这个绝不同于以往的版本, 以往的只有 ABCD, 这个是根据每个题单独给出的答 案!! ! 绝对专业哦!! !
第一单元 3/19 what doesworking whyworked what kindjournalism 8/19 when willwork Taila worksknow Talia isreporter Tony isboss Talia`s hairtake 10/19 What does Amyparty What isBackground What does Tonybig 11/19 Amy saysguy Talia tellslittle Amy tellskonw Tony saysbit
12/19 take/a/break/why/not/some/other /time/party/available/listen /without/talk/to/you/about /researching/background/work /on/hoping/for/break/may/be/it /By/the/way
1A/5 Which onework What isoften How isvery About Robinany About Robin`sclass 1B/5 kind/of/it's/about/right/I /did/past/three/years/paid/off /earned/break/the/case/in /comparison/to/depends/on/a/lot /harder/in/general/my/roommate /way/too/for/myself/a/balance 2A/5 confident/relaxed/tense/in a bad mood
  1)How about
  3)Why don't
  6)to walk 3/5
  1)am taking
  4)am writing 4/5 unique/seriously/mention/journalism 5/5 311231
3/19 What areGossiping What do TonyNick The informationmoney 8/19 In thecouldn't Amy hashas fallen Last yearlost If the informationwon't
10/19 Whar is AmyMake a copy Why doesbribe What doesfirst Who knowsTalia 11/19 Taliatook Tony saysdoesn't Tony isable 12/19 get/expert/run/broadcast/competition/In/ fact/Speaking/ought/to/give/away/Good/ thinking/handle/care/audio/expert/fast/ on/it/You/do/hard/to/believe/wake/up/ smell/the/coffee/crazy/famous/taking/a/ bribe/smart/I/hope/get/in/the/way/work/on
1A/5 What's herShe would What didThe rest Baesd onThere is Did she thinkShe thought
Did she hearlittle bit 1B/5 heard/about/was/caught/they/say/what/to/think/stuff/you'd/like/to/really/convin ced/actually/natural/athlete/in/the/season/any/opinion/about/disqualify/for/the/s ake/of/shame/to/in/trouble/with/start/rumors
2A/5 fallcome to owe arisecome up WhatWhat a shame Thar'sThat's not not takesit out scandaldisgraceful 2B/5 1232 3/5 212331 4/5 forward/eliminate/apparently/incredible 5/5 211132
  19 Nick 8/
  19 More
career not
star the nike be 3\最
  19 1\The audio 2\Don’t 长的 4\to go and talk 11/19 hasn’t finish t nay trick her

12/19 Bad news audio expert check urgent be sure absolutely sure have an idea may remember confide in reporter researcher chance lose one more day only one more day won’t be sorry story get tell me everything deserve a break story charming charm 1A/5 They needed out of didn’t she didn’t she pop corn It’s a story
  1)was thinking
  2)That would be ok
  3)this new mall
  4)having a sale
  5)kind of
  6)a whole lot less
  7)just really
  8)end up using little
  10)little girl
  11)the whale
  12)sounded really good
  13)a lot
  14)a lot less
  15)you know what
  16) treat you to 2A/5
  1)figure it out
  3) result
  4)make sense
  5)ruined 2B/5 urg对very to put对risk one of charm对to persuade 3A/5 Talia对is able to e able to Tony对is alia对is able 3B/5 yours mine Sem对
she tell对b not able T
5/5 I have an you Do you orth Let’s go 第四单元 2/1 9 the asked her a little 8/
  19 diffcult ish gland 10/
  19 ll
well,Idon’t What do
If it’s w
her :so: N ick amusing dis
They could To win doesn’t angry he
think a
11/19 ts
1 2 / 1 9 isten your side of the story Nope all alike judge me trust only goal helping win deal with mess charges serious threw a game gambling debts gave access to stop from Did you or didn’t you throw the game 1A/
  5Those He works get show viewers Take your pick innocent
Recently Time doesn’t He looks really the same old how
1B/5 ran into my gosh doing fantastic exciting perfect for or something like that a boring job 2A/5 gets to telemarketing plan
telephone company jour a part
2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/Take your time /Take a look 3A/5 a a the a 3B/5 aren’t /will you/does she/could he/hasn’t he/doesn’t she/didn’t I/wasn’t he 5/5 I think I know you How have you been No, I’m sorry I’m afr aid you’ve got It was great
Here’s my card
  19 It’s im
He was
  19 very she g she wants unbelievable 10/
  19 He’s not 11/19 I’would ed annoyed
plays he anythin Nick to know
Nick Talia
the team
HE thinks shock
1 2 / 1 9 sure sounds like stupid a minute college works for recognize teammate both excuse us media you’ve got that right pressure sit out badly frankly win without you she
get it worry you
getting some
1A/5 c a l l Her 100 A little
1B/5 the whole story on the phone this rebate dollars supposed to of the camera nice about it serial number is gone Oh man 800 succ……
A hundred
2A/5become excit ike begin

