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technician 及时 timeliness 恐吓 threaten 厌烦的 tedious 趋势 trend 交易 transaction 转移 transfer 时间安排 timeframe 费 力 的 taxing 定 居 reside 改 变 …… 的 外观 transform 步骤 process 提议 propose 潜在的 potential 宣传 promote 地方 place 装 备 preference 精 确 的 precise 多产的 productive 繁荣 prosperity 保 险 费 premium 参 与 participate 平 行 的 parallel 保护 preserve 偏 好 preference 能 生 产 productivity 口 令 password 证据 proof 追赶 pursue 预言 predict 较早的 prior 所有 权的 proprietary 哲学 philosophy 抵押 mortgage 持异议者 maverick 使达到最高 限度 maximize 使 缓 和 modify 商 品 merchandise 很多的 numerous 巨大的 massive 弄错 mistakenly 作为……的动机 motivate 数目巨大的 substantial 总结 summary 服从 submit 店头 storefront 专 攻 specialize 辅 助 的 subsidiary 规 模 scale 细查 scan 战略 strategy 塞满 stuff 同义词 synonym 同 样的 similarly 幸存 survive 获得成功 successfully 使合乎规格 standardize 轮廓 outline 开始 outset 概述 overview 不必要的 unnecessary 营业费用 overhead
无疑 undoubtedly 垂直的 vertical
冒险 venture 卖主 vendor 视力 vision 车辆 vehicle
最精彩的部分 highlight 地平线 horizon 总部 headquarters 重 建 restructure 收 入 revenue 承 担 的 responsible 需要 requisition 减少 reduce 推荐 recommendation 登记 registration 登记 register 名声 reputation 反应 reaction 有关的 relevant 限制 restrict 关于 regarding 吸收 recruitment 充实 replenishment 回答 respond 保留 retain 恶 徒 rogue 收获 reap 基本的 radical 政体 regime 放走 release 报答 reward 回顾 review 倾 向 tendency 传 播 transmit 技术员
通知 notify 关键字 keyword 疑问 query 产 生 yield
  1. Over the last few years the Internet has evolved from being a scientific network only, to a platform that is enabling a new generation of business. 在过去的数年中,因特网已经从一个仅用于科研的网 络发展成了一个使新一代商务模式成为可能的平台。
  2. Nowadays we can buy goods online, book holidays or have texts translated over the Internet in an instant. 时下, 通过因特网, 我们可以在顷刻间完成网上购物、 预定假日旅程及文本翻译。
  3. The e-business in the title is not the same as IBM is seeing it, it is much more, as you will discover by reading this book, therefore the “B” in e-business is not written in capital letters as in IBM’s case. 标题中的 e-business 与 IBM 所理解的并不一样。当你 读完这本书,你会发现,其内涵要丰富得多。所以, e-business 中的字母“B”并没有像 IBM 一样大写。 4.A device in this case can be anything with a silicon chip inside it and an Internet connection. 这样的装置有可能是带一块硅片和一个因特网接口 的任何东西
  5.Most probably you already know the example of the empty refrigerator that sends an e-mail to the grocery with a request for fresh milk that will be delivered to the doorstep before breakfast in the morning. 很可能你知道这样一个例子:一台空冰箱给杂货店发 一封电子邮件,要求在早餐之前将牛奶送到家门口 来。
  6. There is so much to do, so many questions to answer, so many possibilities to explore. 需要做的是如此之多,要解答的问题是如此之多,要 探究的可能性又是如此之多。
  7. when you begin planning an e-business ,the most important thing to remember is that is that you shouldn’t try to do everything at once. 当你开始策划一个电子商务的时候,应该记住最重要 的一点是:即刻行动。
  8.The idea was to focus on customers who already had a relationship through Intel field sales and customer support, and find ways to improve that relationship through the Internet 这一构想是瞄准那些通过英特尔公司的实地销售和 客户支持已建立起某种关系的客户,从而找到通过英 特网改进客户关系的途径。

