2) On balance insurance
  4) cut back aside from
  6) haul resist supplemented
  8) sprayed
  10) illustrated wicked
  12) digest budget
  14) get by boundary at that point cut back / down
  2) pickup
  4) get through get by
  6) turn in face up to
  8) think up turning out
While farming, Benneker pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy. Misused words often generate misleading thoughts.
  2) Lafayette Hotel is patronized by international celebrities drawn to its French food and
  3) service. A person who thinks that money will do everything may well be suspected of doing every
  4) thing for money.
  5) A person surely has to face a good many bitter disappointments before he gets through life.
  1) Seeing that more and more people are concerned about the quality of their indoor environments, John is considering starting an interior decoration business. It seems certain to earn a profit, but he does not yet have enough money to invest in it.
  2) This device is primarily used for the improvement of the sound quality of electronic media. It was invented in the US, but now it is used on a global scale.
  3)When the first settlers came to America, their household utensils consisted of a few pots, pans and some bowls stacked in one corner of the house. There wasn't much material temptation around them. They never dined out in a restaurant as we often do nowadays. II. Confusable Words
  1) house
  3) home, family

  2) Home
  4) household

  1) doubt
  3) doubted
  5) suspect III. Word Formation
  1) rise
  3) regular
  5) hows, whys
  7) yellowed
  9) lower Slructurc

  2) suspected
  4) suspected

  2) final
  4) cash
  6) upped
  8) bottled
  10) search

  1) when it comes to changing your life
  2) when it comes to such matters as keeping the room tidy
  3) when it comes to emotional intelligence
  4) when it comes to managing minor matters
  1) Not everyone agrees on what is right and what is wrong
  2) but, unfortunately, money isn't everything
  3) not all Americans like them
  4) Not all people share the same interests Comprehensive txercises I. Cloze (A)
  1. gets by
  3. get through
  5. improvements
  7. suspect
  9. profit
  11. spraying (B)
  1. While
  3. begin
  10. temptation picked up aside from supplement primarily

  12. stacking
  2. escape
  4. Because/As
- 92 -
Appendix I
  6. start
  8. but (also)
  10. close
  12. cutting
  14. cities
  16. family

  5. quit
  7. on
  9. be
  11. have
  13. cook/prepare
  15. however
II. Translation A decade ago, Nancy did what so many Americans dream about. She quit an executive position and opened / set up a household equipment store in her neighborhood. People like Nancy made the decision primarily because of/owing to/due to their desire to improve the quality of their lives. But, to run a small business is by no means an easy job. Without her steady income, Nancy had to cut back on her daily expenses. Sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premiums for the various kinds of insurance she needed. Once she could not even pick up the phone bill and had to ask her parents to loan her some money. Fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. She is determined to continue pursuing her vision of a better life.



   Appendix I Key to Exercises (Units 1-8) Unit 1 Part I Pre-Reading Task Script for the recording: The song you are about to hear is all about taking a break from city life, escaping from the crowds, rinding a quiet place, far from trie human race. F ...


   Unit 1 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次“约会”时,我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为《玩具故事》的 电影。我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道:“父亲在哪儿呢?”起初我还认为因为一个 小小的失误而批评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是太偏狭了。 可后来越想越觉得这一疏忽太 严重了。父亲不仅没有出现,他甚至没有被提到?? 尽管家中有婴儿,说明他不可能离开 太长时间。影片给人的感觉是,父亲出现与否似乎是个极次要的细节,甚至不需要做任何解 释。 新闻媒体倾向于把父亲的边缘化 ...


   Unit 1 误 会 佚名 他头发蓬乱,衣着肮脏,口袋里只有35美分。在马里兰州的巴尔的摩,他登上一辆公共汽车并径直走向了洗手间。他想如果他躲在洗手间里,便可以不付钱就乘车去纽约。但是坐在公共汽车后面的一位乘客看见了他。她拍了拍她前面那位乘客的肩膀说:“洗手间里有个流浪汉。告诉公共汽车司机。”那位乘客轻轻地拍了一下坐在他前面的人,说道:“告诉公共汽车司机,洗手间里有个流浪汉。 这口信通过一个又一个的乘客传到了公共汽车的前边。但在这一过程的某个环节,口信变了。当它传到公共汽车司机那儿时,已 ...


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   第二单元 1. 无论是友情还是爱情,你都不可能期待自己付出最少而得到最多。 In either friendship or love,you should never expect to receive the maximum while you give the minimum. 2. 我把全部希望寄托在他的承诺上,结果却发现他根本不是个真诚的人。 I built all my hopes on his promises,only to find that he was not a man ...


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   Appendix I Key to Exercises (Units 1-8) Unit 1 Part I Pre-Reading Task Script for the recording: The song you are about to hear is all about taking a break from city life, escaping from the crowds, rinding a quiet place, far from trie human race. F ...



   一,复试中的口试要求 1,评价标准: (1)语言准确性(语法和用词的准确性,语法结构的复杂性,词汇的丰富程度,发音的准确 性) (2)话语的长短和连贯性(内容的连贯性,寻找合适词语而造成的停顿频率及长短,表达思 想的语言长短等) (3)语言的灵活性和适合性(语言表达是否灵活,自然,话语是否得体,语言能否与语境, 动能和目的相适应) 2,口语测试一般包含如下两部分: 第一部分:考查学生理解并回答有关日常生活,家庭,工作,学习等问题的能力(3--5 分钟) 第二部分:考查学生连续表达的能力.考生 ...

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   1. 今の中国の}Ln状aK 2. なぜ日本に来るのか 3. 人lスポット?中国人にX颏欷皮い毪猡 4. マナ0胜嗓?O?Lになっていること などです。 【中国】中国人?彻猊鹰丁?楹头? 前原国交相[10/18] 日中?婴?彻獾5毕啶摔瑜牖岷悉?保溉铡⒚盼菔心冥??かれ、前原??司国土交通相は中国人?彻饪亭丐?人ビザのvz}f要件を}楹亭工敕?荬蚴兢筏俊 また中国の邵●(●は「王へんに其」)PI?国家旅?J局?wは、日本の旅行会社が禁止されている中国人?彻饪亭稳毡茎磨?颉⒔?f?的に?1可する ...


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