大学英语 (B) 模拟试题
Test 5
  1. How was your trip to London, Jane? 简 , 你 在 伦 敦 的 旅 行 如 何 啊 ? A. A. Oh, wonderful indeed 哦真 的 好 极 了 B. I went there alone. C. The guide showed me the way. D. By plane and by bus.
  2. Hey, Tom, what’s up?嗨,汤姆,你在忙 什么? B. A. Yes, definitely! B. Oh, not much.哦,不忙什么 C. What is happening in your life? D. You are lucky.
  3. Do you mind my smoking here? 你介意 我在这吸烟吗? B. A. No, thanks. B. Yes, I do. 是的,我介意 C. Yes. I’d rather not. D. Good idea.
  4. David injured his leg playing football yesterday. 大卫昨天踢球时腿受伤了。 Really? C 真 的 吗 ? . A. Who did that? B. What’s wrong with him? C. How did that happen? 那怎么发生的 啊? D. Why was he so careless?
  5. This box is too heavy for me to carry upstairs.这个盒子对我来说太重了搬不到 楼上去。 B. A. You may ask for help. B. Let me give you a hand.让我帮你吧 C. Please do me a favor. D. I’d come to help.
  6. How are you feeling? 你身体好点了吗? Much better. A.好多了 A. Thanks for coming to see me. 谢谢你 来看我 B. You look great. C. You are so tired. D. Don’t mention it.
  7. Oh, Betty, we will be having a buffet party next Saturday, and we’d like you to join us. 嗨,贝蒂,我们将于下周六举行自助餐派 对,我们想请你来参加。 A, Susan. What’s the occasion? What time do you want to me to come? 苏珊,是为了什么请客呢? 你希望我什么时候到呢? A. I’d love to 我会来的 B. No way C. By no means D. I’m afraid not.
  8. Tomorrow is my birthday. 明天是我的生 日 C. A. Oh, I have a good idea. B. I am glad you like it. C. Many happy returns of the day!祝你长命 百岁! D. You must be very happy.
  9. Could you be so kind as to turn down that rock “ n ” roll? I am preparing for tomorrow’ exam. 请你把那个摇滚乐的音 s
量调低点, 好吗?我正在准备明天的考试。 C. A. It’s none of your business. B. What are you doing? C. Sure. Sorry to disturb you. 好的,对不起 打扰你学习了。 D. No, I don’t think so.
  10. Are you getting a new flat this year?你今 年要买一套新公寓? B__ I can’ afford to pay my bills, let t alone buy a new flat. 我连日常开销都付不 起,更不用说买新公寓了。 A. Without question. B. You must be joking.你在开玩笑。 C. Good idea! D. Are you sure? 第二部分:阅读理解 Passage 1 Many people who work in London prefer to live outside it, and to go in to their offices or schools every day by train, car or bus, even though this means they have to get up early in the morning and reach home late in the evening. 很多在伦敦工作的人喜欢住在伦敦郊外, 然后每天乘火车、汽车和公交车去上班或 上学。 这也就意味着他们不得不早出晚归。 One advantage of living outside London is that houses are cheaper. Even a small flat in London without a garden costs quite a lot to rent. With the same money, one can get a little house in the country with a garden of one’s own. 住在伦敦郊外的一个好处就是房子便宜。 