I. Key words & phrases conflict distinguish fundamental consequence resistance worship current deny distinction moderate
Protecting Our Environment
regulation regardless combat urgent contemporary spiritual conserve similarly accommodate concern
call for in part on the grounds of work one’ way be fond of Additional Vocabulary environmental sensitivity to apply a rule polite society the fundamental principle the greenhouse effect skin cancer to preserve nature foreign aid ecological change the ozone layer a moderate accommodation to give you a shrug national Wildlife Refuge to conserve energy the five largest oil fields a nearly fifty-fifty chance the breeding grounds the next man choose man over reindeer man-centered a coral reef the conch shells
come through in the name of to the point of in the long run
环境意识 运用一条法则 上流社会 基本原则 温室效应 皮肤癌 保护自然 海外援助 生态变化 臭氧层 适度调整 对你耸耸肩 国家野生动物保护区 保护能量 五大油区 几乎有对半可能 繁殖地 别人 舍鹿取人 以人为本的 珊蝴礁 海螺
the rock crabs the electric generators the motor oil a diver’s breathing tube in its escalation the population explosion the remote area the deserted beach the power plant be covered in smog
黄道蟹 发电机 机油 潜水者的透气管 不断升级 人口爆炸 偏僻的地方 荒僻的海滩 发电厂 笼罩在烟雾中
II. Vocabulary & Structure
  1. A child’s character is greatly influenced by his home . A. cause B. environment C. situation D. circumstance
  2. I am firm in my that he is a good teacher. A. behavior B. believe C. beloved D. belief
  3. Traffic lights are used to traffic. A. adjust B. arrange C. command D. regulate
  4. The computer revolution may well change society as as did the Industrial Revolution. A. certainly B. insignificantly C. fundamentally D. comparatively
  5. By careful of his capital, he obtained a good income. A. investigation B. insurance C. investment D. instruction
  6. The room has a stuffy . A. atmosphere B. surface C. attitude D. altitude
  7. We thought they had come to repair the phone, but in , they were burglars. A. reality B. addition C. future D. vain
  8. The rain was heavy, and the land was flooded. A. consequently B. however C. whatever D. but
  9. The rocks that erupted from the volcano were seen clearly at night. A. melt B. melted C. molten D. melting
  10. China is rich in natural resources, but they are not evenly . A. dismissed B. contributed C. distributed D. disturbed
  11. She is a pretty . A. animal B. beast C. creative D. creature
  12. He was interested in politics long before he was old enough to . A. vote B. choose C. elect D. register
  13. Although he was a strong swimmer, he was swept away by the and drowned. A. current B. motion C. pressure D. air
  14. They had a fierce as to whether their company should restore the trade relationship that was broken years ago. A. debate B. clash C. disagreement D. contest
  15. I stormed(怒气冲冲地走)out of the room in a . A. anger B. temper C. hurry D. rage

