Lesson Seven
Inaugural address
John Fitzgerald Francis Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Childhood
Kenedy’ Youth
Kennedy’s Love Story
Kennedy’s Family
? ? John Fitzgerald Kennedy (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, often referred to as John ? F ? Kennedy (John F. Kennedy), JFK or Jack ? Kennedy (Jack Kennedy),), 35th President of the United States, American Kennedy family members, his ruling time from January 20, 1961 began to November 22, 1963 until the assassination in Dallas. 约翰?菲茨杰拉德 肯尼迪( 菲茨杰拉德?肯尼迪 约翰 菲茨杰拉德 肯尼迪(John Fitzgerald Kennedy,通常被称作约翰?F 肯尼迪 肯尼迪( Kennedy,通常被称作约翰 F?肯尼迪(John F. Kennedy)、JFK或杰克 肯尼迪( )、JFK或杰克?肯尼迪 Kennedy)、JFK或杰克 肯尼迪(Jack Kennedy),),美国第35任总统, ),),美国第35任总统 Kennedy),),美国第35任总统,美国著名的肯尼 迪家族成员,他的执政时间从1961 1961年 20日开始到 迪家族成员,他的执政时间从1961年1月20日开始到 1963年11月22日在达拉斯遇刺身亡为止 日在达拉斯遇刺身亡为止。 1963年11月22日在达拉斯遇刺身亡为止。
A List of Factors about Kennedy
  1.The youngest elected president at 43 years old, and the youngest to die at 46 years old. ?
  2.Of Irish decent and the first Roman Catholic President. ?
  3.The first president was born in 1900s. ?
  4.The first president who had served in the U.S. Navy.
  5.Nick Name: “JFK”, “Jack” ?
  6.The only president to win a Pulitzer Prize by now
Kennedy’s Books
1940: Why England Slept
? The 24-year-old son of the U.S. ambassador to England assesses the reasons why Britain failed to rearm during the 1930s and its implications for the United States.
? 1956: Profiles in Courage
? Kennedy’s testimonial on behalf of 8 political leaders’ tests of the conscience earns the Pulitzer Prize as well as the attention for the budding politician and future president. Later reports indicates that kennedy’s friend and advisor Theodore Sorensen is the book’s actual author.
Presidency and Inaugaration
? From Washington to Obama, President s have used inaugural address to articulate their hopes and dreams for a nation. Collectively, these addresses chronicle the course of this country from its earliest days to the present. ? Washington’s second inaugural address on March 4, 1973 required only 135 words and the shortest ever given. The longest on record --8495 words was delivered in a snowstorm March 4, 1841 by William Henry Harrison.
? John F. Kennedy in the January 20, 1961 officially sworn in as the thirty-fifth president, in his inaugural address to give a great deal of attention to international affairs. He called on Americans to assume more obligations, to make greater sacrifices.
? Kennedy's inaugural address and the Franklin ? ? Delano Roosevelt's first inaugural address to be known as the 20th century, the two most memorable inaugural address, U.S. President
Background: Cold War
? The Cold war was a period a time, in which strategic and political struggles existed among nations after World War II. At any given time during the Cold War, the tentions between the two countries rose to what they could have started World War III.
? 肯尼迪就职演说
? The End.
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