在伦敦即使是没有花园的小公寓也需要一 笔不菲的租金,用同样的钱,你可以在郊 区买一个带花园的小房子了 Then, in the country one can really get away from the noise and hurry of busy working lives. Even though one has to get up earlier and spend more time in trains or buses, one can sleep better at night and during weekends and on summer evenings, one can enjoy the fresh, clean air of the country. If one likes gardens, one can spend one’s free time digging, planting, watering and doing the hundred and one other jobs which are needed in a garden. Then, when the flowers and vegetables come up, one has the reward of one who has shared the secrets of Nature. 然后,他在乡村就可以远离喧嚣和忙碌的 工作生活。即使他不得不起得更早,花更 多的时间乘火车或公交车,但他晚上可以 睡得更好。在周末和夏季的夜晚,他可以 享受乡村清新干净的空气。要是他喜欢花 园,在花园里干一些想挖土、种植、浇水 等许多园艺的活,那么当鲜花和蔬菜生长 起来的时候,他就与其他分享大自然秘密 的人们一样得到奖赏。 Some people, however, take no interest in country things: for them, happiness lies in the town, with its cinemas and theatres, beautiful shops and busy streets, dance halls and restaurants. Such people would feel that their life was not worth living if they had to live it outside London. An occasional walk in one of the parks and a fortnight’s (two weeks) visit to the sea every summer is all the country they want: the rest they are quite 1
prepared to leave to those who are glad to get away from London every night. (287 words) 然而有些人对乡村并不感兴趣。对他们来 说,幸福就在市区里,那里有电影院、剧 院、漂亮的商店、繁忙的街道、舞厅和饭 店。如果不得不住在伦敦郊外的话,这些 人就觉得生活没意义了。 (对于那些热爱都 市生活的人来说) 他们所需要的乡村生活, 就是偶尔去公园散步,每个夏天去海边过 上两个星期,其他跟乡村有关的东西,让 那些每天晚上都急于离开伦敦的人们(住 在郊外的人们)去享受吧。
  11. Which of the following statements is NOT true? __B 下列哪个陈述是不对的? A. People who love Nature prefer to live outside the city. B. All the people who work in London prefer to live in the country.所有在伦敦工作的人 都喜欢住在伦敦市郊 C. Some people enjoying city life prefer to work and live inside London. D. Many nature lovers, though working in London, prefer to live outside London.
  12. With the same money needed for C, one can buy a little house with a garden in the country.用同样的钱,他可 以在乡村买到一套有花园的小房子。 A. getting a small flat with a garden B. having a small flat with a garden C. renting a small flat without a garden 租一 套没有花园的小公寓 D. buying a small flat without a garden
  13. When the garden is in blossom, the one B has been rewarded. 当花园里开满 鲜花的时候,那个的人就得到了奖 赏。 A. living in the country B. having spent time working in the garden 花时间在花园里工作 C. having a garden of his own D. having been digging, planting and watering
  14. People who think happiness lies in the town would feel thatA if they had to live it outside London. 那些认为幸福就 在城市里人会感到如果他们不得 不住在郊外 A. their life was meaningless 他们的生活毫 无意义 B. their life was invaluable C. they didn’t deserve a happy life D. they were not worthy of their happy life
  15. The underlined phrase get away from in the 3rd paragraph refers to C . 划 线的词组 get away from 在第 3 段中指 A. deal with B. do away with C. escape from 逃 脱 某 个 地 方 D. prevent from Passage 2 By definition, heroes and heroines are men and women distinguished by uncommon courage, achievements, and self-sacrifice made most for the benefits of other ?they are people against whom we measure others.
