My Dream(我的梦想)
于英语学习) English is always my favorite subject and I am good at English. I would like to share 4 good studying habits with you. First, remember 20 new words, and never give up. Second, go over grammar points I have learnt in English class regularly. Third, read an English article in China Daily every day. Fourth, write an English composition every week and ask teacher to revise that for me to improve the writing level. If you do things above, I am sure your English will also be improved
I have a dream from the first time I sit in a car?I want to drive. Driving is the most meaningful way to meet human being’s desire of “faster”. What’s more, driving a car can take me to any place I want whether it rains, snows, blows or not. A smooth ride in a good car is enjoyable. With rows of trees moving backward rapidly, music played, breeze blowing, my soul flies in the air. I love this feeling very much The Sports Activities I Like Best/ My Favorite Sport(我最 喜欢的体育活动) My favorite sport is basketball because it is very exciting. I like basketball also because the NBA stars play very well. Basketball is a good sport for our health. We can grow taller if
  5. we play basketball as often as we can. Besides, it can keep us fit. I play basketball three times a week. Most often I play it in my school. I feel very happy when I play basketball in school with my classmates. Sometimes I play basketball on the playground near my home during summer vacations. Playing basketball is not so hard as some people imagine. But many young people dream to become big stars like Michael Jordan and Yao Ming, which is rather difficult because you should, first of all, be gifted and then have a lot of practice from early age in order to become very good player.
  3. Health and Wealth(健康和财富)

My Plan for the Spring Festival(我的春节计划)/Plan for the Spring Festival Spring festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. Many people will prepare many things for the spring festival. Now this is my plan for the spring festival. The first, I will visit my friends and my relatives. The second, I will make a big snow man with my daughter and my wife. The third, I will stay with my parents, because I have no more time to stay with them at peacetime. This is my plan for the spring festival. I hope all of you have a good time in the spring festival.
  6. Water Pollution(水污染)
Everybody knows that there is serious problem of water pollution on the earth. Yes, water pollution is increasing. Look! The water in the river is getting dirtier and dirtier. Most of fish in the water have died, and we can’t swim in the water. My grandfather says, when he was very little, the water in the river was very clean. He often swam in the river with his friends. That was before, but now we can’t see such clean rivers. Let’s protect the water from pollution, because we can’t live without water. The water is really important to us all.
  7. My Hobbies(我的业余爱好)
Which is more important, wealth or health? Different people have different opinions. Some people prefer wealth, holding that money can not bring everything, but without it, one can do nothing. In order to get more money they can do anything. However, other people regard health as more important. Once health is lost, it is no use having a lot of money. As far as I am concerned, I love wealth, but I value health more. Everybody wants to live a happy life. So they try their best to earn money which they can ensure they lead a comfortable life, but if happiness and comfort are achieved at the cost of their health, how can they be happy. Without health money becomes meaningless. In my opinion, no one agrees that a wealthy person without good health can be happy. So, just do our best and keep fit. My English Study/About English Study(我的英语学习/关
I have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, playing the violin and keeping a diary. I like sports very much. I go running at five o'clock in the morning. After classes in the afternoon, I play table-tennis with my friends. These sports have kept me healthy.

