英语应用文写作教学课件(示范) 英语应用文写作教学课件(示范)
课程编号: 课程编号:12x5003 教学课件:Week 11 教学课件
Review Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Memos, Agenda & Minutes of a Meeting Telegrams, Telexes
Review: Form
  1) in the form of a letter: directed outward to announce changes in the address/ phone number, or in executive personnel, to announce the establishment of new branches, the change in product prices, etc.
  2) in the form of a notice: directed inward to cover a wider range of topics.
  3) in the form of a broadcast: delivered on emergent occasions. Announcement Body Name of the Unit [1] Weekday, Date
Attention: Another place for “Name of the Unit” is above the body. Notice/Note Lost Body?? Contact Signature Date [1]
Attention: Another place for “Date” is above the body.
Review: Content
Specify “who, what, why, when, where and how” to inspire the expected response.
Rule of Relevancy Review: Language Be concise and precise. Attention to the integration of formality and emotion of language. Study the following instances and consider the use of pronouns and impersonal structures. 1a We are pleased to inform you that on account of rapid increase in the volume of our trade with New York, we have decided to open a new branch at 314 Broadway with Mr. Li Xiao-gang in charge. 1b It is a great pleasure to inform you that approved by the Board of Directors the Personnel Department has decided to appoint you the secretary of General Manager. 2a We are so sorry to inform you that due to the present economic depression, the board of directors has decided to dismiss some employees from their posts, and you are one among them. 2b We regret to inform you that we have received no reply to our letter in which we asked for settlement of our account sent to you on June
  20. 3a We inform you that the business hitherto carried on in the name if J. B. & Co. will be continued under the style of Jack Black & Company, Limited. 3b This is to announce the establishment of Hunan Trading Company in this city for the purpose of carrying on import and export business as well as other activities in connection with foreign trade. 3c It is hereby proclaimed that the Board of Directors has decided to appoint Ms Liu Ling secretary of the management. Activity 1 Directions: Read the criteria of “good announcement” listed below. Then form pairs and examine your partner’s announcements. Point out the problems, if any, to him/her. A good announcement should specify all the relevant details concerning who, what, why, when, where and how; be clear and precise in language; be complete yet concise in content; provide explanation for unusual or unexpected happenings. Activity 2 Directions: Please fill in the blanks with appropriate words. Tom, As you , we are planning to a new branch in Guangzhou. We need an experienced executive to set up the operation and after serious consideration, the board 0f agreed that you are the ideal person this challenging . We hope you would accept this . If you are to accept, please come to my office on Friday 3:00 pm and I would to discuss further with you. Very yours, Mary Green
Attention: This is less formal. Activity 3 Directions: Please translate the following announcement into English.
致: 全体推销员 主题: 年终销售会议 发自: 秘书林洁 2003 年度最后一次销售会议将于 12 月 28 日星期五上午 10 点至下午 5 点在总公司举行。 将供应午餐。 议程将于 11 月底寄出。如果你有任何议题需要提出,请于 11 月 26 日前寄给我。 如果你无法出席,请于 12 月 1 日前打电话至 86883
  99。 非常感谢。
To: All salesmen Subject: The Year-end Sales Meeting From: Lin Jie, Secretary The concluding sales meeting for 2003 will be held on Friday, December 28th from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm at the Head Office. Lunch will be provided. The agenda will be mailed by the end of November. If you have any items to be included, please forward them to me by November 28th. If you are unable to attend, please call 8688399 not later than December 1st. Thank you very much.
Type 2 Memos, Agenda & Minutes of a Meeting
A memorandum is an informal document usually short and on a single subject calling attention to or reminding the recipient of something important. It serves as an exchanging of information between departments within a business or official agency or between agencies for the following purposes:
  1) To give information;
  2) To request information;
  3) To request action;
  4) To put forward suggestions The format of a memorandum is diagramed as follows:
Date [1]: To: From: Subject [2]:
To: From: Subject: Date:
  1. The element “Date” may appear in different places.
  2. Sometimes “Subject” is replaced by “Reference”. When it appears in the form of a letter, a memo usually includes Heading (Addresser’s Name, Address, Phone No., Telegram No., Telex No., etc.). If this is already inscribed on the top of the stationary, it begins with Date, Addressee’s Name, Title, Address Subject [1] Salutation Body Complimentary Close Signature Attention: Subject should be centered when it appears below the salutation.
Dear Sir,
Subject: Complimentary Close Signature Sometimes a memo may include information about distribution list, copy notation (C. C.) or even enclosure. The format then is like this:
(Signature: Initials of the sender) (Distribution list: insiders) (C.C.: outsiders) (Enclosure) Or
Date: From: To: Ref: (Initials of the person in charge)
Distribution list
C. C. Subject: Body (Typist’s initials) (Enclosure)
Activity 1 Directions: read the sample and generalize the features.
