高中英语单项填空经典百题 ( )
  1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr. White the visitors around it. A. went on to show B. went on showing C. went on with showing D. kept on showing ( )
  2. -- Tom works hard at English.?-- , and . A. So does he; so you do B. So you do; so is he C. So he will; so do you D. So he does; so do you ( )
  3. When you write to him, please him. A. give my loves to B. give my regard to C. remember me to D. give my wishes for ( )
  4. We have done things we ought not to have done and undone things we ought to have done. A. left B. leave C. will leave D. leaving ( )
  5. People are puzzled they read the book. A. the first time B. at the first time C. for the first time D. at first ( )
  6. In some countries, are called "public schools" are not owned by the state. A. that B. which C. as D. what ( )
  7. -- The boy is tall enough his age. --Yes, I was much when I was his age. A. to; shorter B. at; taller C. at; shorter D. for; shorter ( )
  8. --Who are you waiting for? -- the man wounded in the left leg. A. The doctor will operate on B. Tie nurse to be looked after C. The doctor to operate on D. His brother got ( )
  9. --How did you the movie last night? --Oh, both interesting and instructive. A. find B. consider C. think D. feel ( )
  10. With his son , the old man felt unhappy. A. to disappoint B. to be disappointed C. disappointing D. being disappointed ( )
  11. The food tastes and sells . A. well; well B.good; good C. good; well D.well; good ( )
  12. The sun was shining brightly, everything there more beautiful. A. making; look B. to make; looked C. and made; looking D. and making; be looked ( )
  13. It' s too late to go out now. , it's starting to rain. A. Besides B. Meanwhile C. However D. Anyhow ( )
  14. Everybody in the little town knew my first teacher, so we had no finding his home. A. difficulties in B. difficulty with C. difficulty D. difficulty to ( )
  15. I can't understand it, will you please once more? A. explain that word B. repeat that word C. explain us that word D. explain that word for us ( )
  16. --How often do you go to the library?--. A. In two days B. Every few days C. Each third day D. Every a few days ( )
  17. We are just calling you up you come in. A. about; when B. on the point of; while
C. on the point of; when D. on the point of; as ( )
  18. --They all agree George. Has the project been passed? --Who George can make the final decision? A. except; expect B. except; besides C. but; but D. besides; but ( )
  19. I come to tell you Jack for London next month. A. is leaving B. is about to leave C. will leave D. would leave ( )
  20. You can say "He went there , not ." A. on the car; by car B.on foot; in his car C. by foot; by car D.in his car; by his foot ( )
  21. Jack is a good friend , he often comes to our home for a visit. A. of my father B. of my father's C. for my father D. with my father ( )
  22. What way are you thinking of rid of the flies? A. to get B. getting C. being got D. to be getting ( )
  23. We must do something to factories waste water into the river before it is cleaned. A. stop; pouring B. prevent; to pour C. keep; pouring D. stop; to pour ( )
  24. " of them are not here." means " of them are not here." A. All; Some B. Both; Every C. Both; Neither D. All; Both ( )
  25. --How did you do in the test? --Not so well. I much better but I misread the directions for Part D. A. could do B. could have done C. must have done D. should do ( )
  26. Mary cares about clothes too much, and she too much money clothes. A. spend; in B.cost; at C. pays; to D. spends; on ( )
  27. Our kind teacher wanted to teach us he knew athis lesson. A. that B. all what C. that all D. everything which ( )
  28. They started early that morning in order that they there before noon. A. would get B. got C. must get D. might get ( )
  29. Is this research center the foreign guests visited last week? A. that B. which C. where D. the one ( )
  30.--What is the model plane look like? --Well, the wings of the plane are of its body. A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length ( )
  31. The enemy troop suddenly took the small village by surprise a rainy morning. A. on B. at C. in D. during ( )
  32. This is the school they visited last year and is the one my father once worked. A. that; where B. where; that C. where; where D. that; that ( )
  33. The college entrance examination is coming, the students are it. A. preparing B. prepared for C. prepared D. preparing for ( )
  34. The task was very hard, so were needed. A. ten more men B. ten men more C. more ten men D. men more ten ( )
  35. He wanted to read more, so he asked his friend if there was to read. A. sth easy enough B. sth enough easy C. enough easy sth D. easy enough sth ( )
