笔试: 80% I.单词拼写: 10%
  21. Can you find the ten d between the twin sisters.
  22. He is i in reading this book.
  23. What about going bike r tomorrow?
  24. Mr and Mrs Wang go to work by s every day.
  25. It’s about 3 k from my home to the train station.
  26. His mother is (四十) years old.
  27. She exercises every day. She’s very (健康).
  28. There are going to be three basketball (比赛) next week.
  29. I have to study for my (化学) test.
  30. The Spring Festival is a (传统的) festival in China. II.选择: 15% 31-35:选择与句中划线部分意思相同或相近的词或短语.
  31. Jim’s hairstyle is not the same as yours. A.different from B.far from C.kind of D.look like
  32. What other things can you see in the picture? A.also B.too C.else D.another
  33. Some students go to school on foot every day. A.run B.walk C.leave D.start
  34. Many people are not busy on weekends. A. clever B.funny C.free D.lazy
  35.His brother is not feeling well at the moment. A.just now B.next time C.now D.then
  36. Do you often go to the moviesSundays? ―No, we. A. on, don't B. on, aren't C. in, do D. in, don't
  37. -How far is the shop from here? -. A. It is about five hundred meters B. It's there C. It's ten minutes D. Go down this street
  38. Sam is at English than I. A. more good B. much good C. much better D. more better
  39. does it take you to do your homework every day? A. What B. How often C. How long D. How far
  40. I think he a famous movie star. A. /; isn't B. don't; isn't C. don't; is D. /; wasn't
  41. important a balanced diet. A. It, eat B. It's ,eat C. It ,to eat D. It's ,to eat
  42.Don’t make me the clothes. I’m too tired. A.washing B.to wash C.washed D.wash