  16. It is to borrow money from your uncle to settle your debt to your cousin. That is just robbing peer to pay Paul. A. absurd B. ridiculous C. queer D. odd
  17. The police accused him of setting fire to the building but he denied in the area on the night of the fire. A. to be B. to have been C. having been D. be
  18. His speech was careful and but his words seemed to make no sense. A. distinguishable B. distinguished C. distinct D. distinctive
  19. We should make a clear between the two scientific terms for the purpose of our discussion. A. distinction B. discrimination C. deviation D. separation
  20. People who can’t between colors are said to be color-blind. A. separate B. distinct C. distinguish D. divide
  21. What he said was beyond the of all the people present. A. reason B. suggestion C. wish D. belief
  22. His of dogs can be dated back to his early experience of having been bitten by a ferocious one. A. excess B. confusion C. worship D. fear
  23. What he had been told and what he had witnessed at that moment. A. harmonized B. conflicted C. combated D. combined
  24. The report will be submitted to the committee for deliberation in which some sound may be advanced. A. proposals B. mistakes C. discussions D. rumors
  25. Be careful enough to those two kinds of chemicals, or they may bring about disastrous results in the next experiment. A. confuse B. distinguish C. mistake D. connect
  26. moral principles are required to keep in your mind when you got on the bus. A. Fundamental B. Deep C. Complicated D. Initial
  27. The premier asked that governmental officials at all levels should corruption. A. cooperate B. combat C. connect D. collide
  28. He was too careless to reconsider the serious brought about by his action. A. reality B. consequence C. comment D. condition
  29. Don’t hurry yourself up, for it is not much of . A. importance B. urgency C. value D. help
  30. For a time, moonlighting has been a practice among those underpaid employees in that country. A. limited B. confined C. universal D. privileged
  31. Although he claimed himself to be a of the president at the middle school, the correspondent was not allowed to interview the president. A. associate B. colleague C. comrade D. contemporary
  32. His poor health resulted from the of heavy work. A. excess B. want C. lack D. vacancy
  33. Pickle, the favorite vegetable of some Asian countries, is now declared by scientists to be harmful to our health.
A. fresh B. perished C. preserved D. conserved
  34. The country’s of coal has dwindled due to the government’s newly released restriction. A. communication B. consumption C. cooperation D. consultation
  35. Once a person 18, he will be entitled to vote. A. arrives B. gets C. attains D. accomplishes
  36. The physics problem is so difficult that it very careful thought. A. calls up B. calls off C. calls for D. calls in
  37. Carelessness his failure to realize his dream of winning a gold in the Olympics. A. resulted B. led C. obtained D. caused
  38. Your plan should be to the general arrangement made by the preparation committee. A. conflicted B. yielded C. sacrificed D. accommodated
  39. Students look to go to the party in casual clothes, such as blue jeans. A. rational B. normal C. ridiculous D. appropriate
  40. cannot be achieved without the mass participation. A. Democracy B. Depression C. Hatred D. Crisis
  41. the difficult economic situation, the government sticks to the reform. A. Since B. Because C. Although D. Regardless of
  42. The green worker was forgiven his inexperience. A. on behalf of B. on the grounds of C. in that D. but for
  43. Without your encouragement and support, we . A. should not be succeeded B. would not succeed C. would have succeeded D. would not have succeeded
  44. My youngest brother is now working at the Chinese Academy of Science. A. that is 25 years old B. who is 25-years old C. who is 25 years old D. whose age is 25 years old
  45. The girl turned a deaf ear to her mother said, annoyed her father very much. A. which; that B. what; which C. that; which D. how; that
  46. Yesterday, Mary a ticket for speeding. A. gave B. had been given C. was given D. was giving
  47. The student was scolded by the director because he left the office with the door . A. unlocking B. not being locked C. unlocked D. not locking
  48. All the in that school will get a rise next month. A. women-teachers B. woman teachers C. women teachers D. teachers of women
  49. We came early and had to wait two hours before the dentist returned. We . A. should not hurry B. must not have hurried C. need not hurry D. need not have hurried
  50. There are chairs in the living room A. dark three very comfortable blue B. three very blue comfortable dark C. three very comfortable dark blue D. very comfortable three dark blue
CET 4 Vocabulary
  1. I would appreciate it a secret. A. your keeping B. you to keep C. that you keep D. that you will keep
  2. Mark often attempts to escape whenever he breaks traffic regulations. A. having been fined B. to be fined C. to have been fined D. being fined
  3. No matter how frequently , the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences. A. performing B. performed C. to be performed D. being performed
  4. It is recommended that the project until all the preparations have been made. A. is not started B. will not be started C. not be started D. is not to be started
  5. I wish I longer this morning, but I had to get up and come to class. A. could have slept B. slept C. might have slept D. have slept
  6. We didn’t know his telephone number; otherwise we him. A. would have telephoned B. must have telephoned C. would telephone D. had telephoned
  7. Turn on the television or open a magazine and you advertisements showing happy, balanced families. A. are often seeing B. often see C. will often see D. have often seen
  8. While people may refer to television for up-to-the-minute news, it is unlikely that television the newspaper completely. A. replaced B. have replaced C. replace D. will replace
  9. An Olympic Marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards, approximately from Marathon to Athens. A. distance B. is the distance C. the distance D. the distance is
  10.You will want two trees about ten feet apart, from to suspend your tent. A. there B. them C. which D. where
  11.As I was just getting familiar with this job, I had to ask my boss. A. many B. most C. more D. much
  12. quite recently, most mothers in Britain did not take paid work outside the home. A. Before B. Until C. From D. Since
  13.The survival of civilization as we know it is threat. A. within B. under C. towards D. upon
  14.Scientists say it may be five or ten years it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. before C. after D. when
  15.In some countries, is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights for all people. A. which B. what C. that D. one
  16.I walked too much yesterday and are still aching now. A. my leg’s muscles B. my muscles of leg C. my leg muscles D. my muscles of the leg
  17.Radio, television and press of conveying news and information. A. are the most three common means B. are the most common three means C. are the three most common means D. are three the most common means

