Unit 10 Part One Ⅰ.
  1. to ask 2 to turn
  3. to be turned
  4. to help
  5. work
  6. to be discussed
  7. to discover
  8. to choose
  9. to stay
  10. to be elected Ⅱ 1-5 DACCA 6-10 DAACA Ⅲ
  1. I am looking for something to clean the carpet with.
  2. I was wondering whether to go upstairs or to follow him to his study.
  3. The case to be investigated is not to be made public in the press.
  4. She was the first person to register for the competition.
  5. We were given a moneybox each to keep our savings in. Ⅳ
  1. only to find it empty.
  2. so as to let everybody see them clearly
  3. His refusal to cooperate
  4. does nothing but drink
  5. The campaign to stop people drunk-driving 答案:
  1. Where they went they were warmly welcomed.
  2. Where he went he made a lot of friends.
  3. Let me take you where you live.
  4. The story was talked about where sailors and travelers gathered together.
  5. Where water is hard to find, few plants remain.
  5. What what what what what impressed me most caused the accident we expected appeals to the students most matters is attitude
Part Two I.
  1. meant.
  6. unknown II. 1 observed

  2. boredom
  7. realistic 2 enrich

  3. laughter
  4. growth
  5. beautified
  8. attractive
  9. enriched
  10. shortage 3 4 consists 5 purchased
6 conceding
7 demonstrated
transformed 8 preserve
9 yield
10 assure
III. 1 in 2 for 3 to 6 with 7 for 8 for IV. 1-
  5. ACDBA 6-
  10. BBAAD V.
4 at 9 to
5 to 10 into



Part Three I. Reading in Depth DAEBH II. Multiple Choice Questions 1-5 BCCDC 6-10 CCBAB III. Short Answer Questions
  1. A significant, thinking, aware, and creatively productive person.
  2. A loser is one who fails to respond authentically.
  3. He retells an old story of a rabbi who on his death bed sees himself as a loser.
  4. To facilitate the journey to be a winner.
  5. No one is absolutely a winner or a loser. Part Four
  1. false mask
  2. face reality
  3. a clear conscience
  4. to stand firmly for one’s convictions
  5. surgical instrument
  6. bottom line
  7. advertising firm (company)
  8. core values
  9. external factors
  10. rear-view mirror
  11. 贪财图利
  12. 中间道路,折中
  13. 换言之,换句话说
  14. 包含,包括;亦即
  15. 赞扬

阐明一个道理,说明一个观点 从大到小依次五个娃娃 心灵标尺 解释,说明;占…比例 缺货,供应不足 可耻的是,那个军官最终投靠了敌人。 你母亲的健康状况不理想/不如以前。 如果有人犯了法,人人都有责任将其送交警察局。 发现事实真相后,他的父亲有点生气。 艰难的时光终将过去,坚强的人必将苦尽甘来。 你在跨入 21 世纪的时候,就不必为自己过去的所作所为而抱憾。 When the explorer will come back figure out how the fire started make the most of his ability that did the trick easier said than done give children credit that is rightfully theirs



   Unit 1 Part One Grammar and Structure Section A I.1. 名词 2. 形容词 3. 情态动词 4. 代词 5. 副词 6. 不定冠词 7. 副词 8. 介词 9. 副词 10. 动词 II.1、主语,定语;2、间接宾语;3、谓语,状语; 4、状语,宾语;5、定语, 表语;6.定语,表语 7、形式宾语,真正宾语; 8、状语,状语; 9、形式主 语,表语,宾补; 10、宾补; Section B Ⅰ 1. It rained for two wee ...

大学英语 综合教程2 UNIT 6

   大学英语- 大学英语-综合教程 2 UNIT 6 alumnus bulletin item doctoral dissertation draft undo hit idiot incredible skeptical dieter devour cookie occasionally occasional consume superwoman politician care for pediatrician anchorwoman anchor corporation spotless ...


   Making a living as a door-to-door salesman demands a thick skin, both to protect against the weather and against constantly having the door shut in your face. Bill Porter puts up with all this and much, much more. 干挨家挨户上门推销这一营生得脸皮厚,这是因为干这一行不仅要经受 ...


   They say that pride comes before a fall. In the case of both Napoleon and Hitler, the many victories they enjoyed led them to believe that anything was possible, that nothing could stand in their way. Russia's icy defender was to prove them wrong. ...

新编英语练习册4课后翻译题答案 UNIT1-UNIT9

   新编英语教程练习册 4 答案 Unit 1 1.每当他午夜下班回家,他总是蹑手蹑脚地上楼,以免吵醒邻居. Every time he rerurned home from work at midnight,he would tiptoe upstairs ,trying not to disturb his neighbours. 2.为了与新来的邻居建立一种和睦的关系,格林先生不失时机地主动帮她把行李 搬进屋子. To establish some kind of rapport with ...

