第二版新视野大学英语 1 答案(U1-U
  4) 2008-12-26 16:00 Keys to Exercises of Uni1 of Book1 of NHCE Section A Vocabulary III:
  1. rewarding
  2. communicate
  3. access
  4. embarrassing
  5. positive
  6. commitment
  7. virtual
  8. benefits
  9. minimum
  10. opportunity IV:
  1. up
  2. into
  3. from
  4. with
  6. up
  7. of
  8. in 9 for
  10. with V. GBEIH KMOFC Sentence Structure VI:
  1. Universities in the east are better equipped, while those in the west are relatively poor.
  2. Allan Clarke kept talking the price up, while Wilkinson kept knocking it down.
  3. The husband spent all his money drinking, while his wife saved all hers for the money.
  4. Some guests spoke pleasantly and behaved politely, while others were insulting and impolite.
  5. Outwardly Sara was friendly towards all those concerned, while inwardly she was angry. VII:
  1. Not only did Mr. Smith learn the Chinese language, but he also bridge the gap between his culture and ours.
  2. Not only did we learn the technology through the online course, but we also learned to communicate with friends in English.
  3. Not only did we all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives.
  4. Not only do the workers want a pay increase, but they also want reduce
working hours.
  5. Not only is the house expensive, but it is also too far away from my company. Translation VIII:
  1. Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they can also take time to think through answers before making a reply.
  2. She is excited by the idea of online learning while he considers it meaningless and useless.
  3. Communicating with native English speakers is a very rewarding experience from which we can learn a lot.
  4. Today, more and more people have access to the Internet through which they look for the information they need.
  5. He wants her to give up working and stay home to look after the children. She feels, however, that this is too much for her.
  6. Now that we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. IX:
  1. 我永远都不会忘记那位老师,是他告诉我学外语是有趣的、有价值的。如果 没有他,我的英语说得不会像现在这么好。
  2. 没有任何其他语言能像英语那样让你感受到多姿多彩的世界文化。有了过硬 的英语只是,你就可以体验奇妙的文化之旅。
  3. 写作不仅仅要写老师不知的话题,而且要写自己感兴趣的东西,例如,给朋 友写电子邮件。
  4. 远程教学课程是授课者与学生通过计算机技术进行交流的课程。
  5. 英语不但是世界上最有用的语言,也是世界上最易学、易用的语言之一。
  6. 远程教学课程在时间安排上给予学生更多的自由,但与其课程相比,这些课 程要求学生有更强的自律能力。
Cloze: X: BABBC CBAAB AABAB Structure Text Structure Analysis XI:
The topic of the paragraph: My learning experience in junior middle
The cause: I had a kind and patient teacher who often praised all of the
The effect: I eagerly answered all the questions I could, never worrying
much about making mistakes, I was at the top of my class for two years. Structure Writing XII: I am proud to say that I succeed in learning a foreign language. It was a real challenge and, needless to say, it look a lot of practice. I carried a small dictionary with me everywhere I went as well as notebook in which I listed new words I came across. I also managed my time carefully so that I met the standards of the course and finished assignments on time. After years of persistence, I reaped the benefits of all my hard work. Section B Reading Skills I: CBDAB Comprehension of the text II: CABCD BCD Vocabulary III:
  1. community
  2. effective
  3. unique
  4. committed
  5. reinforce
  6. perspective
  7. explicit
  8. challenge
  9. hindered
  10. arose IV:
  1. for
  2. with
  3. on
  4. on
  5. on
  6. of
  7. in
  8. up
  9. of
  10. In Keys to Exercises of Unit 2 of Book1 of NHCE
Section A Vocabulary III:
  1. appeals
  2. identity
  3. concern
  4. disgusting
  5. upset
  6. influence
  7. offensive
  8. burst
  9. stuff
  10. thorough IV:
  1. off/down
  2. off
  3. as
  4. on
  6. on/upon
  7. to
  8. over 9 in
  10. of V.HFDKB CLION Sentence Structure VI:
  1. Kate saw her brother Bill as she was getting off the school bus.
  2. As she was standing up from her seat, mother dropped the glass to the ground.
  3. A policeman fired at a thief as the thief was bolting out of the house.
  4. As she ran to catch the school bus, Sandy thought of her talk with her mother.
  5. As the teacher entered the classroom, all the students shouted “Happy Birthday” to him. VII: 1She listened to her favorite rock music while singing along with the words. 2She was putting on her jeans while asking me to hand her the sweater. 3He banged on the door while opening it. 4In the bathroom she put on some makeup while looking in the mirror. 5The schoolmaster shot an angry glance at the naughty first grader while talking with his parents. Translation
  1. As she was about to turn off the music, her father burst into her room and shouted at her,“Can’t you turn down the music a little bit?”