V ?I ?P VIDEO INSTRUCTIONAL PRODUCTS To: Mear Evans, Sales Department Manager From: Sara Davidson S. D. (signed) Subject: New Product Proposal Date: November 8, 19? CONFIDENTIAL The New Products Committee hopes to present a proposed new product to the VIP Board of Directors at their December meeting. The first draft of the proposal outlines the product concept, potential sales, and cost estimates for a new industrial training film. The new training film follows the design of earlier products used in industry on video cassette recorders. It will focus on the pest-control industry. Its primary purpose will be to train pest-control technicians to eradicate pests in residential and commercial properties while maintaining safety standards for both the PC technician and personnel working or living in the area. The product, an innovation in both pest control and in training, appears to have good market potential. The committee looks forward to presenting the proposal to you and your staff prior to the December Board meeting. We think you will have valuable contributions to make to the overall plan and can suggest methods by which the proposal can best be presented to the Board. By next Friday, please suggest a time most appropriate for our discussion.
Critical Review:
  1) Name of the company, addressee, addresser, subject and date
  2) The addressee’s title
  3) Subject
  4) Complete date
  6) Structure: Para. 1 Main idea - Para. 2 Details- Para. 3 Response expected
  7) Language: clear, concise, complete, correct, courteous
  8) Sentence structure
  9) Tone: Courteous & professional Features An acceptable memo(randum) should include Title line, specifying the receiver, the sender, the subject and the date; tell information related to the company, from sales to bowling team; place the major information in the first paragraph, then needed detail and if necessary required action or response from the audience; usually not be so formal; keep record or require action (that is, the receiver should keep a copy); follow the standardized format: single space, block format; double space between paragraphs, triple space before the body. Activity 2 Directions: Suppose you are the office director. Please write a memo to remind heads of departments of certain arrangements during Managing Director’s absence. Your memo should include the following points given in Chinese: 第一, 经理出发的时间; 第二, 副经理将负责日常事务,并主持下一次的例会; 第三, 本周的例会取消,通知下一次例会的时间。 Reference:
MEMO TO: Heads of Departments FROM: LI MING (Office Director) DATE: August 6, 2004 REF: 09/98 ARRANGEMENTS DURING MANAGING DIRECTOR’S ABSENCE The Managing Director Mr. Guo is leaving for France on 10 August on a business trip. The progress meeting this week (12 August) will be cancelled accordingly. Any important matters should be brought to his attention by 8 August. During the absence of the Managing Director, Mr. Guo, the Associate Manager will be in charge of routine business and will act as Chairman for the next progress meeting, which is to be held on regular time next week in the usual place?the Big Conference Room.
译文: 经理不在期间的事务安排 郭经理将于八月十日因公出差到法国。本周的例会(八月十二日)相应地取消。任何重 要的事务应该在八月八日交给他处理。 在郭经理出差期间,副经理将负责日常事务并主持下此的例会。下次例会将在老地 点――大会议室于惯常的时间举行。
Activity 3 Directions: The following is a memo concisely and politely written. Please fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions. TO: FROM: SUB: DATE: Mr. R. James, T F Consultant J. Fish, Corporate Manager Financial Consultancy Contract 29 September, 2004
I if you send me a quotation for the above-mentioned contract. Details of the contract are . Since the work is due to start in December, I a reply at your earliest .
Reference: would be grateful, could, attached, would appreciate, convenience.
Activity 4 Directions: This is a letter from Bill Davies, the chief Executive of a manufacturing company, to Mr. Peter Finch, his Production Director. Please point out its problems and then write a memo based on the information given. Dear Peter, This is just a brief letter to remind you that I would like to hear what you think about the setup for proposed new machine shop. Our operations are going to be expanding in the next few years. Choosing the right machines for the new machine shop is not going to be easy. We require a new set of machines for the machine shop. There are a number of questions to be asked. Among them, the following: shall we buy, rent, or hire equipment? I think we also need a clear policy on maintenance. How much regular maintenance is required to prevent breakdown of machines? Which as you know can be a very costly business. It is not good enough to wait until a machine breaks down and then fix it. At the same time we must be careful not to employ too many maintenance men. I mean, the machinery may never break down, but that might be even more expensive in terms of labor costs and wages. And also, I would like your opinions on the speed of replacement. Could you please give me an estimate of how long some of the newest machines in the trade will probably last? Bill
Reference: Dear Mr. Finch, As you know, our operations will be expanded in the next few years. Now I would like to have your opinion on the proposed machine shop. First of all, shall we buy, rent, or hire equipment? Secondly, How much regular maintenance is required to prevent any costly breakdown of the machines? How many maintenance men should we employ? And how long some of the newest machines in the trade will probably last? I look forward to your reply . Sincerely yours Bill Davies
Peter Finch, Production Director Proposed Machine Shop Bill Davies, Chief Executive November 20, 2006
I would like to have your opinion on the following questions concerning the proposed machine shop:
  1. Shall we buy, rent, or hire equipment?
  2. How much regular maintenance is required to prevent any costly breakdown of the machines?
  3. How many maintenance men should we employ? Process How long some of the newest machines in the trade will probably last?
  4. Prewriting--Step 1 Specify your purposes. Consider why you have to write the memo. Which of the following is the reason? You require an action. Maybe you want to confirm the date of your holiday. You write to confirm an action. For example, a memo written on the 25th recording the submission of a report due the end of the month indicates you have done the job as required. You write to summarize the results of a committee meeting. You write to announce a department meeting. Step 2 Prepare the Title Line. Put down the title line first to dire



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