Unit 4
Part II Text A
Text Organization
Main Ideas
Part One
Paras 1-29
With determination, and with help from Mr. Crawford, Tony achieved his dream of owning his own farm.
Part Two
Paras 30-33
Tony's career set the author thinking about why and to what extent he had been successful.
Main Events

  1) Tony worked as a help at Mr. Crawford's house.

  2) Tony got a job clearing snow at Mr. Crawford's factory.

  3) Tony learned to become a skilled worker.

  4) Tony bought a house with Mr. Crawford's help.

  5) Tony bought a farm and sent for his family in Italy.
  1) wreck
  2) balance
  3) approaching
  4) handle
  5) discard
  6) have worked out
  7) Above all
  8) passed away
  9) diet
  10) do with

  11) confidence
  12) cleaned up
  13) property
  14) weekly
  15) amuse

  1) Efforts to look for survivors were abandoned after it had been/was determined that all people in the sunken ship had died.

  2) I was amazed that Bob left a well-paid job to travel around the world.

  3) Her request for a loan has been turned down by many a bank as her business is small and she could provide no guarantee.

  4) The home network system on display was found to be very helpful in freeing people from trivial housework.

  5) Nothing will weaken our determination to modernize our country in the shortest possible time.

  1) You can spend hours wandering around the department stores, leisurely inspecting the items for sale, or hunting for some antiques along the sidewalks, where you'll most likely be amazed by the variety of things on display.

  2) The local government encourages laid-off workers to learn another trade and become skilled workers. Besides, it has done a lot to help solve their financial troubles by creating reemployment opportunities and by providing business startup loans.

  3) For years, the farmer had built up a reputation for kindness by calling on his needy neighbors and trying to be helpful. He was very much respected in the neighborhood and hundreds attended his funeral when he passed away.
II.Confusable Words

  1) personal
  2) personnel

  1) sometime
  3) some time

  2) Sometimes
  4) sometime
l. d
  2. e
  4. c
  6. a
  7. b

  1) Every day, the kids came home from school dusty and hungry.

  2) The newly-appointed director walked to his office cheerful and confident.

  3) Ben hurried home, anxious to watch the football league game on TV.
  4) Jenny opened the door quietly, afraid of waking the baby up.

  1) "... snow pretty soon,"
Correction: "... it's going to snow pretty soon,"

  2)"When winter come, you give me job clearing snow at the factory."
Correction: "When winter comes, please give me the job of clearing snow at the factory."

  3) "I like a buy a house." Correction: "I'd like to buy a house."

  4) "Mr. Craw, I sell my house!"
Correction: "Mr. Crawford, I've sold my house!"

  5)"Mr. Craw, I buy a farm."
Correction: "Mr. Crawford, I've bought a farm."
Comprehensive Exercises
I. Cloze
  1. create
  3. amazed
  5. away

  7. loan
  9. hunting
  10.send for
  1. with
  3. in
  5. kids/children

  7. dream
  9. for

  11. house
  13. and
II. Translation
  After graduating from college, Tony decided to start his own business. At the beginning, many a bank turned down his request for a loan. But he was not a bit discouraged, and continued to call on one banker after another seeking help. Impressed by his determination and optimism, one banker finally agreed to loan him the money. Now he has become a wealthy businessman. Talking about his amazing achievement, Tony puts great emphasis on the importance of creating. rather than waiting for opportunities.
Part III Text B
Comprehension Check
l. a
  2. c
  4. d
  5. a
  6. d
Language Practice

  1. appointed
  2. divorced
  3. hardship
  4. have come up with
  5. fulfill

  6. opportunity
  7. take advantage of
  8. be threatening
  9. was motivated
  10. Assure

  11. afterward
  12. sacrifice
  13. surroundings
  14. soared
  15. obtain


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