  2. The owner of the bar kept watching the girl dancing while pretending not to.
  3. Rock music appealed to Sandy so much that she turned it up, paying no attention to her father’s objection.
  4. As usual, when his parents don’t like what he wears, they start bugging him.
  5. At the meeting they discussed how to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and students.
  6. It makes my blood boil to think of these young boys and girls who are forced by their parents to beg for money along the streets. IX:
  1. 我认为那些在镇上游手好闲,在身上又文身又穿洞的青少年是在表达他们的 个性。
  2. 因特网提供了一种更快捷的方式,让我们与全球的新老可户取得联系,并保 持沟通渠道畅通无阻。
  3. 父母与自己十多岁的孩子的沟通问题不仅仅在于“代沟”,而且还在于双方 都不完全理解对方的思想。
  4. 当父母与子女间有了这类沟通障碍时,青少年常常要经理这么一个阶段,在 这个阶段,他们觉得父母会让他们没面子,害怕他们搭补到自己朋友的标准。
  5. 比如,青少年希望在外呆到很晚,但是当第二天早上要起床上学时,那又是 另一回事了. Cloze: AAACA X: BBAAA AABCB AAACA CBAAC Text Structure Analysis XI:
Time markers: Sequenced actions After her shower; Sandy brushed her hair ,put on her old, green T-shirt and some jeans. Then: She put her makeup and went to the kitchen。。。Grabbed a glass of milk and ate a piece of toast while standing by the sink. Just then: Her mother, Jean, entered the kitchen. Structure Writing XII: The first thing you should do to boil water. While waiting for it to boil, you can get your teapot out and put the right amount of tea leaves into it. When the water has come to boil, pour it into the teapot. Then wait for a few minutes to let the leaves steep. Next ? Enjoy the tea. Section B Reading Skills I: F F O O F/O O O O Comprehension of the text II: CABDD CBA Vocabulary III:
  1.entitled 2 ruin 3 evaluate 4 trend 5 attitude 6 tend 7 curiosity 8 applying 9 response 10 concept IV:
  1. to 2 in 3 between 4 about 5 across 6 to 7 to 8 in 9 to 10 for Keys to Exercises of Unit 3 of Book1 of NHCE Section A Vocabulary III:
  1.Inwardly 2 regret 3 occasion 4 complained 5 urged 6 coordinate 7 reluctance 8 envy 9 adjust 10 amazed IV: 1 in 2 of 3 on 4 on 5 to 6 out 7 to 8 to 9 on 10 about
V. OJNLI CHEAF Sentence Structure VI:
  1. He had his ears pierced even though I told him not to.
  2. It was exciting game even though no goals were scored.
  3. He was treated exactly like all the other workers even though he had just joined the company.
  4. Even though you disagree with her, she’s worth listening to.
  5. There was never enough money to support his family even though he was hard-working and did two jobs at the same time. VII:
  1. After learning some simple Chinese, the American girl was able to communicate with the other in her class.
  2. When doing the writing exercise for this course, you should remember that you are writing according to a specific structure.
