大学英语综合教程第三册 注:翻译句子答案在所有答案后边 Unit1 Passage A Care for Our Mother Earth Read and think 3 1~5 BBCAD Read and complete 6
  7.was isolated
  10.elements Read and complete 7
  1. transform
  2. all the way
  3. sit back
  4. resulting from
  5. share…with Passage B Frog Story Read and think 12 1~5 DACAB Read and complete 13
  1. subtle
  2. were overtaken
  3. species
  4. decades
  5. boundaries
  6. audio
  7. directly
  8. focus
  9. tone
  10. cupped Read and complete 14
  1. at that rate
  2. for the sake of
  3. come to
  4. by hand
  5. vice versa 大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit2
Passage A Einstein’s Compass Read and think 3 1~5 CDACB Read and complete 6
  1. fundamental
  2. ultimate
  3. sparked
  4. apparently
  5. patience
  6. curiosity
  7. convince
  8. detail
  9. responses
  10. (has) stirred Read and complete 7
  1. fooled…into
  2. came upon
  3. join in
  4. come up with
  5. up to Passage B The Wake-up Stockholm Read and think 12 1~5 ADBBC Read and complete 13
  1. classical
  2. breakthrough
  3. elegance
  4. faculty
  5. handful
  6. probe
  7. swift
  8. transition
  9. reactions
  10. retirement Read and complete 14
  1. has brought in
  2. under his belt
  3. specializes in
  4. a wealth of
  5. be applied to
大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit3 Passage A Bathtub Battleships from Ivorydale Read and think 3 1~5 ABCAB Read and complete 6
  1. attain
  2. modest
  3. attractive
  4. precise
  5. campaign
  6. market
  7. manufactures
  8. sponsor
  9. imported
  10. brands Read and complete 7
  1. frown…on
  2. for instance
  3. as a result
  4. when it comes to
  5. under…umbrella Passage B Haier Seeks Cool U.S. Image Read and think 12 1~5 CDCAB Read and complete 13
  1. revenues
  2. targeting
  3. appliances
  4. via
  5. smashing
  6. loyal
  7. comparable
  8. alongside
  9. claiming
  10. filmed Read and complete 14
  1. beat…expectation
  2. So far
  3. built up
  4. at home
  5. on…basis 大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit4
Passage A Not Now,Dr.Miracle Read and think 3 1~5 CBCDA Read and complete 6
  1. string
  2. stir
  3. controversy
  4. combat
  5. excessive
  6. regulations
  7. instincts
  8. reckless
  9. prohibition
  10. irrational Read and complete 7
  1. to his name
  2. keep at bay
  3. under the Sun
  4. jumped the gun
  5. lined up Passage B I have His Genes But Not His Genius Read and think 12
  1. composer 作曲家
  2. beginning 开始
  3. secret 秘密
  4. clone 克隆
  5. adopted 收养
  6. music 音乐
  7. ordinary 普通的
  8. prove 证明
  9. joke 玩笑
  10. genius 天分 Read and complete 13
  1. ban
  2. practically
  3. survive
  4. adopt
  5. decent
  6. genius
  7. gene
  8. anonymously
  9. resemblance
  10. immerse
Read and complete 14
  1. in the flesh
  2. bring…to term
  3. the roof fell in
  4. put up for
  5. have dug up 大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit5 Passage A Tongue-tied Read and think 3 1~5 BDBAC Read and complete 6
  1. qualify
  2. had committed
  3. hint
  4. assume
  5. vague
  6. peculiar
  7. retreat
  8. puzzled
  9. misleading
  10. confused Read and complete 7
  1. resorted to
  2. racking one’s brain
  3. hangs on
  4. jotted down
  5. at a loss Passage B Returning to College Read and think 12 1~5 DCCDB Read and complete 13
  1. features
  2. denied
  3. appeal
  4. usage
  5. bet
  6. independent
  7. associate
  8. was stumped
  9. refresh
  10. educate Read and complete 14
  1. for the sake of
  2. pick up

