with me. My plan is to set off next weekend, when the summer vacation officially begins. The first stop is Kunming, the world-renowned city for its beauty and mild temperature. We'll get there by train and stay there for 2 days, and then we'll head for Jinggangshan, a former revolutionary base as well as a natural beauty spot. After a 3-day visit there, we will take a long-distance coach to a nearby port city by the Changjiang River and board a downstream ship to Shanghai, so that we can enjoy the great scenery alongside the third longest river in the world. As everybody knows, Shanghai is the busiest and fastest developing city in China. I'd like to have a look at its prosperity, so the stay there will be about half a week. And a famous Chinese saying goes, "Just as there is Paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on Earth ", so a 4-day visit to these two cities near Shanghai is must. All together, our trip will last about three weeks. I only expect that my travel-mate could split the expenses with me and talk with me in beautiful English, and I would be an excellent guide for her since I major in tourist guiding. Those interested please contact me either through email (fuping@1
  26.com) or phone call (522222
  21) .

  8.Asking for Leave of Absence Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled Asking for Leave of Absence. You should write at least 120 words according to the following guidelines: Your name and role: Sam, a sophomore in English Class Two Your Foreign Teacher's name: Ms. Riddle Incident: you cannot come to her class for some reason Task: write her a note, asking for leave of absence Asking for Leave of Absence To: Ms. Riddle, my dear Oral English teacher From: Sam, a respectful sophomore student of yours in Oral English Class Two Date: January 8, 2005 Subject: Asking for Leave of Absence Dear Ms. Riddle, I would like to know if I could ask for a casual leave of absence from your Oral English class this Wednesday morning. Yesterday evening I got a phone call from my cousin, who is now running a small firm in suburbs of this city. He needs an interpreter for two days but cannot find the most reliable person, so he wants me to have a try. Personally, I regard this as a golden opportunity to put what I have learned in your class into practice, but I need your permission of absence. If you think I may go and help him get over the difficulty, I am confident that I 'll do a good job and both of us will grateful.
Earnestly yours, Sam
  9.A letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus 就本校食堂的状况给校长写一封信 假设你是李明,请你就本校食堂的状况给校长写一封信,内容应设计食堂的 饭菜质量、价格、环境、服务等,可以是表扬,可以是批评建议,也可以兼而有 之。 January
  12. 2002 Dear Mr. President, My name is Li Ming. I am a sophomore of the law school. As the school year is drawing to a close, I venture to write a letter to you about the canteen service on campus which has given rise to much complaint among students. The focus of the complaint is the poor quality of the food. The rice is just like bullets and the buns are like hand grenades. They are too hard for us to chew. And the vegetables are so overcooked as to lose their nutrients. The fish and meat are not given full measure. The only thing we are satisfied with is the free soup. However, the price of the food is surprisingly high. If we have 3 meals all in the canteen, at least twelve yuan is gone to keep our body and soul together. As a result, many of us go out to have meals. Honestly speaking, the dining environment has been improved, with the wall painted and some Chinese calligraphy works posted up. But there are only two canteens on the campus. As the number of students is ever increasing, there is not enough space and seats to allow us to have our meals there. The attitude of the service staff to the students is not hospitable at all. All in all, there is still much room for improvement as far as the canteen service is concerned. I hope we will not suffer for another two years. Best regards. Sincerely Yours Li Ming
  10. 一封关于考试复习的建议信 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter of about 120-150 words to your cousin. In the letter, you should give him some advice how to prepare for the college entrance examination he is going to take next month. Dear Xiao Yan, Your entrance examination is drawing near now, and I expect you to be very busy preparing for it and a little nervous. But I believe that you will do well. As a good friend of yours and survivor of the exam, I am going to give you a few practical hints. It is no good to go on studying until the last minute of examination. What you need in the exam is a clear mind. If you tire yourself out before the examination, you will not be mentally and physically ready for it. So a day or two before the
examination just relax-leave your books shut and try some other things: get out into the open air; do some physical exercises; see a film; have fun. When you take the exam, don't feel nervous. Breathe deeply and picture yourself performing well in all the tests. Then, read the questions through carefully and thoughtfully, and put your answer down to paper. Last, you should pay attention to the time. Keep an eye on the clock and allot appropriate time to each section. I hope all these suggestions will be helpful to you. Best wishes for your success. Yours affectionately
  11.写一封信咨询商业法课程 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition of about 120-150 words. Write a letter to the Law Department in a university to apply for the M.A. course of business law. Dear Sir or Madam: I read with great interest the information of graduate studies in your university. I am particularly interested in the course of business law. I am writing to apply for the M.A. course of business law beginning in October, 20
  03. I am a student of the Law School of ABC University where I have had four years' study of civil law, criminal law, administrative law, environmental law, constitutional law, business law and many other subjects. During those four years in college, I have passed all the required courses of study with satisfactory marks. Enclosed herewith is a certified copy of my



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