全国网络教育统一考试[大学英语 综合练习题 全国网络教育统一考试 大学英语B]综合练习题 第1套 大学英语 套
  1.How do you go to work? A, I go to work everyday. B, I do not go to work everyday. C, By train. D, By air.
  2. Good morning, John. How are you doing? A, I am pleased. B, Good night. C. Not so bad. And you? D, How do you do? 3, - We are planning an outing. - Sure. A, Where are you doing? B, When will you leave? C, How is everything? D, Do you want to join us?
  4,We ordered 20 boxes of your products, but we have only got
  19. A, You do not have to. B, It does not matter. C, We will send another tomorrow. D, Nothing serious. 5, - Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr. Wang. , He's out to lunch now. A, Sorry, you can't. B, I do not know C, You can't D, Would you mind calling back later? 阅读 Passage One If you've been joining in chat room conversations, or reading email with net pals, you have become one of the millions who write in a special, short form of English. Throughout the world, every night children and their elders are "talking" on-line: many of them are talking at the same time. It is fast: trying talking to six people once. It is convenient: three or four words per exchange. It takes cleverness, concentration and quick fingers. And it requires very simple language. There’s neither time nor space for explanations. Why waste precious time telling six friends you have to leave for a moment to take care of your little brother when BRB(=be right back) will do? Want to enter a conversation? Just type PMFJI (=pardon me for jumping in). Interested in whom you're talking to? Type A/S/L, the common request to know your pal's age, sex and location. You may get 15/M/HK as a reply from your pal. If something makes you laugh, say you're OTF (=on the floor), or LOL (=laughing out loud), or join the two into ROTFL (=rolling on the floor laughing).And when it’s time to get back to work or go to bed, you type GTG (=got to go) or TTYL (=talk to you later).
People want to write as fast as possible, and they want to get their ideas across as quickly as they can. Capital letters are left in the dust, except when expressing feeling, as it takes more time to hold down the "shift" key and use capitals. Punctuation is going too. 6, When people are on-line, they talk by . A. using body language B. drawing some strange pictures C. making phone calls D. making use of an especially short form of English
  7. The Internet makes many people in the world A. talking at the same time B. discover their friends and relatives C. pick out good things to buy D. find out about some problems in society
  8. The sentence "There’s neither time nor space for explanations" means that A. people should use words properly B. people should know what time it is when they are talking C. People on-line have to express themselves in a simple way D. people should communicate in a funny way 9, If you get 19/M/HK as an answer to your A/S/L, it means A. the person who is talking to you is 19 from Hong Kong and he is high B. you are talking to a boy 19 years old and he lives in Hong Kong C. you are talking to 19 boys from Hong Kong at the same time D. the boy from Hong Kong has been online for 19 minutes 10, Which of the following is a way to save on-line time? A. People seldom use capital letters or punctuation marks. B. Many people draw pictures. C. People only use the mouse instead of the keyboard. D. People never use the "shift" key. Passage Two Many people believe they are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, or about two liters. Why? Because that is what they have been told all their life. But a new report offers some different advice. Experts say people should obey their bodies; they should drink as much water as they feel like drinking. The report says most healthy people meet their daily needs for liquid by letting thirst be their guide. The report is from the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academies. This organization provides scientific and technical advice to the government and the public. The report contains some general suggestions. The experts say women should get about two-point-seven liters of water daily. Men should get about three-point-seven liters. But wait?in each case that is more than eight glasses. There is an important difference. The report does not tell people how many glasses of water to drink. In fact, the experts say it may be impossible to know how many glasses are needed to meet these guidelines. This is because the daily water requirement can include the water content in foods. People do not get water only by forcing themselves to drink a set number of glasses per day. People also drink fruit juices and sodas and milk. They drink coffee and tea. These all contain water. As you might expect, the Institute of Medicine says people need to drink more water when they are physically
active. The same is true of those who live in hot climates. two times as much water as others do.
Spending on heat and activity, people could need
11, According to the passage, experts advise people to A. drink eight glasses of water a day B. drink as much water as they feel like drinking C. drink a glass of water after each meal D. drink no less than eight glasses of water a day 12, Most healthy people meet their daily needs for water by drinking A when they are tired B when they are sweating C when they are thirsty D when they are hungry 13, The Institute of Medicine usually A changes some traditional ideas B announces some medical advances C provides scientific and technical advice to the government and the public D provides scientific and technical advice to the National Academies 14, Which of the following is TRUE? A People’s daily water requirement can include the water content in foods. B The report does tell people how many glasses of water to drink a day. C The experts say it may be possible to know how many glasses are needed to meet these guideline. D People can’t get water when they drink fruit juices and sodas and milk. 15, People need to drink more water A when they are physically active B when they live in hot climates C when they are running long distance D all of the above 词汇与语法 16, I earn 10 dollars hour as supermarket cashier on Saturdays. A a …an B the …a C an … a D an … the
  17,He made a living in the past in a middle school. A teaching B taught C by teaching D on teaching 18 There a book and some magazines on the desk. A is B are C have D has 19, Yesterday was day that we decided to go swimming. A such beautiful B so beautiful C such a beautiful D a so beautiful
  20. Children under 12 years of age in that country be under adult supervision when in a public library. A must B may C can D need 完形填空 Last night, a fire broke out in Ann’s house in Manchester. Ann’s 21 were out of town for the weekend when something wrong in the room caused the fire to start in the middle of the night. The 22 was waken up by the family dog, Danny, who was barking loudly in the back garden. Ann smelled something
