1) The sight of teenagers smoking cigarettes jars on me.

  2) I turned on the TV just to relax a little bit after a heavy dinner, but soon I found myself getting sucked in by the fascinating plot of a science fiction film.

  3) Jeffrey's computer crashed again this morning. The manager has arranged for a technician from the computer store to check and repair it.

  4) During the Vietnam War, many young Americans fled their country to avoid military service. / During the Vietnam War, many young Americans fled to other countries to avoid military service.

  5) The new government is planning an anti-corruption campaign so as to restore people's confidence in it.

  1) the virtual the online relies on keep up with

  2) nightmare the emotional routine submits an interview any appointment arrange for

  3) cue remarks his tune
Tips: go to New Words page to refer back to their meanings and examples
Tips: go to New Words page to refer back to their meanings and examples

  1. We came here all the way on foot.

  2. Private cars are not allowed on campus.

  3. They are on vacation in Florida.

  4. Mary has been talking to her friend on the phone for an hour.

  5. Don't worry, Lucy is always on time.

  6. Industrial demand on fuel is on the rise.

  1. hard
  2. difficult
  3. impossible

  4. tough
  5. hard
  6. easy

  1) Anyone who has talked with him will see Mark is a person of remarkable intelligence.

  2) The book is of no value to one who is not familiar with the subject.

  3) She is a woman of wealth. She never has to worry about money.

  4) In today's job market, basic skills in computer science and foreign languages are of great importance.

  1) you will find yourself penniless in a month

  2) he found himself lying in a hospital ward

  3) she found herself faced with the toughest job she had ever taken

  4) Susan found herself in a trap from which she could not escape

  1. Internet
  2. click
  3. nightmare
  4. sucked
  5. email

  6. rely
  7. communicating
  8. emotional
  9. At times
  10. flee

  11. on line

  1. between
  2. The
  3. to
  4. away
  5. on

  6. work
  7. enables
  8. local
  9. reach
  10. benefits

  11. because
  12. provides/brings
  13. does
  14. in
  15. making

  16. with
  17. Nor
  18. virtual
Perhaps you envy me for being able to work at home on the computer. I agree that the Internet has made my job a lot easier. I can write, submit and edit articles via email, chat with my colleagues on line and discuss work with my boss. With a click of the mouse, I can get all the data I need and keep up with the latest news. But then, communicating through the Net can be frustrating at times. The system may crash. Worse still, without the emotional cues of face-to-face communication, the typed words sometimes seem difficult to interpret.



   1) The sight of teenagers smoking cigarettes jars on me. 2) I turned on the TV just to relax a little bit after a heavy dinner, but soon I found myself getting sucked in by the fascinating plot of a science fiction film. 3) Jeffrey's computer ...


   1A 1 任何年满 18 岁的人都有资格投票(vote)。(be eligible to) Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2.每学期开学前, 这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。 (apply for, scholarship) A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the star ...


   Unit 1 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次“约会”时,我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为《玩具故事》的 电影。我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道:“父亲在哪儿呢?”起初我还认为因为一个 小小的失误而批评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是太偏狭了。 可后来越想越觉得这一疏忽太 严重了。父亲不仅没有出现,他甚至没有被提到?? 尽管家中有婴儿,说明他不可能离开 太长时间。影片给人的感觉是,父亲出现与否似乎是个极次要的细节,甚至不需要做任何解 释。 新闻媒体倾向于把父亲的边缘化 ...


   Unit 1 误 会 佚名 他头发蓬乱,衣着肮脏,口袋里只有35美分。在马里兰州的巴尔的摩,他登上一辆公共汽车并径直走向了洗手间。他想如果他躲在洗手间里,便可以不付钱就乘车去纽约。但是坐在公共汽车后面的一位乘客看见了他。她拍了拍她前面那位乘客的肩膀说:“洗手间里有个流浪汉。告诉公共汽车司机。”那位乘客轻轻地拍了一下坐在他前面的人,说道:“告诉公共汽车司机,洗手间里有个流浪汉。 这口信通过一个又一个的乘客传到了公共汽车的前边。但在这一过程的某个环节,口信变了。当它传到公共汽车司机那儿时,已 ...