  3. break your back
  4. get at
  5. left off 大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit6 Passage A The Woman Taxi Driver In Cairo Read and think 3 1~5 CDBAC Read and complete 6
  1. counterpart
  2. efficient
  3. relief
  4. vague
  5. core
  6. punctually
  7. approach
  8. economy
  9. exception
  10. invite Read and complete 7
  1. pull…through
  2. belongs to
  3. ever since
  4. in turn
  5. milled about Passage B A Russian Experience Read and think 12 1~5 BBADC Read and complete 13
  1. stretches
  2. intense
  3. beloved
  4. ability
  5. positive
  6. converting
  7. manner
  8. toast
  9. absorbed
  10. be sheltered Read and complete 14
  1. in fine form
  2. thanks to
  3. give way to
  4. is made up of
  5. what makes…tick
大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit7 Passage A Agony from Ecstasy Read and think 3 1~5 DDBCA Read and complete 6
  1. deepened
  2. were exposed
  3. curled
  4. throb
  5. nightmare
  6. utter
  7. confusion
  8. pulse
  9. somewhat
  10. creep Read and complete 7
  1. on top of
  2. as if
  3. in a state of
  4. ahead of
  5. if only Passage B Drug Warriors Read and think 12
  1. a police detective
  2. a drug bust
  3. a major operation/a big day
  4. had failed to do a good job
  5. arrest packets
  6. violent crimes
  7. smoothly/successfully
  8. excited
  9. a complete victory
  10. they will eventually win Read and complete 13
  1. coordinated
  2. suspects
  3. raids
  4. venture
  5. innocent
  6. execute
  7. afterwards
  8. gang
  9. issue
  10. intelligence
Read and complete 14
  1. in charge of
  2. carry out
  3. on the edge of
  4. laid out
  5. gave…up 大学体验英语-综合教程 3 Unit8 Passage A Return from the Cage Read and think 3 1~5 DCABB Read and complete 6
  1. venture
  2. comfortable
  3. confine
  4. daze
  5. drifted
  6. lingered
  7. bewildered
  8. overwhelmed
  9. innocent
  10. terrified Read and complete 7
  1. sticks out
  2. come by
  3. under way
  4. in search of
  5. adjust to Passage B Yes to Peace?No to Violence Read and think 12 1~5 DABCD Read and complete 13
  1. erode
  2. cease
  3. conflicts
  4. mandate
  5. exhausted
  6. promote
  7. preferable
  8. prolonging
  9. compromise
  10. was condemned Read and complete 14
  1. take advantage of
  2. for the sake of

  3. come into contact
  4. open the door to
  5. takes a stand Unit 1 Exercise 6
  1. How did the war, which brought terrible disasters to mankind, impact on such a poet?
  2. Mothers are sometimes blind to the faults of their beloved children, which will cause the children to make the same mistake again.
  3. As a new immigrant in this completely strange country, she always felt isolated.
  4. Acting before thinking often results in failure, so we should think before we leap.
  5. The time for talking is past; we must take positive action to protect our environment. Exercise 13
  1. Young people sometimes complain of not being able to communicate with their parents.
  2. Mary has been longing to take up residence in a Chinese village in Yunnan for a few years. Now her dream has come true.
  3. Domestic animals are used to depending on humans, so it is difficult for them to survive in the wild.
  4. He was suddenly overtaken by a fear that he would be laid off by the company
  5. I figure he’ll be back soon since he promised to have dinner with me. Unit 2 Exercise 6
  1.Reporters pressed the spokesman for an explanation of the military attack.
  2. His election speech failed to convince the voters that he was the right person for the Senate seat.

  3. While I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they cannot be solved.
  4.His first debate on TV made a deep impression on his audience.
  5.All things are interrelated and interact with each other. Exercise 13
  1. The lecturer at the conference turned out to be the daughter of an old friend of mine.
  2. It is 5 years since his retirement, but he has remained active in academic circles.
  3. If you do have financial difficulties, you can apply for a student loan.
  4. The scientist had worked hard at the new material for 10 years before he made his own way in the end.
  5. The chief airplane manufacturers in the world are pushing the envelope to make faster and longer range airplanes to compete for bigger share of the market. Unit 3 Exercise 6
  1.Thoughts are expressed by means of language.
  2. I have bought so many new books this year that it’s really difficult for me to keep count of them.
  3. The old lady feels assured that her son will come back home today to celebrate her birthday.
  4.His mother insisted that his pocket money should not exceed 100 Yuan per month.
  5.We bought a car last month, which was registered under my name. Exercise 13
  1.A great man can dominate4 a difficult situation by force of character.
  2. According to the latest report, tourists do not have to apply for an
entry visa to some Southeast Asian countries.
  3. The color of the envelope suggests that the letter might be from a woman.
  4. Trains can’t rival planes for speed, but many people prefer to travel by train.
  5. People are much more likely to accept this mode of administration once they see that it really works. Unit 4 Exercise 6
  1. The band shot to fame in the 1980s with that single album.
  2. Take a risk, and you may lose again, but you would have improved your chances to win.
  3. Scientists are pushing themselves to the limits in their research for finding a cure for AIDS.
  4.Now we see the point of the Internet: we can get information from all over the world just by clicking the mouse.
  5. Some people believe the government will regulate the research of human cloning sooner or later. Exercise 13
  1.George is nuts about Chinese culture and has decided to learn Chinese in an evening school.
  2. The reporters got wind of Diana’s visit to the city and rushed to the airport for the news.
  3. After two months of restless effort, the police finally tracked the criminal down in a southern city.
  4. The two companies have already agreed in principle to go ahead with the project.
  5. If the quality of your products isn’t improving for real, I don’t think they will be competitive in the market. Unit 5 Exercise 6

