Pre-reading tasks
Listen to the song “Heal the World” and then:
  1) Fill in the blanks in the lyrics sheet.
  2) Answer the following questions: What do you know about Michael Jackson? What is the message in the song? How is the song related to our topic: the human touch”?
Heal the World
There's a place in your heart and i know that it is and this place could be much than tomorrow and if you really you'll find there's no need to in this place you'll feel there's no hurt or there are ways to get there if you care enough for the make a little make a better ... heal the world
Heal the World
make it a place for you and for me and the entire human there are people if you care enough for the living make it a better place for you and for me if you want to know there's love that cannot love is it only cares of giving
Heal the World
if we try we shall in this we cannot feel fear or we stop and start living the it feels that always love's enough for us so make a better world make a better place ... heal the world make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human
Heal the World
there are people if you care enough for the make a place for you and for me and the we were conceived in will reveal a joyful and the world we once in will shine again in then why do we keep strangling life wound this earth, crucify its
Heal the World
though it's to see this world is be god's glow we could fly so let our spirits never in my heart i feel you are all my create a world with no together we cry happy see the nations turn their into plowshares we could really get if you cared enough for the make a little space to make a better place ...
Pre-reading tasks
Brainstorm: Come up with as many words and phrases as possible that are associated with the topic “human touch”… e.g. caring, forgiving, tolerant, bury the hatchet, considerate, thoughtful, a helping hand, a frien d in need is a friend indeed, down and out, brid ge over troubled water, moved, touched…..
Pre-reading tasks
What do these pictures mean to you? W hat kind of love does each of them m anifest? Talk to your partner about them.
Pre-reading tasks
Quotable Quotes:
Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.
Anthony J. D’ Angelo
We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. Martin Martin Luther King Jr. The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. Nelson Nelson Henderson
Language study
in tune / out of tune with
His ideas are in tune with the times. The violin is not in tune with the piano. Her character is quite out of tune with her beauty. 译: 这首歌正合了我们这节课要谈的话题。 这首歌正合了我们这节课要谈的话题。 The song is in tune with out topic today.
Language study
Joint: held or done by two or more persons tog ether 共享的;共有的;共同做的 共享的;共有的;
joint ventures She had taken the money out of the joint account she had with her husband. 他们一起努力,推动了大石头。 他们一起努力,推动了大石头。 They pushed the stone with a joint effort.
Language study
When night falls, danger stalks the streets of the city. Polar bears prefer to hunt seals on land or ice but may stalk them from under water.
恐惧蔓延在房子的每个角落。 恐惧蔓延在房子的每个角落。 Fear is stalking every corner of the house.
She was stalked by an obsessed fan.
Language study
She is a fashion victim. Police and hospital records indicate that the majori ty of victims of domestic violence are women 每年都有无数艾滋病人去世。 每年都有无数艾滋病人去世。 Millions of AIDS victims died every year. Fall victim to: : Many people fall victim to the sudden earthquake. A lot of plants fall victim to the frost.
Language study
When total taxes are subtracted from personal income, the remainder is called disposable income.
Add, subtract, multiply, divide Plus, minus, times, divided by
Language study
Don't walk on that broken glass with bare feet. The floor is bare. The mountains are bare in winter but will be covere d with green in summer. The two bared their hearts to each other finally. Bare-headed 武松赤手空拳打死了一只老虎。 武松赤手空拳打死了一只老虎。
Language study
By the time they had waited five hours for their delayed flight, everyone looked dreary. She had spent a dreary day in the dormitory writing the term paper.
Language study
in a whisper: in a low voice
I was awakened by hearing my own name spoken in a whisper. He bent down and addressed her in a whisper. The two girls were whispering in the library.
Language study
Nonsense: :
I think the report is nonsense and nothing but a waste of paper. Stop that nonsense, children, and get into bed!
He was talking utter nonsense as usual.
Language study
turn loose:
The soldiers turned the prisoners loose one by one shortly after the city was conquered. The mother decided to turn loose her control over the children as they are getting older and older.
Language study
let sb/sth loose 释放某人 某物 释放某人/某物
e.g. Just close your eyes and let loose your imagination. 闭上眼睛,海阔天空地遐想一番吧。 闭上眼睛,海阔天空地遐想一番吧。
at a loose end/ at loose ends 无事做;不知做什么好 无事做;
e.g. Come and see us if you’re at a loose end. 闲着的时候到我们这儿来坐坐
break loose (from sb./sth.) 挣拖束缚或限制
e.g. break loose from tradition 挣脱传统的束缚
Language study
look the part: have an appearance for a particul ar job, role, or position 看上去很像;在什么 看上去很像; 场合就有什么扮相
I think he must be a captain--he certainly looks the part. Despite looking the part, Michael was not an artist at all. At the wedding the new princess certainly looked the part.
Language study
to excess:
His father never smoked or drank to excess. Red meat, very high in fat and calories, is harmful to health if eaten to excess. 不要过度悲伤。 不要过度悲伤。 Don’t carry your grief to excess.
Language study
for the rest:至于其它 至于其它
The book contains some interesting passages about the author’s childhood. For the rest, it is rather dull. The working conditions in my new job are excellent, but for the rest, I am not impressed.
Language study
Mock: He is always mocking my Tianjin accent. The strong fortress mocked the invaders
Language study
pull up:
  1.raise 拉起
  2.(cause a vehicle to) come to a halt (使车辆) 使车辆) 停下来
I sat at my desk, knees pulled up to my chin. The old woman pulled the curtain up to see what was going on outside. The driver pulled up at the traffic lights.