  9.”We picked one thing we could build very quickly and deploy to our customers ,”says Sandra Morris, director of Intel’s Internet Marketing & e-Commerce. “我们往往选择一个可以立即展开的项目并将之实 施与客户, ”英特尔公司英特网销售及电子商务贸易 部董事 Sandra Morris 这样说道。
  10.This lets you pick a targeted starting point ,with clear goals and boundaries ,so you can build the foundation from which other e-business initiatives will flow 这样你就可以开始选择一个目标和界限清晰的起点, 从而打好基础,其他的一切创建步骤也将随之而生。
  11.The degree to which information flows down through the organization can influence how well the change vision is understood and embraced 对变革观点的理解和接受的程度受信息在机构内流 通的状况的影响。
  12.Executives who have successfully led change efforts advocate in-person discussions and meetings as the most effective communication vehicles. 曾经成功领导了变革的决策者们主张将亲自参加讨 论和会议作为最有效的沟通方式。
  13.Continuous innovation, a critical of e-business strategy, is at the mercy of an organization’s communication stricture. 不断地变革电子商务战略中最关键的因素,完全取 决于机构的沟通体系。
  14.In today’s business environment, the challenge associated with communication is not simply one of volume 在当今的商务环境下,挑战与沟通紧密相连,决不仅 仅是一个量的问题。 15 In the e-business environment, building a relationship with customers is critical ,and this cannot be achieved without hearing their suggestions ,need and desires 在电子商务的环境下,建立客户关系是至关重要的。 如若不倾听客户的呼声,采纳其建议,满足其需求和 愿望,这一目标是不可能达到的。
  16.Business intelligence software unifies data from a wide array of functional areas and departments to provide a holistic understanding of the business 智能商务软件从各种职能部门广泛地收集数据,以便 提供一个对电子商务完整的理解。
  17. You’ll also be able to learn what people search for once they get to your site ,as well as the time it takes to find it 你还可以了解到客户登录你的网站搜寻什么以及搜 寻所花的时间
  18. Once you have this data gathered , business intelligence applications let you analyze the information to help you optimize your web site 一旦你收集了这些数据,智能商务软件将帮你进行分 析以使你的网站最佳化。 19 . Track web hits or transactions against fluctuations in your offline sales channels , for example ,or see what happens to order volumes at the beginning of a fiscal quarter when many departments have new budgets to work with 例如,将你的网站的成功点击率或交易量与你的线下 销售波形图进行对比,或者当许多部门在一个会计季 度之始做新的预算时,了解一下订单的数量。
  20.You can glean trends during peak traffic periods that result in server overloads, or identify search criteria that consistently fail to deliver anticipated content, 在最高流量的时段,你可以了解一下是什么导致了服 务器超载,或者确认那些搜索标准总是不能达到预期 的搜索结果。
  21.While it is tempting to blame prevailing market . conditions for this failure rate ,the fact early planning ultimately determines the potential success or failure of a start-up 当人们试图把如此之多的失败归咎于当前的市场状 况是,事实却表明:正是最初的策划决定了最后是成 功还是失败。
  22.Importantly ,this work also includes a valuable diagnostic survey that help entrepreneurs quantify the strength of the business and identify problem areas 重要的是,他还包括一项极具价值的诊断分析,以帮 助企业家们衡量企业的实力和找出问题的所在。
  23. Loss of focus ,an inability to fulfill customer orders or service ,and a mismatch of top management with the corporate are but a few common reasons that businesses fail.
丧失了中心目标,无力完成客户订单或无力给客户提 供服务,决策管理与企业文化不相符,这些仅仅还是 导致业务失败几个常见的原因。
  24.In addition , management must recognize the company’s market position and the potential of its ideas in the market 此外,管理层必须认清公司的市场定位以及实现其市 场构想的可能性
  25.By keeping a close eye on there found areas strong leadership and management ,good people , a solid business plan ,and a product that people want to purchase businesses can position themselves to weather inevitable challenges 只要密切注意这些已知的领域强有力的领导和管 理、高素质的人才、可靠的业务策划,以及大众乐于 购买的产品这样的企业就可以直面各种不可避免 的挑战。
  26. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides your company with new ways of better understanding and serving your customer 客户关系管理给你的公司提供新的方法以更好地了 解客户,服务客户。
  27.This service ,know as Information Desk ,along with other new Web-based information delivery services ,has enabled the company and its direct ,indirect and channel customers to work together more efficiently. 这种被称为“信息桌面”的服务以及其他一网络为基 础的提供信息的新的服务,已使的公司能与直接客 户、间接客户及其他渠道的客户更有效地合作。
  28.The first release of Intel’s information delivery system slashed document delivery time from as much as two to three weeks to an average of three days ,Now It’s a matter of minutes 英特尔公司的信息提供系统在第一次提交文件时,将 原本所需的长达两道三周的时间缩短到了平均三天。 而现在,只需几分钟就够了。
  29.As a result of getting confidential documents faster, three-fourths of Intel’s direct customer engineers shaved a week or more off their product development cycle. 更快了解机密文件的结果是:英特尔公司四分之三的 直接客户工程师将其产品研发周期缩短了一周或更 多。
  30.And because CRM is a field in which new applications appear frequently , it was important to develop flexible software architecture and an agile hard ware infrastructure 因为客户关系管理是一个新的应用软件频繁更迭、层 出不穷的领域,开发一个灵活的软件系统结构及一个 灵



   自考电子商务英语 汉译英 Unit1 1.它已成为各种贸易和商务的强有力的手段。(medium) It has become a powerful medium for commerce and business transaction of all kinds. 2.电子贸易指网上财务往来,电子商务则指所有形式的网上交易。(refer to…) E-commerce refers to financial transactions over the Web and e-business r ...


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   言语行为理论及其应用,在中国英语课堂 文摘: 学习一门语言是如何交流语言。但在日常的沟通与以英语为母语的人,许多中国英语学 习者使用英语的机智和得体。本文拟分析一些基本原则的言语行为理论及其应用于英语教 学。结论是,在外语教学中,教师应注重培养学习者的语言能力和实践能力。 关键词:言语行为、跨文化交际、语用能力的介绍 在我们的日常生活中,似乎我们生活的世界里充满了讲话,因为我们遵守生产"言语行 为” 。我们有语言能力。但这并不意味着我们在语言交际能力。交际能力是由三个部分:语言 能 ...


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