  1)do you feel
  2)do you think
  3)are loving
3/5 so /such a /so /such /so /such a 5/5
  1)can I ask you to take a
  2)I have to take care of
  3)I’m tied uo at the moment
  4)Would you mind if
  5)Can you please check
  6)OK,no problem
  7)please fill this form
  19 She lia
  19 1\Nick put50000 into hisbank a ccount 2\she believes 3\he owe s 4\making money 5\people 6\I bel that 7\can’t 9/16 keep investigating & nbsp; have no choice something as going with beat us to it You’ve got to admit missing
they seem in this case too trusting on fair let my emotions color my judgment let me down won’t be sorry
all right working
10/19 skeptical He should work The bank 11/19 they have t o air
want 1A/5 ID
Dony are allow Dany Wise stop
1B/5 says at bars to have their parents drunk you know drinking irresponsibly their kids baby-sitter bar owners
thirteen years old
this is happening
2A/5 Take对we have we ecide For对For one 对we are
don’t 对we d we never
2B/5 1)deposited
  2)bank account
  3)As a matter of fact
  4)Take it from me
  5)For one thing
  6)except for
  7)go with
  8)beat us to it
  9)let us down 3A/5 going/talking/eating/yourselves/myself/had brought/crying over /enjoying known/would have
  2)may not
  3)Is he
  5)might not
  7)are going to
  8)might 5/5 Do you think might perhaps It’s didn’t Is it possible that Nick didn’t take the money mi ght
  19He yed
  19 It’s brand He agreed Be cause+最长的 By cheatingg Bec ause he wants to amuse Talia Because angry she was angry N ick had not told here the truth
10/19 He wasn’t going to tell A business woman TO visit To wear 11/19 He was curius He will wea r it would She want to ……truth
12/19 here it comes juice bar yet interesting proposition Keep going Let’s say deal endorse athletic thought pay visit
Aren’t you
Do I know you
That’s it
business card
on second
1A/5 They party+最长的 Thefirst j ob in it she wanted sh e might Thefirst could go to e arlier 1B/5 great opportunity audition for such a wonderful show night other plays coming along so perfect so great about be invited go for it 2A/5 They paid me so that nged I want to know hoes will becone Ok It come and experience 2B/5 confirmed basically lines endorsed Icha The s doesn’t the same
  1)was taking
  4)was playing
  6)more concentrated 3B/5 would rather ould prefer to prefer to w
5/5 soundslike fun oh,really? Isee l How did it go have a good?
or really? How awfu Did you
第八单元 3/
  19she was ere was trying Talia th
  19 he meant to make meet jac k hci had never jackie h a s nev er wo rk ed T al ia mi ght G ower Buil ding Frustr a show forten years 10/19 Because lied to her he was very coptionst’s she thought Nick had Neither s she used the re
11/19 he enjoy finding er anger she thinks ed
show h confs
12/19 dead for a moment angry yell at Maybe Probably guest dial in big trouble have trouble with used to memory to make matters worse ridiculous took lunch voice mail available odd truth lying see a good story 1A/5 s h e a s k e d she could for meeting telling the
Try 432
1B/5 looking for I mean quite a while at the desk Whatever Kind of hard for her name impossible totally screwed up pretty clear meet me lobby 4 o’clock good idea try where she is why don’t yo u how that goes 2A/5 please If you+长的 Tia+长的 2B/5 odd yell at 3A/5 where I wait sorry+短的 N i c k …… p u n i s h e d The right now that case
Anyway In ridiculous can When

ow much it d to
what kind
3B/5 someone / used to /didn’t use to /something /anything /
第九单元 3/19 5 点 looking for There the recept He over Tell the she never he was still To find she has blue 6 点 he just Because he
8/19 Because he needed wondeved He wasn’t very
10/19 Because he was trying 11/19 I’m confused help
12/19 anything else someone else either In fact cheer up as bad as describe business suit excutive at all 1A/5 she can bring cook for Go to Aby’s Emily’s
1B/5 favor wondering bring two of my friends definitely supposed to messed up have a great time decorations last minute cooking things great to serve 6:30 three of you 2A/5 the news+短的 hend by she +短的 Are you interest Hey, can may you +长的 I
cheer up
  2)was checking
  3)was playing went 3B/5may as honest as as positive as can sure could as disg



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