  36. The room is very large and only little room by the new piano.
A. are taken up B. takes up C. is taken up D. is taking up ( )
  37. What time it is to listen to a speech having nothing to do with you! A. waste B. wastes C. a waste of D. a waste for ( )
  38. your help, we have . A. Thanks to, finished B. Thanks to, ended C. Thanks for, finished D. Thanks for, completed ( )
  39. When and where to build the new factory yet. A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided ( )
  40. It is necessary me my studies before a new term. A. for, to make a plan for B. of, making a plan for C. for, to make a plan of D. of, making a plan of ( )
  41. He the club and its activities. A. took part in; joined B. joined; took part in C. joined; took a part in D. took part in; took part in ( )
  42. The noble man prefers money to him sorry to him. A. giving; to saying B. giving; to say C. give; to say D. to give; to saying ( )
  43. To gain honor for our country, we will try our best the game. A. competing in B. competing against C. to compete with D. to compete in ( )
  44. Tom was so angry with Bob that he hit . A. Bob in the head B. Bob's head C. Bob on the head D. on Bob's head ( )
  45. at the news that I didn't know what to say to comfort her. A. So sad she looked B. So sad did she look C. So sadly she looked D. So sadly did she look ( )
  46. Only a fool enjoys in public. A. making fun of B. to make fun of C. being made fan of D. to be made fan of ( )
  47. Our English teacher by the teachers and students. A. is good thought of B. is thought high of C. is sung highly praise for D. is spoken highly of ( )
  48. I like of the two stories, for this story is than that one. A. both; not more interesting B. neither; no more interesting C. neither; not more interesting D. either; no more interesting ( )
  49. You'd better make a mark you have any questions. A. at which B. at where C. the place D. where ( )
  50. The stubborn boy didn't so that he missed the chance. A. take advice B. follow an advice C. give some advice D. ask for advice ( )
  51. Old as the car is, it works quite well. A. but B. yet C. so D. however ( )
  52. They were inventors than pure scientists. A. more B. less C. many D. worse ( )
  53. The teachers are doing what they their stuaits. A. can to teach B. can teach C. can teaching D. can to teaching
( )
  54. Liaocheng, Shandong Pro. is a beautiful city, 11 pay a three-day visit. A. which B. where C. to which D. in which ( )
  55. Don't have your children for hours reading books in dark a room. A. sitting; so B. sit; such C. to be sitting; so D. to sit; such ( )
  56. I want to know . A. what the matter is B. what matter it is C. what's the matter D. the matter is what ( )
  57. After so long a walk, he was too further. A. tired for walk B. tire to walk C. tiring to go D. tired to go ( )
  58. Why not trust and use David? He is still as strong as in the team. A. somebody else B. everybody else C. anybody else D. nobody else ( )
  59. After the accident, she had all over. A. pains B. pain C. ache D. aches ( )
  60. I forget where I read the article, or I it to you now. A. will show B. would show C. am going to show D. am showing ( )
  61. for the doctor's careful treatment, hetill last year. A. If it is not; can't live B. Were it not; couldn't live C. Had it not been; couldn't have lived D. If they were not ; couldn't live ( )
  62. They stayed up until midnight the old year out and the new year in. A. and saw B. to see C. seeing D. for seeing ( )
  63. George spent studying. A. the whole day B. all during the day C. altogether a day D. entirely a day ( )
  64. You may find it hard to get along well with them. A. certainly B. likely C. possibly D. probably ( )
  65. The house that by the fire belongs to A. was destroyed, mine B. destroyed, mine C. was destroyed, me D. destroyed, me ( )
  66. will the meeting ?In about 20 minutes. A. How long, last B. When, last C. How often, finish D. How soon, end ( )
  67. While in the room, we were all very excited. A. waited B. waiting C. to wait D. wait ( )
  68. you to go to watch the football match with me? A. Would; like B. Would; rather C. Do; feel like D. Do; would like ( )
  69. She asked we were getting on well with our work. A. how B. if C.what D. that ( )
  70. I'm wondering he expects will win the gold medal in Men's Single. A. whom B. which C. who D. what ( )
  71. Don't think of the exam. , it has been passed quite a few days. A. In all B. Not at all C. After all D. At all ( )
  72. She a man a lot of money. A. was married; with B. married; with C. married; to D. was married; to ( )
  73. During the next ten years we both worked day and night to the money we had borrowed. ( )
  74. --Where do you think he the computer? Sorry, I have no idea.