  18.Liquids are like solids they have a definite volume. A. in that B. for that C. with that D. at that
  19.When a fire at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed. A. broke off B. broke out C. broke down D. broke up
  20.The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of money could . A. stand up to B. make up for C. come up for D. put up with
  21.Then the speakers the various factors leading to the present economic crisis. A. went after B. went for C. went into D. put up with
  22.The student was just about to the question, when suddenly he found the answer. A. arrive at B. submit to C. work out D. give up
  23.When there are small children around, it is necessary to put bottles of pills out of . A. reach B. hand C. hold D. place
  24.The of blood always makes him feel sick. A. sight B. view C. look D. form
  25.In Britain, the best season of the year is probably spring. A. later B. last C. latter D. late
  26.Free medical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as sicknesses. A. normal B. regular C. average D. ordinary
  27.This hotel $ 60 for a single room with bath. A. claims B. demands C. prices D. charges
  28.Although he had looked through all the reference material on the subject, he still found it hard to understand this point and her explanation only to his confusion. A. extended B. amounted C. added D. turned
  29.A completely new situation will when the examination system comes into existence. A. arise B. rise C. raise D. arouse
  30.In recent years there has been a increase in the cost of living. A. consequent B. violent C. powerful D. significant III. Reading Comprehension.
  1) Traditionally, universities have carried out two main activities: research and teaching. Many experts would argue that both these activities play a critical role in serving the community. The fundamental question, however, is how does the community want or need to be served? In recent years universities have been coming under increasing pressure from both the governments and the public to ensure that they do not remain “ivory towers”(象牙之塔) of study separated from the realities of everyday life. University teachers have been encouraged, and in some cases compelled, to provide more courses which produce graduates with the technical skills required for the commercial use. If Aristotle wanted to work in university in the UK today, he would have a good chance of teaching computer science but


全新版大学英语综合教程3 unit2 课文翻译

   Unit 2 给人以自由者 ??弗格斯?M?博得威奇 2004年,一个纪念“地下铁路”的中心将在辛辛那提市成立。这条铁路不同寻常,它不出售车票,也无火车行驶。然而,它将成千上方的乘客送往他们梦想中的目的地。 我步出这幢两层小屋,加拿大平原上轻风微拂。我身边是一位苗条的黑衣女子,把我带回到过去的向导。那时,安大略省得雷斯顿这一带住着美国历史上的一位英雄。我们前往一座普普通通的灰色教堂,芭芭拉?卡特自豪地谈论着其高祖乔赛亚?亨森。“他坚信上帝要所有人生来平等。他从来没有停止过争取这一自由权利的奋斗 ...

全新版大学英语综合教程2 unit8 课文翻译

   Unit Eight 为了人类自身拯救自然 查尔斯?克劳特哈默 环境意识,就如同对民主制度的信奉,或是对尼龙的厌恶,已成为当今上流社会一种必备的态度。可是,在人人都有权利热爱地球母亲的情况下,面对以保护环境的名义而提出的许许多多相互冲突的建议、限制、规定、工程和法律,我们该如何选择呢?很显然,并不是每一件声称保护环境的事都值得去做。那我们该如何选择呢? 有一种简单的选择方法。首先,要区分是出于对环境的奢侈追求还是出于环境保护之必需。对环境的奢侈追求指的是那些如果不需花费代价则不妨拥有的事 ...

全新版大学英语综合教程2 unit2 课文翻译

   Unit Two 美国乡巴佬首富 阿特?哈里斯 他穿上餐服准备到美国首富的生日聚会上去担任侍者。在他的想象里,他定然会看到:豪宅,主人天天要坐的罗尔斯?罗伊斯轿车,戴着钻石颈圈的家犬,到处可见的仆人。 他动身前往那所宅邸,开着车穿过本顿维尔镇冷冷清清的市政广场。本顿维尔镇是阿肯色州一个人口仅有9,920的偏远小镇,萨姆?沃尔顿就在该镇从一个专卖廉价商品的小店起家,逐渐发展成为价值60亿美金资产的折扣连锁店沃尔玛公司。 侍者上了一条乡间车道,转过一个标着“萨姆和海伦?沃尔顿”的信箱,在一 ...

全新版大学英语综合教程2 unit6 课文翻译

   Unit Six 我要买下布鲁克林桥 艾德丽安?波珀 不久前,我收到母校一份校友简报。里面有一条是关于一个老同学的消息:“凯特?L在俄克拉荷马大学兼职任教,并任县高中校长助理。她正在利用业余时间完成博士论文以及两本著作的最后定稿,同时她仍有时间与女儿们一起打网球、骑马。”这条短讯中有四个字令我心神不安:业余时间。有位朋友说,要是我对这一报道里的一切都信以为真,那她在布鲁克林还有一座桥要出售给我呢。 朋友的打趣一针见血。我多蠢啊!于是我打定主意,不再去想凯特那些不可思议的成就,以后看到类似 ...