高一英语UNIT 1

   阳光家教网 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 西安家教 青岛家教 郑州家教 家教 苏州家教 天津家教 中国最大找家教, 家教平台 中国最大找家教,做家教平台 家教 Unit 1 Friendship Part One: Teaching Design (第一部分:教学设计 第一部分: 第一部分 教学设计) Period 1: A sample lesson plan for reading (ANNE'S BEST FRIEND) Aims To talk about friendshi ...


   大学英语教案 大学英语教案 授课教师: 授课教师 Title 授课班级: 授课时间: 授课班级 授课时间 Some Strategies for Learning English Unit 1 Objective & requirement 1. Analyze the new words and phrases. Help the Students understand the meanings of the words and phrases. 2. Detailed learn ...


   声音的,音频的 audio 装置,设备 devise 回顾,综述 review 无线的 wireless 传输,传送 transmission 长途的 long-distance 播送,广播 broadcast 不确定的 uncertain 总共,全部 altogether 黑白的 black-and-white 时代 age 有线电视 cable TV 优越的 superior 消费者 consumer 信号,暗号 signal 家庭,一家人 household 网络电视 web TV 机 ...

牛津英语7B UNIT 1词组

   牛津英语 7B UNIT 1 词组 1.dream homes 梦想的家 2. live in a palace / next to a restaurant 住在宫殿里/餐馆隔壁 3. learn about the homes in different countries 了解不同国家的家 4. countries and capitals 国家和首都 5. the capital of … ……的首都 6.homes around the world 世界各地的家 7. the hom ...


   英语九年级 Unit1-5 词汇 抽认卡 明确的,具体的 发…音,正确 逗号 不同地,有区别地 词汇 记住,熟记口语的,口头的慢地 使失望,使沮丧,使厌烦出声地,大声地语法 挑战 错误, 过失 令人失望的,令人沮丧的 发音, 发音法 解答 补充,继续说 学习者苦难,困难认识到,了解到 完全的,完整的害怕的秘密 重要,要紧,有关系快地(q)使感动,使印象深刻 软的,柔软的处理,应付学期 文章(短文,小品文,散文)如果不,除非不公正的,不公平的 快地(f)将…视为成长,发展,进展,发育 简单地, ...


英语论文写作 试卷

   二 00 三年上半年广东省高等教育自学考试 英语论文写作 试卷 (考试时间 考试时间:150 分钟 分钟) 考试时间 课程代号:8478 课程代号 I. Name the figure of speech used in each of the following sentence (5%) 1 Superstition may harm a man like diseases. 2 Two heads are better than one. 3 Their dog was growin ...


   高考英语重点词汇语法用法总结大全 1. ought to 应当,应该 2. keep up with 跟上,赶上 3. plenty of 许多,大量的(作定语) 4. in plenty 许多,丰富(作状语) 5. make a choice 做出选择 6. now and then 偶尔,时而 7. prepare a dish 做一道菜 8. a balance diet 均衡饮食 9. be/go on diet 在节食 no longer 不再 10. be based on/up ...


   长春外国语学校 2009?2010 学年第二学期期末考试高二年级英语试卷 2009? 满分: (说明:考试时间:100 分钟 满分:120 分) 说明:考试时间: 第一部分:听力( 小题, 第一部分:听力(共 15 小题,满分 15 分) 听第 6 段材料,回答第 6 至 7 题. 1. (6) When will the woman show the man the apartment? A. Next Thursday. B. Right now. C. This afternoon. ...


   张五常先生的英语学习法 (一) 十八年前我写了一篇题为《学英文的方法》的文章,被某英文老师见到,指我所 言着着不依常规,不应捞过界,我不便发表。后来一些学子听到有该文的存在, 多次要求发表,但文稿失去了,没有再写。 今天国内的学子再三要求,我想,不要管英文老师吧。为免被骂,题目加上一个 「我」字。不是说无师自通,而是说我学英文的方法是自己发明的。说是自己发 明,其实是从一个中国人的看法而发明。文字上,中文与英文是完全两回事。欧 西的文字起于拉丁,是同宗,不能说是完全两回事。因此,炎黄子孙学英 ...

小笨霖英语笔记本七十五 照相篇

   小笨霖英语笔记本七十五: 照相篇 我有几个老美的朋友对于中国人很爱照相觉得无法理解. 像有时候大家一起出去, 老中几乎都是人手一台相机, 甚至有人手上拿一台, 脖子上还要挂一台. 不但到了每一个景点都不肯错过照像的机会, 有时还要变换各种不同的的姿势以增加上相的机率. 有一次老美实在是忍不住了, 就对我说, 你们中国人实在是个爱照相的民族. 其实呢? 我觉得日本人才是最爱照相的民族吧! 1. Pictures time! 照相了! 照相比较正式的讲法叫 take pictures ...