深圳 2011 大运会志愿者英语试题
I. Vocabulary and structure (60 points) Directions: For each incomplete sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.

  1. Shenzhen will A. give, to C. play, for a wonderul Universiade B. perform, to D. present, to the world.

  2. I’ll the long distance race next week. A. attend B. join C. play D. hold
  3. In the West, it is regarded as to open gifts as soon as they are given to express appreciation. A. pleasure B. treasure C. thankfulness D. politeness
  4. I was trying to bank card. A. deposit C. capture some cash from the ATM. But the machine hled back my B. retrieve D. withdraw , medium or well-done?

  5. How would you like your steak? A. Roast B. Grill C. Rare D. Raw

  6. Splendid China is a theme park that exhibits all the man-made and natural wonders of China in . A. minimum B. miniascape C. minatory D. miniature
  7. We need some help with the in the crowd over there. A. chaos B. tension C. nuisance D. stress
  8. It seems that my ankle is A. strained C. sprained a little bit. B. struck D. sprung
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  9. The number of A. permanence C. persistant
resident in Shenzhen is
  8.9 million by the year of 20
  09. B. permanent D. persistance

  10. We’re looking forward to the city tomorrow. A. visit B. visits C. visiting D. visited
  11. It is very to go to Hong Kong through Luohu, Huanggang and Shenzhen wan ports for visitors. A. conveniently B. convenient C. convenience D. convene
  12. We have a very efficient. A. advancing C. advantage inspection system, and our staff members are very B. advanced D. advantaged

  13. In that case, I suggest you something traditionally Chinese, such as chopsticks, Chinese knots, and ink landscape paintings. A. to buy B. buy C. buying D. bought
  14. Go this block, and then cross the street, the station is A. on, to B. to, on C. over, on D. to, over
  15. Would you care A. for C. of a cup of tea before your meal? B. about D. on me and our friendship. your right.

  16. I hope the gift will remind you A. for B. to C. of D. in

  17. We prefer watching the football game going to a movie. A. than B. to C. for D. that
  18. Help yourself A. to C. by the sweet and sawfish. B. with D. of
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  19. Currently the retail market of Shenzhen is Luohu, Futian and Nanshan. A. made of B. composed of C. consist of D. composed by
  20. The fireman will do everything they can to A. put off B. put up C. put out D. put down
  21. On the top of Lianhua Mountain, you can have a Shenzhen. A. birds eye’s B. bird’s eye C. bird eye D. bird eye’s
three sub-markets, namely
the fire.
view of the CBD of

  22. I usually do the 800m run, but I also do the 3000m run. A. some time B. sometimes C. sometime D. some times
  23. Badminton is my favorite Universiade game. It’s great to see it A. live B. play C. present D. compete
  24. Win or lose, what A. accounts C. likes
  25. I bet your team A. to win C. winning is that we tried our best. B. depends D. matters gold medals! B. will win D. won a few days during the Chinese here.

  26. The store remains open all the year round New Year. A. except for B. except C. besides D. except that

  27. Tom came into the room suddenly without . A. ask B. being asking C. being asked D. asking
  28. I didn't know what to do, but then an idea suddenly to me. A. appeared B. happened C. occurred D.
  29. “Must I get everything ready before they come?” “No, you .”
管理学院大运会志愿者工作统筹组 3
A. mustn’t C. can’t
B. have not D. needn’t