Language study
stand out:
On the record I have just played, the first song stands out from all the others. Her work stands out from the rest as the best.
Language study
wear away:
  1)(of time) pass gradually ) 时间)流逝; (时间)流逝;
  2)(cause to) become thin or damaged by const ) ant use 磨损磨去
They didn't reach an agreement. Instead they wore t he afternoon away in arguing. The steps have been worn away by the feet of thous ands of visitors. The day wore away, and we still couldn't find a solution to the problem. The pattern on the handle had completely worn away.
Language study
cling to:
The child is clinging to his mother's legs. Another man was rescued as he clung to the riverbank. They clung to each other as they said goodbye. She clung to the hope that he was still alive. 她抱着回忆不肯放,从不理会别人笑她的傻。 她抱着回忆不肯放,从不理会别人笑她的傻。
Language study
Acute: 1 (of diseases) coming quickly to the critical stage(指疾 ( 病)急性的
  2) great; severe 极大的;严重的 极大的;
She was taken to the hospital suffering from acute appendicitis 阑尾炎) (阑尾炎). The company is said to be suffering from acute financial difficult ies. 他的病是慢性病,不是急性的。 他的病是慢性病,不是急性的。 His disease is not acute but chronic 非洲一些国家严重缺乏食物。 非洲一些国家严重缺乏食物。 Food shortages in some African countries are becoming acute.
Language study
be wet through:
My mother came home wet through. Their house was flooded: the carpet was wet through and the furniture was ruined. My overcoat is wet through.
The introduction of O. Henry
O. Henry was born William Sydney Porter in Greensboro, North Carolina. His fa ther, Algernon Sidney Porter, was a physician. When William was three, h is mother died, and he was raised by his parental grandmother and paternal aunt. William was an avid reader, but at the age of fifteen he left school, and then worked in a drug store and on a Texas ranch. He continued to Ho uston, where he had a number of job s, including that of bank clerk. After moving in 1882 to Texas, he worked on a ranch in LaSalle County for two years. In 1887 he married Athol Est es Roach; they had one daughter and one son.
The introduction of O. Henry
In 1894 Porter started a humorous weekly The Rollin g Stone. It was at this time that he began heavy d rinking. When the weekly failed, he joined the Hou ston Post as a reporter and columnist. In 1894 cas h was found to have gone missing from the First Na tional Bank in Austin, where Porter had worked as a bank teller. When he was called back to Austin to s tand trial, Porter fled to Honduras to avoid trial. L ittle is known about Porter‘s stay in Central Americ a.. After hearing news that his wife was dying, he returned in 1897 to Austin. In 1897 he was convict ed of embezzling money, although there has been m uch debate over his actual guilt. Porter entered in 1898 a penitentiary at Columbus, Ohio.
The introduction of O. Henry
In 1894 Porter started a humorous weekly The Rollin g Stone. It was at this time that he began heavy drinking. When the weekly failed, he joined the H ouston Post as a reporter and columnist. In 1894 c ash was found to have gone missing from the First National Bank in Austin, where Porter had worked as a bank teller. When he was called back to Aust in to stand trial, Porter fled to Honduras to avoid trial. Little is known about Porter‘s stay in Central America.. After hearing news that his wife was dy ing, he returned in 1897 to Austin. In 1897 he wa s convicted of embezzling money, although there h as been much debate over his actual guilt. Porter entered in 1898 a penitentiary at Columbus, Ohio.
The introduction of O. Henry
While in prison, Porter started to write short st ories to earn money to support his daughter Mar garet. His first work, ‘Whistling Dick‘s Christma s Stocking‘ (18
  99), appeared in McClure‘s Magazi ne. The stories of adventure in the U.S. Southw est and in Central America gained an immediately success among readers. After doing three years of the five years sentence, Porter emerged from the prison in 1901 and changed his name to O. Henry. According to some sources, he acquired t he pseudonym from a warder called Orrin Henry.
The introduction of O. Henry
Released from prison, O. Henry moved to New York City in 1901 and began writing full tim e. In his stories he made substantial use o f his knowledge of Texas. Central America, and life in prison. He also became fascinat ed by New York street life, which provide d a setting for many of his later stories. During the last ten years of his life, O. He nry became one of the most popular write rs in America, publishing over 500 short st ories in dozens of widely read periodicals
The introduction of O. Henry
O. Henry’s most famous stories, such as “Th e Gift of the Magi, ” “The Furnished Roo m.” and “The Ransom of Red Chief. ” make simple yet effective use of paradoxical co incidences to produce ironic endings. For e xample, in “The Gift of the Magi” a husban d sells his watch to buy his wife a Christ mas present of a pair of hair combs; she c uts and sells her long hair to buy him a Ch ristmas present of a new chain for his wat ch. His style of storytelling became a mod el not only for short fiction, but also for American motion pictures and television p rograms.
Global understanding
A piece of narration usually consists of a num ber of scenes. In each scene there are differ ent characters who interact with each other. Now put down, in the following table, the ch aracters and major events of the 7 scenes in Text A.
Charact Events Global understanding ers Sue, Joh Sue's roommate, Johnsy was suffering a nsy severe case of pneumonia.
The doctor told Sue that Johnsy needed the doctor, a strong will to recover from pneumonia.
1 (paras 1-
  2) 2 (paras 3-
  8) 3 (paras 9-
  17) 4 (paras 18-21 5 (paras 22-33 6 (paras 34-37 7 (paras 38-39
Sue Johnsy, Sue Behrman, Sue Sue, Johnsy the doctor, Sue Sue, Johnsy
Johnsy decided that she would die when the last leaf fell. Sue told Behrman abo



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