阅读教程5 大学英语 阅读教程
What is the aim or objective of this course(
  5)? Studying plan? What are the requirements?

  1) to improve your English proficiency;
  2) to acquire a general understanding of American culture through reading
  3) to improve your reading skills
Attend my classes regularly; Preview the article before class and review it after class; Be active in the class; Do the exercises.
Text 1 What Is a Great Book?
Mortimer J.Adler
Great Books
Part I Lead In
Utopia- Thomas More
Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte
Great Books
Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen
Great Books
Merchant of Venice-Shakespear Robinson Crusoe -Daniel Defoe
Mortimer Jerome Adler (December 28, 1902 ? June 28, 20
  01) was an well-noted American philosopher,educator, and popular author. Dr. Adler has throughout his long and distinguished career been a proponent(支持者,建议者) of the great books of western civilization that comprise a liberal education and support a free society. He is chairman of the Board of Editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica(大 英百科全书), Inc., director of the Institute for Philosophical Research in Chicago, chairman of the Paideia Project(派 代亚教学计划), and honorary trustee(名誉受托人) of the Aspen Institute(亚斯本国际菁英组织 ).
Ⅱ Text analysis
the structure of this text:
Part one:L1?21, The listing of great books. Part two: L22?68, 6 signs by which we recognize a great book. Part three: L69?111, the great books are the most potent civilizing forces.
Ⅲ. Important language points
  3)And as they have multiplied through the centuries, more and more blue-ribbon lists have had to be made. as the number of great books have grown with the times, more and more excellent book lists have had to be made. 多少世纪以来,书籍的数量与日俱增,越来越多的名 著佳作书目有待选定。
  31)A great book need not even be a best seller in its own day. It may take time for it to accumulate its ultimate audience. 一部名著无须在问世之际就成为畅销书籍,最终读者
  32)The astronomer Kepler, whose work on the planetary motions is now a classic, is reported to have said of his book that “it may wait a century for a reader, as God has waited 6000 years for an observer.” Planet: 行星 Planetary:行星的 His work:Kepler’s laws / Laws of Planetary Motion Eight planets: Mercury(水星);Venus(金星);
Earth(地球); Mars(火星); Jupiter(木星); Saturn(土星); Uranus(天王星); Neptune(海王星);
  39) To
read a textbook for advanced students, you have to read an elementary textbook first. But the great books can be considered elementary in the sense that they treat the elements of any subject matter. They are not related to one another as a series of textbooks, graded in difficulty or in the technicality of the problems with which they deal.
--阅读高级教科书,必须先读初级课本。名著探讨的是一切 问题的基本道理;从这一意义上说,它们可视为初级课本。 它们各自之间没有联系,不像一套教科书那样,按照书中问 题的难易程度,或专业的深浅分级别类。
  64)You probably cannot recall the names of many earlier best sellers, and you probably would not be interested in reading them. But the great books are never outmoded by the movement of thought or the shifting winds of doctrine and opinion. outmode: outdate; make unfashionable
去读它们;但名著绝不会因思潮的变动或学说与见解的风 向改变而过时。
  69) People regard the “classics” as the great has-beens, the great books of other times. “Our times are different,” they say. On the contrary, the great books are not dusty remains for scholars to investigate, they are, rather, the most potent civilizing forces in the world today.
人们往往视“经典著作”为过时的名著,其他时代的名著。 他们说,“我们这个时代不同了。经典名著绝不是供学者 钻研的故纸堆,恰恰相反,它们是今日世界上最强大的文 明力量。
  75)Anyone who reads the speeches of
Demosthenes and the letters of Cicero, or the essays of Bacon and Montaigne, will find how constant is the preoccupation of men with happiness and justice, with virtue and truth and even with stability and change itself. We may accelerate the motions of life, but we cannot seem to change the routes that are available to its goals. preoccupation:全神贯注 Preoccupation with money is a great test of small natures, but only a small test of great ones. --Roch Nicolas De Chamfort
罗马政治家西塞罗书简集,或培根和蒙田论文集 的人,都不难发现,人们都在专心不懈地探索幸 福和公正,美德和真理,甚至连其永恒性和变化 性也在探索之中。我们也许可以加快生活的步伐, 但似乎无法改变达到生活目的所必由之路。
  06)It is our privilege, as readers, to belong to the larger brotherhood of man which recognizes no national boundaries. I do not know how to escape from the strait-jacket of political nationalism. I do know how we become friends of the human spirit in all its manifestations, regardless of time and place. It is by reading the great books.
--我们感到荣幸的是,做为广大读者,我们都从属 于一个没有国界的、更为广阔的人类团体。虽然我 不知道如何摆脱政治民族主义的束缚,但却知道如 何成为不受时间、地点限制的,通过各种形式表现 出来的人类精神的朋友,这就是通过阅读名著。
Ⅳ. Recommendation after class
Some movies or original works
China Great works
西游记? Journey to the West 三国演义? ? Romance of the Three Kingdoms 水浒传? Water Margin 红楼梦? A dream of the Red Mansion
Ⅴ Exercises and homework

  1. Exercises from the text in page 6
  2. Preview the next text.


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