   Unit 1PA 牛津大学 牛津大学是英国最古老的大学,也是世界最著名的高等 学府。牛津大学始建于 12 世纪。它位于英格兰的牛津,在 伦敦西北约 80 公里处。 牛津大学有 16,300 多名学生(1999-2000),其中留 学生占将近四分之一。他们来自 130 多个国家。牛津大学有 35 个学院,还有 5 个由不同宗教团体建立的私人学院。5 个 私人学院中,有 3 个只招男生。学院中,圣希尔达和萨默维 尔学院只收女生,其他均为男女兼收。 牛津的每个学院都是独立于大学的实体,由该学院的院 ...


   Appendix I Key to Exercises (Units 1-8) Unit 1 Part I Pre-Reading Task Script for the recording: Ways of learning is the topic of this unit. It is also the topic of the song you are about to listen to, called Teach Your Children sung by Crosby, Sti ...


   网易 新闻 微博 邮箱 闪电邮 相册 有道 手机邮 印像派 梦幻人生 更多 博客 博客首页 博客话题 热点专题 博客油菜地 找朋友 博客圈子 博客风格 手机博客 短信写博 邮件写博 博客复制 摄影 摄影展区 每日专题 搜博文 搜博客随便看看 关注此博客 选风格不再艰难搬家送Lomo卡片注册 登录 显示下一条 | 关闭 放眼的博客平民小子,放眼世界,掌舵未来,把握人生,玩转命运,冲破云霄! 导航 首页 日志 相册 音乐 收藏 博友 关于我 日志 放眼天下 加博友 关注他 最新日志 ...


   Unit 1 P20 1、 1) tackle 2) alternative 3) initial 4) universal 5) crippled 6) genuine 7) construct 8) impressive 9) shallow P21 10) react 11) generate 12) entitled 13) contact 14) constant 15) rough 16) ...


   Unit 1 P20 1、 1)??? tackle 2)??? alternative 3)??? initial 4)??? universal 5)??? crippled 6)??? genuine 7)??? construct 8)??? impressive 9)??? shallow P21 10)???????????? react 11)???????????? generate 12)???????????? entitled 13)???????????? contac ...


   1) startled 2) core 3) tension 4) tense 5) sweating 6) stretched out 7) vain 8) On one occasion 9) anxiety 10) detail 11) emotions 12) ashamed of 13) In my mind's eye 14) recurring 15) mere 1) Mrs. White's birthday coincides with h ...



   一、虚拟语气定义 1.英语动词有三种语气, 陈述语气, 英语动词有三种语气, 陈述语气, 英语动词有三种语气 祈使语气和虚拟语气 虚拟语气. 祈使语气和虚拟语气 2. 定义:用来表示说的话不是事实 定义:用来表示说的话不是事实 不是事实, 或者是不可能发生 可能性比较小的 不可能发生或 或者是不可能发生或可能性比较小的 情况,而是一种愿望,建议, 情况,而是一种愿望,建议,假设的 语气叫虚拟语气。 语气叫虚拟语气。 二、虚拟语气的考点 1、一般条件句中虚拟语气的用法; 一般条件句中虚拟语气的 ...


   高一英语直接引语和间接引语练习 高一英语直接引语和间接引语练习 I. 请选出正确的答案: 1. “You’ve already got well, haven’t you?” she asked. →She asked . A. if I have already got well, hadn’t you B. whether I had already got well C. have I already got well D. had I already got well. 2. He ...


   李阳疯狂英语学习资料 李阳工作室网站:http://www.lyworkshop.com 李阳疯狂英语方法论 一口气训练法 这是一个"不需动脑,只需动嘴"的攻克英语的方法。 美国人讲英语底气十足,含含糊糊,中国人讲英语只用嘴巴,气势单 薄。"一口气训练法"完全可以帮助你改善这一状况。它可以有效地增 强你说英语的底气,对身体也非常有益,做起来极其刺激! 【实施步骤】你只需要深呼吸,然后在一口气里尽量多读。经过一段 时间的训练, 原来需要换几次气才能读完的 ...


   小学英语教学备课设计 English Teaching Design Module 1 Unit 3 What are you? Period 1 授课教师 Lecturer 陈玮 授课班级 Learners 四(3)班 ) 四(4)班 ) 授课日期 Date of Teaching 09-9-14 教具准备 Teaching Aids Student’s Book 4A page 8 Cassette 4A and a cassette player Word and Picture ca ...


   Unit 2 What’s the matter ? New words and expression s Have -ache has had pain stomachache, toothache, headache -ness n. illness, happiness (happy + -ness) Few A few Little A little Important importance (n.) Not …until 直到….才…. 直到 才 She didn’t sl ...