目标明确 材料地道 实际动笔
An Example --“What is it made of?” --“It is made of Miss Hen’s son.” spinach (a kind of green vegetable rich in iron) villa (a rich person’s large house)
注意搭配 注意衔接(cohesive devices, coordinators) 注意词序、语序
About connectors
Time & Place after, before, during, later, meanwhile, Comparison & Contrast Addition Cause & Effect
next, first, earlier, when, where… similarly, but, not so…as, on the other hand, on the contrary, in contrast… in addition to, furthermore, moreover, too, also, and… because (of), due to (the fact that), owing to, as a result (of), therefore, so, consequently, thus, since…
About connectors
Categories Purpose Condition & Concession Summary & Restatement Others
so that, in order to/that, so as to if, despite, although, though, even though, in spite of, however, in short, in a word, in brief, in conclusion, on the whole, generally, not only…but also, (n) either…(n) or, so…that, such…that, so…as to
注意分段 开宗明义 善始善终 写完检查
观点鲜明的开头 紧扣主题的结尾 有主题句并且衔接自然的中间段落
A Sample
Some people think that certain numbers will bring good luck to them. Numbers such as six, eight, sixteen and eighteen are regarded as lucky numbers. There are also people who think that their success is related to certain numbers. However, some other people think numbers have nothing to do with their luck. They believe in their own rather than “lucky numbers”. They don't do things according to certain numbers. As far as I am concerned, I think it is a person's own business whether he believes in a certain number or not. The most important thing is that he has done the work by himself and has done it quite well. As to the belief in numbers, it is their personal choice.
nowadays modern seller society 不规则动词,如:occur organize on the one hand, on the other hand last but not least create
people?person healthy?health wealthy?wealth greedy--greed thirsty?thirst difficult?difficulty modest?modesty discover?discovery every day?everyday all above?above all the Chinese?Chinese maybe?may be competent?competitive efficient?effective everyone?every one at last?last so?neither in all?all in all past?passed cross?across along?alone normal?average sometime?some time? sometimes?some times make friends with?associate with?come into/keep/make/be in contact with believe?believe in take note of?take notes
welcome such as, for example, like beat/strike/hit/punch easy?easily easy?uneasy most plenty wish life study/walk/ride/talk/work fall/fell/feel well listen to south/north as与with引导时间状语 happen?happen to do (chance to do) occur?occur to sb. die?dead?death hard (work, worker, working) same?the same
benefit?beneficial apology?apologize everywhere like象(unlike) prep.?like 爱(dislike) v. success?succeed?successful
as is known to all, there is no denying the fact that…不可否认 (it’s) no wonder that…难怪, 不足为怪 there is no doubt that…毫无疑问,绝对 if only要是……就好了,但愿……
标题的大写规则 专有名词:如街道名、商店名、地名、人名 的书写规则 e.g. SiChuan Province, Wanglili 四季不要大写

时态不一 选用错误时态: if引导的条件状语从句一般现在时表将来 记叙文体或其它文体的回忆部分所用时态 虚拟语气中时态的使用 Newly graduated from the No. 2 High School, I have taken culture and history courses.
on/at weekends on weekdays enthusiasm/enthusiastic about/for outlook on sth. view of/on/about sth. provide/supply sb. with sth. provide/supply sth. for sb. ask/want to do on campus have experience in/of/with vote for/against sb. on the eve of staple food invite sb. to dinner/a meal/a party thank sb. for sth. fulfill/keep/break/lose one’s appointment acquire/obtain/get knowledge
for us Chinese we students
We laugh and talk, to forget all the painful experiences. We sit together, to watch TV and chat with our parents. We have a chance to return to my home far away, seeing my parents. There are many people learn English in China today.
My favorite holiday is the Spring Festival, which is the most traditional holiday in China. The Giant Panda, which originated/was found in Sichuan Province, is a rare and precious animal. Most of us like snacks, that’s not a good habit.
ladies and gentlemen boy and girl man and woman right and left northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast you, he and I(中文:你我他) 地名 cheer up yourself
字母u, a, v; r和v 标点符号
very love because…, so…
happy healthy
Thirty percent of my classmates cook for themselves instead of their parents. We all eat rice including the north people. My classmates are just like the most of the Chinese. …that is too fast for ordinary college students.
We had a questionnaire in class. There’s some difference and similarity between them. In the morning, eggs and milk are necessary. Each of us will take it for nutrition. When we go home, cooking supper by themselves is a normal thing for some students.
In a word, we have a good eating habit, we could be healthy and strong.
Back at home, their parents prepared meals for them because they love their children.
some people thinks… He don’t believe… 1 hours There are more similarity than difference. many a people, a great many person
Now I will tell something about the eating habits of my classmates…(Here are the results/finding of the discussion/my interview with…)
A person with pessimism has a tendency to have a feeling that bad things will happen.
英文与中文标点种类的区别 英文与中文标点用法的区别 一些标点的特殊用法 Take …for example. Take…as an example. If only….
nurser dry-nurser nanny nursermaid babysitter governess
homemaker housekeeper housemaid domestic helper servant server
I like drinking some coffee in the morning in order to make myself sane in class. (wide-awake, clear-minded, sober)
adj. a welcome guest 受欢迎的客人 You are welcome to join us. 我们非常乐意邀请你加入我们。 You are welcome to the use of my car. n. gave the stranger an unfriendly welcome. 对那位陌生人的接待很不友好 Don‘t overstay your welcome.不要因呆得太久而不再受欢迎。 v. The king was welcomed by large crowds. They welcomed me to their home.
for example, such as, like, namely
for example作“例如”讲时,一般只以同类事物或人中的“一个”为例, 作插入语,用逗号隔开,可置于句首、句中或句末。 For example,air is invisible. He,for example,is a good student. such as也作为“例如”讲,用来列举同类人或事物中的几个例子。 Some of the European languages come from Latin,such as French,Italian and Spanish. 有些欧洲语言来源于拉丁语,例如,法语、意大利语和西班牙语。 Boys such as John and James are very friendly. like也常用来表示举例,可与such as互换。但such as用于举例可以分开使用, 此时不可与like互换。 Some warm-blooded animals,like/such as the cat,the dog or the wolf,do not need to hibernate. 一些温血动物,像猫、狗和狼都不需要冬眠。 He has several such reference books as dictionaries and handbooks. 注意 使用such as来举例子,只能举出其中的一部分,一般不能全部举出。若全 部举出,要改用namely(意为“即”)。 He knows four languages,namely Chinese,English,Russian and French. 他精通四门语言,即汉语、英语、俄语和法语。
beat, hit, strike
The bullet hit the police officer in the shoulder. 枪射中了警官的肩膀。 She struck her knee against the desk. 她用膝盖撞桌子。
错误类 g: a grammatical mistake 语法错误 t: a tense mistake 时态错误 a: disagreement 一致性错误 p: wrong part of speech 词性错误 u: usage mistake 用法错误 m/?: unclear or confusing meaning 意义含混不清 r: unclear reference 指代不清 s: a spelling mistake 拼写错误 collo: discollocation 搭配错误 idio: not idiomatic 不地道/中式英语 c: comma splice 熔句错误
提示类 u: an uncountable noun 不可数名词 c: a countable noun 可数名词 修改类 /: split the word into two 分成两句 ○: combine the two words into one 合成一句 其它类 ☆: a good usage 精彩用法或表述 ?: 误改之处



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