大学英语作文模板 大学英语作文模板 作文
一. 表达观点的时候的句型:
  1.Taking into consideration both sides of the issue, I tend to favor the latter view..
  2.When considering opinions of both sides, I am inclined to ...
  3.If it is up to me to make a choice between ... and ... I would rather choose ... over...
  4.I would have to say that, if I were faced with the decision, I would follow ....
  5.At the risk of sounding too direct , I prefer to... 表达不确定的用词:May, seem, be likely to, possible, probably, perhaps, be said that, be said to... 二、解释说明原因的句型:
  6. In my mind, the following factors/reasons/causes need to be taken into consideration.
  7. There are several reasons for this phenomenon/why...-(as follows).
  8. And I would like to present two explanations for this:
  9. The reasons are chiefly as follows.
  10. There are numerous reasons why , and I would like to explore a few of the most important ones here.
  11. The reasons are presented below.
  12. There are three premier(主要的)/best/ most important, largest, significant, obvious, crucial causes as follows.
  13. This is based on the propensity(倾向,原因) of following points.
  14. The main reason is that.. One very important argument for ..... is that....
  15. The reasons are quite clear. Above all, ....
  16.The first reason can be seen by every person.
  17. The first and most important reason is that.....
  18. One of the reasons that are given for....is that....
  19. Perhaps this is because of the simple fact that.....
  20. One of the premier causes is that(注意用词)
  21. At the risk of sounding too simplistic, it seems to me that the main propositions can be summarized in one saying.
  22. We may look into every possible reason, however, foremost reason for .... Is ....
  23. It might also be noted that....
  24. There are no less than three advantages in .. as rendered below. 三、表达任何事情都有两面性的句型:
  1. There comes a question: is it a blessing or a curse.问题是:是福是祸?
  2. There is no denying that every thing has one more face and ... is no exception.
  3. Every thing in the world has its own two sides. Without exception, A has both advantages and disadvantages.
  4. As the proverb goes: "every coin has its two sides", ....is no exception.
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  5. Every thing has a good side and a bad side, and ....is no exception.
  6.The discussion as to whether the ... is a blessing or a curse arouses most people's interests. 四、表示好处的句型
  1.It has the following advantages.
  2. It does us a lot of good.
  3.It benefits us quite a lot.
  4.It is beneficial to us.
  5. It is of great benefit to us. 例: Books are like friends.They can help us know the world better,and they can open our minds and widen our horizons.Therefore,reading extensively is of great benefit to us. 五、表示坏处的句型
  1.It has more disadvantages than advantages.
  2.It does us much harm.
  3.It is harmful to us. 六、表示重要、必要、困难、方便的句型
  1.It is important(necessary,difficult,convenient, possible)for sb.to do sth.
  2.We think it necessary to do sth.
  3. It plays an important role in our life. 例: Computers are now being used everywhere,whether in the government,in schools or in business. Soon, computers will be found in every home, too. have We good reason to say that computers are playing an increasingly important role in our life and we have stepped into the Computer Age. 七、表示措施的句型
  1.We should take some effective measures.
  2.We should try our best to overcome(conquer)the difficulties.
  3.We should do our utmost in doing sth.
  4.We should solve the problems that we are confronted(faced)with. 例: The housing problem that we are confronted with is becoming more and more serious.Therefore,we must take some effective measures to solve it. 八、表示变化的句型
  1)Some changes have taken place in the past five years.
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  2)A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications.
  3)The computer has brought about many changes in education. 例: Some changes have taken place in people’s diet in the past five years.The Nowadays, more and more people major reasons for these changes are not far to seek. are switching from grain to meat for protein,and from fruit and vegetable to milk for vitamins. 九、说明原因型的句型 模块(
  1) It is estimated that ( 1 ). Why have there been so many XX ? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. The first one is that ( 2 ) .Besides,( 3 ) . The third reason is ( 4 ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( 5 ) . It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing, ( 6 ).On the other hand ,( 7 ). All these measures will certainly reduce the number of XX . 模块(
  2) In recent years, xx has caused a heated debate on ( 1 ). The factors for ( 2 ) .First of all ,( 3 ).Then , there comes a case that ( 4 ). Moreover , ( 5 ) . Especially when ( 6 ) . Indeed, these unique points can be collected to remind people that ( 7 ). In this way ,we should behave just like ( 8 ).The impact of Television 模块(
  3) For most of us today, (
  1). From above, we can find that the reasons why (
  2) are as follows. The primary reason ,i think, is (
  3). Second, (
  4). The third reason, actually ,is (
  5). The significance for (
  6) 。 Therefore, (
  7). 十、常用开头和结尾句型 开头
  1、There is an interesting and instructive picture which goes like this:
  2、 has become a hot topic among people, especially among the young, and heated debates are right on their way.
  3、Recently, has been brought to such popular attention that (e.g. Recently, the problem of global warming has been brought to such popular attention that governments at all levels place it on the top of the agenda.).
  4、One of our ancient philosophers said, . Chinese people have always been holding this idea to be one of their standards of morality.
  5. No one, regardless of race, religion or nationality, would deny that... 或: Everyone would agree that... 结尾: Only in this way/Only when....../Only through......, will/can we......或: is only It if/when......that we will......
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