  30. You can still be a tough coach, but a coach at the same time. A. respective B. respectable C. respectful D.
II. Cloze (20 points) Directions: Each blank in the following passage is provided with four possible choices. Read the whole passage and choose the best answer for each blank.
The one thing I can __1__ from surfing and not any other sport is endless challenge. You can never be the “best suffer” because the ocean __2__ an uncountable variety of waves that nobody can ever master. The variations of surfing styles are wonderful. Some suffers are free and flowing; others are very aggressive and __3__. All of these things attract me to surfing and make it __4__ from any other sport. I’ve __5__ to tell every girl I know to do something that people don’t think girls can do. It’s part of being human to advance to new __6__, so shouldn’t it be expected that girls should step up and start __7__ the limits of things boys and men used to dominate? There’re women __8__ side by side with the President of our country, so why not side by side with the boys __9__ the football team or out in the water surfing? Give girls a chance to __10__, and they will.
  1. A. take B. get C. make D. keep
  2. A. catches B. includes C. offers D. collects
  3. A. sharp B. great C. hard D. calm
  4. A. known B. right C. far D. different
  5. A. chosen B. tried C. learned D. promised
  6. A. levels B. points C. steps D. parts
  7. A. reaching B. accepting C. pushing D. setting
  8. A. sitting B. walking C. fighting D. working
  9. A. of B. from C. on D. with
  10. A. think B. succeed C. perform D. feel
III. Reading Comprehension: (20 points) Directions: The passages for you to read are followed by some questions
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or statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A. B. C. and D. You should decide on the best choice.
Passage 1 I have been very lucky to win the Nobel Prize twice. It is, of course, very exciting to have such an important recognition of my work, but the real pleasure was in the work itself. Scientific research is like an exploration or a voyage of discovery. You are continually trying out new things that have not been done before. Many of them will take you nowhere and you have to try something different, but sometimes an experiment does work and tells you something new and that is really exciting. However small the new finding may be it is great to think “ I am the only person who knows this ” and then you will be interested in thinking what this finding will result in and in deciding what will be the next experiment. One of the best things about scientific research is that you are always doing something different and it is never boring. There are good times when things go well and bad times when they don’t. Some people lose heart at the difficult times but when I have a failure my policy has always been not to worry but to start planning the next experiment, which is always interesting. I am sometimes asked, “What do I have to do to win a Nobel Prize?” My answer is “I don’t know. I have never tried.” But I know of one way not to win one. There are some people whose main reason for doing science is to win prizes and they are always thinking about how to do it. Such people don’t make it. To do good science you must be interested in it and enjoy doing and not to be too discouraged by failures.
  1. It can be learned from the passage that the author . A. has won the Nobel Prize twice B. is a scientist C. feels sad when an experiment does not work D. both A and B
  2. Scientific research is like an exploration or a voyage of discovery in that . A. you can never tell what result an experiment will have B. it always gets no result and you have to try something different C. it is never boring D. you are continually trying out new things that have not been done before
  3. Which of the following may make the author feel great? A. That he has been awarded the Nobel Prize twice. B. That he is continually trying out new things. C. That he is the only person who knows a new finding. D. That he never feels a bit discouraged when an experiment does not work.
  4. This text . A. Explains that the real interest in doing scientific research lies in making new discoveries, not in winning prizes B. tells readers how to win a Nobel Prize
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C. tells readers what qualities a person should have to become a Nobel Prize winner D. shows the author’s interest in fame
  5. This text must have been published in a . A. Textbook B. science journal C. magazine D. none of the above Passage 2 Communication is the sending of information or news from one person to another. If human beings could not communicate with one another, each person would have to learn everything for himself. Although animals as well as men can communicate, so far as we know, they can express only the simple emotions like pain, joy, fear, hunger, anger and love. Some animals have a more advanced form of language using sounds, and others use a wide range of sounds and face movements, but we still have much to learn about these animal languages. Speech is the most important means of communication between people. But it is not the only one. Nor is it the oldest. We use facial expressions, gestures and hand movements to express our feelings and to send signals to other people. Animals use this "body language" a great deal. The sign language used by deaf people is an example of communication without speech, while blind people communicate largely through touch and hearing.
  1. According to the passage, what would happen to us without communication? A. We should learn everything for ourselves. B. We would become unable to speak. C. We couldn't live happily. D. We might have to do everything by ourselves.
  2. What does the passage say about animals' communication? A. They have their advanced language in form of sound. B. They can express simple feelings such as hunger and pain. C. Some of them can communicate with people very well. D. All of them can use sound to express themselves.
  3. Which of the following statement is true? A. Humans do not have adequate knowledge about animal languages. B. We are now very much aware of animal languages. C. Most of animals use their facial expressions. D. All the animals make sounds to communicate with each other.
  4. What means of communication is used by most people? A. Facial expressions. B. Body movements. C. Speech. D. Body movements and speech.
  5. We can infer from the passage that the oldest form of communication between people is. A. Speech. B. Touch and hearing. C. Sounds. D. Body language.
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