  43. TV too much isn't good our eyes. A. Watch; to B. Watching; for C. Watch; for D. Watching; to
  44. -Thanks a lot for helping me. -. A.You’re welcome B.It doesn’t matter C.No, thank you D.It’s kind of you.
  45. -Miss Brown has a bad cold. She feels terrible. - . A.Sorry to hear that. B.That’s a good idea. C.Is that so? D.I don’t think so. III.完型填空: 10% Most people know him __46 the son of Hong Kong’s star Jackie Chan. But Jaycee(房祖名) doesn’t like this. He __47 that people like him as the singer Jaycee! “Listen to my songs, then you’ll know me,” he said. Jaycee, 21, went to middle school to __48! On October 11,2004, he sang for 3,000 students at the Middle School Affiliated to Peking University(北大附中).Jaycee played the guitar and sang songs __49 his first album (专辑)“Jaycee Chan”. It came out in September 20
  04. He also asked students to sing with him. One girl sang her favorite song “Little Boy” with him. The kids love Jaycee’s songs. Most of them are about 50__ up. They tell stories about his life! A Junior 3(初中 3 年级) girl said, “His songs are inspiring(激动 人心的).” Many students say Jaycee is a good man. “He often smiles, and tries to be nice to 51__,” said a Junior 3 boy. Jaycee was born in the US. He __52 there with his mother. Dad is often busy __53 films.“I hope one day when everybody sees my dad, they’ll __54 him Jaycee Chan’s father,” Jaycee said 55_ a smile.
  46. A.like B.as C.for D.on
  47. A.hopes B.asks C.speak D.play
  48. A.sing B.study C.speak D.play
  49. A.off B.with C.from D.on
  50. A.growing B.going C.turning D.staying
  51. A.someone B.everything C.anyone D.nobody
  52. A.stayed B.lived C.sent D.put
  53. A.making B.watching C.seeing D.recording
  54. A.know B.call C.think D.forget
  55. A.on B.from C.by D.with IV.句型转换: 10%
  56.Lily visits her aunt twice a month.(划线提问)
does Lily visit her aunt.
  57.Tom is twelve years old, and Tina is twelve years old, too.(同义句) Tom is old Tina.
  58.Peter is going to Harbin for vacation. (划线提问) Peter going for vacation?
  59.Ann has to help her parents on Sunday.(一般疑问句) Ann to help her parents on Sunday?
  60.You should eat some hot tea with honey. (否定句) You eat hot tea with honey. V.阅读理解: 15% A Jean is a smart girl from a rich and famous family. She goes to a good university and has everything that she wants to buy. The problem is that the people in Jean’s family are so busy that they can hardly have time to be with her. In fact, Jean is quite lonely. So Jean spends a lot of time on QQ. She likes being anonymous(匿 名), talking to people who do not know about her famous family and her rich life. She uses the name Linda on QQ and has made a lot of friends who she contacts(联系) quite often. Last year Jean made a very special friend on QQ. His name was David and he lived in San Francisco. David had lots of stories and jokes. He and Jean had a common interest in rock music and modern(现代的) dance. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ and sometimes they even forgot the time. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. David sent a picture of himself: he was a tall, good-looking young man with a big, happy smile. As time went by, they became good friends and often sent cards and small things to each other. When Jean’s father told her that he was going on a business trip to San Francisco, she asked him to let her go with him, so that she could give David a surprise for his birthday. She would take him the latest DVD of their favorite rock singer. But when Jean knocked on(敲) David’s door in San Francisco, she found that the special friend she had written to was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim.
  61. Jean spends a lot of time on QQ because she feels. A.lonely B.young C.famous D.rich
  62. Jean thought David was special because . A.David was from San Francisco. B.David made her quite happy on QQ. C.David sent her a picture of himself.
D.David was tall and good-looking.
  63. Who first went to visit the other? A.Jean B.David C.Both David and Jean D.Nobody
  64. Which of the following is true? A.Jean has got everything in her life. B.David didn’t tell Jean his real address. C.Jean’s family members often get together. D.Both David and Jean enjoy rock music.
  65. What’s the main idea of this passage? A.Don’t believe those you get to know on QQ so easily. B.People don’t use their real names on QQ so often. C.Don’t go to meet those you get to know on QQ. D.People should tell their real names to others on QQ. B:任务型阅读:根据短文信息完成表格 5% B: Give Jay Chou a Message Send a message and you could meet Jay Chou! The pop star will sing in Shanghai on December
  12. He wants fans to send him a message saying why they love him. He will meet them at the concert. Owen to Leave Club? On Tuesday, England football player Michael Owen said, “I may leave Liverpool next year. I will leave if Liverpool doesn’t get to play in the Champion League.” Yao shows Bad Side Yao Ming is becoming the NBA’s “bad boy”. He was sent off the court last Saturday for taking the ball away from Orlando’s Juwan while Juwan was still holding it. “I just got the ball and was trying to protect it,” Yao said. What Who When and where Jay Chou December 12 He wants his fans to send him a message and 66 , he’ll 67__. Yao Ming 68 , He took away the ball from Juwan and he was NBA court sent off the court. 69 Tuesday He 70 if Liverpool doesn’t get to play in the Champion League. VI.选词填空:选择合适的词并用其正确形式填空。10% walk, sing, plan, go, fish, on, relax, in, Canada, beautiful Ben Lambert, the famous French 71 , is taking a long vacation this summer! He thought about __72 to Greece or Spain, but decided __73 Canada. “I always take vacations in Europe,” he said.
“This time I want to do something different. I heard that Canada is 74 , and I know there are many people there who speak French. Ben is going to 75 Great Lakes. He is leaving the first week 76 June and staying until September. He plans to have a very 77 vacation. He’s taking 78 and going
  79. He’s 80 to spend time in the beautiful countryside. VII.书面表达: 10%
我父母想要买一处新居,看了两处地方,想征求我的意见,看我喜欢住在哪处。请根据下 面的表格写一篇文章,首句已给出。要求:60 词左右,文字通顺,文章包括表格中所提示 的内容。
提示语: there be, more...than... bus stop, far from, nearer to, go to school, by bus there be, supermarket, near here, the goods(商品), go shopping
笔试: 80% I.单词拼写: 10% 21-25: differences, interested, riding, subway, kilometers 26-30: forty, healthy, matches, chemistry, traditional II.选择: 15% 31-35: A C B C C 36-40: A A C C C 41-45: D D B A A III.完型填空: 10% 46-50: B A A C A 51-55: C B A B D IV.句型转换: 10%
  56. How often
  57.as as
  58.Where is
  59.Does have
  60.shouldn’t any V.阅读理解: 15% 61-65: A B A D A
  67.meet them
  68.Last Saturday
  69. (Michael) Owen
  70. will leave VI.选词填空: 10% 71-75: singer, going, on, beautiful, Canada’s 76-80: in, relaxing, walks, fishing, planning VII.书面表达: 10% I like the second place. Because there are more people than the first place, and it is nearer to the bus stop. I can go to school by bus. There is a supermarket here. Although it is small, the goods are cheaper. There is a park near here. It is more beautiful. The traffic is busier here. I think it is a good place.