They are men and women recognized for shaping our nation’s consciousness and development as well as the lives of those who admire them. Yet, some people say that ours is an age where true heroes and heroines are hard to come by, where the very idea of heroism is something beyond us-an artifact of the past. Some maintain that because the Cold War is over and because America is at peace our age is essentially an unheroic one. Furthermore, the overall crime rate is down, poverty has been eased by a strong and growing economy, and advances continue to be made in medical science. 就定义而言,英雄之所以与众不同是因为 他们有非凡的勇气、取得了卓著的成就、 常常为他人的利益而做出牺牲??他们是 我们评价别人的标准。他们是大家公认的 对我们国家意识的形成和我们国家的发 展,还有对他们的崇拜者的一生起了重大 作用的人。可是,有人说,我们的时代是 很难出现真正英雄的时代,英雄主义这一 概念本身我们就难以理解??它已经成为 历史。有些人坚持说,由于冷战的结束和 美国对外的和睦,我们的时代本质上不是 一个英勇豪壮的时代。更进一步地说,总 体犯罪率正在降低,经济的发展与增长已 经缓解了贫困, 医疗科学也在不断的进步。 Cultural icons are hard to define, but we know them when we see them. They are people who manage to transcend celebrity( 明 星 ), who are legendary, who somehow manage to become mythic. But what makes some figures icons and others mere celebrities? That’s hard to answer. In part, their lives have the quality of a story to tell. For instance, the beautiful young Diana Spencer who at 19 married a prince, renounced marriage and the throne, and died at the moment she found true love. Good looks certainly help. So does a special indefinable charm, with the help of the media. But nothing confirms an icon more than a tragic death -such as Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana. (258 words) 给文化偶像下定义就更难了,但是我们看 到他们就认识了他们。他们超越了名流, 成为传奇式人物,甚至在某种程度上已是 神话式的人物。但究竟是哪些因素使有些 人成为偶像,另一些人仅成了名流呢?这 就太难说了。部分原因是他们的生平带有 传奇故事的色彩。比如说,年轻貌美的戴 安娜?史宾塞,19 岁时嫁给了王子,放弃 了婚姻与王权,却在找到真爱的那一刻死 去了。漂亮的长相当然有用,另外,在媒 体的炒作下某种难以描述的、特殊的个人 魅力也起作用。然而悲剧性地过早离开这 个世界,却是造成偶像最重要的因素?? 例如:小马丁?路德?金、约翰?F?肯尼迪和 戴安娜王妃。
  16. The passage mainly deals with C. 这 段 主 要 讲 述 了 . A. life and death B. heroes and heroines C. heroes and icons 英雄与偶像 D. icons and celebrities

  17. Heroes and heroines are usually D. 英雄通常是. A. courageous B. good examples to follow C. self-sacrificing D. all of the above 以 上三个都是
  18. Which of the following statements is wrong?D 下 列 哪 个 陈 述 是 错 误 的? A. Poverty in America has been eased with the economic growth. B. Superstars are famous for being famous. C. One’s look can contribute to being famous. D. Heroes and heroines can only emerge in war times.英雄只能出现在战争时代。
  19. Beautiful young Diana Spencer found her genuine love __C.年轻貌美的戴 安娜?史宾塞找到了她的真爱 A. when she was 19 B. when she became a princess C. just before her death 刚好在她死之前 D. after she gave birth to a Prince
  20. What is more likely to set an icon’s status?B什么更有可能说明偶像的 状况? A. Good looks. B. Tragic and early death 悲剧和英年早逝 C. Personal attraction. D. The quality of one’s story. Passage 3 Shyness is the cause of much unhappiness for a great many people. Shy people are anxious and self-conscious; that is, they are excessively concerned with their own appearance and actions. Worrisome thoughts are constantly occurring in their minds: What kind of impression am I making? Do they like me? Do I sound stupid? Am I wearing unattractive clothes?? 羞怯是许多人不快乐的原因。害羞的人焦 虑不安,自我意识强,也就是说,他们过 分在意自己的形象和行为。焦虑时常萦绕 在他们的脑海中: 我给人留下了什么印象? 他们喜欢我吗?我让人觉得很傻吗?我的穿 着是否不吸引人? It is obvious that such uncomfortable feeling must negatively affect people. A person’s conception of himself or herself is reflected in the way he or she behaves, and the way a person behaves affects other people’s reactions. In general, the way people think about themselves has a profound effect on all areas of their lives.? 显而易见,这种不舒适的感觉必然给人们 带来了不利的影响。一个人的自我意识反 映在他或她的行为上,而一个人的行为会 影响他人的反应。一般而言,人们认识自 己的方式对他们的生活的方方面面有深远 的影响。 Shy people, having low self-esteem, are likely to be passive and easily influenced by others. They need reassurance that they are doing “the right thing.” Shy people are very sensitive to criticism: they feel it confirms their feelings of inferiority. They also find it difficult to be pleased by compliment with a statement like this one: “You’ just saying re 2
that to make me feel good. I know it’s not true.” It is clear that, while self-awareness is a healthy quality, overdoing it is harmful.? 羞怯的人非常自卑,他们可能很被动,容 易受他人的影响。他们需要得到他人的再 次确认:他们所做的



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