Unit 6 Book 2: Women, Half the Sky. Part 1: (Paras 1-
  1. n.: a rough outline or versionMy student e-mailed the first _draft of his thesis to me. / 这是我演讲的第一稿,你认为怎样?--This is the first draft of my speech. What do you think of it?
  2. v. (
  1) disturb or upset greatlyMy daughter’s idea about wealth _undoes me. /看到动 物们受苦我心里很不安。 undoes me to see animals suffer. (
  2) untie; openIt was so warm It inside. He _did his coat and took it off. /您能为我打开这个结(knot)吗? Can you undo the knot for me?
  3. (of remarks, etc.) have the intended effect. His criticism _hit home. I was really selfish. /我从她的表情可以看出他的评论一针见血.Judging from her facial expression, I think his comments just hit home.
  4. adj. that can’t be believed (同义词:unbelievable) It seemed _incredible that people would still want to play soccer during a war./我打定主意不去想 Kate 那些不可思议的成就, 以后看到类似报道也不要轻易相信。--I resolved to stop thinking about Kate’s incredible accomplishments and to be suitably skeptical of such stories in the future./他对事故发生的 原因做出了令人难以置信的解释。He mad incredible explanation to the accident.
  5. adj. (in the habit of) doubting that sth. is true, right, ect. (+about/of sth)He presented his thesis at the conference, but some professors were _skeptical of/about his findings. /许 多工人对政治承诺持怀疑态度。My workers are skeptical of political promises.
  6. Translate:可是就像节食者一时软弱竟把整盒饼干吃个精光一样,我发现自己的决心也有 动摇时。每当不坚定时,我就在报纸上到处搜寻,贪婪的阅读一篇又一篇的成功故事 Line 12-
  7. v. (
  1) eat or drinkMichael __consumes ??nearly a pound of cheese per day. /孩子们在春 节期间吃了很多巧克力。The children consumed lots of chocolate during the spring festival. (
  2) use upSome of the most efficient refrigerators _consumed 70 percent less electricity than traditional models. /这个计划消耗了我大量的时间和精力。The plan consumed most of my time and energy.
  8. (
  1) take care ofThe college students volunteered to _care for__ the elderly in their community. /Betty 姑妈很擅长于照顾病人。--Aunt Betty is good at caring for patients. (
  2) like or love (used in negative or interrogative sentences) I don’t __care for__ country music. / 我的太太不喜欢茶,更喜欢咖啡。My doesn’t care for tea, but coffee. Part 2: (Paras 4-
  1. Since my own schedule rarely (seldom) succeeds, her accomplishments fill me with equal amounts of wonder and guilt.Please paraphrase the underlined part
  2. adv. not happening often_Rarely_ have I seen a student who is so absorbed in history.
  3. v. add (sth.) in order to make a thing more attractive to look at The boy _decorated__ his room with pictures of his favorite sports figures. /他们准备为圣诞节装饰教室。They decorated the classroom for Christmas celebration.
  4. What does it mean by “I wondered aloud…(Pa. 6, Line
  31)?”I asked…
  5. A person who buys goods or service is a _client_.
  6. v. criticize (sb.) for failing to do sth. (+ sb. for sth.) He _reproached_ himself constantly for not having visited his sick mother before she died.
  7. Translate: (
  1) On a shelf behind her desk that day were at least a hundred jars of strawberry
jam, gaily tied with red-checked ribbons. (
  2) 我很想回答说,我在业余时间从事博士后物理 学研究, 在研究钢琴与号的调性和声方面的新理论, 在烘烤蛋糕, 在跟儿子一块打棒 球.?Line 38?
  8. Find the following in the text: (
  5) 开业儿科医生(
  9)听起来熟悉 (
  1. alumni bulletin
  2. assistant principal
  3. doctoral dissertation
  4. law school
  5. practicing pediatrician
  6. television anchorwoman
  7. woman executive
  8. as precise as a Swiss watch
  9. a familiar ring
  10. movers and shakers Part 3: (Paras 8-
  1. He is _by nature a quiet man. (as a result of inborn or inherent qualities; innately)
  2. 然而,实际情形是,我生性根本就做不到事情有条不紊。Translate: Line 40-42
  3. Steve will have to __get his act togethre if he is going to pass the exam. He can’t just sit about doing nothing all day. (infml. organize oneself and one’s activities so that one does things in an effective way
  4. at … intervals: used to state the precise gap in time or distance between things/整个晚上,护 士定期叫醒他吃药。 The nurse woke him for his medicine at intervals throughout the night.
  5. __set aside: put (time or money) away fro a special purpose. /这对夫妻(couple)每 个月要存点钱防老。The couple set aside some money very month for old age.
  6. “The woman ahead of me in the supermarket line will pay for her groceries with a check drawn on a Martian bank. (Pa. 10 Line 53”What is a Martian bank? What does this sentence suggest?
  7. What does it mean by “only the manager (who has just left for lunch) can OK the matter”? Only the manager can solve the problem, but he happens to be out for lunch now.
  8. 每天与时间赛跑令人筋疲力尽, 等我果真有了些闲暇, 往往累得都要垮了。 Line 58-
  9. His political rivals are __biding their time__ until after the election for a chance to attack his policies. (wait patiently for a chance) Part 4 & 5 ( Pa. 12-
  1. (
  1) I was _charmed by her slim figure and soft voice (v. attract; give please to) (
  2) “Snow white and Seven Dwarves” has never lost its original _charm__. (n. attractiveness)
  2. _take in (usu. passive) cheat她这么聪明, 肯定不会被同事欺骗。 She was so smart that she couldn’t be taken in by her colleagues.
  3. _In spite of_ the bad weather, they had a wonderful holiday. (in spite of)
  4. (
  1) Richard was still young, but he was _sophisticated__ enough to know when people were telling the truth. (adj. worldly-wise; showing knowledge of the world) (
  2) The development of computers and other _sophisticated_ machines has made industry more efficient. (adj. advanced or complicated)
  5. Please find the following in the text:
  3) 得 到 心 中 渴望的东西
  7) 作 战 计 划 般精确的时间表
  1) race the clock
  2) have something to do with
  3) achieve one’s heart desire
  4) an optimistic approach to life
  5) as promised
  6) a piece of cake
  7) schedules with military precision
  8) at regular intervals
  9)move on to

  10)没有梦想的生活就像没有美味佳肴的饮食一样无趣Line 76-77
  11)我们职业女性业已成熟,不再干这种傻事。--Line 78-79
  12)要是我拥有那些超级女英雄的组织才能与旺盛精力,生活该会是多么美妙。--Line 60-61 Life without that kind of fantasy is as unappealing as a diet with no treats. We working women are too sophisticated for that. How lovely life would be if only I possessed the organizational skills and energy of my superheroines
  7. I suppose it has something to do with the appeal of an optimistic approach to life --and the fact that extraordinary deeds have been accomplished by determined individuals who refused to believe that “you can’t” was the final word on their dreams.Analyze the sentence structure.I suppose … It has something do with the appeal of…and the fact that…
  8. ‘Women, of course, have always believed that we can’t have our cake and eat it too--the old low-dream diet.’Translate: 女人嘛, 当然相信鱼与熊掌不能兼得??人们反复灌输的 不要好高骛远那一套。
  9. Then I’ll tell her a story: the tale of a woman who bought her own version of that bridge in Brooklyn and found that it was a wise investment after all. What does the underlined part mean? And Translate the sentence. ?我要给她讲一个故事:一个女人的故事,她买下了她 自己演绎的布鲁克林的那座大桥,并发现这是一项明智的投资。



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