to become completely involved in an activity
immerse oneself in / be immersed in
全城沉浸在节日气氛中。 全城沉浸在节日气氛中。
The whole city was immersed in a festival atmosphere. be bathed in
bury oneself in / be buried in absorb oneself in / be absorbed in soak oneself in / be soaked in
成功( ) 成功(in) 继承( ), ),接替 继承(to),接替
成功, 成功,成就 成功的
n. success
接替; 接替;连续
n. succession
adj. successful
连接的, 连接的,连续的 接替人, 接替人,继任者
n. successor
adj. successive
n. success
adj. 考虑周到的,体贴的 考虑周到的, 对…关心爱护的 关心爱护的
adj. 重要的
adj. 相当 大或多的
  1. He made a considerable sum of money in real estate.
他做房地产生意赚了大笔钱。 他做房地产生意赚了大笔钱。

  2. She was in reality a very considerable member of the field.
其实,她是那个领域的一个举足轻重的人物。 其实,她是那个领域的一个举足轻重的人物。

  3. The flood resulted in a considerable decrease in production.
这次水灾造成相当大幅度的减产。 这次水灾造成相当大幅度的减产。

  4. 这本书对学生的帮助很大。 这本书对学生的帮助很大。 The book is of considerable help to the students.
  5. 我们应该努力多为别人着想。 我们应该努力多为别人着想。 We should try to be more considerate / thoughtful of others.
那个学生不能理解老师的意思,他问老师能不能说得具体些。 那个学生不能理解老师的意思,他问老师能不能说得具体些。 The students could not understand what the teacher meant and asked him if he could be more concrete.
The students could not understand what the teacher meant and asked him if he could be more specific.

detailed and exact 详细的,精确的 详细的,
based on fact, existing in reality, perceptible by the senses 真实的,可触摸的,感官可感知的 真实的,可触摸的, concrete abstract
Part I (1-
  9) (1On Thanksgiving Day 1943, as a young coastguardsman , the writer came up expressing his gratitude with the idea of to people who had helped him before .
Part II (10-
  23) (10The writer wrote three thank-you letters thankhis father the Reverend Nelson to , his grandmother. and . Later on, He got three letters in reply.
Letters Sent
Thanks him for teaching the writer from
Letters Received
Tells the writer how he, as a teacher and a father as well, felt content with his own son. Tells the writer about his retirement coupled with selfself-doubt , and the brought reassurance to him by the writer’s writer’ letter. Expresses her loving gratefulness to her grandson.
boyhood to love books and reading.
The Rev. Nelson
Thanks him for his morning prayers teaching Thanks her for the writer how to tell the truth, to share and to be forgiving, and for her good cooking and sprinkling …
Part III (24-
  26) (24The writer wishes everyone to find the good and praise it .
感谢信 Thank-You Letter Thank?
  5. Framework 称呼; 真诚致谢并简要说明事由; 评述致谢对象及事情经过,表达情感; 给以希望与祝愿并再次致谢; 落款。
Sentence Patterns

  1. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity.
  2. Thank you ever so much for your warm wishes / your kind letter of condolence / your nice gift and valuable advice / the latest information.
  3. Please accept our sincerest thanks / heartfelt gratitude for what you have done for us.
  4. I don’t know how to thank you for such an don’ attractive present. It is something that will give me pleasure for a long time to come.
  5. I am, now writing to express my great appreciation for the timely help you offered.

  6. It was considerate / thoughtful of you to do me a great favor.
  7. I wish there were a better word than “thanks” to thanks” express my appreciation.
  8. Many thanks again for your generous hospitality / doing so much to make my trip to Hong Kong pleasant.
  9. I am writing to express my thanks for… for…
  10. I am writing to show my sincere appreciation for …
  11. I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks to you for… for…
  12. I feel deeply indebted to you and I really don’t don’ know how to thank you enough for your help.

  1. I must thank you again for your generous help.
  2. I am most grateful for your selfless donation.
  3. My true gratitude is beyond the word’s description.
  4. I feel most obliged to thank you once more.
  5. Please accept my gratitude, now and always.
In your life, do you have the ones to whom you rarely express your gratitude somehow? If you do, then don’t wait for anniversaries to thank them --the ones so easily overlooked! Since we have learned something about giving thanks, why not
give it now !
Picture a person you want to thank Compose a few words of gratitude
Thank those who hurt you, because they strengthened your will.
感激伤害你的人,因为他磨练了你的心志 感激伤害你的人,
Thank those who cheated you, because they increased your wisdom.
感激欺骗你的人, 感激欺骗你的人,因为他增进你的智慧
Thank those who forsook you, because they taught you to be independent.
感激遗弃你的人, 感激遗弃你的人,因为他教导你该独立
Thank those who scolded you, because they reminded you of your shortcoming.
感激斥责你的人,因为他提醒了你的缺点 感激斥责你的人,
a chair that has two curved pieces of wood fixed under it , so that it moves backwards and forwards a comfortable chair with sides that you can rest your arms on a special tall chair that a young child sits in to eat a chair that turns around on a swivel (旋转座架) 旋转座架) a chair with wheels used by people who cannot walk a folding chair with a long seat made of cloth, used especially on the beach
swivel chair
deck chair
rocking chair
high chair
rocking chair
high chair
wheelchair swivel chair deck chair
a seat without any supporting part for your back or arms
a long seat for two or more people, used especially outdoors
bark / yelp
chirp /chatter
peep / pip



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