全新版大学英语综合教程2 unit5 课文翻译

   Unit Five 真正的高度 大卫?纳史特 他手心在出汗。他需要用毛巾把握竿的手擦干。太阳火辣辣的,与他今天在全国少年奥林匹克运动会上所面临的竞争一样热烈。 横杆升到了17英尺。比他个人的最高纪录高出3 英寸。迈克尔?斯通面临的是其撑竿跳高生涯中最具挑战性的一天。 尽管赛跑决赛一小时前就已经结束,看台上仍然观众满座,足有20,000人上下。撑竿跳高确实是所有田径比赛中最精彩的项目。它融合了体操运动员的优雅与健美运动员的力量。它还具有飞翔的特征,对观看该项目比赛的观众来说,飞跃两层楼的高 ...

全新版大学英语综合教程2 unit4 课文翻译

   虚拟世界的生活 迈亚?塞拉维茨 在网上呆了太久,听到电话铃声也会吓一大跳。显示屏上看多了我男朋友那些一目了然的文字,他的利物浦口音一下子变得难以听懂;而秘书的清脆快速的语调听上去比我想象的要生硬。时间本身变得捉摸不定??几小时变成几分钟,或几秒钟延伸为几天。周末原本是我一周的黄金时段,现在却不过是平平常常的两天。 在我不再当电视制片人的这三年间,我的大部分工作都是在家里使用计算机终端进行的。我通过电子邮件投稿和校订,利用互联网上的人名地址与同行交流。我男朋友住在英国,因此两人的关系 ...

大学英语综合教程二unit 9

   Additional Exercises(1) III. Reading Comprehension Directions: There are 4 reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or un-finished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should ...

大学英语综合教程二unit 2

   UNIT 2 I. Key words & phrases aboard cheerful cultivate deserve discount liable local loyalty qualify remote blend in get away with make up by/from all accounts lay down take on steer clear of Additional Vocabulary a dinner jacket get ideas int ...

大学英语综合教程二unit 10

   Additional Exercises(2) III Reading Comprehension Directions: There are 4 reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or un-finished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should ...

大学英语综合教程二unit6 women

   UNIT 6 I. Key words & phrases item undo occasionally politician guilty client military charm positive investment expense at every opportunity at intervals set aside move on to race the clock achieve/have one’s heart’s desire Women, half the sky ...



   英语书面表达常用万能 万能句式分类整理 大学英语 3.4 级英语书面表达常用万能句式分类整理 引述他人观点(为提出自己的观点铺垫) Type 1 引述他人观点(为提出自己的观点铺垫) 1. It is widely (commonly) accepted (hold)+THAT... 2. A widely accepted(commonly) hold idea (point of view, viewpo int, opinion, assumption)is that... 3. A/ ...


   利用词根词缀学习英语是英语学习的捷径 探源法英语词汇记忆法则: 探源法英语词汇记忆法则:词根篇 在二百年前,英国著名的作家和政治家切斯特菲尔德伯 爵就指出了一条学习词汇的捷径.他在给自己儿子的一封信 中,这样写道: "学习一门语言词汇的最短最佳途径,是掌 握它的词根,即那些其他单词借以形成的原生祠. "可见, 对词根的学习, 在很早以前就被人重视了, 而今这些词根(类 似汉语的部首)与前后缀(类似汉语的偏旁)三者共同成为了 英语构词的三要素,由它们引申的缀合法,也成为创 ...


   江苏省南菁高级中学暑假检测新初三英语试卷 第一卷(选择题, 第一卷(选择题,共 55 分) 2008-8-28 (本大题共15 分,每小题 1 分) 一、单项选择 在A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. My brother’s never been late for work, ? A. is he A. gone to bed A. writes; sells A. am used to A. for A. is A. is hanged A. of; in A ...


   年上期 鹤城区 2009 年上期质量检测 七 年 级 英 语 题 得 号 分 (时量 90 分钟) I. 听力(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) . 第一节 理解 听下面五段对话,从题中所给的 A.B.C 三个选项中选出与所听内容相符的图片。 (共 5 小题,计 5 分) I II III IV V 总 分 评卷人 ( ) 1. A B C ( ) 2.. A B C ( ) 3. A B C ( ) 4. A B C 2008 年下学期七年级英语期末考试卷(共 6 页) 第 1 页 ( ) ...


   个人工作小结 本学期我继续担任高二(1)、(2)两个班的英语教学工作。高二(1)班 是专科班,高二(2)班是理科班。虽说是理科班,可是(2)班多数同学的英语 基础并不好,不少同学英语偏科现象较严重,并拖累了自己整体的成绩。所以就 整体而言,在英语方面(1)班和(2)班差不了多少。虽然这两个班也都有英语 方面的尖子生,可是不够拔尖,而且两个班的学生差生较多。如何能让两个班级 克服自身的不足, 是我这个学习以来的工作重点。 下面是本人的教学经验及教训: 一、目标明确,有的放矢,对学生进行必要的思 ...