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2009-8-4 17:38 自考 365 论坛 【大 中 小】 Text A The Atlantic Ocean 搭配: 搭配:
  1. separate A from B 把某人;或某物分开/动词词组 使某人无法做某事;无法做某事/动词词组 在什么的水平以下;

  2. keep sb. from doing sth.
  3. on the average 上/介词词组
平均;below/above the average

  4. furnish sth for sb. 给某人提供某物/动词词组
  5. pile up 折起,累计,若干车辆碰在一起/动词词组 语言点: 语言点:
  1. 本课带宾补的动词:make e.g. make early sailors unwilling to do sth.(宾补) Two things make the Atlantic Ocean rather unusual.
  2. 形容词的特殊用法: It is more than 4000 miles wide.(形容词后置) On the average the water is a little more than two miles deep.
  3. 形容词前有 as,so,no,too,how 等词时,不定冠词应置于形容词之后, 如: e.g. We couldn't do it in so short a time. She is too kind a girl to refuse. Aids is so terrible a disease. He is too old a man to do that kind of job.

  4. suppose +句子=表示一种假设
  5. it takes/took +(某人)+多少时间+to do sth. 花了某人多少时间做 某事. It would take the ocean about 4000 years to dry up.
  6. much 可以用来修饰形容词的比较级.E.g. much better;much deeper.
  7. raise 为及物动词,后可以加宾语,e.g. raise the pay.(增加工资); rise 为不及物动词(其后不能加宾语),e.g. the sun rises in the east. 注: 宾语为名词,代词,动词的-ing.
  8. 在一般名词所构成的专有名此前需要加定冠词. E.g. the Azores 亚苏尔群岛; the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋
  9. for 用来连接两个句子的时候为并列连词,表原因. E.g. Here the water is quiet,for there is little wind.
  10. In the days of sailing vessels the crew were afraid they would be becalmed here.主谓一致
  11. so … that/ such …that 句型:太…+句子 e.g. We now have such fast ways of traveling that this big ocean seems to have grown smaller. 我们现在有太多快速的旅行方式,因此大西洋看起来 好像小了很多. So 主要用来修饰形容词或副词;such 则最终需要修饰名词.
  12. across 为介词或副词,使用它时,句子中应该已有动词. E.g Icebergs float down from the Far North across the paths of ships. Cross 为动词, 作谓语或跟在动词不定式 to 后面. E.g. Columbus sailed for more than two months to cross it. Text B The Moon 搭配: 搭配:
  1. be kept tied to sth./sb.
  2. face towards sth./sb. 离不开某人/紧紧的依附于某物 背向
面向;face away from sth./sb.

  3. keep sth./sb. in mind
  4. be lighted up by sth.
  5. speak of 提及;说到
牢记于心 被什么照亮

  6. reflect sth. on to sth. 语言点: 语言点:

  1. 半系动词(半系动词后加形容词):remain/stand/look/appear
  2. 世界独一无二的事物前应该加定冠词. 如: the earth, the world, the moon
  3. except,except for,besides 怎么区别? besides "除…外,还有…",指更进一步的拥有,包括所"除"事物在内. Have you got any clothes besides these? 除了这些衣服你还有别的吗? except 不包括所引事物.常与 no, none, nothing 等否定词或 all, everyone, everything 等连用,但不可用于句首. They all went to the Summer Palace except one. 除一人之外他们都去 了颐和园. except for 常指除去所引情况让人稍感遗憾之外,整体情况尚属理想,被除去的事物与 正在谈及的事物之间不具有共同属性或性质. The roads were clear except for a few cars. 除几辆小汽车外,路面很 空旷.
  4. enough 作为副词时修饰形容词放在形容词后,adj.+enough for sb. to do sth. e.g. it is light enough for us to be able to see its outline.
  5. 初次接触到带介词定语从句,如:
The light by which we see the old moon does not come from the sun, but from the earth. "The old moon in the new moon's arms" is nothing but that part of the moon's surface on which it is night. There are several ways in which we can make material more meaningful. Which 代指前面被修饰的名词,翻译时,就把 which 前的介词放在被修饰的 名词前即可. 如:The light by which=by light 通过月光 surface on which=on surface 在月亮上的表面 several ways in which=in several ways 在很多方面
  6. 感观动词 see 的特殊用法:see sb. do sth.或 see sb. doing sth. 前 者表示看到了全过程,或者表示正在看到的动作.
  7. nothing but 表示仅仅 E.g. The money brought nothing but sadness. 这笔钱仅仅带来了痛苦.


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