At home, I like to sing and play the violin. I practice singing and playing the violin every day. Busy as I am, I am quite happy. Of all my hobbies I like reading books best. In my bedroom there are nearly six hundred books. There are story books, textbooks, magazines, and others. All these books have enriched my knowledge.
  8. My Family(我的家庭)
with which I hurt one of my playmates and received scolding from my mother afterwards. When I grew up, my father and mother dare not allow me to play outside. But sometimes when we had time they would bring me to the parks, movies and went swimming. I liked swimming very much. Thank them for teaching me swimming. I liked to play with my play games because I was only a boy. My mother often scolded me when I didn't get home after school but never too severely. I love my parents. I do think it is one of the best years in my whole life.
  11. My Close Friend/My intimate Friend(我的密/好友) Lucy is my close friend who I came to know in Jingling county in 19
  99. she is a teacher of one high school. She gave me a sharp impression when we met at the first time. Through chatting, we found that we have many common favorites, and finally we came to be friends. Lucy is tall and slender with white skin, long-black hair and an blue-frame glasses. She looks beautiful and graceful. She has good characters of considerate and gentle. So she is easy to get along with. Lucy is good at singing and dancing. She also has many other favorites, such as swimming outdoors, reading, surfing and so on. So she is a modern and intellectual young girl with diverse abilities and knowledge. Lucy is not only a good friend but also a teacher. I often told her the story all of mine when I was in trouble. And she always does her best to help me and encourage me to face up to the difficulties of life,till I am successful. Time flies, we have been good friends for several years, and the friendship between us becomes more sweet and solid. The Job I Like(我喜欢的工作)/The Job I like Best(我最 喜爱的工作)/My favorite job I like to be a teacher. Three reasons have led me to choose this occupation. First, teaching is learning. To make my lectures more constructive and stimulating, I have to read more books, explore new knowledge and gain a better understanding of the world, which is the very thing I enjoy in my life. Second, teaching means freedom and independence. As a teacher, I’m
There are seven people in my family. They're my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, my two younger brothers and I. My father is a businessman. He's busy working everyday. My mother is a housewife. She cooks meals, washes clothes, and teaches us lessons everyday. One of my younger brothers is a junior high school student, and we go to the same school. My grandparents help my parents look after the youngest brother every day. We go to the movies every Sunday. How's your family?
  9. My Plan for the Summer Vacation(我的暑期计划) The longing summer vacation is approaching; it is the best part of the school year for me. I cannot let the holidays elapse (逝去) meaninglessly, my vacation should be a phase (时期、阶 段) of harvest. The events in my plan should give me a sense of infinite potential. The following plan may reveal the intensity of my desire to travel, work and study in this vacation. In the first few days I want to climb Mount Hua with several friends to refresh ourselves. Then I tend to visit relatives, senior school teachers and former classmates(老同学). Besides, to find out the best ways to cultivate my abilities, I will find a part time job and conduct some social investigation. In short, I want to do interesting things in the summer vacation. Whatever I do, the goal is the same: to get necessary experience, acquire knowledge and broaden my horizons.
  12. Though the six week vacation will pass away at lightning speed, its influence is bound to last long.
  10. Happy Things in My Childhood(童年趣事)
It is impossible to recall all the past, but I can assure you that my childhood is a pleasant one to me. When I was in kindergarten, I was very popular with my playmates because of my naughtiness. Once I made an arrow,
free to use my own ideas and make my own decisions. Finally, I like teaching because it offers certain peace of mind. All in all, the reasons above make me like teaching best.
  13. The Computer(电脑)
little girl crossing the road when a car nearly hit her. Just then Liu Kai rushed up to her and caught her by the arm. The little girl was saved. She told him where she lived, and he took her home. When Liu Kai hurried into the classroom, the teacher had already begun lesson. He told the teacher why he was late. He was then praised for what he had done.
  17. The Chinese New Year(新年)
Nowadays, computers are becoming more and more popular. Computers can help different people in different ways. They can help children with lessons and homework, help students and scholars do calculations, analyze data and present the latest achievements. Furthermore, they can assist engineers and experts in the design of a mold, a bridge or a spaceship. Besides, computers can offer fun and entertainment to us with the internet games, movies, and etc. Indeed, computers have become a good companion of man.
  14. How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Studies/
“New Year” is a time for good cheer. In China men and women, boys and girls, all look forward to a happy year. It is time for rest and refreshment. Business is suspended for a time. Young fellows lay aside their school work and give themselves up to merriment and joy. Each family has its members together for reunion. Friends call on one another. Public places are filled with all kinds of cheerful people. Children with lucky money in their new clothes have a delightful time playing games. The Chinese New Year lasts about a fortnight. It gives sufficient recreation to people.
  18. My Best Friend(我最好的朋友)/ My Close Friend Linda is my best friend. She is 15 years old pretty girl with a round face and two big black eyes. She always has a smile on her face. Every morning, we go to school together. She studies quite well and she's one of the top students in our class. When I have difficulty in English, I always ask her for help. We are both interested in music. At weekends, we join the same hobby group and play the violin together. We like each other and enjoy staying together.
  19. The Book I Like Best/My Favorite book(我最喜欢的书) I enjoy reading different kinds of books, but "Harry Porter" is my favorite one. The story is very long but I am interested in it. Harry was such a brave and clever boy that he dared to fight against powerful enemies. His Z-shaped scar and magic stick brought me into a magical world. It’s a dream in my heart. In fact, the fiction story is so meaningful that I can learn a lot from it. I think it's the best book I've ever read.
  20. Living in a Big City(居住在大城市)
Difficulty in studying English(如何克服英语学习中遇到的苦 难) I have made a lot of improvements in English. The following is my way to overcome the difficulties Everyday, I do half an hour’s morning reading to try to pronounce every word out. And I will then spend half an hour listening to English radios like BBC to correct my pronunciation. Because I have trouble in English grammar, I attend a full-time English class of STVU to study grammar. The teacher recommends me to buy a grammar book?《Advanced English Grammar》It helps me with my English study a lot. These above . are what I have done to overcome my difficulties
  15. About Self-study(关于自学)
As adult students in Shanghai TV University, self-study becomes very important. According to me, there are several pieces of tips of self-study. First, I always make a study plan in the beginning of a new semester. Second, preview every unit before the lesson. Third, try to finish the homework after class. Fourth, go over what I have learnt in class regularly at home. Without review, you will absolutely forget what you’ve learnt as quickly as possible. So reviewing is helpful in understanding and memorizing what you’ve learnt.
  16. My Classmates(我的同学)
Thousands of people stream into cities, especially big cities. Big cities have special attractions for many people. First, in big cities, people can easily get a job to make a living . Then, there
Liu Kai is my classmate. He is a good student and always ready to help others. One day on his way to school, he saw a
are many facilities which make people feel very convenient in life. Third, people have more into big cities by all means. I like living in a big city because it can provide me with move convenient living conditions and a good job. Besides , living in a big city, I can get the latest information coming from every field which will make you wiser. However, Big cities are facing problems and the biggest one is traffic . There are too many people and cars. The traffic is heavy, especially during the rush hours. Every street is crowded. Cars are running fast, they may cause traffic accidents easily. What is more , as a daily commu



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