A. pay off
B. pay for
C. pay to
D. pay back
A. /; bought B. has; bought C. did; buy D. had; bought ( )
  75. We have been by all our friends since we settled in the new house. A. called on B. called at C. called into D. called for ( )
  76. I her voice at once on the phone, though we hadn't seen each other for ten years. A. heard B. knew C. realized D. recognized ( )
  77. But she had to the company and a man in order to get a job. A. lie to; pretended to be B. lie; pretended to be C. lie to; pretended being D. lie; pretended as ( )
  78. The man went into the room, rather strange. A. to look B. looking C. looked D. and looking ( )
  79. The driver drove __ hit a big tree and the car came to a stop. A. too carelessly to B. carelessly enough to C. so carelessly that he D. so careless that he ( )
  80. When he saw all his books here and there on the floor, he knew that something terrible . A. lying; must have happened B. lie; must happen C. lay; might have happened D. had lain; could have happen ( )
  81. Mr Brown's anger, it was his own son who didn't agree him. A. To; with B. Because of; to C. With; of D. For; on ( )
  82. But later people developed a way of printing, rocks. A. used B. using C. and use D. uses ( )
  83. The problem was that it is valuable everyday use. A. too; to B. too; for C. too; of D. so; that ( )
  84. Where is Mother? --She is in the kitchen. She the housework all morning. A. is doing B. was doing C. has done D. has been doing ( )
  85. What a strange man! He loves his wife, but he often beats her. A. at a time B. at one time C. at times D. at the same time ( )
  86. The books, the dictionaries, must be put back where they . A. included; were B. to include; are C. including; were D. including; are ( )
  87. Paperthe fibres of plants for many years. A. has been made from B. have been made out of C. has made up of D. have been made into ( )
  88. Before the game started Alien's friends believed he was but he didn't feel . Then after the first ten minutes, he began to take heart. A. sure to win; sure to success B. sure of success; sure of it C. sure to win; sure about that D. sure about winning; sure to win ( )
  89. His father looks young, but fact he is . A. in; in the forties B. in; in his forties C. in the; in the forties D. in; in his forty ( )
  90. It's quite strange that the man sleeps with his mouth and his eyes . A. closed; open B. closed; opened C. closing; open D. closing; opening ( )
  91. If you have a problem your composition, you had better ask your teacher . A. in; on some advice B. for; for some advices
C. on; some advice D. with; for some advice ( )
  92. There a lot of coal mines in the south, but many of them have been closed or are be closed. A. use to having; about to B. used to be; to C. use to having; going to D. used to be; supposed to ( )
  93. The weather in Britain is too cold in wintertoo hot in summer. A. either; or B. both; and C. neither; nor D. or; and ( )
  94. Forgive him, please. I don't think he broke your mirror. A. with care B. on purpose C. for fun D. with aim ( )
  95. He advised the fanners to choose the best seed-heads, that had the best color. A. the one B. the ones C. one D. ones ( )
  96. Although he is considered a great writer, . A. his works is not widely read B. but his works are not widely read C. however his works are not widely read D. yet his works are not widely



   高中英语单项填空经典百题 ( )1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr. White the visitors around it. A. went on to show B. went on showing C. went on with showing D. kept on showing ( )2. -- Tom works hard at English.?-- , and . A. So does he; so you do B ...


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