Love and Learning Some teachers hold that college students should not date, while students think that dating should not be banned on campus. Just as a coin has two sides, dating will have at the same time both positive and negative effects on college students. It depends on each individual student. Upon graduation, it is very likely that the young lovers will have to part, so the result of campus date is quite uncertain, which may be painful for both. Furthermore, some campus lovers can’t help tasting the forbidden fruit. Such behavior will, in most cases, prove to be irresponsible. However, love will bring a sense of happiness. Love on campus will not necessarily involve material. It will make you happy?so long as you have an appreciative and grateful mind. All in all, we should strike a balance between love and learning.
Limiting the Use of Disposable Plastic Bags Plastic bags used to be an indispensable(不可缺少的) part of our daily life for it bought us much convenience. We were so dependent upon (根据,接近,在…之上)plastic bags that the use of them was ever increasing. Despite the convenience it brought to people, it also caused a lot of problems, among which the environmental pollution was the biggest concern. Plastic bags not only affect the beautifulness of our environment,
but also do harm to our health, because they are made of some kind of chemical material which can not be discomposed(不安的,失去平衡的, 心乱的). Therefore, limiting the use of disposable(可任意处理的,可任意使 用的) plastic bags of grate significance. First of all, this policy can reduce pollution and save a lot of resources at the same time; secondly, it contributes a lot to a more beautiful living environment; last but not least, it can also create a healthier environment for people. In short, we should do our best to limit the use of plastic bags for ourselves and for the next generation.(
Welcome to Our Club Welcome to English Club! It could serve as a platform(平台) to show your outstanding abilities and help you develop a range of grate skills. You can be involved in a variety of activities including staging musical dreams, holding group discussions and watching Oscar-winning movies. There extra-curricular( 课 外 的 ) activities could offer you ample( 丰 富 的 , 宽 敞 的 , 足 够 的 ) opportunities. First, your active participation is helpful to strengthen the sense of responsibility and managing interpersonal relations. Secondly, various activities organized by us could raise your level of proficiency in English. A good command
of English empowers you to enjoy decided competitive edge over your peers. You can file a written application to our staff office or email us via(取道,通过,经由) The deadline for entries(进 入) is Sept.25th. Come on, join us now! (
On Students Choosing Lecturers Nowadays, some universities give students the rights to choose who teaches some of their classes. This has led to some debate(辩论,辩论会) over whether students should be given this much power. There are several factors that students consider when choosing a lecturer, including the teaching style of the lecturer(讲师,演讲者), the lecturer’s academic background(学术背景,学历,教育背景), and the lecturer’s reputation(名声,名誉,声望),among students. The ideal lecturer is one who has an interesting teaching style, a diverse academic background, and a good reputation among students. There are both positive and negative aspects(否定体,否定式) to allowing students to choose their lecturers. Giving students the choice encourages them to take ownership for their classes, and also puts pressure on teachers to improve their teaching quality. However, the factors that students consider might not be the ones
that lead to the highest quality of education. Schools might end up with lecturers who teach interesting classes without much content(内容, 目录, 满足,容量). 好用句: 好用句:
  1. This has led to some debate over…对于……问题引发一些言论。
  2. There are several factors that…,including…有几个导致……的因素, 其中包括
  3. There are both positive and negative aspects to…关于……既有有利 的影响。
Create a Green Campus It is of great importance to make and maintain a green campus in our university or college. Obviously, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that it is our duty to do that in the present days, since the concept of “a green world” has become the focus of the society. The idea of “a green campus” is beyond a green environment. To begin with, the development on the campus is to be sustainable and recyclable. Some of the authorities’ budget should be on how to reduce of the waste. What’s more, we’d better be aware of the seriousness of
pollution around us. Thus the idea of environmental protection may become a common occurrence in our daily life. It is necessary that effective actions should be taken to protect our campus from waste and pollution, and hence these activities are to play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Certainly, there is little doubt that further consideration must be paid to our green campuses.