  3. Until finished, the problem was a continuous worry to me.
  4. While working at the computer, the young man was listening to music over the radio all the time.
  5. The grass will grow more quickly if watered regularly. Translation Translation VIII:
  1. I have decided to accept the new post, even though the job is not very well paid.
  2. The job has been taken to be very simple until (it is) actually started.
  3. Now that you are planning to move to Canada, you must try to adjust to cold weather in winter.

  4. He promised to help us to buy the house, but with a little reluctance.
  5. This is an important meeting. Please see to it that you are not late for it.
  6. He is experienced businessman who has engaged in foreign trade for quite a few years. IX:
  1. 他决心向那个女孩谈谈自己的计划,即使他知道她很可能拒绝听。
  2. 一离开那条长长的正街,他就发现自己身处城里十分贫困的地区。
  3. 听到那首歌,我不禁悲从中来,想起了那些困苦的日子。
  4. 每个想过健康生活的人,都必须在工作和娱乐之间寻求适当的平衡。
  5. 我的第一位老板真让人讨厌,让每个人日子难过似乎是他的乐趣。我干了没 多久就走人了。
  6. 你能确保在本周末之前完成这项工作吗?伦敦有重要公干,总公司正在考虑 派你去。 Cloze: X: ABCBB ABBCA CCABC CCABA Text Structure Analysis Structure XI: A general point: Unable to engage in many activities, my father still tried to participate in some way. Example1: When a local baseball team found itself without a manager, he kept it going. Example2: He liked to go to dances and parties, where he could have a good time just sitting and watching. Structure Writing XII: All of my classmates believe that Sandy has a good taste for music. The music she listens to always has a clear, strong rhythm and the music has a message for us to think about. Also, the words in the music are just
like poems, so beautiful and easy for us to remember. Section B Reading Skills I:
  1.They found the man.
  2. He reached the airport in time.
  3. The old man dimly saw the young man.
  4. The young marine sat by the old man the whole night.
  5. A message came saying the real son was arriving Comprehension of the text II: ACBCC ABB Vocabulary III:
  1.sole 2 extend 3 startle 4 located 5 inform 6 interrupted 7 collapsed 8 exchange 9 apparent 10 enable IV:
  1. The government has called for an immediate investigation of the activities of the police.
  2. We applied the medicine and in a few minutes Mrs. Johnson came to.
  3. She coldly said goodbye to her friends. With that she shut the door and cried in the room.
  4. Whatever your reason, I shall hold to my idea that people should be allowed to have private lives.
  5. To our surprise the stranger turned out to be allowed to an old friend of my mother’s.
  6. He’s not in the office; he’s now on his way to London for a meeting.
  7. When setting out on a long walk, always wear suitable shoes.
  8. He was too disappointed by this lack of success to try again.

  9. The couple loves each other dearly, but now and again they quarrel.
  10. In the subway station the poor old woman begged the passengers for money ,but they paid no attention to her. Keys to Exercises of Unit 4 of Book1 of NHCE Section A Vocabulary III: 1contious 2 depressed 3ranges 4impressed 5 encounter 6introduction 7match 8physical 9 relaxed 10contact IV: 1are committed to 2take seriously 3 was absorbed in 4focus on 5made up his mind 6driving me crazy 7ranging from…8at her best 9Lighten up 10 kept her eyes on V. CMFIE BHJAK Sentence Structure VI:1It rained for two weeks on end, completely flooding the village. VI: 2Not wanting to meet John at the party, she refused to attend it. 3The bus arrived one hour late, causing me to miss the beginning of the game. 4The marine sat there in the dimly lit ward, holding the old man’s hand and offering words of hope and strength. 5Realizing he was too sick to tell whether or not I was his son, guess he really needed me. VII:
  1. I was so excited about going traveling I couldn’t sleep.
  2. The chairman because so angry with his secretary he decided to fire him.
  3. She speaks English so well you would think it was her native language.
  4. He was so frightened he broke eye contact and looked out the window.

  5. His presentation was so interesting everyone listened very carefully. Translation VIII: 1She was so absorbed in reading the book that she was not conscious of someone coming in. 2He was late for almost an hour for first meeting, leaving a bad impression on everyone. 3Consciously or unconsciously, we make up our minds about people through their eyes , faces ,bodies, and attitudes. 4Professor Zhou was committed to the cause of language teaching all his life. 5Many how-to books advise you that if you want to make a good impression, the trick is to be consistently you, at your best. 6The media sometimes sends mixed messages, but most people believe what they see over what they hear. IX:
  1. 史密斯教授关于形体语言的讲座非常重要,所有的学生都很认真地对待这次 讲座。
  2. 董事长意识到这不是她的错,对她笑了笑来环节气氛。
  3. 她大怒,



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