   2006 学年第一学期期末考试笔试题 第一学期期末考试笔试 笔试题 小学三年级英语 考试时间:40 分钟 笔试部分 50% 一、读一读,连线。10 分 读一读,连线。 bag eye dog pencil-case Coke book one eraser ★哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 哈佛大学★英语系研究,美国布什推荐。专为中小学生英语量身定做。 官方网站:http://hafo.yeryy.com/ 哈佛大学英语教授研究组提供 six pink bal ...

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   呼场中学提高八年级英语口语交际能力的调查问卷 1、你喜欢英语吗? A.很喜欢 B. 一般 C. 不喜欢 2 你喜欢在课堂内说英语吗? A.很喜欢 B. 一般 C. 不喜欢 3、对于英语常用口语单词你都能记住吗? A.能够 B. 大部分 C. 很少 4、你能流利地使用日常英语对话吗? A. 能够 B. 基本能 C. 不能 5、当大家在讨论某个话题时,你能用英语完全表达出自己的看法吗? A. 能够 B. 一点点 C. 不能 6、英语课上你能理解老师的每一句话吗? A. 能够 B. 勉强 C. 不 ...



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   \2011 三点让你的中考英语作文提分 2011 年中考已经进入紧张的阶段,很多同学都蓄势待发,准备就绪了,但是与此同时还有 很多的同学正在纠结。英语写作部分成了他们的苦恼,不用担心无忧考网总结出一套 2011 中考英语高分作文的写作提高方法。 其实,中考英语写作是很容易提高的,因此,同学们大可不必慌张,害怕。那么如何才 可以在短时间内提高自己的写作水平呢?今天我们就从三点谈起。 第一点是遣词的原则: 1、 同学们一定要尽量使用高等词汇及短语,如果仅仅记住几个简单基础的词汇,而且 一味的重复 ...


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   小学开设英语课会加重学生负担吗 作者:陈琳 点击数: 37 文章来源:光明日报 更新时间:9/12/2005 按照教育部的要求,从今年秋季起全国城市小学三年级将逐步开设英语课。 不少人在问:小学生的负担本来就重了。再加英语课,不是负担更重了吗? 我的回答是: 也是也不是, 事在人为。 这个“人”就是老师。 所以应该说“事 在师为”。 首先, 要明确小学英语课的目标。 小学英语, 绝对不是一上来就学什么音标, 语法,大量词汇;而是要通过做游戏,背歌谣,学唱歌,画图画等有趣的活动来 激发儿童对英 ...


   B 笔试部分( 笔试部分(共 95 分) 一、单项选择(共 15 分) 单项选择( ( ) 26. Don’t worry! Tom is A. a little / a little little ( ) 27. Xuqian loves A. to speak / talking talking ( ) 28. ?Did you do some shopping last week? ? A. Yes, I did ( ) 29. Ms Green teaches A. us / us ...