2010 年 6 月英语四级作文范文 英语四级作文范文 Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling
  3.针对这个现象我认为 范文: Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling What is hot for 2010 in our colleges? It is the spelling mistakes. Taking a look around, we can find examples too numerous to list, the one may be “challenge”. Freshman and sophomore almost write this word as “chanllege”. How careless they are!
Why such a phenomenon sweeps every university? Some experts attribute it to students’ inattention, because students always pay no attention to spelling. However, other experts argue, the teachers should be blamed for this situation. In my opinion, it is far beyond any reasonable doubt that both of them should exert themselves to change the spelling mistakes. The spreading of the spelling mistakes has extremely negative effects on the education. For one thing, the special age that none of students can spell correctly will come soon. For another, while communicating with foreigners, we will be laughed at the spelling mistakes made by ourselves. As a result, due attention should be given to spelling immediately
Should college students be tutors? Nowadays there are more and more provided tutors among college students. Some students even take a few tutor jobs at the same time. People have different opinions about this phenomenon. Some people believe college students can benefit a lot from being tutor. On the one hand they can earn some money and lessen the burden on their family. On the other hand they can have chances to apply their knowledge to the solution to the practical problems.
However still others object to college students being a tutor. They think that a student should focus on his study instead of doing a part-time job. If they spend too much time on teaching, they will not have enough time to study, and naturally their academic performance will be affected. In the two arguments, I’ in favor of the former one. In my opinion, m to be a tutor is a good practical activity for us college students, from which we can gain practical experience and skills. But it is worth noting that we cannot spend too much time in being tutors. We should balance the relationship between the tutor job and study.
Certificates Craze on Campus In recent years, to get a certificate has become a new craze among college students. Just randomly, ask a student on campus what he or she is busy doing, quite possibly, you may get the answer that he or she is preparing for a certificate of some kind. Why does this craze appear? There are two mainly reasons behind this phenomenon. First, it is the employments pressure that forces college students to get more certificates. With the admission expansion of colleges, a large more graduates have to face the fierce competition in the job markets. How can one make himself more competitive, more certificates at hands maybe. Second, the diplomas and certificates are still important standard by which many employers measure a person’s ability
in order to increase qualification for a job, the students compel themselves to run from one exam to another. Form my point of view, we should be more rational when it comes to certificates, since certificates do not necessarily prove one’ ability, being s crazy in getting certificates blindly. It is nothing but wasting time. To conclude, we should focus on improving our ability but not getting a certificate of no practical value.
How to deal with peer pressure? College students are often obsessed by peer pressure from their classmates or schoolmates. Facing others ’ hard work and good performance in academic and other aspects, many students feel great pressure. Then, how to deal with this kind of peer pressure? The following measures can be taken. First, you should take a careful look at your present level and set a practical object. You needn’t always compare yourselves with those on the top and just make your efforts towards your object. Second, under peer pressure, you shouldn’t feel discouraged and pressed. Instead, you should make it your motivation for harder work. Finally, if you find pressure is nearly beyond your control, you’d better turn to professional psychological guidance.
As a college student, I have no way to avoid peer pressure, so I try to figure out the way to do with it well. I set my own goal, including my practical level and my position among the peers. Because of my focus on my own goal, I have no time and energy to think about the pressure. So I’m little troubled by it. To conclude, we should not escape from peer pressure, but learn to make best use of it, since it can hardly be avoided.
Online Games As a product of modern computer and the Internet, online games have become very popular among college students. Many students have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games. But as we see, some students lacking self discipline on too much indulge in these games. So their health and academic performances are affected. This phenomenon has caused much worry from the teachers and parents. However, some others argue that online games are not always harmful. They can train their ability of youngsters to respond to things quickly. Moreover, they can stimulate their imagination and their interest in computer science. More importantly, it does bring college students much pleasure and release their pressure greatly. Form my point of view, online games are wonderful entertainment if you play them in a clever way. When they interfere too much with your
study, it is better for you to give them up at once, but if you have enough self control over them, you can certainly obtain real pleasure and benefit a lot from them.



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