  1.It’s one thing to understand the principle, it’s another thing to put it into practice.
  2. It is reported that jogging makes you three times less likely to suffer from a heart attack.
  3. Almost half of the British people have no idea what the euro is worth in relation to the pound, according to the latest survey.
  4.The area should have been made into a park for everyone to enjoy but now some apartment buildings stand there.
  5. I’m wondering whether all the related information could add up to a clear picture of him. Exercise 13
  1. He drinks more wine than is good for his health.
  2.He knew that at this moment his parents were eagerly waiting for him to return home for the New Year.
  3. What appeals to us is not only his intelligence but also his sense of humor.
  4. The latest movie made by that internationally famous director turned out to be a total failure.
  5.It seems that some youngsters don’t have patience with anything. Unit 6 Exercise 6
  1.He breathed / heaved a sigh of sorrow and told us that he had seen a better day when he was young.
  2.He has a strong sense of responsibility, and that’s why he is chosen to take control of the project.
  3.Wherever you go, be it for business or pleasure, it is always a good idea to find out as much as you can about the place.
  4.Let’s be careful. The situation may be about to repeat itself.

  5.In fact, the air quality of a house has a grate deal to do with children’s health, and adult’s health for that matter. Exercise 13
  1.Why is it that people spend so much time and money on traveling?
  2. Traveling by air is quick and safe. No wonder it is a popular choice for travelers.
  3. Most of the students in my college have enrolled in the course of web page design and the computer center is always filled with people day and night.
  4.It has always been my dream to have friends all over the world. Thanks to the Internet, my dream has come true.
  5.Free information on-line, convenient communication with friends, attractive games, to him this is what Internet is all about. Unit 7 Exercise 6
  1.A lot of people believe that these pills help them sleep. All I can think is, “if they only knew.”
  2.He kept chipping away at the problem until he had completely solved it.
  3.The country boy was exposed to many strange things in the city. He felt greatly shocked as if he had entered a future world.
  4.Within only one year of graduating from college, he went from a student who pursued his dream to a person who didn’t care about a thing.
  5.I have been given permission to do the interview in that area, and that’s not something that everyone gets. Exercise 13
  1.With the beginning of the war came ten years of killing and destruction.
  2.We shall continue to do what we have always been doing.

  3.Most of them had been up since the morning before yesterday. But none of them will sleep tonight either.
  4.Born and raised in Chengdu, Li Ming still remembers the time when he lived in a / the quadrangle.
  5.He treated a young child in a cruel manner in broad daylight and was taken to the police by the neighbors. Unit 8 Exercise 6
  1.The thefts in recent months paled in comparison with this case.
  2.Several years have passed since the traffic accident, and he still can’t shake away the guilty feeling.
  3.Though we had put forward a proposal to reduce cost, the board members didn’t appear to take it seriously.
  4.The bare hills around haven’t minded the villagers of the importance of protection the environment.
  5.It is unlikely for his hearty laughter to ring in our office again. Exercise 13
  1.As long as there is a chance for peace, we must take advantage of it for the sake of out younger generation as well as the people present here.
  2.The historic handshake between them opened the door to peace and marked the end of violence.
  3.We should exhaust every possibility in our fight against those who attempt to torpedo the peace process and force them to cease to engage in terrorism.
  4.Although his peace policy received broad support, the cause for peace was still fraught with difficulties and pain.
  5.In my case, I will come into contact with all those concerned with th



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