1) The sight of teenagers smoking cigarettes jars on me.

  2) I turned on the TV just to relax a little bit after a heavy dinner, but soon I found myself getting sucked in by the fascinating plot of a science fiction film.

  3) Jeffrey's computer crashed again this morning. The manager has arranged for a technician from the computer store to check and repair it.

  4) During the Vietnam War, many young Americans fled their country to avoid military service. / During the Vietnam War, many young Americans fled to other countries to avoid military service.

  5) The new government is planning an anti-corruption campaign so as to restore people's confidence in it.

  1) the virtual the online relies on keep up with

  2) nightmare the emotional routine submits an interview any appointment arrange for

  3) cue remarks his tune
Tips: go to New Words page to refer back to their meanings and examples
Tips: go to New Words page to refer back to their meanings and examples

  1. We came here all the way on foot.

  2. Private cars are not allowed on campus.

  3. They are on vacation in Florida.

  4. Mary has been talking to her friend on the phone for an hour.

  5. Don't worry, Lucy is always on time.

  6. Industrial demand on fuel is on the rise.

  1. hard
  2. difficult
  3. impossible

  4. tough
  5. hard
  6. easy

  1) Anyone who has talked with him will see Mark is a person of remarkable intelligence.

  2) The book is of no value to one who is not familiar with the subject.

  3) She is a woman of wealth. She never has to worry about money.

  4) In today's job market, basic skills in computer science and foreign languages are of great importance.

  1) you will find yourself penniless in a month

  2) he found himself lying in a hospital ward

  3) she found herself faced with the toughest job she had ever taken

  4) Susan found herself in a trap from which she could not escape

  1. Internet
  2. click
  3. nightmare
  4. sucked
  5. email

  6. rely
  7. communicating
  8. emotional
  9. At times
  10. flee

  11. on line

  1. between
  2. The
  3. to
  4. away
  5. on

  6. work
  7. enables
  8. local
  9. reach
  10. benefits

  11. because
  12. provides/brings
  13. does
  14. in
  15. making

  16. with
  17. Nor
  18. virtual
Perhaps you envy me for being able to work at home on the computer. I agree that the Internet has made my job a lot easier. I can write, submit and edit articles via email, chat with my colleagues on line and discuss work with my boss. With a click of the mouse, I can get all the data I need and keep up with the latest news. But then, communicating through the Net can be frustrating at times. The system may crash. Worse still, without the emotional cues of face-to-face communication, the typed words sometimes seem difficult to interpret.



   1A 1 任何年满 18 岁的人都有资格投票(vote)。(be eligible to) Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2.每学期开学前, 这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。 (apply for, scholarship) A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the star ...


   3. Elected Minimum Distinct Pursue Exploit Restrict Equip Granted Awarded 4 at large on the basis of in support of apply for is aiming at 7 Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. A form to apply for the scholarships is sent by the universit ...

大学体验英语综合教程4 Unit4课文翻译及课后答案

   Unit 4 学英语既有乐趣又有回报 文学的研究?? 包含对哲学、 宗教、 历史事件的发展和观念由来的研究, 不仅是文明的, 并且有教化作用, 而且是流行的和实际的。 在所有从文理学院毕业并获得学士学位的人中, 有六分之一的主修英语。让人惊异的是可,这些毕业生能胜任范围相当广泛的工作。他们的 经验表明,这种广泛流行的偏见是错误的,即英语专业的学生只能从事新闻或教学工作:事 实上,主修英语的学生也为未来从事法律、医学、商业和公职等职业做了相当好的准备。 有人时常劝告期望上法学院或医学院的大学生 ...


   Appendix I Key to Exercises (Units 1-8) Unit 1 Part I Pre-Reading Task Script for the recording: Ways of learning is the topic of this unit. It is also the topic of the song you are about to listen to, called Teach Your Children sung by Crosby, Sti ...


   网易 新闻 微博 邮箱 闪电邮 相册 有道 手机邮 印像派 梦幻人生 更多 博客 博客首页 博客话题 热点专题 博客油菜地 找朋友 博客圈子 博客风格 手机博客 短信写博 邮件写博 博客复制 摄影 摄影展区 每日专题 搜博文 搜博客随便看看 关注此博客 选风格不再艰难搬家送Lomo卡片注册 登录 显示下一条 | 关闭 放眼的博客平民小子,放眼世界,掌舵未来,把握人生,玩转命运,冲破云霄! 导航 首页 日志 相册 音乐 收藏 博友 关于我 日志 放眼天下 加博友 关注他 最新日志 ...


