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  • Painting -- my hobby
    After school my biggest hobby is painting.
    When I was young, I love painting, what big plane, big ship, small house, I can draw it out. I started, with a thin paper over the book. After that, I began to learn. Gradually design, draw a variety of cute little animals. Until now, I have been able to draw a more difficult. Like a book, a man, a tiger.
    To say that the most interesting thing is to draw a picture with the best young students. Festival, they always chattering Like a bird as arguing that let me to paint them, so I would like a little painter side clamping huaga. While teases them: "posed, must want to smile! Or draw you into a bad boy cry!" They believe, hastened to pretend to smile appearance, I will seize the opportunity to their innocent "smile" are "close" into a painting. They see my paintings, happy to dance with joy, I will feel the fun of painting from.
    Until now, I know, painting is an indispensable part of my life.





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  • 2016-04-08