  23. She 24 and 25 ran through the smoke filled house to wake her old brother, Frank.
When Frank would not wake up, Ann got some help from the dog. Frank’s unconscious body was far too 26 for the little girl to move alone, but the 27 girl brought the dog 28 and tied the dog’s lend (牵狗的皮带 ) to Frank' s left ankle. She then held her brother’s right ankle, and together the girl and the dog 29 Frank to safety. The 10 year old girl, Ann, 30 her big brother from death. 21, A parents B brother and sister C friends D Classmates 22 A child B boy C girl D dog 23 A delicious B bad C burn D burning 24 A stood up B woke up C got up D put up 25 A at once B at first C at last D at that moment 26 A big B small C light D heavy 27 A careless B busy C clever D careful 28 A inside B outside C back D near 29 A pushed B pulled C carded D made 30 A was received B got C was saved D saved 翻译
  31,Who is going to answer the telephone? 32, Tom and John mistook each other’s glasses. 33, People usually hate mice, but one mouse won the hearts of the people all over the world. 写作 建议你在30分钟内,根据下面所给的题目用英语写一篇不少于80词的短文。 How to keep healthy
全国网络教育统一考试[大学英语 综合练习题 全国网络教育统一考试 大学英语B]综合练习题 第2套 大学英语 套
  1. How did Mr.Zhang go to the cinema? A, At
  10.a.m. B, To Mrs. Jones. C, By car. D, To the Grand theater.
  2. I wish you success in your carrier. A, You are welcome. B, I think so. C, Yes, please! D, The same to you. 3, - Could you give me a helping hand? - I want to clean my room. A, How is that? B, Sure, what can I do for you? C, Not at all. D, Which one?
  4,The party is so wonderful. Thank you once more for inviting me. A Oh, you are leaving. B I like the party. C Goes now if you have time D Thank you for coming. 5, - Sorry to have kept you waiting. A That is OK. B What is wrong with you? C What are you doing? D Where have you been? 阅读 Passage One Down the entrance hall of the school walk four eighth-grade students. Each one is carrying a small basket with a single egg inside. Soon more students join them each one of them is also carrying a basket with an egg. The eggs in a basket are part of a new school program that helps young people understand that having a baby is a great duty. At the beginning of the program, the teacher puts the students in pairs:one girl and one boy. Each pair gets an egg, which they must take care of for two weeks. For those fourteen days, the students have to take care of the eggs as though they were real babies. Students whose eggs get broken have to start the two weeks all over again with a new egg.
One person in each pair must have the egg with him or her at all times 24 hours a day. At no time can they let the egg be out of sight. "If a teacher catches you without your egg," said one student, "she makes you go get it. They are really strict." The teachers also make the students spend half an hour each day sitting with the egg and just watching it. That can get pretty boring. But it's also something that parents spend a lot of time doing. Children say that the program has helped them understand the duties involved in having a child. "It was really hard," said one student, "You had to think all the time about the egg." 6, The purpose of the program is to help students grasp the idea of A carrying a basket with an egg B bringing up a baby C laying eggs D studying hard at school
  7. At the beginning, A only one student joined the program B four students in all were interested in the program C eight students became members of the program D more students than teachers liked the program
  8. In the third line of Paragraph 2, "they" refers to A. teachers B. students C. eggs D. programs
  9. Why should the students in the program spend half an hour each day sitting with an egg and just watching it? A. Because it is very boring to have the egg with them at all times. B. Because the teachers in this program are very strict. C. Because only in this way can students understand parents in taking care of children. D. Because if students do not do it, they will fail in the examination.
  10. From the last paragraph, we can infer that A. a Program is not only way to educate children B. one has to think about a program all the time C. only one child grasps the purpose of the program D. the program is of help to children's understanding of parents Passage Two Dieting to lose weight has become very popular in recent years. People have become more health conscious and try to take better care of their bodies by eating more nutritiously (有营养地) and exercising more regularly to lose any unnecessary fat that they may have. Not only are people being more careful about what they eat, they are also concerned with how they eat and how their meals are prepared. People are taking more time for each meal. Many avoid the so called " plastic " fast-food hamburgers and choose to eat a salad or a sandwich of more healthful ingredients(成分) in a quiet restaurant with a more leisurely atmosphere. At home, they also try to take enough time to eat a relaxed dinner without phone or TV interruptions. While dieting may be viewed as beneficial, it has also become a serious problem for Americans, particularly for young women. Dieting for them has actually become a psychological addiction(依赖)They eat so little that they can lose as much as fifty percent of their total body weight, and although they look like skeletons, they still insist that they are fat.
The current waves of exercising, dieting and the problems produced have caused many organizations to begin educating the public. Many schools, hospitals, health organizations, newspapers and magazines, for example, are offering classes, printing booklet articles, etc. to inform the public of the way to exercise and diet, of the dangers of dieting too rapidly, and of the places people can go for medical help if they find themselves on the road to "diet addiction".
  11. These days people are dieting more because A they have become fatter and fatter B they have realized the danger of eating C they have become more health conscious D they have taken better care of themselves
  12. W



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