   .■■ ■■ Part I Pre-Reading Task Script for the recording: To begin with, let's listen to a song called There 's No Place Like Home for the Holidays. There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays Perry Como On, there's no place like home for the holida ...


   Unit 1 P20 1、 1) tackle 2) alternative 3) initial 4) universal 5) crippled 6) genuine 7) construct 8) impressive 9) shallow P21 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) react generate entitled contact constant rough captured 17) 18) 2、 move put 1) In any case 2 ...


   1) insert 2) on occasion 3) investigate 4) In retrospect 5) initial 6) phenomenons/ phenomena 7) attached 8) make up for 9) is awaiting 10) exception 11) not...in the least 12) promote 13) working on 14) in due course 15) emerged 1) There ...


   1) startled 2) core 3) tension 4) tense 5) sweating 6) stretched out 7) vain 8) On one occasion 9) anxiety 10) detail 11) emotions 12) ashamed of 13) In my mind's eye 14) recurring 15) mere 1) Mrs. White's birthday coincides with h ...


   Answer Keys Book Three Unit 1 Content Questions 1. Write and live on a farm. 2. Because they grow nearly all of their fruits and vegetables. They have enough eggs, honey and wood. They are very close to nature and can enjoy the beautiful scenery. B ...



   第2 卷 第2   5 期 20 0 8年 4月  邢 台 职 业 技 术 学 院 学 报  J u a  f n ti o y e h i  I g   o r l   g a  l t c n cCol e n o Xi P e 、 .5 NO 2 b1   2 .  Ap . 0 8 r2 0   论高职非英语专 业学生英语 自主学 习能力的培养  张彦玲  ( 嘉兴职业技术学院,浙江 嘉兴 340 ) 10 1  摘 要 :学生 自 主学习能力的培养是近年来外语教 学界不断研 究探讨 ...


   2009 学年第二学期四年级下册英语教学计划 2009 第二学期四 下册英语教学计划 英语 乐s? 一、基本情况分析 1.教师情况分析 1.教师情况分析 自从 07 年踏上工作岗位, 已经辗转有两个年头了。 而且前面两年都一直是在教三年级, 本年度是第一次教四年级,因此,在教育的道路上我还完全是一个新人。但是,尽管三四 年级的跨度教学有着较大的挑战,但显然这也是一个很好的锻炼机会,我相信勤能补拙, 加上两年的教学积累,我相信我很快能够把握教材,能够找到适合自己的,可操作的教学 方法去突破重难 ...


   你是一个版权犯罪者吗? 你是一个版权犯罪者吗 由于新的扫描和复制技术的应用、以及网络内容的传播。在准备报告演示时,人们很难避免对他人著 作权的侵害。然而,作家,程序设计员、艺术家和著作权所有人正在学会使用新战术来捍卫自己的权利, 而对侵犯他们变得越来越勇敢。如果你不了解版权规则,你就有可能败诉法庭。 你在工作中是否见到过这样的人。他们有时是厚颜无耻,有时又很健忘,毫无顾及地进行违法侵权行 为。也许,你也会不知不觉地成为他们中的一员。 他们是版权剽窃者??假冒"迪尔伯特”漫画,从杂志 ...


   英??[x仪Ы鸱 步骤 第一、选择 1 盘(再次强调是 1 盘而非 1 套)适合自身英语水平的磁带。 第二、每天集中精力把 A 面和 B 面连续听两遍。 第三、要坚持天天听,但每隔 6 天要休息 1 天。 第四、直到听清磁带中的所有内容。 诀窍 1、选择一卷适合自己程度的录音带 关键在准确判断自己的英语程度。 选择录音带的方法之一:根据自己的程度选择度适当录音带 选择录音带的方法之二:最好选美国语言学博士研发的录音带 选择录音带的方法之三:选择与自己学英语的目的最接近的录音带 2、每天一口 ...

高三英语专题:完形填空(20 空)

   高三英语专题: 高三英语专题:完形填空 完形填空这一题型重点考察考生对语境意义的理解以及常用的一些固定搭 配。考察实词(包括名词、动词、形容词等)较多,因此,突破这一题型的方法 重在精讲精练,让考生积累一些固定搭配以及一些常用的实词的用法。 完形填空精讲精练( 篇上) 完形填空精讲精练(20 篇上) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~20 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中选出最佳选项。 ( 一) A Strange Greeting, a True Feeling Last ...