Lesson 15
  1. computerize The factory has been fully computerized.
  2. Solely be solely(=wholly) occupied with 全力从事… She is solely to blame. 她是唯一应受责备的。
  3. content She seems content to live with him. 她似乎很满意与他生活在一起。 He was content with his work. 他对自己的工作很满意。 Her answer seemed to content him. 她的回答好像令他满意。 table of contents
  4. sensible Be sensible and take your umbrella. 聪明些把伞带上。 I am sensible of my error. 我认识到自己的错误了。 a sensible difference 明显的
  5. leap leap into action. 立即采取行动。 The fish leaped out of water and landed on the shore. 鱼跃出水面落到岸上。 National income went up with a leap. 国民收入猛增。
  6. theoretical a theoretical physicist 理论物理学家 This book is too theoretical; I need a practical guide. 这本书理论性太强,我需要一本实用手册 Theoretically we could still win, but it's very unlikely. 按道理讲我们还能赢, 但可能性很小.
  7. persist ~ (in sth/in doing sth) 坚持; 执意: ~ with sth 不畏困难继续做某事: 他们不顾农民反对, 仍继续进行农业改革. They persisted with the agricultural reforms, despite opposition from the farmers. Persistence/ persistent
  8. profusion The house was overflowing with a profusion of strange ornaments. [??uv?fl?u] flowers grow in profusion in the fields.
  9. vital The government saw the introduction of new technology as vital. 政府认为引进新技术至关重要。 The heart is a vital organ. 心脏是维持生命必须的器官。 This matter is of vital importance to us.这件事对我们来说至关重要
  10. evaluate fully, properly, thoroughly, carefully, systematically, critically , positively~
  11. raw raw meat, vegetables, etc 生的肉? 蔬菜等 raw data 原始数据 raw reporter 毫无经验的记者
  11. ultimate the ultimate outcome, result,conclusion, etc 最终的结局? 结果? 结论等 ultimate principles, questions, causes 基本原理? 问题? 原因 ultimately adv in the end; finally ; fundamentally 根本; 基本上
  12. digression Do you mind if I digress for a moment?
  13. obscure 不易看清的; 费解的; 不分明的; 隐藏的: an obscure corner of the garden 花园里偏僻的一角
His real motive for the crime remains obscure. 他犯罪的真正动机仍不清楚. 不着名的: an obscure poet 名不见经传的诗人 > obscure v 使(某事物)不分明; 遮掩(某人[某事物]): The moon was obscured by clouds. 月亮被云遮住了. obscurely adv. obscurity / ?b?skju?r?t?; ?b?skj?r?t?/ n
  14. extension telephone extensions 电话分机
  15. undue undue optimism/ pressure/ influence/ debt 过于乐观/过度的压力/不适当的影响/未到期的债务
  16.concrete a concrete floor / wall / building abstract/ concrete noun.
  17. conquer He set out to conquer the literary world of london.他决心赢得伦敦文学界的赞誉。 When will scientist conquer cancer?科学家什么时候才能征服癌症呢? conqueror n.
  18. sterile (指植物? 动物或人)不产生种子的, 不能生殖的, 不育的: Medical tests showed that he was sterile. 医学检查表明他没有生育能力. barren (指土地)不能长庄稼的, 不毛的, 荒瘠的. (fig 比喻) (指讨论? 联系等)无结果的, 无效果的: a sterile debate 毫无结果的辩论. free from germs, bacteria, etc 无菌的; 消过毒的: An operating theatre should be completely sterile. 手术室应该完全无菌. sterility / st??r?l?t?; st??r?l?t?/ n 不产生种子; 无生殖力; 荒瘠; 无结果; 无菌. sterilize, -ise / ? ster?la? ?st? ? ? v z; r? la z/
  19. prolong prolong life 延年益寿
  20.loose(tight) a loose button / tooth
  21. universal The government introduced universal secondary education years ago. 几年前,政府就倡导普及中等教育。 Football is a universal game. 足球是一项全球性的运动。 This machine has a universal use in the home. 这种机器在家庭中有广泛的用途。
  22. nourishment Plants get nourishment from the soil. 植物从土壤中吸取养料。 He devoted himself to the nourishment of education. 他献身于发展教育事业。
  23. unique a unique work of art 独一无二的艺术作品. a unique opportunity 难得的机会 a unique ability 独有的能力. ~ to sb/sth 仅与一个人或一个群体或一件事物有关: special difficulties unique to blind people 盲人遇到的特殊困难.
  24. possess be possessed of sth 具有(某品质): She is possessed of a wonderfully calm temperament. 她性情非常文静.



   Lesson 15 1. computerize The factory has been fully computerized. 2. Solely be solely(=wholly) occupied with 全力从事… She is solely to blame. 她是唯一应受责备的。 3. content She seems content to live with him. 她似乎很满意与他生活在一起。 He was content with his work. 他对自己的工 ...


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